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The Best Dr. Seuss Books and Apps

posted by Alex Porter on February 23, 2012

The books of beloved children’s author and illustrator, Dr. Seuss, have stood the test of time. His earliest work was published over 60 years ago, and many have comfortably made the transition to digital. In honor of the doc’s birthday -- he’d be 108 on March 2 – we offer a roundup of some of the best Dr. Seuss e-books and games.


Dr. Seuss Band

(iPad, iPhone) free for limited time

Players pick from a selection of bizarro, Seussian variations on horns and play either a tricky rhythm game to existing songs, or do some freestyle noodling and composing. The app supplies a huge range of horn sounds and combinations and can be dangerously addictive for players of all ages.There are a lot of prompts for in-app purchases, so be sure to secure that capability with a passcode before letting your kids loose with this title.


The Lorax

(iPad/iPhoneNOOK Color, Android/Kindle Fire – $3.99)

This environmental allegory continues to be a favorite Seuss tale, with a 3-D film hitting theaters next month. This interactive version, typical of all of the Seuss titles by Oceanhouse Media, gives young readers plenty to do without overwhelming them with bells and whistles. Dr Seuss’s sweet story and distinctive art are the focus. As they should be.


Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection #1

(iPad/iPhone, Android/Kindle Fire – $11.99)

You can buy all these titles individually, though you save a few dollars buying the bundle of five here: “The Cat in the Hat,” “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish,” “The Foot Book,” “Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You” and “Fox in Sox.” The set supplies a good range of difficulty for beginning and early readers, too.


The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories

(iPad/iPhone, NOOK Color, Android/Kindle Fire – $8.99)

A cool collection of lesser-known, nonetheless great, Seuss titles, these six stories were culled from the author’s earlier work. Included are “The Bear, the Rabbit, and the Zinniga-Zanniga,” “Gustav the Goldfish,” “Tadd and Todd,” “Steak for Supper,” “The Strange Shirt Spot,” and “The Great Henry McBride.” The set delivers signature Seuss verse, humor and weirdness, and some good value, to boot.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

(iPad/iPhoneNOOK Color, Android/Kindle Fire – $3.99)

One of Seuss’s finest, and an anti-consumerism Christmas favorite, the e-book features the usual extras in developer Oceanhouse Media’s arsenal. Kids can enjoy in Autoplay, Read to Me and Read to Myself modes, and any word  tapped will highlight and play. Touching images produces text and audio, too. The iOS and NOOK versions are best optimized for the devices.


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From Heather Speaks on February 24, 2012 :: 5:03 pm

My favorite Dr. Seuss story is The Cat In The Hat…Green Eggs & Ham runs a close second.



From PowSharon on February 24, 2012 :: 6:46 pm

Even though I love all his books, “Mr Brown Can Moo” has to be my favorite.  This came about when I worked in a Special Ed classroom.  We had an autistic boy who was fascinated by Dr. Suess books—he could walk over to the bookcase and pull out every one of his books.  But when I read him the “Mr. Brown” book, he actually inter-acted with me during the story.  This was such a break-thru for him, and also for me.  It may seem like such a little thing to most people, but it was really monumental for me.  So now Dr. Suess always makes me think of Tom.



From J.D on February 24, 2012 :: 9:52 pm

I love the book Horton Hears a Who. I loved it 100%



From Mari Bonomi on February 25, 2012 :: 12:07 am

I read all the Seuss to my daughter 30 years ago.

I think either Marvin K. Mooney (The time has come. The time is now. Just go go go; I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow. But Marvin K. Mooney will you please go NOW.) or Bartholemew and the Oobleck.



From J Gunter on February 25, 2012 :: 12:59 am

Growing up in the 70’s was the best era to be a kid and one thing I cherished the most was my Dr. Seuss Collection. Books that taught me to read well before I stepped into a kindergarten classroom.  My all time favorite Dr. Seuss book and the only one I wanted to read was “Are You My Mother?”  My mom would read it to me every night before I went to bed. I remember vividly how she would do the voices of all the animals that the little bird would encounter and at the end I would ask, “Are you my mother?” She would always respond “No! Your mom is the bird.”  I would always shake my head and point to her and she would laugh and keep saying “No! I’m not your mother the bird is!” I later found out that my mom said every night when she would ask me to pick or point to a book I would like to read. I came with the one she hoped I would not pick, saying to herself, “doesn’t this child want to hear a different Dr. Seuss book. She has the whole collection” I can remember my mom trying to convince me to read, “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish,” “Bernstein Bears,” anything but “Are You My Mother?”  She said she read it so much that before I could actually read I would recite it word for word just from looking at the pictures on the page.  So to this day if I could only own one book it would be this one!  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.



From Diane on February 26, 2012 :: 1:23 am

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I read this book to my 2 daughters but I do know that once they began reciting the lines back to me like a pair of minor birds, I knew it was time to tell them we needed to move on to more stories.  And then came One Fish Two Fish, and then Are You My Mother and the list went on and on.  The creativity in these books is so great, you just cannot deprive a child.  I am now reading these wonderful stories to my grandchildren.


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