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How to Easily Find & Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

by on January 24, 2020
in Tips & How-Tos, Shopping, Money Savers, Time Savers :: 62 comments

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It's easy to become a victim of subscription creep. There's your music subscription, video streaming subscriptions, gym membership, online storage, cell phone service, and probably much more. Companies make it simple to sign up for their services, and it's often easy to let them continue long after you don't need them because either you've forgotten about the subscription or it's difficult to unsubscribe. 

That's where subscription monitoring services like Trim and TrueBill come in. They analyze your credit card and bank account transactions for subscriptions and flag the recurring charges. They will then help you unsubscribe to unwanted services.

Trim uses text messages to alert you each month to recurring charges. Simply reply with "Cancel," and the name of the subscription and Trim will take care of it — if they can. Some subscriptions can't be canceled by Trim. TrueBill works the same way except you use the TrueBill app instead of text messaging for subscription information and cancellations.

How do Trim and TrueBill make money?

The privacy policies for TrueBill and Trim clearly state that they will not sell your personal information to third parties. But you may get communications from businesses that they have affiliate relationships with and they may sell your data once it's been anonymized. 

Also, both services offer bill negotiation services. They'll call your cable company and other services providers at your request to negotiate a lower rate. According to Trim's Payment Terms, you'll pay 33% percent of the first year of savings they negotiate for you. If they can't negotiate a lower rate, you don't pay anything. TrueBill works similarly but takes 40% of your first year of savings.

Easily cancel in-app subscriptions made with your phone

Some of your subscriptions, like your music streaming service, online gym classes and more, may be billed through Google Play or Apple's App Store. It's easy to check to see what services are being billed through Google and Apple and cancel your subscriptions. 

For iPhones and iPads, go to Settings > Apple ID (where your name is at the top) > Subscriptions. There you'll see a list of current and their next billing date or expiration date. Tap on a subscription to cancel your subscription. 

For Android, open the Google Play app then select Menu > Subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to cancel and then select Cancel subscription. If you have more than on Google account on your phone check all accounts in Google Play. You can easily switch between accounts when you go to Menu in the Google Play app. You can also use your computer to go to, make sure you're signed into your account (you'll see the photo in the upper right corner), and select My Subscriptions from the menu on the left. Select Manage next to the subscription you'd like to cancel and then select Cancel subscription.

Updated on 1/24/2020

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Wait..What... 90% of Comments are Subscription Complaints? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

From Laughing Lilith 420 on July 13, 2021 :: 1:21 am

I never comment on random discussions or at all really but, this can’t be ignored LOL SOO, Let me get this straight. Most, and I mean MOST, of the comments here are people complaining about different credit card charges from different subscriptions?? Really? Smh… I just can’t. THIS ISN’T CHALET SERVICE. Best of all, almost each complaint (Definitely not comments) is about a different company. So many different companies. Like this is Amazon’s billing department or Andromo or something called Blue Dolphin? Just… LOL πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Oh my LLS 🀣😁 siigh, thanks all ya ever so deranged people, loved it!πŸ€ͺ It’s the little things


No more payments

From Tony D Nelson Jr. on August 30, 2021 :: 5:36 am

I need these payments to stop now thank you.


Wow these people are special

From Andrew DeBoer on September 22, 2021 :: 11:07 pm

How have all these people made it this far in life and they don’t understand that this site isn’t the one charging them for anything?


Stop to subscribe.

From Isaac Anuhi on October 11, 2021 :: 4:08 am

I am an old man of 63 years old , how do I subscribe to games.please I order stop gw to 1880.does you father play games at 63.fools



From me lol on October 28, 2021 :: 9:24 pm

this comment section is KILLING ME AHDJEJFB like y’all are acting like this is a discussion that every company ever sees the poor writer 😭😭


Did not sign up for subscription to these products

From DEBBIE MCCLAY on November 20, 2021 :: 3:37 pm

I was supposed to get 2 products for free and after I received them they sent me 1 more of each product following 2 deductions of $94.90 from my bank account without my approval.No one gave anyone my permission to take funds from my bank account or to send me anymore products other than the initial free trial products. I do not want anything else from you. I only want CANCELLATION of this SUBSRIPTION which I never wanted to begin with. only wanted free trial product.


Define Depit card?

From Rj Rarer on January 11, 2022 :: 3:10 am

So ladylike!


cancel subscribtion

From sthembiso marcus on March 06, 2022 :: 2:09 am

i want to cancel some subscribtions.



From David Reimer on March 14, 2022 :: 8:31 pm

cancell description



From Sandra on August 30, 2022 :: 5:41 am



Cancel Subscription or renewel

From SUSANA MENDOZA on January 22, 2023 :: 2:46 pm

I am the husband who is cancelling a subscription to MidwestLiving. My wife Susan Mendoza is deceased. I have been canceling magazine subscriptions for my wife.  I do not read her magazines. I can’t see myself receiving all these magazines and paying for them when I do not read them.  Thank you.
Juan Mendoza.


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