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These Outlet Covers and Switches Double as Night Lights

by Suzanne Kantra on January 30, 2020

Usually, adding a nightlight means taking up precious outlet space or fiddling with electrical wiring. But SnapPower’s GuideLights and SafeLights outlet covers and SwitchLights light switch plates are battery-free, wire-free replacements with a discreet LED night light built into the bottom.

SnapPower’s outlet covers and light switch plates look ordinary during the day but have light sensors built-in so the light comes on automatically at night. The LED light’s full brightness is three lumens, the usual brightness for standard night lights, but you can choose the Dim setting for places where you just need a little light. The LED lights can last for more than 25 years and use less than 10 cents of energy annually.

Installation is quick and easy. Turn off the main power to the outlet, unscrew the existing outlet or switch plate, snap the SnapPower product onto the outlet or switch, and screw the plate into place. That’s it!

SnapPower GuideLight 2 PLUS for GFCI

SnapPower’s GuideLight 2 and SafeLight two-outlet covers come in two styles, Duplex and Décor, and four colors – white, ivory, light almond, and black. The GuideLight 2 (starting at $17 for one, check price on Amazon) is regular outlet cover (the GuideLight 2 PLUS (starting at $19 for one) is regular outlet cover but adds the ability to turn on and off the night light manually. And, there is a GuideLight 2 PLUS for GFCI outlets (the ones with the “test” and “reset” buttons), which provide greater protection from electrocution. The GFCI version starts at $19 for one outlet.

SnapPower Safelight

SafeLights have safety covers that automatically slide over the outlet holes when a plug is removed. Prices start at $17 for one (check price on Amazon)

SnapPower SwitchLight

The SwitchLights are available for toggle and rocker switches. You can choose a regular SwitchLight for a single overhead light (starts at $18 for one, check price on Amazon) or a SwitchLight for 3 & 4-Way Switches (starts at $19 for one). A SwitchLight for Double Gang Switches (starts at $20 for one) is also available.   

SnapPower USB Charger 2

SnapPower also has an outlet cover that incorporates USB charging instead of a night light. Like with SnapPower’s other outlet-cover products, installation is just a matter of removing the outlet cover and screwing the new one into place. The USB Charger 2 has two USB ports built into the sides of the cover that deliver 2.1 amps of power (it's not a fast charger). This outlet cover extends from the wall a bit, but it's still flatter that plugging in a power adapter. You can choose from three colors – white, ivory, and light almond. Prices start at $19 for a single outlet cover (check price on Amazon).

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From James Nelson on January 30, 2020 :: 5:49 pm

Put these throughout my home over a year ago. Absolutely the way to go. 
If you have children or elderly persons in the house, these are superb safety lights for getting around in the dark.



From Virginia on February 01, 2020 :: 9:30 pm

I bought a similar product recently (for half the price), but it was much too bright for me (3 LEDs).
Since the light was pointing down on a dark floor, so I thought it would be okay but it was just too hard on the eyes when walking out of a dark bedroom.  I even put blue masking tape over the lights but that looked ridiculous, so I ended up removing it and haven’t put it anywhere else yet.  As mine cost only $10, I should note that it did not have a dimming feature or sliding outlet covers. Don’t remember where I bought it, though - sorry!



From Scott More on December 07, 2020 :: 9:29 am

Couple questions do the lights plates come horizontal my outlets are not vertical, and do they come in black or just white?



From Josh Kirschner on December 08, 2020 :: 2:15 pm

The outlet covers come in a variety of colors, including black, but only in the vertical orientation.



From Dianne King on December 20, 2020 :: 11:34 pm

Do you make double switch lighted plates, as we have a 3rd floor, that it would be perfect for, but we need the double white switch plate. Love the plug in plates and have given several to family members!



From Suzanne Kantra on December 21, 2020 :: 12:18 am

Glad you like them! You can buy the double switch plates from the SnapPower site:



From David Lowrance on February 19, 2021 :: 10:10 am

Does the night light power come from just 1 switch AND if so, is it the left or right switch?
Also, how is neutral or ground contact made?


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