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4 Best Weather Sites

posted by on May 22, 2013 in Fab Websites, Travel & Entertainment, Travel, Guides & Reviews :: 18 comments

Looking to get the latest forecast or keep an eye out for severe weather? A weather app will do the job for you, but if you're in front of your computer, visiting a weather site will give you the most complete information in the easiest to read format. We'll point you to the best sites online for up-to-the-minute weather information, so you can be prepared for any weather eventuality before you head out.

Best All Around:

Weather.comComing straight from the weather experts at The Weather Channel, highlights the latest weather-related news on its front page, with stories about big national weather events as well as topics like travel and health which can be weather related. The weather tab on the top of the page is your easy access to local, national and severe weather information, as well as weather alerts and safety tips. The video tab on the top of the site will direct you to weather news (not forecasts) if you prefer that format. 

The site's weather page packs in a lot of information, offering a basic forecast for any area you specify with details for the day, covering high and low temperature, clouds, chance of rain, recent rain, wind, humidity, the UV index, pressure, dew point, visibility, and sun and moon information. If you want more detail, a click in the left-hand toolbar will get you an hourly, tomorrow, weekend, 5 day, 10 day, monthly or video forecast as well as a weather radar map and specialty forecasts for boat & beach, ski, fishing, home & garden, pollen and travel.

Best Local Forecast: Weather Underground

Weather UndergroundWeather Underground provides a nice balance of weather news and weather forecasts. Unlike, Weather Underground puts local weather front and center, with a weather map and local forecast dominating their front page. You can scroll down for more weather news, select a tab on the top of the screen for photos, video, and weather blogs, or click on the local forecast (or enter a city name or zip code in their search box) to pull up a forecast.

On their forecast page, you'll find today's forecast, with current conditions, temperature, wind, and sun and moon information, as well as a brief 5-day forecast. You can scroll down for more information, including pressure, visibility, humidity, rainfall, snow, dew point, wind, UV, pollen, ozone, flu outbreak information, the day's historical data, weather radar and satellite images, local webcams, local photos, and 10-day and hourly forecasts. That's a lot of info!

Cleanest Display: is not the most straightforward way to get your local forecast, but it is the best way to get alerts and other information directly from the National Weather Service without any extras or fluff. Because this is a government site, there are no ads and a lot less clutter than you'll find on other weather sites, which makes for a very clean interface. If you want to see a local forecast, just enter your city and state (or zip code) and it will pop up alongside a national weather map and national weather alerts—or you can click to see a full forecast.

Click anywhere on their weather map to see local weather radar and temperatures (though since no cities are marked on the map, you'll need a good geographical sense to click on the right place). The top menu will give you access to additional forecasts, historical weather info, weather safety, and news from the NOAA.

On their forecast page, you get current, 5-day and 7-day forecasts, in addition to humidity, wind, barometer, dew point, visibility, weather alerts, weather radar and satellite images, and weather graphs.

Best Specialty Forecasts:

AccuWeather.comLike Weather Underground, puts your local weather forecast front and center—automatically pulling up local conditions when you first load the site. AccuWeather also has news and other articles—including useful information like the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning—on their front page. You can scroll down for more news and video content, or you can click on your local weather forecast for additional details.

In addition to the usual weather-related bells and whistles, has other kinds of forecasts that may interest you. These include forecasts for cold & flu, allergies, respiratory, arthritis, migraine, sinus, travel, astronomy, events, driving, school day, hair day, snow days, D.I.Y. lawn & garden, home energy, entertaining, golf, ski, hunting, fishing, running, hiking, biking, sun & sand and sailing, each detailing weather conditions that might effect the activity in question. Once you've clicked one, it's added to the top bar of the site so you can easily access it in the future.

Hopefully one of these sites is your perfect weather-watching companion. So be sure to keep an eye on the forecast and plan ahead for inclement weather.

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Fie on

From Rich Moser on May 23, 2013 :: 5:45 pm

I’ve been following AND the Weather Channel (same company) for years. On TV, they’re good, but you have to wait for the info you want. Online is a different story. The site navigates *very* poorly and there is absolutely zero customer service (believe me, I’ve tried!). In my California location, they are really quite awful in their forecasting accuracy, worse that most, and they are very slow to update—as in, it’s 70 and sunny outside right now but they still say that there’s a 70% chance of rain and will be cloudy all day, which was their forecast yesterday.



no update

From javid on March 20, 2014 :: 3:14 am

you r right.

Reply needs to weather and not TV station.

From Mark Leavitt on January 25, 2015 :: 6:29 pm

How this site gets on any list is mind baffling, I ditto all the comments above but in addition, needs to pull back in the reins and offer a simple, navigational web site with less adds getting in the way. Stop using he web site like the weather channel.  They got stuff all over the place and to find a chart for your particular area, it’s hunt for a needle in a haystack or looking for the Lost Arc.  It’s usually buried in a video article along with 5+ other charts of useless information.

In addition, I find local weather channels do the same thing, finding information is supposed to be fast and easy, instead they load the web site with so much junk including video after video (and ads), it becomes slow due to long running scripts on the web page. 

Personally, I skip all of it and just go to NOAA and to get the latest via National Weather Bulletins (just read the SIMPLE text) and head over (if need be) to AccuWeather to get detail info in 2-3 clicks.  About 1 min or less of my time versus 5+ minutes roaming around in



Well how about thus list

From Angel Love on October 29, 2016 :: 7:12 pm

Try thr s…t list. Godd one for they can go for the worst




From Dennis Chandler on May 23, 2013 :: 6:38 pm

Intellicast is where I go if there is severe weather.  The radar summary gives you cloud heights, speed, and direction, and the severe storm 1 km storm watch will pinpoint thunderstorms and tornadic activity with direction and windspeed.

Here is how OK looks:



Which site has fewest pop-ups and fastest load?

From Kristy on May 23, 2013 :: 6:53 pm

Thanks for the weather site review.  What would be even more valuable for me is to know which site leaves the fewest cookies, loads the fastest, and delivers the fewest pop-up ads.  I used to use, but it seems to work very slowly. I’m looking for a simple place to get weather without a lot of advertising overhead.  Any inputs are welcome!  Thanks.



That's why I tried to create a fast and reliable site

From HernĂ¡n on February 18, 2015 :: 8:31 pm

As you say, many weather sites are bloated with ads and so many useless information that they become painfully slow. And that’s why I created my own site: lightweight and mobile friendly. Please give it a try ( ) and let me know your suggestions and comments.
I would like to keep it simple, but I want to hear opinions and I am still building it.
PS: If it doesn’t find your city use the address like



Any for Canada?

From kitblu on May 23, 2013 :: 6:58 pm

None of these sites look as if they cover Canada. Do you know of any?


Best weather sites

From Rob Nugent on May 23, 2013 :: 11:41 pm is very good and has a lot of simple options.
It is also interactive with some of the same tools you see your weather men use on TV.
Plus, it shows you locations of storm chasers that are feeding/streaming content and you can click on one and watch their feeds.
All in all, one of the best on the web.



Different Apps

From Patricia on May 24, 2013 :: 10:14 am

Is it possible for some of the apps out there to be used on my PC?  I am not very wise to all of this stuff but I can see where some of these apps might be helpful on my pc.  Thank you for your time and all the wonderful information you put out there for us.




From VV on December 06, 2014 :: 4:05 pm

I am here because on my computer overnight became ... “drywall”!  We all look for reliable information, whatever the costs!
Providing no information whatsoever because you can not design universal interace platform for the delvery of the information (flashy adds are a separate issue) - that is not just “not the best” - that is the worst, sheer incompetence!


another cool

From Leaverk Vands on December 26, 2014 :: 11:40 am

I think this is amazing idea show weather as color like this


gravatar Seriously?

From Ed on October 28, 2016 :: 10:59 am

That’s got to be the WORST weather site available.



Our top pick is currently

From Suzanne Kantra on October 28, 2016 :: 2:48 pm

Our top pick is currently the Accuweather app. See our more recent story




From Angel on October 29, 2016 :: 7:19 pm

Worst,, (which you cannot get anymore unkess you get cable)



They're all bad!

From Steve on May 31, 2017 :: 3:01 pm

There are no good weather sites. The gov site is ok, but they don’t offer any hourly details. They say morning, afternoon, tonight - all of which is very vague.




From Fran Wallace on August 26, 2017 :: 5:59 pm

Have been watching Harvey and cannot quite believe Ccollege Station hass had less than half an inch of rain when I see the maps and my son tells me it has rarely stopped raining. But that is what my site says!



This is what I have been using

From Jake on September 05, 2017 :: 10:48 pm


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