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Turn Off, Tune Out and Drop In on Family & Friends

by Josh Kirschner on March 22, 2012

Studies have shown that the brains of Internet addicts are similar to those of drug and alcohol addicts. This weekend, from Friday, March 23rd at sundown through sundown on Saturday, March 24th, the National Day of Unplugging is offering us the opportunity to give our brains a bit of rest, take a break from technology and reconnect with our families and ourselves.

Inspired by a group of young Jews looking to find new ways of relating to Jewish culture, the National Day of Unplugging was developed around the Sabbath. or day of rest. But the event is intended for everyone, regardless of religious orientation. As the organizers say, "we believe that everyone needs a day of rest."

There are no specific rules for the National Day of Unplugging. You are encouraged to disconnect as much as possible—stay off the computer, turn off your cell phone, kill the TV—and spend that new-found time with your family, friends or just relaxing with a little peace and quiet. Even if you can't shut everything down, pick one device (maybe that cell phone that's permanently glued to your fingers?) to turn off. Or just shut down for a few hours. And no, shutting down while you're sleeping doesn't count.

You can take the pledge to join National Unplugging Day on and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter (yes, the irony is noted).

Will you take the pledge to turn off and tune out so you can drop in on family and friends?


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From Donna on March 23, 2012 :: 2:05 pm

My husband and I for quite sometime now, have upheld the rule for our kids (and sometimes us too) as “No Electronic Sunday”. This means no electronics all day Sunday. The kids either color, draw, do a craft or play with legos or their many toys. If it’s a nice day, we throw them outside!



From CaityJ McEyE on March 23, 2012 :: 3:49 pm

I am so addicted that the suggestion to take a day off (from sunset today to Sunset tomorrow) from electronics use feels like a vacation to me.  It’ll be difficult because I am addicted, but I do recognize the need for this rehab program!  I do plan to do it as much as possible.  I might even get some windows washed!


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