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Turn your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet into a Echo Show

by Suzanne Kantra on July 06, 2018

The Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot support video calling, display your photos, show you the weather and more. And with the Show Mode Charging Dock, you can turn any 7th generation Amazon Kindle Fire 8- or 10-inch tablet (2017 model tablets) into an Echo Show. 

The Show Mode Charging Dock has two pieces: a case that attaches to your Kindle Fire tablet and the stand. The case plugs into the Kindle Fire tablet's Micro-USB charging port and the stand plugs into power. Through contact sensors in the case and dock, the tablet draws power from the base and magnets hold it in place. The stand tilts so you can adjust the angle from picture frame to nearly flat, depending on your activity.

Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock

When you place your tablet into the Show Mode Charging Dock, your tablet will automatically go into Show Mode. Once in Show Mode, you can play music and video, view photos, place video calls and access visual information through Alexa. For instance, you can view live camera feeds, the weather forecast, recipes and more. Currently, there are more than 15,000 Alexa skills. 

The dock does not have a built-in speaker and the speakers built-into the Kindle Fire tablets are designed for close proximity. So you'll want to plug a speaker into your Kindle Fire tablet's 3.5mm headphone jack or pair a Bluetooth speaker for better audio. 

The Show Mode Charging Dock is available for pre-order now and will ship on July 12, 2018. The Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 10 costs $49.99 and the Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 8 costs $34.99. The Fire HD 8 tablet and Show Mode Charging Dock bundle costs $109.99 ($4.99 off) and the Fire HD 10 tablet and Show Mode Charging Dock bundle costs $1899.99 ($9.99 off). 

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Kindle Fire disappointment

From Carol Franks on July 07, 2018 :: 12:33 pm

I have a Kindle Fire and at first I loved it, eventually I came to see it as a waste of money.  Amazon puts apps on the Kindle that I have to keep, cannot remove, those apps take up so much space that there is no room for my books or games. The Kindle is constantly telling me that I have too many apps, of the ones that I purchase, and I must remove them.  I contacted Amazon and they say the apps they install are required and cannot be removed. The majority of the apps Amazon installs, I do not use.  I will never again purchase another Kindle, nor will I ever purchase books or games for my current Kindle.  It is totally useless for me.


Kindle fire disappointment

From Ken on July 12, 2019 :: 1:46 pm

Did you ever think of adding an SD memory card to your kindle fire? For $20 you can expand you tablet into a massive storage unit for games, photos, whatever. Seems you gave up too quickly.



From BARBARA A LANGLOIS on July 10, 2018 :: 6:34 pm

I love and am probably addicted to my kindle. I love the games I can access.  Now I would like to be able to get the ones on my laptop but the ones on kindle keep me amused.  I think I have over 250 books as I am a voracious reader.  I am actually on my second kindle having worn out my first one.  The replacement for that is now my son’s as I ordered this Fire tablet.  It has more than enough space for all that I do.  I recommend the kindle to everyone.


You're fortunate

From Carol Franks on July 10, 2018 :: 10:36 pm

I am envious, I don’t have hardly any room on my Kindle Fire for any of my apps.  I wonder what the difference is?


Kindle fire he storage

From Rhonda Sager on July 12, 2018 :: 9:50 pm

If you purchase an inexpensive as card for your fire, you can download all your books and most apps to that and save the space on your actual fire. You will love it. I have a 32th card i paid less than 30 bucks for and my kindle has loads of books and apps on it,


Sorry for previous typos

From Rhonda Sager on July 12, 2018 :: 9:54 pm

I meant to say fire hd in the title of my post. Also I meant sd card not as card. And 32gb. Wasn’t wearing my reading glasses.

Kindle Fire storage

From Carol Franks on July 13, 2018 :: 7:40 am

There is no place on my Kindle to insert a card or anything for extra storage.  Also, if I paid so much money for my Kindle, why should I pay for storage?  I believe that Amazon should help me remove all of their apps that I don’t and won’t use, that would be the proper thing for them to do if they care about their customers.

Kindle fire storage

From Rhonda Sager on July 13, 2018 :: 8:48 am

Carol, I agree that Amazon, just like other companies, should not force you to have apps that are unwanted and unnecessary on a device that you purchase and use for your own needs. That being said, I was only offering a potential solution for your storage issue so your Kindle Fire would not be a total waste of money.  If you have a fire, there is an internal slot inside your device in which you can put a micro SD card. You can get a 32 gb micro sd card for your fire for less than 13 dollars on amazon. Once installed, it acts as if is is internal storage and items will get added to the card. You will not be able to tell the difference as far as functioning. I have kindle e-readers and two fires, as well as an iPad that I use for work. My Fire HD is my go- to device for email, browsing the internet and reading a variety of things. I think the fire is a remarkable device for how inexpensive it is compared to other tablets. But we all have our own taste.


Thank you

From Carol Franks on July 13, 2018 :: 10:40 am

Thank you, Rhonda, for your reply.  I will check into the place to put a SD card.


I will look into the

From BARBARA A LANGLOIS on July 13, 2018 :: 12:15 pm

I will look into the card, Rhonda.  I wonder if kindle will ever come out with the ability to use anywhere via wifi. I don’t understand this stuff.  I guess I am referring to similar to a smart phone that you can get email send, etc., All the wonderful things it does but you have to be by wifi.  Thanks for the response.  Regardless, I love my kindle.  At 82, it is a source of in fo, games, email, shopping, etc., All in one place.


Not a full Show

From Jeff Alberts on December 25, 2021 :: 4:05 pm

I was able to turn on Show Mode on my wife’s kindle, but it’s not acting like a real show. I tried something simple that she uses all the time, showing saved recipes. But the kindle responded in Alexa’s voice “Showing saved recipes is not available on this type of device.”


You should be able to

From Suzanne Kantra on December 25, 2021 :: 5:04 pm

You should be able to use Alexa Skills in Show Mode in the Fire Tablet. There are a few things you can try:

1. As Disable and re-enable the skill.
2. If you use Amazon Household profiles, verify that your device is on the correct profile.
3. Check if the skill requires account linking to the account where the recipes are stored.
4. If the skill requires permission to use, grant permission in the Alexa app


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