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HP Wi-Fi Mouse Frees up a USB Port

by on May 17, 2011
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HP Wi-Fi MouseHP is offering a new way to connect a wireless mouse to your computer, with the introduction of the first Wi-Fi mouse. Instead of taking up a USB port with a separate wireless dongle, the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse uses your computer's built-in wireless network capability. With a range of up to 30 feet, the Wi-Fi mouse should appeal to corporate presenters, and users with laptops connected to their TVs. HP claims a battery life of up to nine months, twice as long as a Bluetooth mouse. The Wi-FI Mobile Mouse is scheduled to ship in June for $49.99.

And if you want to connect both a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard, HP has another port-saving solution with its Link-5 technology. Link-5 uses a single wireless dongle to communicate with up to five accessories. HP currently offers two Link-5 keyboards, the Wireless Mini ($59.99) and the Ultrathin Wireless ($49.99), and will ship the Wireless Elite v2 ($49.99) in July. Wireless Link-5 mice are on the way, with the Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse ($29.99), Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse ($39.99) and Wireless Mobile Mouse ($24.99) all scheduled for June.

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