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Google, Yahoo Pull Misleading Anti-Abortion Ads

by on May 09, 2014
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Woman checking pregnancy testGoogle and Yahoo have both pulled a number of anti-abortion ads from search results for “abortion clinics” due to them being deceptive and violating the companies’ advertising policies, CNET is reporting.

The ads in question are for crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), oft-religious organizations established to counsel women against having an abortion. The pulled advertisements aim to trick women into thinking CPCs offer abortion and other medical services, when they really exist as a means to deliver an intense pro-life pitch. At least one CPC in question falsely advertised itself under the headline "Free Abortion Clinic." 

According to Google and Yahoo, only ads that deliberately seek to mislead women have been removed from search results. Pro-life groups can continue to advertise on search results for abortion clinics so long as they adhere to the companies' standard advertising policies.

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