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Comcast: Free Service, Debt Forgiveness for Low Income Families

by on August 05, 2014
in Internet & Networking, News, Computers and Software, Family and Parenting, Kids, Blog, Money Savers :: 23 comments

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Comcast Internet EssentailsIf you’ve struggled with cable Internet bills in the past, a newly improved assistance program from Comcast may help. Today, the cable giant announced that it is offering debt forgiveness and up to six months of complementary service to lower income families as part of its Internet Essentials program.

Comcast created the Internet Essentials program in 2011 as a condition of obtaining government approval for its mega-merger with NBCUniversal, but it has recently come under fire from public advocacy groups. The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) filed a complaint with the FCC that signing up for Internet Essentials is a “long and cumbersome” process that can often take 3 months or more, deterring families from signing up. In addition, some applicants were improperly subjected to credit checks, and those with an outstanding bill to the cable company were automatically rejected.

Under the new terms of the Internet Essentials program, any family with at least one student enrolled in the National School Lunch Program will receive six free months of 5Mbps Internet service upon signup and pay just $9.99 per month plus tax after that. Outstanding balances owed to Comcast will be forgiven for the purposes of joining the program so long as the debt is at least one year old.

To learn more about the Internet Essentials program or to apply, you can visit or call 1-855-846-8376.

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Xfinity help with my billing

From Teosha Chavez on October 31, 2017 :: 8:39 am

Please I’m asking for ur help Xfinity,...I’m a single mother of two trying my best to pay my bill with u guys could u please help n with any help u give I’ll appreciate it ....I want to keep my service with u….in need for ur help….n I’ll keep paying on time with any help u help me out ....



From Helen frederick on March 08, 2022 :: 6:57 am

No body from Comcast is answering no questions. Why????


I know you have ways

From Tina Shumaker on November 24, 2018 :: 12:18 am

I know you have ways to help people that have lost their job and have no money to pay for the stuff they have from you I need all I have because I have health problems and I can’t be with out what I have now. Without what I have I can’t call for my meds or for doctor appointments or for them to call me. Have tried to get help but no one out there wants to help me. I don’t have any family members that can help me with any of my problems I have.


Help With Xfinity Bills

From C Thorn on April 14, 2019 :: 1:24 pm

Xinity,Please help me ..I’m on a fixed income nee help


Please xfinity i am on

From Judy Crail on September 10, 2019 :: 12:45 pm

Please xfinity i am on a fixed income
I need help on my cable bill.i do not
Have the extra 31 dollars or they will
Turn me off i am on disability just
Had to get a Different car i am. 60
Years old please. Help


I am on disability need help with cable bill

From Judy Crail on September 10, 2019 :: 12:52 pm

I had to get a Different car my car
Broke down i am on disability i am
About to be. Shutoff for 31 dollars
Which i do not have i am totally broke
Can you help my bill is 116 a month


Wages being garnished. Had to

From TERRI HUFFMAN on October 19, 2019 :: 4:22 pm

Wages being garnished. Had to move and they charged me instulation fee. Need help please


Internet service scheduled for Dec 3rd 3019.

From Stanley E Wheeler on November 25, 2019 :: 4:44 pm

I need to cancel this internet hookup apt


Monthly Comcast bill

From Cindy Maxion on May 05, 2020 :: 3:03 am

I really love movies and watch TV all the time. I have a very low set income am disabled and struggle with Comcast bill every month.  Just read about Essential program. Do you think I could qualify/  20% of my income goes to Comcast. Please help.


Cindy Maxion


I am attempting to get

From Brenda Mcneil on June 27, 2020 :: 1:37 pm

I am attempting to get Xfinity connected at my new address.  I owe and just found out my debt is in collection.  I am a senior citizen living a social security.  I move from my prior address because I could not afford the rent.  I return all my equipment .  I am not sure when I will be able to pay off what I owe but your service will make my life better.  I only looking for the lowest bundle you have for tv and internet.  I really only care about sports, ion which I believe is cover.  Any assistance you can help so I can get reconnected at a affordable price would be greatly appreciated.  Being a senior, very low income, living alone and the virus has made life very difficult.  I would appreciate someone reaching out to me even if you cannot help. Thank you.


Help with bill

From LATASHA ROSE on November 24, 2020 :: 6:50 am

Please help me i dont have the extra money to pay



From Vallena on November 30, 2020 :: 8:36 pm

Hi I need help with my Xfinity bill I have 3 children and myself I’m a college student myself my job was shut down due to the pandemic. I don’t know how to pay my bill. My children and I need help internet for school. Please if there is a way I could get help.


Assistance with cable bill

From kimberley thomas on February 23, 2021 :: 3:56 pm

Help I need immediate assistance with My Bill!  My roommate ran out on Me!  So I have to pay full rent and utilities.  I am not asking for an pardon I am asking for delay in cutting My services.  Sincerely Kimberley Thomas


Help please

From Nicole dilts on February 26, 2021 :: 11:48 pm

I am paying all bills and rent. My fiancé is disabled and can’t work due to his neuropathy and his stomach. He might have to get his leg amputated soon and I’ve working so much to keep a float. Rent is through the roof and I have car payments coming out every two weeks.



From Isabella venuti on April 01, 2021 :: 7:29 am

I had tested positive for Covid.
I realize I owe money.
I am retired 73 and my ss number has been compromised ,
I had to file with irs and as theft ,
And have been waiting on 2 stimulus checks I planned on using for my bill
However that went into to an account that is not mine. ! Hensce the theft .
I am willing to do what I can. If you can be of any help I would be grateful



From Roseanna m Griffin on July 04, 2021 :: 9:59 am

I owe spectrum $172.52 and I got scammed


Hello I really need help

From Mary Majkut on July 12, 2021 :: 6:57 pm

Hello I really need help paying for my Xfinity cable bill. Please email me back asap. Thanks. Sincerely, Mary Majkut [personal info redacted]


Cable paid

From Latasha Edwards on August 16, 2021 :: 1:20 pm

Hi I need help paying my cable bill


My bill is 128 please

From Latasha Edwards on August 16, 2021 :: 1:21 pm

My bill is 128 please help me


My BILLING IS $258.90 most of Channels requst Subscription!

From Cornelius Blanson on September 17, 2021 :: 12:49 pm

No personell to Assist on payments or Plans!


Trying to have a cheaper bill

From Patricia Joy Stepp on January 15, 2022 :: 2:00 pm

I am trying to afford watching to Olympic Games HELP!


Can't pay a 2 month bill

From Jack Serres on May 07, 2023 :: 11:22 am

Account is in my husband’s name.  He passed away and I (his wife, Betty Serres) have been paying the monthly charge.  I am 84 and unable to get a job.  Please do whatever you can to help me catch up and then whatever we can to lower the bill each month.  I have an handicapped adult granddaughter who lives with me.  There is no insurance.

Please help me.  [personal information redacted]


My bills is 223, please

From Juliet on May 23, 2023 :: 7:59 pm

My bills is 223, please help me.


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