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How Much Your iPhone Screen Repair Should Cost

by Suzanne Kantra on February 01, 2024

Updated on 2/1/2024 with current repair pricing for all models and adding information for iPhone 15.

Fixing a cracked screen can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars to replace the screen on the latest iPhone models, such as the iPhone 15. So, it pays to shop around for the best price; you can save $100 or more, depending on your iPhone model.

Price, though, shouldn't be your only consideration. A lower price may mean an Apple Authorized Service Provider isn't providing the repair. If your phone is under warranty and you do not use an Authorized Apple Service Provider, your warranty will be void. However, if your phone is not under warranty, it may make financial sense to go with a third-party repair service.

Broken iPhone shown charging

Whenever possible, it is best to use Apple parts to ensure reliability. However, the reputable repair services I recommend below all provide warranties on their repairs. So, if you have an older iPhone, you might want to save money by going this route.

iPhone Screen Repair Providers

I researched the data from the four major nationwide providers to clearly establish the costs, benefits, and drawbacks of each. Both Apple and Best Buy have unified policies and pricing across the U.S. However, uBreakiFix and Batteries Plus determine pricing and source parts depending on location, and not all uBreakiFix locations are authorized repair shops. Check with your repair location whether the part will be an Apple part or a third-party before scheduling a repair. For uBreakiFix, you can check Apple's list of Authorized Independent Repair Providers to see if a location is listed. You can use this list to find authorized independent repair shops, as well.

  Apple Batteries Plus Best Buy uBreakiFix
Price From $129.00 From $74.99, depends on location From $129.00 From $79.00, depends on location
Authorized Apple Service Provider Yes No Yes  Depends on location
Apple parts Yes Usually no Yes Depends on location
Mail-in repairs Yes No No Yes
Repair Warranty 90 days 6 months 90 days Up to 1 year, depends on location

iPhone screen repair costs for each model

The pricing below is accurate as of February 1, 2024 (doesn't include taxes). For uBreakiFix, the pricing is based on non-Apple parts, except where noted with an asterisk. I found that Batteries Plus pricing can fluctuate day to day based on parts in inventory, so double check pricing before committing to a repair.

The lowest price available for each model is highlighted.

  Apple Batteries Plus Best Buy uBreakiFix
iPhone 6 $129.00 $74.99 $129.00 $79.00
iPhone 6 Plus $149.00 $74.99 $149.00 $79.00
iPhone 6s $149.00 $74.99 $149.00 $79.00
iPhone 6s Plus $169.00 $74.99 $169.00 $79.00
iPhone 7 $149.00 $74.99 $149.00 $79.00
iPhone 7 Plus $169.00 $74.99 $169.00 $79.00
iPhone 8 $149.00 $79.99 $149.00 $89.00
iPhone 8 Plus $169.00 $94.99 $169.00 $99.00
iPhone X $279.00 $124.99 $279.00 $129.00
iPhone XR $199.00 $144.99 $199.00 $149.00
iPhone Xs $279.00 $124.99 $279.00 $129.00
iPhone Xs Max $329.00 $144.99 $329.00 $149.00
iPhone 11 $199.00 $134.99 $199.00 $139.00
iPhone 11 Pro $279.00 $144.99 $279.00 $149.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max $329.00 $174.99 $329.00 $179.00
iPhone SE (2nd gen) $129.00 $84.99 $129.00 $99.00
iPhone 12 mini $229.00 $194.99 $229.00 $199.00
iPhone 12 $279.00 $174.99 $279.00 $179.00
iPhone 12 Pro $279.00 $174.99 $279.00 $179.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max $329.00 $194.99 $329.00 $199.00
iPhone 13 mini $229.00 $194.99 $229.00 $199.00
iPhone 13 $279.00 $194.99 $279.00 $199.00
iPhone 13 Pro $279.00 $414.99 $279.00 $229.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max $329.00 $399.99 $329.00 $419.00*
iPhone SE (3rd gen) $129.00 $94.99 $129.00 $99.00
iPhone 14 $279.00 $239.99 $279.00 $229.00
iPhone 14 Plus $329.00 $239.99 $329.00 $249.00
iPhone 14 Pro $329.00 $499.99 $329.00 $369.00*
iPhone 14 Pro Max $379.00 $619.99 $379.00 $419.00*
iPhone 15 $279.00 N/A $279.00 $399.00*
iPhone 15 Plus $329.00 N/A $279.00 $399.00*
iPhone 15 Pro $329.00 N/A $329.00 $399.00*
iPhone 15 Pro Max $379.00 N/A $379.00 $449.00*

Can you repair your iPhone screen for free?

Apple provides a one-year warranty for defects like bad pixels (not if you dropped your phone and cracked the screen), So, if your screen is defective, it's worth bringing your device into an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider to see if it can be repaired for free.

Will your phone insurance provider give you the best deal on screen repair?

If you have AppleCare+, an insurance plan you purchased through your carrier, or coverage from a third-party insurance provider, you may have a small deductible or no cost to repair your iPhone screen. For instance, Apple charges $29 for screen repairs (up to two claims per year), which is less expensive than paying without insurance.

Can you repair your iPhone screen yourself?

You can repair your iPhone yourself, but you won't save money and may spend more. Self Service Repair is available for all iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15, and iPhone SE (3rd gen) models. The repair kit from Apple only saves you between $35 to $61 versus having it serviced by Apple, and that's only if you return your damaged screen for a $33.60 credit. Plus, you must also rent a tool kit for $49 to complete the repair. So, you may end up paying more for the privilege of self-repair than having Apple fix it for you. Finally, you'll have to remember to return the kit within seven days, or you'll be charged for all the components, which costs around $1,000 (when you rent the kit, a hold on your credit card that's equivalent to the cost of the kit is placed on your credit card). That's a lot of effort and risk for minimal reward.

[Image credit: Broken screen on iPhone via BigStockPhoto]

For the past 20+ years, Techlicious founder Suzanne Kantra has been exploring and writing about the world's most exciting and important science and technology issues. Prior to Techlicious, Suzanne was the Technology Editor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the Senior Technology Editor for Popular Science. Suzanne has been featured on CNN, CBS, and NBC.


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From Austin on January 08, 2023 :: 5:05 pm

uBreakiFix actually does 1 year warranty on repairs now.



From Tacettin on January 21, 2023 :: 1:08 pm

I used Cellbox Nj a couple of times to get my devices fixed. It was very convenient for me since I work in the area, and an affordable price as well. They were fast and efficient. And they have a warranty on their repairs.



From Brian Van Patten on February 02, 2023 :: 1:12 am

Wondering if anyone has a screen or a phone for parts let me kniow


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