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Dyson Gen5 Stick Vacs Set New Standards in Performance and Convenience

by Andrea Smith on June 08, 2023

Dyson is out with a new generation of cordless stick vacuums, the Gen5detect ($949.99) and the Gen5outsize ($1,049.99), and judging from the specs, it looks like Dyson will retain its reputation of “cordless stick vac to beat.” They're built on the previous V15 Detect model (see our review), which came out in 2021, increasing power and adding convenience features. Basically, Dyson took everything I love about the vacuum (I use one in my home) and improved it.

Dyson Gen5detect shown vacuuming without the laser on.

A power button (finally!)

For as long as I’ve been using Dyson stick vacs, I’ve had to physically hold down the trigger button with my index finger while I vacuum. That can become tiresome, especially if you’re pushing the machine over carpeting. The trigger button also made switching hands or hand positions difficult if I needed a rest. The new vacuums now have a power button instead of a trigger, so all it takes is one press to turn it on, and I can’t wait to try it out. My fingers will thank you, Dyson.

A smaller, more powerful motor

The fifth-generation Hyperdymium motor is smaller than the one in the V15 Detect and now packs more power. Dyson claims the bump up from 230 Air Watts to 280 Air Watts makes it the most powerful of any of its cordless vacuums.

A bigger, brighter laser for “seeing” dirt

One of my favorite features, the green laser built into the “fluffy optic” cleaner head to help detect dirt you don’t ordinarily see, has been upgraded. It will be twice as bright and show twice as much dust.

A finer filter for capturing viruses

Yes, our homes are dusty, and the new model will help take care of that. Dyson says the fully sealed HEPA filtration system captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, including 99.9% of viruses. The V15 Detect was certified to suck up particles as small as 0.3 microns.

A better battery for longer run times

The new Gen5detect will be able to clean your house for longer with its new and improved battery, meaning less time back on the wall recharging. While the V15 Detect ran for 30 minutes in Auto Mode before needing to be charged, the Gen5 boasts up to 70 minutes of runtime which is a considerable amount of time for a cordless stick vacuum. We can’t wait to test that out for ourselves.

Gen5detect vs Get5outsize

The Gen5detect and Gen5outsize are packed with all the same new and improved features, except the Get5outsize supersizes a few of them. The dustbin is 0.50 gallons compared to 0.20, the cleaner head is 25% wider, and the Gen5outsize has double the runtime – a whopping 140 minutes - thanks to the included extra battery pack.

As you would expect, the price is larger too. The Gen5detect sells for $949.99, and the Gen5outsize goes for $1,049.99.

[Image credit: Dyson]

Andrea Smith is an award-winning technology broadcast journalist, reporter, and producer. Andrea was the Technology Producer and an on-air Technology contributor at ABC News for over two decades before becoming the Lifestyle Channel Editor at Mashable, where she explored the ways in which real people, not just geeks, began using technology in their everyday lives.


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