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Un-repairable Vizio TVs Leave Customers Out of Luck

by Josh Kirschner on September 26, 2011

Unrepairable Vizio TVHD Guru is reporting that Vizio is no longer repairing LCD sets that break outside the 12 month warranty period, if the failure is due to the TV's backlight or other panel defects. Instead, customers with "un-repairable defects" are only being offered the option to buy a replacement set at a discount. However, some customers are reporting that the discounted price is higher than what you could get on your own from a Vizio retailer.

Defective in-warranty sets will be replaced by Vizio with refurbished units, which a number of owners complained failed soon after the warranty period.

According to HD Guru, Vizio’s customer service center confirmed in a phone call that defective set owners are indeed told that their TVs are un-repairable when the failure turns out to be the backlight unit, which is the light source within all LED and LCD flat panels. So your 13-month old Vizio 55-inch LED HDTV may become a $1500+ doorstop if it suffers a backlight failure.

HD Guru asked Vizio media relations to explain why its HDTVs are un-repairable when a backlight fails and for an explanation as to what Vizio defines as a defect that is un-repairable, and a list of Vizio models and the associated defects that make the sets un-repairable.

Unfortunately, he didn't get a full answer. However, a Vizio spokesperson did say, “Panel defects are extremely rare with VIZIO televisions. In cases where a panel defect does arise, VIZIO’s policy is to replace the unit as opposed to sourcing, shipping and installing a replacement panel because it is considered “beyond economical repair (BER)”. Panels can be replaced, but it is economically impractical because the cost of a new unit is comparable and comes with a full manufactures’ warranty. VIZIO is addressing it’s customer service response to ensure there are no further misunderstandings.”

Yet, other TV manufacturers repair sets with backlight defects. Panasonic, Samsung and Best Buy (for their Insignia house-brand) all confirmed they provide repair options for both in- and out-of-warranty sets.

HD Guru says that Vizio purchases their sets from assemblers and so don't maintain extensive nationwide parts and service networks. While companies like Samsung, Panasonic, and LG have invested billions of dollars in panel and component manufacturing plants, so parts are consistent across models and more readily available.

What to do if you purchase a Vizio TV

If you are buying a Vizio TV, you should strongly consider extended warranty options that will offer a replacement TV if the set can't be repaired. Read our article on What Retailers Don't Want You to Know about Extended Warranties before you buy one, though, so you understand what free options may be available through your credit card.


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My name is Jill Owens,

From Jill C. Owens, Esq. on January 06, 2012 :: 4:46 pm

My name is Jill Owens, and I am a lawyer investigating potential false advertising, misrepresentation and other claims in connection with Vizio HD Televisions that have failed after warranty, where Vizio has responded that the television is unrepairable.  If you purchased a Vizio television, have had that or a similar experience, and would like to contact me to discuss your legal options, please do so at:
Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz, P.C.
1311 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 06831
Attorney Advertising


I bought a 42" vizio

From Roxi Thomas on November 20, 2013 :: 11:41 am

I bought a 42” vizio with internet capability in may 2011 and in september 2013 the panel went out..costs as much as tv..they offered me a 47” for 400..


My vizio is not even 2 yrs's stopped working a little after a year old. No warranty now. I

From Janet Dailey on October 04, 2015 :: 9:32 pm

I contacted a t.v. repair man and they stated that it sounded like a panel problem . This is a 55 inch 3 D smart LED t.c. that cost me proud 2800.00 and now I’m out. Because the panels aren’t all made the same in every vizio they are hard to replace.  My phine number is 8505496538 if you can help me.
Janet Dailey



From Courtney and Pamela Mills on December 23, 2015 :: 10:36 am

Even thought our tv is about 3 years old and warranty, its take a while to come on and has a popping sound.  We have had a floor model tv for almost 30 years and never once in the shop.  I am so disappointed with this new tv from Vizio.  We called and spoken with two technician which was so very unconcern about our questions.  These problems seemed to minor ones but from what they were saying it was internal and would cost too much to fix and it wasn’t guaranteed that the problems wouldn’t return.  It seems like with these many complaints against Vizio, the president would step up and help us with some of these minor problems without charging us the cost of a new tv.  We all should make contact or find out how to shower his/her office with complaint mail.


I have a Vizio TV with a bad panel

From Aaron Losch on January 12, 2016 :: 1:53 am

I have a Vizio TV with a bad panel which they say they have never heard about and will not replace.


Vizio tv

From Lisa Fink on October 20, 2016 :: 10:27 am

I purchased a Vizio tv Feb 2015, and it went out. I called the store, and they don’t accept refunds past 90 days, Vizio won’t repair or replace it since it’s past a year. The guy I spoke to did mention that my tv issues are similar to others, and the tv would have to b replace. Could u please help me?? I paid $900 for this tv, and refuse to just throw it away and b out all my hard earned money! Please help!!



From Aqueelah watson on February 26, 2017 :: 9:53 pm

Question about vizio TV


Vizio TV

From Lisa McKinney on August 17, 2017 :: 1:43 pm

Purchased Dec 3 2015, had it for 1.5 years and have large dark spots, company refuse to replace, of the suit is still ongoing would like to be added to the claims


same issue

From kyle on January 30, 2018 :: 1:44 am

i bought a refurbished 60” vizio TV from Walmart on Jan/26/2016, now I see 2 dark area, take almost all of the TV screen. I will contact Vizio for the issue and I do not believe that they will do anything since it is out of warranty i believe so BUT…no one buys TV just for 1-2 or even 3 years…. normal TV last 5-7 years.


Yes, you're likely out of luck.

From Josh Kirschner on January 30, 2018 :: 2:48 am

For future reference, never by a refurbished TV. Ever. You’re just buying someone else’s problems, and a shorter warranty, to boot. If you had bought that TV new, you would have the standard one-year warranty plus the additional year from your credit card company (or the extended warranty from Costco, if you had bought it there, instead), so TV would have still been covered until a couple of days ago.

Not honoring warranty.

From Ann Garrett on July 12, 2018 :: 6:58 pm

Bought a Vizio in july2017.Sometimes the sound goes out and makes a popping noise.Recently vertical line appeared on the screen.Contacted Vizio and sent pictures.Was told the screen was damaged or broken (It isn’t) and they could not help me.Also black now appearing on screen.


Did they come see the TV or just from the pictures?

From Josh Kirschner on July 13, 2018 :: 9:47 am

That sounds like a common failure with one of the internal components. Not clear why they made a determination of damage just based on pictures, unless the picture showed some sort of physical damage to the display.

Can you copy/paste the message you received back from Vizio here?


Is there another number for jill?

From Hartman Scooter Wismer on April 25, 2019 :: 4:08 pm

My 13 month old $1000 vizio tv is done and they won’t do anything about it…1 month out of warrant…they should not be able to get away with this


Great Article

From Carey Lawrence on May 09, 2012 :: 5:28 pm

I located your article and find it really informative. Your posts are clear, precise and easy to follow. I’m going to review more of your blog. Look forward to more!


Misleading Article

From P T Robinson on December 20, 2012 :: 11:56 pm

I have no vested interest in Vizio Incorporated, but I do happen to work at a company that no doubt sells more Vizio’s than anyone in the United States.  And I must say that I find your article very misleading.

Insurance companies will total a car if the damage exceeds a certain thresh-hold.  But just because one insurance company totals the car at a lower thresh-hold than another, does not in and of itself mean anything.

As one who has been selling Vizio HDTV’s along Sony, Samsung, Sharp, and several other major brands, I can personally attest to the fact that Vizio is an excellent company that is very responsive to it customer base.

A few years back, they started lighting up their “Vizio” emblem on their HDTV’s.  It seemed a rather cool, yet harmless thing.  But people who had those TV’s in their bedrooms began to complain about the orange glow that emanated from the TV in the middle of the night, in their pitch-black bedroom.

So what was Vizio’s response?  They put the option to disable the light in the new models, and discontinued using that lighted orange emblem.

It is also a little known fact that we as consumers have Vizio to thank for how far and how fast HDTV prices are falling.

In order to keep up with Vizio’s excellent pricing, other companies have gone out of their way to get their pricing down.  And the lower they go… the lower Vizio would also go.  This went on from around 2005 to 2011.

As a direct result of Vizio’s focus on giving consumers and excellent price, we can now buy HDTV’s at amazingly low prices.  In fact, HDTV’s are cheaper than picture tube TV’s were, for the same size.

27” picture tube TV’s went for $700-$900, whereas $900 buys you a 47”-55” HDTV.  We have Vizio to thank for that.

I have been selling HDTV’s since 2005, and I do NOT work on commission, nor do I receive any kind of compensation whatsoever for any TV sales.

I happen to appreciate what Vizio stands for, and I also appreciate the positive impact they have had and caused in the consumer electronics market.

As to the issue of “unrepairable defects,” I can personally attest that this is an issue that is so rare that I don’t recall one single complaint. 

And as many Vizio’s as I have sold and recommended, and as many people that I talk to on a daily basis about all brands of TV’s and their experiences with those brands… for me to not have heard any such issues with Vizio (or any other manufacturer at all) is actually saying a lot.

As I said… I have no vested interest in leading a person towards any company.  But I do not want to see Vizio maligned unfairly, as this article does.


His article is 100% right

From Hartman Scooter Wismer on April 25, 2019 :: 4:11 pm

I have a 1month old vizio tv cost me $1000 brand new….I called and they won’t do anything about it but try and sell me a new tv…they shouldn’t be able to get away with this,..... 13 month old brand new not refurbished $1000 BS


Did you check with your credit card?

From Josh Kirschner on April 25, 2019 :: 7:07 pm

Many credit cards include an extended warranty for purchases. Did you check with them to see if this might be covered?


oh please

From JohnCT on May 15, 2019 :: 4:32 pm

Vizio is junk as everyone in the service industry knows, but what’s more is that they are terrible at customer service.  I can’t tell you how many E701i-A3 models come in with bad displays.  We are able to repair them using uncommon means but Vizio will tell you they’ve never heard of it.  Tons of 2017 and newer Vizios with defective LEDs and now we’re seeing the newer crop of Vizios such as the E650i-B2s with LEDs turning blue, leaving the customer with a dark blue muddy picture.  You guys in sales only see them for a few months, but we see them when they get over a year old.



From Jessica on July 21, 2013 :: 12:08 pm

Visio isn’t as perfect as the seller’s comment above. They are cheaper because the parts are cheap. I had my T.V. for 3 months and the cable input piece fell off the back, not to mention that the piece is soldered into the back. They are a terrible company.



From John on September 07, 2013 :: 7:33 pm

This TV Seller is a complete liar. I purchased a Visio TV a year ago and now the image has completely disappeared. I ill never buy a Visio TV again.



From Pepper P on February 23, 2019 :: 5:59 pm

I’m right there with you. 55 inch TV Screen went black TV warranty had just expired so no recourse through the Manufacture. Took the TV to a repair store, very nice folks who gave us the bad news, the TV was not repairable as it would cost more to repair it than to buy a new one. HELLO SAMSUNG because VIZIO will never get another DOLLAR from me.


John: You and Jessica

From P T on September 07, 2013 :: 11:32 pm

John:  You and Jessica (from above) should contact the Attorney listed at the beginning of the comment section. 

I am certain that she will take your case, because you two make the most compelling arguments I have ever heard.

Call Jill C. Owens, Esq at your earliest convenience.  She will no doubt be very happy have you.


Not to happy with Vizio

From Christopher Co on November 17, 2013 :: 11:32 pm

My VizioTV VP423 HDTV10A died the other day after 2.5 years. I paid $699.99 for it. I called Vizio and was advised there was nothing they could do for me so they gave me two numbers for repairs.  I asked if they could give me a discount on a new TV and they would not.  I know my case may be rare but I will never buy another Vizio product again.  A TV should last more than 2.5 years. It was in perfect condition.


67 inch Samsung with white dot problem

From Nina Whitten on November 20, 2013 :: 3:46 pm

I follow your post and Techlicious. I have a 67 inch Samsung that has a “white dot” issue. Last year Samsung was fixing everyones Tv’s because it was a faulty DMD chip. Now that my tv is just starting this problem they say that my tv is not covered under the recall list. White dot’s are covering my whole left side of my tv and it is getting hard to watch. I am sick over this because of the cost of this tv. Have you ever had anyone else have this problem? I did some research and on Cnet it seems there were a lot of people getting theirs fixed for free. Why am I being discriminated against just because it is a 67 inch and not a 40-50 inch? Can you help me with this problem? I do have a transaction number, if you need it.


Just in case you stop by to read This Mr. Wang

From SHP on December 05, 2013 :: 10:36 pm

Dear MR. Wang,

I know soon this will be removed, but rest assure I will not be bothering you for long. After all I’m only going to copy and paste this into everything that has the VIZIO company logo on it.

The first silent movie was first invented in 1903. As the technology improved, so did the movies. With great ingenuity came with such silent movies something we know as sound.

Tell me MR. Wang have you ever within the past year sat to a silent movie/sitcom? well I have. Thanks to your great product, silent movies are all I have. Your product has helped to bring back something that we now consider an abomination.

Do you know what the best part is Mr. Wang? It is the highlight of my day when your highest level technical support manager Brent badge # 503 tells me that you guys cannot fix my tv and that I will have to go and pay for the parts out of my pocket when mind you it is your manufactures fault in the first place.

Isn’t it great to know that no matter what goes wrong with your product, as long as there is a proof of purchase that shows that your product is under warranty there will be no problem getting it fixed.

Ooops…I guess when this TV was gifted to me the person had the person should have expected for the sound to go bad.

You know Mr. Wang, your product is the best. Who would have known that purchasing something for nearly $500 would in a matter of months be worthless. I guess someone should have looked into the future. Would have saved me all the trouble, don’t you think?.

You know what though Mr. Wang, I don’t blame you, after all you are a big time CEO, how are you suppose to know that your product is failing at every turn, you don’t have to watch silent movies.

If you do get a chance to have a look at this-that is if your henchmen don’t trash it-can you have my tv repaired. Contact Brent, I’m sure he will be able to get into contact with me—I know he’ll remember me.


Visio television

From Evon on January 08, 2016 :: 1:52 pm

My sound is not working on my Visio television purchased in April of 2012. I was curious as to when yours was purchased.


Cheap vizio

From Louise on December 13, 2013 :: 6:46 pm

I had bought a vizio 47 inch in septembre 2012 , work éd. 6 months cause im in Florida only half a year, came back nov. 2013 And no more sound, called Vizio but They could do nothing 598$ How convenient They gave me a repair phone number, called today, no one called me back.
Terrible service, bought at Walmart.
Will NEVER buy Vizio Again.


my tv

From Jared Alexander on July 13, 2014 :: 9:11 pm

I bought a 32-inch Vizio TV about two years ago at Wal-Mart in Shenandoah, IA. My TV is now out of warranty. My TV has a problem with a blurry picture plus I lost all of the digital channels despite having a digital tuner built in to the TV. I now have a DTA box that got my digital channels back. The model number for the Vizio LCD TV is E321VL. I’m on a fixed income at this time so I don’t know what to do?


There may be one solution

From Josh Kirschner on July 14, 2014 :: 12:13 pm

If you bought the TV with your credit card, some credit cards automatically double the manufacturer’s warranty. So you may have two-year warranty coverage for that T. YOu can contact your credit card company for more information.

If you didn’t use a credit card, you’re probably out of luck. Unless the issue is with the setting of the TV (which perhaps someone knowledgable can take a look at for you). Any repairs will definitely cost more than the TV is worth.


Visio d650i-B2

From Elvis on November 28, 2014 :: 12:04 pm

TV says its 120hz on the box but I just call tech support and they just told me the TV is only a 60hz tv   60hz vertical and 60hz horizontal equal to 120hz which means this TV is only a 60hz TV please don’t be fool about what they put on the box they are just trying to fool you so you can buy the TV


Vizio 32" Backlight is gone

From Julie on June 23, 2015 :: 2:33 pm

I have a 32” tv and the backlight is gone. No picture at all. I have had it about 18 months.


Vizio is crap!!

From Lisa on July 06, 2016 :: 8:25 pm

I bought my vizio Feb 2015, and yesterday it went out. I called customer service and they told me it is unrepairable. They told me that since my tv is older than a year old, there’s nothing they can do!! My tv is just over a year old and now it’s a 65” paperweight!! I spoke to a supervisor and he told me I could buy a refurbished 32” for $300!! Very insulting considering I paid almost $1000 for the tv!! I still have my receipt which they asked me to email them, but there’s still nothing they can do since it has been over a year!! I’m so fed up with vizio!!


Check with your credit card company about extended warranty

From Josh Kirschner on July 07, 2016 :: 2:31 am

Many credit cards will double manufacturer warranties. Check with the CC company you purchased the TV with to see if they have that feature. And some stores, such as Costco, automatically extend the manufacturer warranty for TVs, as well.


BS on warranty for tv!

From Lisa Fink on November 10, 2016 :: 2:10 pm

I called my cc company and was pretty much laughed at! They even told me they have never heard of it! When I talked to walmart, (who I purchased tv from) they told me they only offer 90 days. My Vizio was just over a year old when it went out. The estimated costs to fix the tv so far is close to $300 hoping that they will even b able to fix it. I will NEVER purchase a Vizio of any kind again!


Vizio - All White Screen

From VizioTVsAreTerrible on August 16, 2016 :: 3:17 pm

Seems like Vizio brand’s ability to undercut the market comes from its use of shoddy parts, cheap labor, and an almost non-existent customer service dept.  Everybody’s Vizio TVs die after 2-3 years tops, ending up more useless plastic junk clogging our landfills.


Vizio Smart TV E Series

From Cory Gibson on October 20, 2016 :: 9:42 am

I have read so many complaints I’m now horrified!!!!! we bought a 55 inc E series Vizio Smart TV in 02/22/2015 we got it home and there were red green and blue lines trough the whole screen we took it back in less then an hour, Walmart replaced it, as of 2 weeks ago we noticed it on our replaced one, first it would freeze up, now we have a red blue Line going trough the left hand side of the screen, is the manufactures warrant 2 years ? from what I’m reading it a year?
and it is unfix able ?????


Check with your credit card company

From Josh Kirschner on October 20, 2016 :: 9:55 am

Many credit cards automatically double the manufacturer’s warranty. So you would still be within the two-year period if your Vizio originally came with a one-year warranty.


Vizio Smart TV E Series

From Cory Gibson on November 01, 2016 :: 7:16 pm

I used a pre paid Card ,That I had the cash on ..I actually chatted with them and they gave me the same spill so to speak that others have complained about I was very upset , they said they would lesson my burden and allow me to by another at a discount price ... my tv was less then a year and half old ..I paid six hundred in something , you would think it would last longer then this


Tosiba tv

From Sarah on November 08, 2016 :: 3:42 pm


I purchased a Toshiba 32W3451DB - 32” High Definition Smart LED TV with Freeview HD and Wifi costing £219.00 sold by Amazon EU.  I am based in the United Kingdom (not US).  I contacted Amazon UK as television is only 2 years old and they said it was out of warranty and said there was nothing they could do.  I contacted my bank credit card company and they also said that there was nothing they could do - despite me holding a GOLD card which gives you extra guarantees.  I went back to Amazon UK to complain that this item was just a second tv in my bedroom and hardly used and explained the screen had not been knocked and that it only had audio but no display and they offered me £70 as a gesture of goodwill so still I am left out of pocket! I am very angry with this as I then took it to a repairer and they also said the backlight was built into the screen and it was unrepairable.  I feel cheated! I wished I had held onto my old heavy television now which was still working when I disposed of it! These new tv’s are rubbish!!!


Never Buy Vizio Worst electronic device I ever owned

From Never vizio on November 10, 2016 :: 1:10 pm

Lasted 15 months.  Support was unhelpful and sent me back to retailer.  I told Vizio I would replace it with a Television from a reputable manufacturer.



From benjie on December 22, 2016 :: 8:10 pm

can not buy parts and no shemematic


Vizio is bad

From Chad on January 06, 2017 :: 6:32 pm

Vizio is worst tv ever made. Tv will break just outside warranty and they won’t help you at all.


70 in 4k vizio

From deb on October 18, 2017 :: 4:21 pm

I pd almost $2700.00 Jan 10th 2015 for this 4k tv, on 10/17/2017 i cleaned it, turned it back on and it had fading black, lines and then a red line so i turned it off and this morning it went to blue screen. vizio says cant be repaired and i had to buy a new tv! To pay that much money for a tv and it work for that much time. please add me to the list


What did you clean it with?

From Josh Kirschner on October 18, 2017 :: 5:36 pm

Hi Deb,

Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having. What did you use to clean your TV? Did you use liquid that may have gotten into the panel? Or did it go out by itself?




From deb on October 21, 2017 :: 7:36 am

Josh hey here is what ive done, when i bought tv on 01/10/2015 i bought bracket put tv on the wall, ive had it on wall and in the HDMI port 5, i run my tv thru my denon 4k receiver, my tv started like restarting on my cable and my computer that i also run thru my denon receiver, i kept thinking it was cuz of the port so i decided to use a different hdmi port and i put into hdmi 2. I had to pull my tv up to get to those ports, i pushed tv back and cleaned the screen with electronic cleaner and i used a cloth to clean it, this was 10/17/2017 and about a hour later when i came back inside i turned tv on, and the right side of the screen was faded black and it had lines 3 in apart going across and then it had a blue line going down the right side abt 12 in from the side, then it scared me so i turned tv off and went to bed.
i woke up on 10/18/2017 turned tv on and it was a blue screen.. i called sams club and vizio i got my bank statement vizio corp office said THEY WERE NOT GONNA REPLACE IT BECAUSE IT WAS TOO MUCH MONEY!!! I PD $2600.00 FOR THIS TV ON JAN 10 2015
On 10/19/2017 tv came back on and it has a blue line and the bars lines 3 in apart.


That's a shame

From Josh Kirschner on October 23, 2017 :: 3:02 pm

Sounds like something in the panel may have snapped when you were moving it. While it may not be reassuring to hear this, that $2,600 TV you bought two and a half years ago is probably under $1,000 for an equivalent model - which is probably not much more than the cost to have it repaired (if Vizio offered repairs for older models).

If you want to keep costs down, our current recommendation on a replacement would be the TCL 55P607. You get a very solid 55” 4K HDR set for a ridiculously low $649 right now on Amazon (disclosure: this is an affiliate link). We love the Roku integration and it gets strong reviews from CNET and others. It’s not as good as the better sets from Samsung or LG, but for the price it’s an amazing deal.


From Cheryl George on October 23, 2017 :: 9:17 pm

I will NEVER purchase another Vizio again. I bought 1 for my son in December for Christmas 2016,In June 2017 it stop working. A repair person told my son they were coming to check it out! No-one showed yet. Don’t NEVER buy a Vizio again, Shame on this company!!! The Devil is a liar,Cheryl


Backlight LED Strips

From Ken on November 30, 2017 :: 11:09 pm

I bought two Vizio tv’s a 70 inch and a 60 inch, back in 2015, and now the screen in black. I tried to buy the led strips, no one has them, they are all out of stock. If I can buy some, I can fix these simple ass machines. People have them but are only selling them as singles, or in 3’s with a jacked up price. where can A guy buy some?


Vizio resets

From Patrick on March 26, 2018 :: 5:21 pm

I have a 16 month old Vizio P75-c1 TV which keeps restarting. I was just informed that it is no longer a TV but a 75 inch, 100 pound paper weight because the panel is beyond repair. Do not buy anything that has Vizio written on it. I also have three co-workers who are in my very position all because of me, I am responsible because I recommended Vizio and we bought the TV’s around the same time.


Did you check your credit card warranty?

From Josh Kirschner on March 26, 2018 :: 6:46 pm

Many credit cards double the manufacturer’s warranty - which would be within the two year window since your purchase. Did you check if that’s an option for you or your co-workers?


Vizio resets

From Patrick on March 27, 2018 :: 11:05 am

I used the store credit card. Does it count?


Call them and find out

From Josh Kirschner on March 27, 2018 :: 11:20 am

Every credit card is different, so you should call and ask. If it is issued by Visa, then it likely will have the extended warranty. IMHO, a store credit card that DOESN’T offer extended warranties sounds really lame and shouldn’t be used for electronics purchases - it’s not worth it for the 2%-5% you make get in cash back, given that you can get similar cash back offers from other cards that have the extended warranty protection.

Let us know what you find out.

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