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The Best Photo and Video Digitizing Services

posted by Kristy Holch on April 23, 2012

Old photosWouldn’t it be great if all your old photo prints were digital, to fill out your photo history in Facebook’s timeline or add to the anniversary slideshow you’re making for your parents?

Converting old prints and videos into digital formats is a project that we dread, akin to cleaning out the garage or organizing the attic. How to even begin? I won’t lie – it is a huge project, but worthwhile. Indeed it took over my life for a couple weeks, much more than the afternoon I’d allocated. But voila, it’s done, and the rewards have been great so far. Far-flung family members are having fun with forgotten memories, chatting over childhood photos that I’ve shared online, posting their own, and thanking me. And I can sleep at night knowing that something like burst water pipes won’t wipe out my lifetime of memories.

You can do it too. The size of your task depends on the size of your collection, how organized you want to be and whether you can afford premium services that streamline the task. Of course, you could scan your own photos, but for many it's too time consuming and you're unlikely to get the same quality as the better commercial services. So how do you select the right digitizing service? Here’s what you need to know.

Why convert?

Your physical media is degrading every day.

Videotapes and other magnetic media are the top priority. The magnetic molecules and substrates erode, losing sharpness and color, till nothing remains in as few as 10 years. How do you decide which tapes to convert, if you don’t remember what’s on them, and you don’t own a working VHS player to review them? Don’t worry. Just send them all in, preview the converted tapes online, and with the right service you pay only for the DVDs you order. You’ll get back all your videotapes. Luckily, videos are easy to convert, so plan to do that right away.

Prints, film, and other physical media are also breaking down, more slowly. You will see a big difference between prints made on archival paper versus those from cheap processing and paper. Much depends on how they’ve been stored, whether exposed to air and light. All your physical media is at risk of total loss from degradation, fire, flood, or getting lost in the shuffle.

Gather Your Photos, Films, and Videos

Gather everything you want to convert: all your photo albums, pictures, videos, reel film, and memorabilia. Arrange it in piles chronologically. Label your stacks by year with index cards, which you’ll need later in the packing step. If the project is overwhelming, hire a professional through the Association of Personal Photo Organizers to consult by phone or even come into your home and do it all for you, though this option is not cheap.

What to Convert

If you are a photo historian, you may want to convert everything. Everyone else, prepare to winnow. The sorting part of this task will take the most time. You’ll be faced with many decisions – scan the negatives, or the prints? (Hint: negatives deliver superior quality, but cost a little extra.) Scan the whole stack, or just pull out the few keepers? How will you ever reunite the ones you pulled out back into the stack where they belong after the scanning is finished? Try to capture what’s written on the back of the image? Take photos out of the albums, or pay a premium to have it done for you? Include special or odd-sized documents and photos? Keep mediocre photos because they show a slice of life that will become valuable as the years go by? Is there a chance you have the only surviving photo of Uncle Andrew?

Some of these questions might be answered after you look at the services offered, and their associated costs. There are services that can handle whatever you throw at them; it’s all just a matter of what you’re able to spend.

Choosing a Digitizing Provider

Your needs will determine which provider to choose. Look through the considerations below to figure out what you want. We’ve tested many services, and recommend our favorites here. There are local mom and pop providers as well, but the centralized large scale providers have sophisticated systems in place to prevent any mixups or damage to your media at their site, including safeguards like sprinkler systems, dust removal, and video-surveillance. Yes, it has happened that a fire burned down a site’s facility, and all the work inside was destroyed. Sprinklers matter.

Flatbed vs. sheetfed scanning – A site that does flatbed scanning is your only choice for odd sizes that won’t fit through an automatic document feeder, and they deliver better quality. Sheetfed scanning is cheaper and requires that you to bundle everything by size and orientation so the feeder won’t jam.

Prep time – If you don’t have time to devote to this project, go with a premium service that does all the organizing for you, such as taking your pictures out of the albums for scanning.

Negatives and slides – If you have the choice, scan negatives instead of prints. You will get far better quality so it’s worth the extra cost. The problem is that it’s hard to preview film to see what is worth scanning – bite the bullet and scan it all. You may discover hidden gems. Prices for film conversion can vary widely, so check around if you have lots of film.

Quality – Opt for higher quality scanning if you can afford it, because you just don’t know what will be precious down the road. Choose add-ons such as higher resolution, image optimization, and rotation.

Preview prints and video online – Some sites include online previewing and sharing, usually for a limited time. This is useful for sharing quickly with friends and family, though you’ll want to upload to your own site of choice for the long term. iMemories and YesVideo let you custom-build your video DVDs online with clips from your videos.

Shipping – If you are afraid to trust your life’s memories to a postal service, you can drive your media to your choice of provider and drop it off personally. If you’re not near one of the major players, find a local provider that scans onsite, though the cost may be higher and quality and other safeguards lower. At the other end of the spectrum, ScanCafe achieves premium quality scanning at a low cost by shipping photos to India for conversion.

Options During Ordering

Orientation – If you have lots of photos, it’s worth it to pay the site to automatically rotate your images so they are all right-side-up.

Extra copies – When you place your order, you’ll be offered the option of ordering extra copies of your DVDs. Get at least one extra set up front, one to keep and one to share with others as a backup.

Writing on the back – If your prints have notes on the back, consider whether to capture that data. A few services offer back-scanning for an extra fee.

No copyright – Conversion services won’t touch copyright materials such as professional school photos or TV shows on VHS. If you're not sure, send it in and they’ll decide.

Date stamping – Ask if provider can set the “EXIF” date to match the year the picture was taken, so you can sort all your photos chronologically. Although only FotoBridge offers it as of April 2012, others plan to add this important feature shortly. Alternatively, intrepid users can edit the EXIF data on scanned digital files using a program such as EXIF Date Changer.

How to Prep and Pack

Read the prep and packing instructions from your chosen provider. The digital files will come back to you with sequential names like “IMG0001, IMG0002…”, so it will help if everything is scanned in chronological order. Look for instructions from your provider, such as numbering each bundle with an index card on top, with the year and number identifying sequence. The index card itself will be scanned, and that will be a tremendous help when you are scrolling through the endless photos trying to find something in a particular batch. Most will recommend stacking and bundling your prints in bunches of 100 (about 1” thick), secured with a rubber band in a plastic bag.

Providers say that too many users choose too flimsy a box, with too little tape and packing material. The contents arrive damaged or falling out. Protect your memories at this stage and follow their instructions carefully

Our Favorite Sites

Our current favorites are below. All are well-established trustworthy vendors that handle multiple types of media, from VHS to negatives, and they have extensive systems in place to protect your images. Some of the pricing bundles are complicated, so it may be fastest to get customer service help choosing the right package.


If money is no object, iMemories is the easiest solution and offers top quality. This full-service premium site can handle all kinds of media including delicate documents, photos stuck inside photo albums, and slides in their carousels. Put everything into one box, no counting or sorting or prep required, and they take it from there. Images are 49 cents per print, slide, or negative, and include rotation, image optimization, etc. via flatbed scanning. You have the option to edit videotapes online, which cost $10 to convert, and $10 for each DVD ordered. For example, use the online video editing tools to combine multiple videotapes onto one DVD, which can hold about 2 hours of material. iMemories wants to be the repository for all your memories in the cloud, old and new. Your digital media is stored at its online site for free initially, $5/month for ongoing online archival.


If there’s no rush, ScanCafe boasts highest quality across a wide variety of media, and achieves this at a lower cost of 29 cents per image, or 22 cents with a value kit, and flatbed scanning. How? By sending photos to India, where labor costs for image optimizing are lower. The process can take up to 8 weeks. US rush processing is available at extra cost. All image optimization is included. It can handle your photos in albums and carousels, with a surcharge. Preview the images online up to 45 days, and discard up to 20% of them; pay only for those you keep.


If you prefer to walk into a local retail store and save on shipping, YesVideo is another large scale provider that excels at video conversion, handles prints and film, and offers online storage. The company has retail partnerships with many major chains including Walmart and CVS, and takes online orders. It too offers online editing of videos allowing the option to customize your DVD. Your converted videos and prints will be automatically added to its online sharing/archival site, free initially, then around $50/year to maintain. Video pricing is similar to iMemories, and prints/slides are about 40 cents, including all the auto rotation and image optimization. I toured YesVideo’s facilities and witnessed the extensive safeguards and workflow in place, to prevent customer content from getting lost or damaged.


Photobin is especially attractive if you have a variety of media, such as prints, negatives, videos. The MixPics option gives you one flat price – you can add quantities to it during the ordering process and end up with pricing under 20 cents/image, and $8 videotape conversion. Scanning is sheetfed. The site also offers online storage, with a free basic service and subscription for advanced features.


 If low price is the objective, ScanMyPhotos is the way to go. Choose pay-as-you-go sheetfed scanning at 12 cents a scan, or pack as much as you can into a pre-paid box (though it uses the postal service, not a tracking service like UPS). Quality add-ons like 600 dpi resolution, scanning in sequence, image rotation and optimization will push pricing up to equal those of other services, and mixing media like negatives and prints requires separate orders.


FotoBridge combines a focus on quality with low cost, using sheetfed scanning and package pricing, particularly attractive at high volumes. The company is working on features that will more easily integrate legacy memories with digital life, including a partnership with the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, photo upload to SmugMug, and efforts toward date-stamping.

ShoeBox App 

This site doesn’t convert photos, but has an innovative ShoeBox app on iPhone (Android coming soon) to snap pictures of prints to add to your digital collection. The app optimizes the image quality and sets the date-stamp to your specifications. A partnership with ScanCafe covers bigger conversion jobs. The site aims to be the repository for your extended family’s photo storage and sharing. 

 Site Scanning Edit Videos Store Online Price for 600dpi Prints
Scottsdale, AZ
Flatbed Yes $5/month 49 cents prints, negatives, slides
Burlingame, CA and Bangalore, India
Flatbed No 45 days only 22-29 cents
Santa Clara, CA
Flatbed Yes $50/year 40 cents
San Diego, CA
Sheetfed No $0 - $40/year Package pricing, down to 17 cents
Irvine, CA
Sheetfed No None 17 cents
West Berlin, NJ
Sheetfed No 14 days
on SmugMug
Package pricing, 12-24 cents



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Who would you call for photo organizing services?

From Holly Wilton on April 23, 2012 :: 2:38 pm

Thank you for mentioning the services of a Personal Photo Organizer.  I doubt if many people would think of hiring a pro to help them get their photos in order, but it makes complete sense, especially in today’s world where there are so many choices and technology is ever changing.  Why not call an expert?  If you are thinking, “My Aunt Betty would do a great job of organizing photos. I should call her”, consider letting Aunt Betty know that she could become a trained professional photo organizer.  That is what the Association of Personal Photo Organizers does.


use caution with Assn. of Personal Photo Organizers

From Laura Havlick on April 23, 2012 :: 2:54 pm

I would not endorse the Assoc. of personal photo organizers.  At $349/year membership and an add’l $100 for training, I think it’s a rip-off.  Anyone with some time on their hands and a burning desire and halfway intelligent can call some places, figure it out and organize their own photos.  And if I were going to trust a professional to do it, I wouldn’t look at some recently established niche “authority” on the web for the expertise.  I would consult other photographic professionals who have been in the business for much longer. Thank you.


Assn. of Personal Photo Organizers postscript

From Laura Havlick on April 23, 2012 :: 3:56 pm

Maybe I was a little harsh.  I’m sure they’re not a rip-off and I don’t have a right to comment on their service because I have not tried it.  I just was excited to find a service like that, but dismayed to see it so expensive to become a certified photo organizer with their association.  I also am in favor of democratic knowledge bases like wikipedia so anyone can learn and profit from the information.  Thanks.


Growing Profession of Photo Organizing

From Cathi Nelson on April 23, 2012 :: 6:03 pm

Thanks for your input Laura, I am the founder of the association of personal photo organizers - a new and growing profession! I would love to speak with you in person about Appo and our goals for the future. This way I can better explain where your investment goes and how we can help one another. Feel free to call our office at 860-904-5365 and ask for me!
Our members are skilled organizers who help their clients find solutions and help develop systems for organizing, protecting, and enjoying their photos, videos, and other important keepsakes and memorabilia. This results in a sense of relief and reassurance for our clients, as their feelings of guilt and anxiety are replaced by the satisfaction of knowing that their memories can be enjoyed and are safe-guarded. 
The goal of the association is to provide training, products and a community of support to help our members gain the confidence and skills they need to help their clients.


Kick in the pants

From Grant Smith on April 23, 2012 :: 6:26 pm

Someone sent this story to me, and my wife will be glad to hear that I’m going to do it.  Maybe I can save others some time.  I converted my VHS tapes to DVD at home, that was easy. Then started scanning our photos but it is taking way longer than I expected. Thought I’d get back to it but the project has been sitting out for a year now. Not a happy sight with my wife.  I will go with one of these places and let them do the work. I like seeing the choices with the various sites. I am forwarding this.  Thanks.


Glad to hear you found

From Suzanne Kantra on April 23, 2012 :: 6:36 pm

Glad to hear you found the story helpful! It’s hard to overemphasize how important it is to make your wife happy grin


Preserving those memories!

From Michelle on April 23, 2012 :: 7:10 pm

Thank you for a wonderful article!  As you point out, there are many services available to help those who need help with their photos and outdated media.  Having been in this field for many years, I have seen firsthand that there are many people who are overwhelmed by their photos and need help in one way or another.  I frequently speak at community events on this topic, and its not uncommon for me to hear stories about memory cards being used as a backup, photos stuffed in drawers and boxes all over the house, families that have lost all of their photos because their computer crashed and they weren’t backed up anywhere else, and many more.  Our memories are meant to be enjoyed…but people often put organizing their photos (and creating keepsakes from them) on the back burner simply because they don’t know where to start.  I’ll be passing your blog along - its a great resource!


Thank you :)

From Theresa on April 24, 2012 :: 10:06 am

Although I’ve been doing this myself since 2000 (way back before people were buzzing about it!); I found this very helpful as far as comparison is concerned.

It never occurred to me that there were businesses which cater to this niche’. Now I have some specific suggestions to offer clients should the topic arise.

Many thanks!
I’ll continue to watch this!



another option

From Otto on April 24, 2012 :: 9:37 pm

You did not I used them many times and they do a great job.


Story Addendum: Mistakes Made, Fixed, By Sites

From Kristy Holch on May 01, 2012 :: 9:28 pm

This is just an addendum for readers.  After I turned in this story for Techlicious, I found a few little glitches in the photos and videos I had converted by the many sites I tested.  (I tested more sites than show up in this review - these are our top picks.)  Apparently, this can happen.  But not to worry, the sites bend over backwards to make you whole. 

In one instance, one of the 5 videotapes I sent to a site did not get fully converted.  Of 70 minutes, only the first 20 were done.  The videotape never played back smoothly, and that may have caused the glitch.  Nonetheless, the minute I called their 800# to explain, the site sent me a prepaid UPS label and will re-do the tape and send me a new DVD, no charge.

In the other instance, I’d sent in hundreds of photo prints to be scanned at one site, and when I got back the DVD, I noticed that the first 8 images were not mine! Called in and got the head of tech department, who was perplexed and apologetic, saying it hadn’t happened before, and he offered to re-send the DVD without those. They also made sure this was an isolated problem, and that my images were not on someone else’s DVD for example. They were still investigating the cause of that gremlin when I last spoke to them.

I suspect that if I sort through the thousands of other photos I converted and the score of videotapes, I might find some more glitches.  But who has time for that? The Library of Congress, perhaps.  For me, I’ll just be thankful that the job is done better than I could have myself.


One local provider comment.

From Luis C Reis on May 15, 2012 :: 2:24 pm

“If you’re not near one of the major companies, find a local provider that scans onsite, though the cost may be higher and quality and other safeguards lower”

I agree with you that local providers like myself can’t compete with the major players on certain items, whoever when it comes to quality or safeguards you are completely wrong. I always thrive in getting the best possible quality transfers to my customers. The equipment that I use is no different than most of the major players that you mention with the exception of a few with much better transfer systems that was not even mentioned here in this article. Customers that walks into my office are afraid to send their precious memories somewhere to be transferred,  they like that I do all the work myself and the fact that they can preview their videos and film before they transfer it. The traditional small business ambience and being able to talk to a human being to get your answers still has value.
In one instance, one of the 5 videotapes I sent to a site did not get fully converted.  Of 70 minutes, only the first 20 were done.  The videotape never played back smoothly, and that may have caused the glitch.  Nonetheless, the minute I called their 800# to explain, the site sent me a prepaid UPS label and will re-do the tape and send me a new DVD, no charge.
I have had customer walking in here with DVDs with no audio, customers that had their tape sent back with notes saying that their tapes were defective and could not be transferred when in fact they were just tapes recorded with European equipment , customer with missing footage from film transfer that were sent back to be fixed and yet it came back missing more footage.
I have fixed many of the big companies mistakes, so please don’t dismiss us so easily.


Great Article!

From Sandy on May 18, 2012 :: 10:38 am

Thanks for such helpful and useful info. This is indeed something on my list of todos and I have already sent in my videos to one of your listed companies. Now onward to the many many prints!

I also will forward this link to friends who will find it useful.


picture scanning service

From picture scanning service on February 15, 2014 :: 2:51 am

The solution to this problem is just near your home. DPS Dave picture scanning service comes with the most advanced techniques to digitize photos and slides and convert them to their digital form which will never lose a single unit of its sheen or shine. The pictures are not only preserved well, but also modified and edited to look greater and even better than their original copies.


BAD experience with

From facebook100000824046563 on May 14, 2014 :: 9:36 am

Substandard, amateur work; they ruined our home movies from the 1960s.


Good Article.I came to know

From abiradesouz on August 25, 2014 :: 5:28 am

Good Article.I came to know couple of tthings.It is very Helpful.


The Article is Still Current

From Kristy Holch on September 08, 2014 :: 10:38 am

We’re glad to know that readers find this article helpful.  The sites we recommended are still our favorites. Each year, “the cloud” is getting more integrated into our whole computing lives, and thus the task grows slightly easier each year. That’s not a good reason to put it off, but it’s a consolation to assuage your guilt if you haven’t done it yet!


any thoughts on some of the new companies?

From mary jo grubbs on October 22, 2014 :: 9:01 am

Living in a very rural area, I will have to ship all my photos and vhs tapes to a company. have you heard anything about the new companies cropping ( pardon the pun) up?  Southtree for instance.
would love to tackle this project during our long winter months.



Happy to process your order

From Blake from Southtree on June 24, 2019 :: 12:18 pm

Hi Mary Jo,

We’d love to process your order! We’ve processed over 500,000 and 20 million photos! If you’d like to set something up, simply visit our site at or give us a call at 800-656-6032.


Safest to Go with Established Companies

From Kristy Holch on October 22, 2014 :: 2:19 pm

This is a response to Mary Jo’s question about new companies. Southtree has received good reviews, and has occasionally offered steep discounts through sites like Groupon, which may be a good reason to try them out. Founded in Chattanooga TN in 2001, it has the basic protections in its workflow, like bar code tracking, to keep files from getting lost.  Generally speaking, more established players will have the most safeguards in place, as they learn through experience what works. If you see are tempted by discounts from newer companies, take the extra few minutes to search about them online and reassure yourself that your memories will be safe there.


Legacy Box

From Beverley Bergstrom on November 28, 2014 :: 3:09 pm

Do you have any information on a company called Legacy Box, good or bad?  I have seen their advertising on FaceBook and they look like a very professional company, at least by the nicely organized website. If you have any information on this company, I would love to hear about it.


Never received order

From Tony on July 22, 2019 :: 5:03 pm

I ordered a starter Legacybox for 3 items, but I never received it and got zero response from several emails.  I filed a claim with PayPal, and they gave me a full refund after Legacybox would not respond to them either. WTF is going on with Legacybox? Two-man operation in mama’s basement or something?


Timely service

From Blake from Legacybox on July 22, 2019 :: 5:05 pm

Hey there! We’re normally very responsive with requests like this. I’d be happy to look into it. The email may not have gone through. But we normally don’t have any problem at all with order fulfillment or refunds on cancellation. Normally, filing a claim can delay the refund process a little bit. I’m sorry if you had a bad experience though! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!



From Tony on June 23, 2021 :: 9:27 am

What a joke! It’s been THREE years since my original post and you just now responded? Your idea of timely? I had forgotten about it until this “timely” reminder!


From Stephen Fleming on February 08, 2015 :: 7:51 pm

LegacyBox is the same as Southtree… so they’ve been in business for a while. And I like the fact that my 35mm slides are only going 100 miles from home… not to India!


Located in TN

From Blake from Legacybox on June 20, 2019 :: 10:07 am

Hi Stephen,

Yes, we are proud of the fact that we transfer everything from our one production facility here in Chattanooga, TN! We never outsource anything to anywhere. We’d love to digitize your items!


PhotoBin is out of business

From Rocky on June 02, 2015 :: 11:01 am

PhotoBin’s site says that they are no longer in business.


No More PhotoBin

From Kristy Holch on June 02, 2015 :: 12:03 pm

Thanks Rocky for noting that.  The players are changing, but the techniques recommended in the article are still the same!


Buyer Beware LegacyBox

From Evelyn on July 25, 2015 :: 9:55 pm

Are you thinking of trusting your precious memories to “LegacyBox”?
Read the fine print first… Buyer Beware.
I sure wish I had, because I never would have utilized this service…. Lost now are the FIRST TWO YEARS of my dear daughter’s life on film; I’m beyond sad tonight, because nothing can be done about it.
They state they return ship by FedEx, which made me feel safe, but now I know this is only partly true. They return ship to your local post office by FedEx, however after that, your precious memories are in the hands of your U.S. post office, tracking only, no signature required. My box was tracked to our mailbox, which is way up our street, not large enough to hold the 18x16x6 inch box, so it was left near our mailbox, and is forever gone.
“Legacybox…. the risk of loss for your media passes to Legacybox only when it arrives at our offices, and the risk of loss passes back to you when we deliver your media to the shipping carrier (FedEx, USPS, etc.). This also means that Legacybox is not responsible for late, lost, damaged or misdirected mail.”.


Check out Better Business Bureau

From Cheryl on December 23, 2015 :: 4:52 pm

Check out Better Business Bureau in TN regarding LegacyBox and Southtree…



From Blake from Legacybox on June 24, 2019 :: 12:13 pm

Hi Evelyn,

We take rare issues like this very seriously. I’m so sorry if your memories were lost in transit. We have since updated our shipping services to be exclusively through UPS, so that the Post Office doesn’t handle your memories when you ship it to us. We also have a premier customer support account with UPS and they can investigate thoroughly whenever these rare situations do happen!

I am deeply sorry for your initial experience but I’m confident in our system now and its improvements over the past few years!


New business

From Keith Osbon on October 14, 2015 :: 2:07 pm

Hi Kristy - Please add Memory Fortress to your list of digitizing services.


Go with ScanDigital

From Charlie Cochrane on February 02, 2016 :: 4:09 pm

<a >ScanDigital</a>will process all of your material in house, in the united states. Their quality is fantastic.


Go with ScanDigital

From Charlie Cochrane on February 02, 2016 :: 4:11 pm

ScanDigitalwill process all of your material in house, in the united states. Their quality is fantastic.


It sounds like using the

From David Hawkins on February 03, 2016 :: 11:51 am

It sounds like using the apps you listed on your own would be the best for me and my needs. I really don’t like the idea of sending the originals in the mail if I don’t have to. I might even consider finding a local service so I can be in the area in case something happens with the photos. Whatever the case may be, thanks for posting all this great info about photo scanning services!


Don't Trust Southtree

From Kris Koppy on March 05, 2016 :: 12:50 am

This company promised to handle my media with care and professionalism. I sent them more than 500 slides and after a surprisingly short time, my slides were returned to me with an enclosed cd supposedly containing my converted media. I placed the cd in my laptop and discovered that they had sent me the converted pictures of someone else’s media. This means that they are processing the media of more than one client in a common area. I contacted them via “chat” (the only offered option other than email) and they refused to talk to me on the phone, claiming their phone lines were down. They offered me no restitution other than “send your slides back and we will process them again in two weeks. It has been well over two weeks now and still no slides…. I am very dissatisfied with the lack of professionalism demonstrated by this company. I trusted them with decades of memories and they have acted irresponsibly.



From Blake from Southtree on June 24, 2019 :: 12:16 pm

Hi Kris,

I’m so sorry if you were sent someone else’s converted media! Though this is a rare occurrence, we always want to make sure that we address it as quickly as possible. I trust that the items were returned to you, though I apologize for the delay.

Our processes have greatly improved from early 2016 and I know that were you to send those slides in again now, the same types of issues definitely would not happen! Let me know if I can help in any other way.


Dust removal from slides

From JA Motter on June 25, 2016 :: 6:17 pm

I have a great many 35mm slides from European trips going back to the 1980s. Some years ago I purchsed a DIY slide to digital image converter thinking that would do the trick. Sadly, there was so much dust on the slides that the resulting digital images were a mess. I tried my best to clean them, but that did not work.

Do these more modern slide converting services effectively deal with the problem of dust? If they do, I am in. If the results are mediocre, I would rather not bother.

Please advise.


Dust Removal from Slides

From Kristy Holch on June 27, 2016 :: 2:26 pm

Good to see everyone’s comments.  In reply to the question on dust and slides, that’s a common problem.  Advanced photo cleanup software does a fairly good job of digitally removing dust and even scratches, though not perfect. You probably did not run that software when you did your own scanning, but the professional services generally do - just inquire up front with the one you select. You might even see if their customer service would take a look at your digital file, and see if they think they can do better.


Magnetism lasts a very long time

From C. Park Seward on August 26, 2016 :: 8:06 pm

“The magnetic molecules and substrates erode, losing sharpness and color, till nothing remains in as few as 10 years.”

Not really. I am transferring thousands of video episodes of an old soap opera that ran in the late 1960s. The Quad tapes play fine. It’s the machines you need to be concerned with since it is a battle to keep them working.

The magnetic particles do not “erode” or loose sharpness. 

Permanent magnets are made from “hard” ferromagnetic materials such as alnico and ferrite that are subjected to special processing in a powerful magnetic field during manufacture, to align their internal microcrystalline structure, making them very hard to demagnetize.”

Retentivity - A measure of the residual flux density corresponding to the saturation induction of a magnetic material. In other words, it is a material’s ability to retain a certain amount of residual magnetic field when the magnetizing force is removed after achieving saturation.


Super 8 Film

From FRANK VACCARO on December 11, 2016 :: 3:19 pm

I have approximately 20 rolls of Super 8 film. Some individually on 50’ reels and other on larger reels that I spliced together years ago. The film is approximately 45 years old. Who do you recommend to convert the film to DVD?


Film to Video Transfer

From facebook10210154809880810 on April 18, 2017 :: 8:18 am

I highly recommend Bruce Mayfield at for super 8 film transfer. He transferred hundreds of home movies for me, in many cases restoring the film, and even repairing broken and cracked film. The digital copies I got back were beautiful. Bruce is a pleasure to work with and provides an excellent product.


not all providers excell in every area

From joe s. on January 04, 2017 :: 8:55 pm

Fotobridge is excellent for transfers of negatives prints and slides but horrible for 8mm videos - I sent 5. The DVDs were darkish, grainy, distorted color, horrible time base, and did not respond to my complaint email.

My own efforts using a digital player were superior. In all fairness they got something out of 2 of the tapes in some portions that I had trouble playing. Didn’t use them for movie film transfer.  Recommended for non-moving images. Not recommended for video transfers.


Converting VHS, Hi8 and Mini DV to digitized and cloud

From DAVID H. on June 06, 2017 :: 2:49 pm

Hi Kristy,
Glad I came across this article as there is very limited info available regarding these services.  Getting ready to send 50 tapes to iMemories, but slightly hesitant as there are very few reviews available.  Would love to have all these tapes digitized and available in the cloud.  Their app looks great.  Can you make any current recommendations for 2017?  Thanks in advance.


Current Recommendations

From Kristy Holch on June 06, 2017 :: 4:26 pm

Good to see all the comments.  David H asked about the latest recommendations.  You’re right, there is very little current objective reporting about any of these services.  Updating this review would require another massive real-life test of all the services, and that’s not on the calendar as now. What can you do?  Do a quick search of reviews of your target provider, such as “iMemories review” and read the good and the bad. I would agree with an earlier commenter that some of the local providers are now doing a good job, sometimes with innovative services like sending someone to your home personally to help sort and prepare photos for conversion. Happy converting.


BUYER BEWARE: Memory Fortress

From Chris on August 02, 2017 :: 5:01 am

BUYER BEWARE: Do not entrust your items with Memory Fortress I sent a scrapbook and several other things to them. First, they did a HORRIBLE job packing the return shipment resulting in one piece being severely damaged. Additionally, at least 10 scans had a half inch cut off the right hand side, 1 scan was 90% blacked out and completely unusable, there were duplicate images in the folder, and some scans had severely degraded color. All of that indicates this company does “blind scans” - meaning they don’t even bother to do a 1 minute quality check by looking at the images or thumbnails after scanning. I sent a nicely worded email to their Creative Director and general email box and they did not even respond, let alone offer so much as an apology. I waited several weeks before posting this review.


Who does analog reel-to-reel tapes best?

From Aloke on August 04, 2017 :: 5:45 am

I have 3 tapes from my childhood (50+ years old!) recorded on Grundig TK-27.  The tapes are in bad condition, having been stored in the heat and humidity of India.

Who would you all suggest for digitizing these?  It has to be a place that does almost forensic level of reconstruction from damaged media ..



Do I own my original content?

From Trina on November 27, 2017 :: 2:25 pm

I am looking for a company that does exceptional work for both video and photo format, but I want all my original videos and photos sent back to me once they are rendered to digital format. Who does this and what charges should I expect?

Am I able to copy my disks and/or online content without further expenses or is this now the property of the company?

Kind regards,


Tape conversion

From Derek Dewitt on December 14, 2017 :: 10:42 am

I have a bunch of old family videos that I want to convert to a digital format, but I’m not sure where to start. I like that you suggest labeling your stacks of videos with index cards when packing. This would definitely make it easier to keep track of the tapes, so I’ll be sure to do this. Thanks for sharing!


Legacy Box

From Barb on May 01, 2020 :: 10:26 am

Why is Legacy Box not included?


I checked out Legacybox's Website

From Karen Kelly on July 02, 2021 :: 10:05 pm

I checked out Legacybox’s Website & I found that they are VERY EXPENSIVE!!! They are having a 50% off sale & it still cost $27.00 for 2 items, no matter what the medium (Slides, Photos, VHS, or Reels). That’s up surd. $13.50 0N SALE for just 1 PHOTO??? Who in their right mind would pay that?????

Why didn’t you guys use Scan Digital? Do you have any info on them? Thanks


Reply about Scan Digital

From Kristy Holch on July 03, 2021 :: 1:25 am

Replying to the questions on ScanDigital and other companies… Back when the story was written in 2012, ScanDigital was one of the companies that was tested, but it did not make the cut to be recommended. Times change, and a current search today on “best photo digitizing service” turns up current reviews of such sites. It’s worth taking time to choose one that fits your needs. Note that no service is perfect all the time, and even the reviewers sometimes have differing results. The key thing is just to get it done, or at least make a start! Then you’re doing well.


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