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The Easy Way to Get Your Lost Stuff Back

by Christina DesMarais on March 05, 2013

FinderCodesEvery so often a report pops up in the news regarding some honest soul who finds something valuable and goes to the trouble of tracking down the owner to return the item. There’s a reason the media gloms onto these stories—they make us feel all warm and fuzzy and restore our faith in humanity.

But think about what will happen if your stuff goes missing. What if you lose your expensive smartphone or high-end camera? What if your precious dog disappears, your kid’s expensive hockey gear grows legs and vanishes or you leave your iPad tucked into an airplane seat pocket? Think whoever finds these things will try to get them back into your hands?

Now there’s a new service that makes it easy for them to do it.

FinderCodes, a company that makes smart ID tags, is now using FedEx’s Pack and Return service to offer Re-TurnIt, an automatic return shipping service for its users.

FinderCodes appFinderCodes tags include a QR code and can be hooked or adhered onto whatever valuable item you’re afraid you might lose. For each tag you can associate your contact information and, if you choose, a reward.

If someone finds your item he or she can scan the tag with a smartphone or tablet and any QR code app or the FinderCodes app (free on iTunes and Google Play). You can also input the code onto the FinderCodes website. Doing so puts the person in touch with you anonymously.

You’re notified via email or text message as soon as someone performs a scan and FinderCodes gives the finder directions to the nearest FedEx store where they can drop off the item.

The owner then uses his or her FinderCodes account to get shipping and delivery estimates and pay for the item’s return. As soon as it ships you receive another email or text letting you know your lost thing is on its way home.

You can get a FinderCode kit online or at Office Depot for $25 and they come in several different product lines. Depending on what you’re going to attach them to, the tags come in adhesive, key-ring and iron-on formats so you can use them with almost anything.


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From Kathy Conley on March 05, 2013 :: 1:00 pm

I Have had a facebook account for 3 years. One day,i tried to get on it and it had disapeared. I had to make a whole new account on facebook.
My question is how can i recover my old facebook account,and is it possible to do so. I had a lot of important things and info on my old one.
Please help me get it back. Im DESPERATE to do so.
Also,i am not that computer savvy,so if you can will you PLEASE make it simple or easy for me to do it.
Thanks a bunch.
        Kathy Conley



From Josh Kirschner on March 06, 2013 :: 1:19 pm

Hi Kathy,

I’m not sure what you mean by “disappeared”. Do you mean you couldn’t access it anymore or it literally is gone (i.e., even when you search for yourself on Facebook the account isn’t there and your Facebook “friends” can no longer see the account either?

The only way a Facebook account could completely disappear is if you (or someone else with access to your account login) requested that Facebook permanently delete it or Facebook deleted it for a violation of terms.

Unfortunately, if it is permanently gone, there is no way to recover anything you had stored on the account.

If your friends can still see the old account, then it hasn’t disappeared, you just need to reset your login. You can try to do that here:



From Amy Bienstock Holley on March 05, 2013 :: 4:34 pm

I am forever misplacing, losing, forgetting my camera/phone/keys behind.  I am hoping this product is a lifesaver!!  Thanks for the recommendation.


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