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Check the Mail Without Walking to Your Mailbox

by Elmer Montejo on December 16, 2015

Outdoor mailboxNo more walking to the mailbox to see what's in today's mail. The United States Postal Service's Informed Delivery service now lets you take a peek at mail that's on its way to your mailbox.

How? The service, which the Postal Service described as a “service enhancement test,” emails you up to 10 images—one for each piece of mail—a day before 11 a.m. If you get more than 10 pieces of mail in a day, you can see the other images through an account you create on the USPS portal, which also lets you handle other mail tasks such as tracking packages.

Informed Delivery is currently available only in areas where the USPS uses automated sorting equipment and a unique delivery ZIP Code. The mail images generally will show the front of the piece in a black-ans-white image showing the sender’s address. The back of the piece will not be imaged, and the Postal Service will not open your mail.

Concerned about your mail being singled out for imaging? Don't be. Note that the USPS already photographs every piece of mail as part of its Mail Imaging program. A couple of years ago, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told the Associated Press that "there there's no big database of the images because they are kept on nearly 200 machines at processing facilities across the country. Each machine retains only the images of the mail it processes." And, the the USPS keeps those images on hand for up to a month. 

At this time, the service only supports letter-sized mail pieces, though catalogs and magazines may be supported in the future. And, only residential users can sign up for Informed Delivery; the service is not available for business users.

The new service is only available to customers in parts of Virginia, Connecticut and New York City, but the Postal Service said it's considering adding more service areas during 2016.

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So how do you sign up?

From Lilian on December 16, 2015 :: 4:54 pm

Do you have the link to sign up for this?


Yes, you can sign up

From Suzanne Kantra on December 17, 2015 :: 11:39 am

Yes, you can sign up for Informed delivery here:

And, I’ve made the link clearer in the article.


knowing my mail service

From maria rose on December 16, 2015 :: 5:08 pm

Considering I live just up from NYC, in Westchester, you would think I could get this ability to see my mail prior to delivery. I had a letter set to me on the first day of the month and it didn’t arrive until 14 days later by regular mail.I had no way to track this piece of mail.Part of the problem is lack of concern by the non-regular mail person who are hired seasonal or part time on job.I am all for keeping the Post Office open.BUT something needs to be done to help. Both of my parents worked for the Post Office and I know the drill of job. (involves speedy reading correctly ).


that sucks

From lexis on October 18, 2018 :: 1:54 pm

i hated living in westchester


thank you for your time.

From Tina Tomlinson on December 16, 2015 :: 5:55 pm

thank you for your time.


how to know if mail is actually delivered

From Pythias on March 29, 2022 :: 4:58 pm

I subscribe to Informed Delivery but the problem is that the US Postal Service doesn’t always deliver our mail everyday because of lack of manpower and we neve know when that is.  So, how can I tell if the mail was ACTUALLY DELIVERED and in my curbside mailbox so I don’t have to go out in below zero icy winter weather to check my mailbox several times when I am 84 years old?!



From Anita Dennis on April 29, 2022 :: 8:45 am

Pls help me out



From Alexis Willison on May 05, 2022 :: 8:36 pm

Insert mailbox



From Alexis Williamson on May 05, 2022 :: 8:40 pm

Insert in mailbox



From Alexis Willison on May 05, 2022 :: 8:37 pm

Insert in mailbox



From on May 27, 2023 :: 1:41 am

Help me start my Benefit


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