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Great Personalized Children's Books

posted by on March 06, 2012 in Family and Parenting, Baby & Toddler, Kids, Guides & Reviews :: 16 comments

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Personalized children’s books can make some of the best gifts for kids. Imagine a child opening a book where she is the star: a gift entirely about her! Picture her smile looking through a book with her name or photo, and then remember that this is a gift with no assembly, mess, or small parts to pick up later! From choosing custom features, to including names of siblings and favorite activities, today’s options for custom children's books are one way to thrill a child – and a parent.

These are some of my favorite personalized books:

The First Adventures of Incredible YouThe First Adventures of Incredible You

The creme-de-la-creme of customization, The First Adventures of Incredible You ($36.95 on is a favorite go-to gift of mine. It has beautiful illustrations, options for customizing nearly every page with the child’s favorite people and places from your child’s birth through their many “first” experiences. (Like what street they’ll fly down learning to ride a bike, what team they’ll be rooting for at their first sporting event, a favorite food cooked by a relative, etc.) This book is a fun keepsake, and appropriate as a newborn gift, though kids of any age will enjoy the unique personalization.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the variety of custom info needed to create this book: you can give a gift certificate and allow the recipient’s parents to input the custom details and order it on their own.

ABC & 123ABC & 123

The ABC & 123 book is a gorgeous page-turner, incorporating a photo of the child into every page of the book. The kooky illustrations and vocabulary-building alliteration will bring a smile to your child long after the initial excitement of seeing their face fades away. You can choose to create a hard cover book ($39.95 on or a more affordable soft cover book ($27.95); either are good quality. This is particularly terrific for preschool and early elementary-aged kids. Flatten Me offers eight other titles, including pirate, potty and mermaid themes.


Champion Me Books takes a different spin on tailoring your book by making it available in hard cover ($37.95 on, soft cover ($26.95), or eBook ($9.95) that your child can read on an iPad or eReader. I like Gadgetland, an adventure staring your child as a doctor out to find a cure for a shape-shifting machine. You don't send in a picture, but you can customize the main character's name and appearance. Other titles include Great Escape of the Mighty Star, Scribble Monster and Stonkeropolous. 

Little StarLittle Super, Little Sparkle and Little Star

With options like Little Super, Little Sparkle and Little Star ($29.96 on, you have terrific choices to tailor a book to the child’s interests. This is a great gifting option for extended family or family friends as you can choose to order a simple custom (requiring child’s name and a few “super” skills), or a super custom option (choosing features for a custom character and inputting the child’s favorite food, toy and pet). Paper Hat Press offers a personal message dedication page up front, and gift certificates. This makes a nice gift for babies through preschoolers.

My Very Own Pirate TaleMy Very Own Pirate Tale

My Very Own Pirate Tale ($32.95 on is a fun way for your child to learn how to spell their first and last name. As you journey on the high seas on the search for treasure, every page is the next letter in their name, a clue to finding the loot. There’s a fun Sea Animal Encyclopedia at the end where your child can learn more about the creatures that were featured earlier in the book. My Very Own Pirate Tale is appropriate for toddlers through early elementary aged kids. I See Me has a wonderful selection of 14 books, so there's sure to be something to suit.

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Blank books are even better

From Kay on March 07, 2012 :: 12:29 pm

These are lots of really cute ideas! also, Disney has free SIMPLE personalized books to print out yourself.

We’ve also had fun making books ourselves (which is way more creative!).  My 8 year old did an alphabet book for his 4 yo old cousin with words from our family using these blank books from ROMP:;


personal books for grands

From Brenda Blakely on March 07, 2012 :: 4:26 pm

I write children’s stories with my grands as the main characters. I have them “published” at Office Max for about $10. Pictures are taken from family picture taking, I write the story sometimes about things that happen, sometimes made up. The covers are plastic and so they hold up well. They are not professional looking but do well enough to make a grand feel grand.


Great idea!

From Josh Kirschner on March 08, 2012 :: 11:25 am

Great idea!


Just ordered...

From Diane Alvarez on March 07, 2012 :: 4:48 pm

a book from for my grandson’s 4th birthday about firefighters!
Thank you for jogging my memory about how great these personalized books are.


Thank you! I just barely saw this!

From Lori Kretchmer on April 28, 2012 :: 10:42 am

Thank you, Heidi!

I googled our company name this morning, and saw this article.  Thank you for including us in this list.  We’re very new, and are grateful for the exposure!

Lori Kretchmer



From Margo Redfern on December 10, 2012 :: 5:35 pm

Thanks for the review Heidi! I don’t know why it didn’t get picked up by my Google Alerts. I just stumbled upon it. Flattenme will have some new books out in the spring that are SO cute. Would love to do a giveaway with you then!
Margo Redfern


Personalized Books makes learning to read fun.

From Harold Christian on April 28, 2013 :: 1:03 pm

Seeing the excitement in the children after receiving their personalized story book, made me start the business ( ) to try and extend it into the learning process.

Parents, make reading fun for the children.

Harold Christian


I have ordered from both

From Carol on January 02, 2014 :: 12:31 am

I have ordered from both Flatten Me and I See me and I think their books are wonderful.  I will be checking out Champion Books next.  I’m a lover of personalized children’s books I also found out these great photo books ( ) that are personalized with your child’s photo which is awesome too.  Love Love Love me personalized books.


Need additional book titles

From Patricia A Gratton on August 28, 2014 :: 8:25 am

Hello:  I am a little business who would like to offer my customers a larger selection of book titles.  I would like to speak with someone concerning this need.  Please call 352-341-6263 or 352-422-3545 if you can assist me.  Thank you, Patricia Gratton


Flatten me

From Antonette Carrera on November 18, 2014 :: 6:16 pm

I just went to the Flatten me website by clicking on the link above and a message came up saying they are no longer in business.  So sad.  I do like their books as well.


Personalized with their photo

From Yin on March 02, 2015 :: 9:28 pm

Thanks for the review Heidi,
There are so many personalized books on offer now, it’s hard to know which to choose. Most are for keepsakes, they are pricey and you only buy once.
Kid Hero Stories are breaking new ground with weekly personalized e-stories. ( These include the child’s photo and up to 3 children can appear together. They create new books every week.
The weekly delivery gets kids really excited about what is coming next, and they store conveniently on your iPad library.


Personalized Characters

From Darci Wise on March 09, 2015 :: 8:31 pm

This is a great list of personalized book sites. 

New to the scene is the Build A Children’s Book Co. which allows customers to create their books from cover to cover—building up to 14 characters by choosing from hundreds of style options!  A basic storyline and backdrop are provided for each page, and the customer fills in the rest.  Books are not nearly as pricey as other personalized books—selling currently for $23.99!


Need Assistance

From Patricia Gratton on March 31, 2015 :: 7:14 am

Hi, I hope you can assist me.  I am at a total loss as to a supplier of personalized books for my business.  The company is discontinuing books that are the most requested.  I need to find another company and know it is a lot to ask, but would appreciate the name of your supplier.  Can you help?  Thanks so much!  Pat Gratton


I am the distributor My Very Own Story Personalised Books

From Marcelle Genova on July 21, 2015 :: 12:29 am

Please contact me for further details.


Wanting Personalised Books

From Marcelle Genova on August 26, 2015 :: 8:43 pm

Hi there I just came across your request wanting to stock personalised books.
We are always looking for dealers check
our website we would be happy to have you on board.Phone 02 9879 7993 0418825190
We are in Australia


Quest Stories

From Jess on August 26, 2015 :: 4:31 pm is another great personalized book company to add to the list. They sell personalized birthday books, the illustrations are amazingly beautiful and you can pick from a variety of diverse characters.


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