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How Much Your iPhone Screen Repair Should Cost

by on February 23, 2021
in Tips & How-Tos, Phones and Mobile, Cell Phones :: 3 comments

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Fixing a cracked screen on an iPhone can be expensive, costing hundreds to replace screens on the latest iPhone models. So, it pays to shop around for the best price. Here’s how iPhone screen repair service prices stack up from the major providers.

iPhone Screen Repair Providers

Apple, Best Buy, and Staples have unified policies and pricing across the U.S. However, uBreakiFix and Batteries Plus Bulbs determine pricing and source parts depending on location. Check with your local provider before scheduling a repair.





Best Buy

Batteries Plus Bulbs

Price From $129.00 From $79.99, depends on location From $29.99 From $129.00 From $69.99, depends on location
Authorized Apple Service Provider Yes No No Yes No
Apple parts Yes Depends on location No Yes No
In-home repairs No Yes, costs $30 No No No
Mail-in repairs Yes Yes No No No
Repair Warranty 90 days 90 days 1 year 90 days 6 months

iPhone Screen Repair Costs

The pricing below is accurate as of February 23, 2021 (doesn't included taxes). For uBreakiFix and Batteries Plus Bulbs, pricing will vary by location and whether you choose to use Apple parts.




Best Buy

Batteries Plus Bulbs

iPhone 5 and 5s $129.00 $79.99 $29.99 $129.00 $69.99
iPhone SE (1st gen) $129.00 $79.99 $29.99 $129.00 $79.99
iPhone 6 $129.00 $89.99 $69.99 $129.00 $79.99
iPhone 6 Plus $149.00 $99.99 $79.99 $149.00 $89.99
iPhone 6s $149.00 $109.99 $109.99 $149.00 $89.99
iPhone 6s Plus $169.00 $129.99 $119.99 $169.00 $99.99
iPhone 7 $149.00 $129.99 $129.99 $149.00 $99.99
iPhone 7 Plus $169.00 $149.99 $139.99 $169.00 $119.99
iPhone 8 $149.00 $129.99 $139.99 $149.00 $119.99
iPhone 8 Plus $169.00 $139.99 $149.99 $169.00 $129.99
iPhone X $279.00 $199.99 $229.99 $279.00 $189.99
iPhone XR $199.00 $189.99 $159.99 $199.00 $149.99
iPhone Xs $279.00 $249.99 $229.99 $279.00 $199.99
iPhone Xs Max $329.00 $269.99 N/A $329.00 $289.99
iPhone 11 $199.00 $199.99 N/A $199.00 $189.99
iPhone 11 Pro $279.00 $379.99 N/A $279.00 $379.99
iPhone 11 Pro Max $329.00 $419.99 N/A $329.00 $399.99
iPhone SE (2nd gen) $129.00 $149.99 N/A $129.00 $109.99
iPhone 12 mini $229.00 $349.99 N/A $229.00 N/A
iPhone 12 $279.00 $399.99 N/A $279.00 N/A
iPhone 12 Pro $279.00 $399.99 N/A $279.00 N/A
iPhone 12 Pro Max $329.00 $439.99 N/A $329.00 N/A

Can you repair your iPhone screen for free?

Apple provides a one-year warranty for defects like bad pixels (not if you dropped your phone and cracked the screen) and many major credit cards will automatically double that warranty. So, if your screen is defective, it’s worth bringing your device into an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider to see if you can have your screen repaired for free.

Will your phone insurance provider give you the best deal on screen repair?

If you have AppleCare+, a plan you may have purchased through your carrier, or coverage from a third-party insurance provider, you may have a small deductible or no cost to repair your iPhone screen. For instance, Apple charges $29 for screen repairs (up to two claims per year), SquareTrade charges $149 per claim, and Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection Plan has no deductible for most claims.

Do you need to use an Authorized Apple Service Provider for iPhone screen repair?

Authorized Apple Service Providers are repair services that Apple has approved to make repairs. If your phone is under warranty and you do not use an Authorized Apple Service Provider, you will void your warranty. We do not recommend voiding your warranty. However, if your phone is not under warranty, it may make financial sense to go with a third-party repair service.

Apple Authorized Service Providers

To find an Authorized Apple Service Provider, go to Apple Support and follow the prompts to create an appointment for iPhone screen repair. You will see a list of nearby Authorized Apple Service Providers. In addition to Apple Stores, this includes Best Buy stores, many carrier stores, and select third party repair services.

Do you need to use Apple parts for screen repair?

Whenever possible, it is best use Apple parts to ensure reliability. However, repair services do provide warranties on their repairs. For instance, Staples has a generous one-year warranty on repairs. So, if you have an older iPhone, it may make financial sense to use a less expensive repair provider that uses third party parts.  

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iPhone 11 Pro Max screen repair

From Tony semo on September 04, 2022 :: 3:27 pm

Recently I purchased an iPhone 11 Pro Max for my girlfriend so she could keep in touch with me while she is away. However, now she said her cousin broke the screen and she has rendered it useless for communication. Now she wants another $600 to fix the $1200 phone I just bought her. Does this number sound right? It seems a bit high to me. I was thinking $200 or do, not $600 likd she is asking.
I ask this because i am having my doubts as to her faithfulness to me. I feel she is taking advantage of my wealth. I dislike being used and made a fool of.
Any feedback would help this broken heart. Should I or shouldn’t I?
Thank you for taking time to give a little feedback.


Are you serious?

From Stranger on September 09, 2022 :: 11:59 am

You should dump this girl.  She sounds like she is using you.  Find a girl that is kind and thoughtful and won’t make you put out money. If she doesn’t go out of her way to communicate with you that means she doesn’t really want you.  Love yourself enough to find something better.



From Dana White on September 14, 2022 :: 1:02 am

Apple charges $329.99


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