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Android Spyware Apps: How Dangerous Are They?

by Josh Kirschner on July 18, 2013
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Mobile spyware has been reported numerous times in the media as a serious threat for phone users. When we first covered the spyware issue back in March, 2012, we were shocked by the volume of comments we received from readers who suspected they were the victims of spyware. And, some of the claims they were making about how much information the alleged spy was able to capture seemed a little far fetched.

But the comments kept coming in from women (yes, women seem to be the primary victims) whose lives are being turned upside down by a controlling spouse, boyfriend or ex who seems to know their every move.

So we started to take a deeper look at the issue and what we found is very disturbing. Spyware programs are very real, easily available and far more intrusive than we expected would be possible.

Worse, spyware threats are also highly pervasive—according to security company Lookout, .24% of Android phones they scanned in the U.S. had surveillance-ware installed intended to target a specific individual. Sophos reports a similar .2% infection rate from spyware. If those numbers hold true for Android users in general, that would mean tens of thousands are infected by spyware. And this isn't just an Android issue, iOS and BlackBerry devices can be easily infected as well. Yet, mobile security vendors are currently doing a poor job at spyware detection.

I tested three of the most common spyware apps—Mobile Spy, Mobile Stealth & Phone Control—in detail to find if each could do everything it claimed. The results were eye-opening. While features varies somewhat between the three, each could easily be installed on my Nexus 4 running Android 4.2 and capture significant amounts of highly personal information; including allowing a spy to remotely track your location, monitor your text messages, listen to your calls, see every photo and video you shoot, turn on your phone's microphone to monitor its surroundings and take pictures with your phone's camera.  

Mobistealth dashboard

Meanwhile, the app remains hidden in the background, given you no warning that something may be amiss.

Mobile Spy

At $100 per year (or $50 for three months), Mobile Spy isn't cheap, but it provides a robust set of monitoring capabilities and allows the snooper to access the details through a simple-to-use web interface. For an extra $50 a year, Mobile Spy adds the ability to remotely record the audio using the phone's microphone and capture pictures with the phone's camera.

Mobile Spy also works with iOS (requires jailbreaking), BlackBerry (v7 and below) and Symbian, and multiple devices can be monitored from the same web interface. Once installed, the app remains hidden from the user, only appearing as "SIM Toolkit" in the list of running apps within Android Settings.


Mobistealth is very similar to Mobile Spy, but offers one important feature—the ability to record live phone conversations. While almost certainly illegal in many jurisdictions without both parties' consent, recording call audio provides a much more complete profile on the person you are monitoring. You pay for this added functionality, though. A one year subscription to Mobistealth is $199.

Mobistealth also works with iOS (requires jailbreaking), BlackBerry (v7 and below) and Symbian, and multiple devices can be monitored from the same web interface. Once installed, Mobistealth remains hidden from the user, showing "Lookout Secure" in the running app list.

Phone Control

If you're looking for an app that provides a robust set of features at a bargain basement price (one-time fee of 1.99 Euros), Phone Control is a great choice. Formerly available through Google Play (before getting kicked off), Phone Control gives you all the tools you need to monitor your target, including recording of live calls. What you don't get is the slick web interface—tracking data is delivered to you via email—and some features that require manual initiation.

Not having a web interface makes managing the device more difficult, but offers a potential privacy advantage. With the other spyware apps, your target's content is sent and stored on the company's servers where, potentially, others could access it. With Phone Control, information is sent from the phone using an email address you set up on the device, so the data is never transmitted to a third-party (other than your email host).

Installation is a more involved process than with the other apps, requiring downloading and installing two apps, one which the developer will send you after you pay through Paypal. We've also been notified by the developer that he will no longer be supporting the app, so it's not clear how much longer it will be available.

Phone control is only available for Android. Once installed, Phone Control remains hidden from the user, showing "Android Manager" in the running apps.

Comparison of monitoring features

Features (Android)  Mobile Spy   Mobistealth  Phone Control
Record surroundings      
Record audio
Capture photo
Text message monitoring
Call tracking      
List call details
Record phone calls
Track web history Manual
View photos & videos
GPS tracking      
Monitor phone contacts Manual
Monitor calendar Manual
Hide on install
Web interface
Supported OS Android, iOS, BB Android, iOS, BB Android



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I was hacked

From Marlon on September 11, 2013 :: 12:32 am

I have a so called friend his name is mike he has a app that he uses to spy on people and he won’t stop hacking me what can I do he even uses it to have sex with people and is steeling people’s profile to take over thair bank and his girl friend he’s hiding out has over 20 worrents for steeling people’s money I don’t no how to spell his last name but its mike diteze I do have his address if you find to be nesasairy to have thank you



From BONNIE DUNCAN on June 28, 2016 :: 5:31 pm



My galaxy7active I told was a new phone replacing my lgv10 after after3 referbished with issues

From Ginny on October 02, 2017 :: 1:08 pm

I was hacked my medical chart and more google spam mail i didnt open it at all alot of sex I seen my first and last name my doggies name now my personal texts and contacts calls being recorded on my privacy how do I stop. It! I’m getting no webs. Always reloads itself in real yes scary but my account I froze! I’m getting weird phone calls ive blocked alot my phone provider AT&T say sorry unfortunately stopped! I’m having serious private issues alot sharing to public i dont want public unknown! I believe. In my privacy getting worse i know how alot feel this is my galaxy7active! What do we do?



From baryl b on June 20, 2019 :: 12:00 pm

I have the same problem. I believe we should work together to stop it. I don’t use facebook so email if you like or call whatever makes you comfortible.

I believe that my emails have been hacked by my Gmail has been taken over by gsuite

From Justina Atchley on November 23, 2018 :: 9:16 pm

This is my message something isn’t working with the way my phone is operating


I know what your going thru

From Colleen Hughes on October 11, 2020 :: 9:10 am

Bonnie, I too have people (family) so close to me doing the same. No other betrayal is worse. Contact me a 602 752 0725 and leave message ill call back. I have issues of answering calls i don’t know. Hang in there and never let them beat you. Your not alone.


I feel you bro been

From Kleven Michael on August 23, 2021 :: 1:11 am

I feel you bro been going through the Sam for 2 years stole my crypto and was my brother and others and they got a year stole all my acts linked apps spy apps to everything


Still happening

From Me too on June 29, 2022 :: 1:18 pm

I’ve been targeted for twelve solid years now.


Happening to me and my fiancé

From Melissa on November 06, 2022 :: 11:01 am

I know exactly how all of you feel. Words can’t even begin to describe how messed up this is and how it makes you feel. The sad part is I know it’s someone in the home. We recently sold our home within the past year to get away from a bad area and we couldn’t find a house quick enough so we decided to stay with family. Not our best decision bc now this person hacked into our bank account and took over $25,000 from us I filed police reports went to the bank they found a couple of account that weren’t ours and said we would get credit back, so we got our hopes up bc we were told 11/3/22 that it would be replaced. Then we check the mail and we received a letter saying we gave our card to someone to use and we didn’t give our info to nobody so that left SECU not reliable to replace our money. So now we are right back to square one. It has ruined our family bc my fiancé thinks I’m doing it behind his back and I’m not. It’s hard to prove something that you know nothing about, and now this person has targeted my fiancé and trying to make it look like he’s going crazy. This person is doing so much it’s hard to even make the police believe you bc if you were to tell them they would think he’s loosing his mind, but he isn’t. I’m to the point of I don’t kn what to do. Just last night I found his email listed in my phone and he lives here he just turned 16 he’s our nephew and it’s sad but it has to stop bc someone is going to get seriously hurt. No one else in the house are targeted except me and my fiancé beside our 17yr old daughter bc he uses her to get info bc he’s in her phone but for some reason she doesn’t believe us.I swear it’s like he has her brainwashed into believing we are just making stuff up and are crazy. I’ve done everything I can possibly think of. I don’t want to walk away but it looks like I’m going to have to leave. We have been together for 22yrs w 3 kids, it’s to the point our kids got took from us but we’re never investigated, never been in trouble w CPS, even went to court and CPS dropped our case but the judge took our kids away and put them in my fiancé mom custody. This has ruined us for life. Our transportation just got taken 2 days ago for what reason I don’t kn, I called to the police department to ask why and was told we didn’t take your fiancé car he left driving. He has no tickets, didn’t get into trouble. I know when ppl read this they are going to think oh she’s lying this doesn’t happen. OH YES IT DOES I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING I LOVE THAT THIS HAS & IS HAPPENING TO US!!!! IM TO MY BREAKING POINT AND I LOVE MY KIDS AND FIANCÉ BUT I CANT TAKE ANYMORE. THE POLICE REPORT I FILED ON OUR ACCOUNT THE DETECTIVE WONT EVEN CALL ME BACK ANYMORE.  WE HAVE TRIED TO GET ATTORNEYS TO HELP BUT WHEN WE TELL WHAT IS HAPPENING WE DONT HEAR BACK FROM THEM. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN ITS LITERALLY US AGAINST THE WORLD. SO THAT ONLY LEAVES ME TO FEEL LIKE MY LIFE IS A WASTED SPACE SO WHY EVEN CARRY ON…. I LOVE MY KIDS WITH ALL MY HEART AND MY FIANCÉ TOO BUT I CANT TAKE ANYMORE!!!!!!  I know some will read and say oh she is making some of this up, or she just wants attention. I DONT WANT NOTHING BUT TO HAVE A NORMAL LIFE AGAIN AND TO HAVE MY FAMILY BACK LIKE WE ONCE WERE. BUT TBH I DONT SEE IT HAPPENING, I DONT SEE NOTHING CHANGING UNTIL THE DAY WE HERE THE TRIUMPH SOUNDS WHEN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST COMES TO TAKE HIS TO HEAVEN AND DESTORY ALL THE EVIL.

Address please

From A.B. on January 01, 2017 :: 6:49 am

What is Mikes address please??


Address please

From A.B. on January 01, 2017 :: 6:52 am

What is Mikes address please?


Seriously obessed

From Unsafe on April 25, 2017 :: 4:12 am

I’ve been having problem for like 2 months my so called boyfriend hacks everything changed my number 5 times got a new phone I’ve done everything how in the hell he keeps doing this? I deleted my Facebook any soical media but my emails change or disappear. I’ve talked to police, T-Mobile, Google, Samsung. He’s literally breaking me down mental going on my 4th bank card this month. How do I stop him? Hopefully he didn’t compromised this address as well. I know it’s him he’s so paranoid.HELP PLEASE!!!


You're missing the real issue

From Josh Kirschner on April 25, 2017 :: 9:30 am

It’s a little hard to analyze your tech issues without more information, but there’s no way for someone to get into all of your accounts unless he/she has your username/password or you keep your devices unlocked.

But the real issue here isn’t your tech - it’s your boyfriend. Assuming he is behind this hacking, and it’s gotten to the point where you’re actually going to the police, why in God’s name is he still your boyfriend? Move on. Now. Completely. And your tech issues (along with probably a thousand other issues you’re likely enduring) will go away.



From Miss angry on October 10, 2017 :: 7:15 pm

Yeah ok,I am so sick and tired of everyone claiming how safe the iPhone is!!! Bullshit!!! If you’re significant other is or knows someone who is a geek or computer nerd you’re all done !!! This person will have access to your messages who you call everyone you speak with soon you will have no privacy..When you walk into a store for help they look at you like you have 2 heads because they can’t figure it out they don’t know there not hackers why would they know!!! I’m going on my 7th iPhone since I have been with him whatever!!! All my settings are Jamed on my iPhone !!! Just bought it yesterday!!! Throwing it out the window tomorrow!!!

goes deeper sometimes

From Colleen Hughes on August 13, 2020 :: 4:59 pm

Not just boyfriend as above family one can’t get away from,people they know, data miners and arrogant a holes that feel they are intitled to rob ones security money info pics and all else. Not to mention the trackers that come in your phone from manufacturers as well as mobile carrier.I do have some mental instability and anxiety and this only makes worse. Everything is becoming online ..we need security’s can someone with a brain figure it out!!?

what to do.

From BC Groves on November 28, 2017 :: 12:09 pm

I’ve done everythin you have done, including write to the govermor of Texas, but no one in law enforcement will even take a report, therefore limiting my ability to press charges (Denton, Tx).
The only thing left is to burn his house down.


you still alive? I'm in Arlington TX

From X in Arlington TX on August 27, 2023 :: 7:17 pm

i believe you. nobody around me believes me, or they act like they know but won’t admit it. plz respond if you see this

it's happening to me too

From x in Arlington on August 27, 2023 :: 7:44 pm

i believe you nobody around me believes me. plz respond if you see this

you still out there ?

From X on August 27, 2023 :: 7:51 pm

i believe you nobody around me believes me. plz respond if you see this

Seriously obessed

From Big Guy on May 21, 2018 :: 2:27 am

Move on down here to NewZealand, you ever get stuck, get in touch and Ill buy you a ticket to come on down. Hide in LOTR country. You wont need a



From Dane morrish on April 09, 2020 :: 7:59 pm

My soon to be EX husband is hacking my phone.Im on my 8th phone,and he’s done everything from changing PW deleted photos,files,notes,documents,he did recently 13 unauthorised transactions got into my gov ATO in 2013 changed my bank acc number replaced it with his and stole my CL top up money in which I didn’t know I was getting as he would also stream my mail.I recently found 3 yrs worth bank statements from 2016 to now internet transfers into his acc and every now and then put money back in so I wouldn’t notice,QLD he new I never checked my statements if and when he wasn’t stealing them.So much more long story short I went to police get AVO against him but it ended up again me because of his manipulative lies 🤔🤔🤔😡😡😡


You are SO RIGHT!!

From Christine on September 20, 2020 :: 3:38 pm

I have been hacked for 2 1/2 years now. It consumes your time and destroys your life. These horrible things are being done by people that are supposed to love us. They see how it affects our life and just DONT CARE.
I waited 2 years hoping it would stop. But it did NOT and NEVER will. These same people will use your weaknesses against you. They will tell you something that you heard clearly and turn around and tell you that they need help.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Anyone this is happening to…....TAKE MY ADVICE. Leave right now. These people actual get a great amount of joy tearing you down to nothing.
THEY WILL NOT CHANGE. They DO NOT love you. Do t WASTE YEARS on someone who doesn’t give a shit about you. Break Free.


let me help

From baryl b on June 20, 2019 :: 11:55 am

I don’t know the mike but I think we
can help each other. I have simmer things happen to me.


Hacked for 12 years

From Fran on February 07, 2021 :: 7:03 pm

My kids father has been hacking my life for a very long time I filed charges on him but I dont think its gonna do anything I really need help!!


Being hacked by Ex Husband w/ rooting, spyware the works!

From Sheila Irvin on September 23, 2015 :: 4:06 pm

Thank you to com posted and his crew does he has well Joseph Turner the information was from technician. Tip spying on iPhone I just had to go through every location for a serious the mess to go since that was done at me from my ex husband anyhow I have done everything to be a I wanted all that but I just found out 4 days ago that I was missing some things for my phone and realize that once looking into it that he has done some reading on their taken quite a bit of stuff had a bunch of things that he was doing whatever but I found like 25 different things that he put on this phone I’ve been searching the internet try and libraries trying to find out how to clear up this mess I do know that he put a third party and a remote on a car my phone I shut that down I also know that he has foot the tracking and all these things but I have three phones in the ass mess with a kyocera 4G Icarus Sierra 4G hydro extra trim and then a restroom and then also my active what is a 5.0 so if you could get back to me and let me know exactly what I am learning but there’s a lot to do thank you so much bye PS he also has the movie lot of things and obviously stored them on the data is there with a lot of stuff but my CD o is saying 0 so I know thats thats means he stored it I do have a CD chick that was in his phone which I have as well she’s federal court of it is there a man I’m I waste your time telling you cuz if you can tell there’s a lot



From Sue on October 08, 2021 :: 10:01 am

This sounds like the same kind of problem I am going through. I believe it is coming from so called family members and a former employer. The problem is not only are they hacking my accounts,they know where I live. They pull up in front of my house, follow me around (Stalking me!). I am still trying to find my way out of this. I have done nothing to anyone to deserve this.


Sorry talk to test really

From Sheila Irvin on September 23, 2015 :: 4:28 pm

Sorry talk to test really sucks. Glad I didn’t tell you all 3 pgs. Back to back of what I have found and need to fix. And it’s not my car its my phones. 3 in totally Kyocera 4G, Kyocera 4G Hydro xtrim and a Alcatel One touch 5.0 mp.  He has disabled my systems so having a re hard time figuring this out. I’m so willing to send the phones to you. And heck yah if your still doing your book, project on this Spying and the damage I’m game. He has put a spy camera, voice recording, Cerberus:D even was smart enough to change the default passwords. Mr. I need your help more than Rocky Road ice cream when I’m crying. Not savvy but learning. I did an app to get an idea what was in the phones 125 things. What the heck! I’ll be old, shoot I’m 49. I did get GS file Explore and task trying to make my way, that’s how I’ve been able to see some of the junk he has done. Started according to the dates a year ago. Wow!
Will be sitting here waiting with bells on and a plate of Sugar cookies! Have a blessed day! Thanks again Sheila smile))))



From Sharon on September 17, 2023 :: 10:59 pm

I am reading these with a sad heart.1 year ago a Spyware was put on my devices. THE HORRIFIC things that it has created. I don’t believe could happen. My whole identity has been stolen. You name it. I have experienced all your postings. Who for sure did this idk… I have my suspicion.  They have caused health issues. Mental. No one wants to believe something like this can happen. I’m here to tell you. It’s real shit!!!!!


ny girlfreind..

From rikki scott on September 25, 2015 :: 7:01 am

says she feels shes being spyd on and thinks its me! how can i convince her its NOT and find the real culprits? who are slowly splitting us up.i think they are trying to rob her and im seriously concerned


help, I think

From sarah on January 31, 2017 :: 8:08 pm

I guess I am an idiot, but for some time I have heard comments about what I wear, and also when I used to leave the house things would disappear and I don’t want to sound paranoid, and that’s probably why I have never said anything, but now I’ve lost almost everything- nio joke. The last comment I heard, and I’m a 40 year old woman, was that ” I guess you like to walk around naked”. I live alone, and I am now moving because of some of this stuff. I had more thyan 5 computers taken, all my phones, and the one I’m using isn’t mine- I have had it. I don’t know what to do,
Please and thank you,
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Same thing here

From Manuel Martinez on January 31, 2022 :: 4:17 pm

Please tell me did issue stop an if did you do it?


Please help I need answers I have found all of these weird things my husband has been doing on my ph

From Jasmina Kellu on July 11, 2017 :: 1:26 pm

I have a problem because every time I try to open a website that’s important it said Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found. It almost always does that and I have no idea why. My husband and me are on the verge of divorce and I have found all these weird files on the phone one of them was a code and it said hello world and it was a coding file and it was happening on both phones and then I also discovered one time that he had a different forwarding number on his phone and when I called his regular number he could answer it but when i actuallly discovered it and took it off it said his phone was no longer in service?? Why would he have a different forwarding number and why was his regular number not working anymore when I discovered it and took it off the phone?? I don’t understand I read that that’s how they can listen to your conversations and my phone was acting weird too I voildnt open any websites either and it was freezing all the time and when I would talk on it I could barely hear the other person on the other end. And it just started happening my phone was fine before. And on his phone iOS iPhone when you go under regulatory it’s not like on a normal IPhone it doesn’t stop at Europe it goes on to Japan ,Australia/New Zeland,Singapore, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Malasysia, Taiwan,Brazil, Columbia, South Africa,Costa Rica, Argentina, Samoa, Philippines?  And every one of them has a company name and a number or a code. Which is weird I never have seen it on any other iPhone! Also I have been on his phone and seen that he was under a ICANN WHOIS ORGANIZATION. And he had a different domain name for an up adrenaline for third party’s. I just want to know what the bell is going on. I finally purchased a new iPhone locked it and it works fine I can go to all of the websites and it’s completely different. Can someone please help and tell me if he bigger my phone and his mom went to Cupertino Ca idk why I’m guessing because she wanted phone information because he and her were trying to take my children away from me because his mother lives in another state and the kids are with me and him in ny and she is in Oklahoma and she was threatening me that she was going to buy a house here and have her son and my kids love w her and also she said I’m doing this online thing I just started and she also said I’m looking into adopting children with bad mothers. And I’m definitely not a bad mom and told her that and said I wish her all the best and I said I didn’t know your son was unhappy but I guess you turned him against me my own husband and I said that’s fine but I just want to let you know as far as my kids go you will never ever get them! Ever since then all this phone stuff was happening and she even went to California and I went online and she can file adoption papers there for any state so I’m worried that’s where she went. Does anyone know what the ICANN WHOIS ORGANIZATION IS AND WHY SHE HOT A FOMAIN NAME AND HAD HER OWN WEBSITE? Was it to monitor me?? Anyways I’m scared can anyone shed some light on this??



From Jamie on July 16, 2017 :: 3:50 pm

My boyfriend some how knows where i am what im doing who im talking to and what was said i will be some where and he shows up he 24/7 im mentally drained i have qent to sprint got a new phone tried to leave him but he always find me or has heard my plan to leave! Im trying to go to a safe haven place but he will just find me! I have 2 kids and want out but i cant bc he always finds me!!!!! I cant stop thinking about this nor stop researching it!!! I just want it to all end but i do not know how!plz plz plz i need to know how this is being done and how to stop it so i can get out of this abusive relationship and go to the safe haven!


Domestic shelters (Battered Women Shelters)

From Ryan on September 25, 2017 :: 8:00 pm

You should google Battered Women Shelters, and see what’s in your area. They are well versed in dealing with this type of thing. I know we ended up in one for a few days when I was a kid. It wasn’t a bad place. They will help you in major ways. Not sure what state you’re in. I’m sure here in Los Angeles, you would be hard pressed to find one that would be caucasian friendly. But you never know.

Worth looking into.


Re: Battered Women's Shelter Comment

From Nikki on March 11, 2020 :: 2:13 pm

Bless Ur Heart Ryan! If only more ppl like U spoke up, more often, this world would be a better place… One comment at a time! Ur life & ur words do matter… Here i am 3 years from the day u posted Ur comment with the most sound advice I’ve read in ages…. And it warmed my heart & made my day! Thanks for being brave & saying what no one else knew, would, or could… say!


My phone is being hacked remotely?

From Kay on August 21, 2017 :: 3:34 pm

I broke up with my bf, and now my phone has changed the Facebook notification sound without me doing it, twice. I need to know if someone is getting into my phone or not.


Seems unlikely...

From Josh Kirschner on August 22, 2017 :: 12:56 pm

You don’t say whether you’re using iOS or Android, but I’m not familiar with any spyware that allows you to remotely change notification sounds. If you’re concerned about spyware, we have an articles that details how to protect yourself here:



From Sir fedup on October 03, 2018 :: 9:54 pm

Josh, wrong answer, all of the tech spys need to stop playing dumb, I’m not insinuating that you are aware of what is really going on, maybe you are maybe you arent, but because of my own extensive research into these spy apps and because I too WAS a victim of this life altering, privacy invading surveillance. I discovered most of these monitoring “spy” apps are either hidden or disguised as some non-threatening “calculator, flashlight or SIM toolkit app” which also reveal passwords to all accounts including encrypted ones as well as every other tidbit of personal and private information about someone. I will be curious to see if you allow my response to be posted and viewed by the public or if it will be promptly removed so as not to let the cat out of the bag. So as a precautionary measure I have copied, pasted, transfered and saved this response along with your name and post information so I can repost it elsewhere if all of this mysteriously goes away and enlighten as many as possible whose lives have been and are being ruined by these malicious apps of which even Google and the entire Android platform are aware of and are in on. Your best bet is to go back to sending postal mail or better yet pay the person that you need to speak with a visit and toss your iPhone and Android in the river.


I'm not sure we disagree

From Josh Kirschner on October 03, 2018 :: 11:21 pm

Hi Sir,

Much of what you describe I cover in the article above - the cat is definitely out of the bag. In fact, I’ve covered this in in detail in another article, as well ( We also have a more up to date story on the latest cell phone spying risks.

FWIW, while the apps above don’t have keylogger features to steal passwords, there are other programs that could (note that this would be much more difficult if you used a password manager, either Google’s native password manager or a third party, like Dashlane).



I have been hacked and I don't know what to do.

From Daniels Broker Whitefield on October 06, 2018 :: 11:20 pm

I have been hacked by my ex becouse she is a cop she thinks she can get away with it and the other people helping her. My phone my mom’s my nieces phone and my sisters + 3 computer. I really need need to get some help with this. I know who has done this and have been trying to get enough evidence so I can have them locked up filming me with my own phone and recording me through my own blue tooth.  I’ll deal with them
But I need help fixing this cause I am at a lost right now


I recond the to requests

From Daniels Broker Whitefield on October 06, 2018 :: 11:26 pm

I recond the to requests I have righten to u aren’t getting through. It’s OK I be back on my new phone in just a minute.


Are you serious right now?

From Wendi on November 27, 2019 :: 1:49 pm

My bluetooth comes on by itself. When I talk to my mother mainly. I have felt that I was being recorded and videotaped by so called friends as well. And when I go to my hometown, everyone knows I am there and randomly shows up where I am within 7 minutes of being in town. 2 ex boyfriends live there and one is law enforcement. Personally, my family is CIA and FBI. I am seriously considering handing this over to them for investigation. I too was terrorized by a life changing event with my previous phone in 2015. Maps telling me to drive to these unknown locations in Oklahoma and pictures of things and events that I had no knowledge of or who they were but were trying to tell me something. It is in fact life changing when this happens, but know that you are not alone in this. It took me until 2 months ago and using a flip phone, to purchase another phone that does everything. I am going back to a flip phone immediately.  I am taking a stand! I WILL NOT be effected or tormented as I was before. When you have that here we go again feeling,run the other way because it will happen again. I would like insight though on this matter. Thank you!


Just have to ask out

From Jamey Smith on October 09, 2020 :: 8:03 am

Just have to ask out of curiosity. You said your family is CIA and FBI. I hear they have to do some extensive background checks on anyone joining as well as all of their family members for obvious reasons. any possibility that maybe that’s who could be in your phone? Or has that thought ever crossed your mind that it could have something to do with that? I have a slightly similar situation ironically oklahoma related and I’ve kept my ideas about what I think may be happening to myself for fear of looking like a nut


Hackb my fon

From Ana on December 12, 2019 :: 10:26 pm

Hye someone hacked my fon and his know what I’m doing please help me to solved the problem


I need advice from someone

From Hacked in australia on December 28, 2019 :: 8:30 am

I need advice from someone in Australia, on how to report someone that knows my partner and has hacked his account making it look like he’s sending sexual texts to my sister.


I'm going insane! or am i?

From jennifer on June 02, 2020 :: 6:47 pm

I? need to talk to someone! anyone that can honestly help me and not give me the run around. I’ve been having weird things happen on my phone lately and I think it’s my boyfriend. he is the only one that it could be or it’s one if his friends. I think he is trying to get my stimulus check and my unemployment benefits. without going into detail on here because that’s how worried I am about this I need someone to contact me please but only if u really can help me. I live in the Houston area and if someone can call me or I can call u it’s fine with me and if u can I’ll give u a number u can reach me on or an email address but please don’t waste my time if u can’t help me. thank u


I hack my gf phone

From Debojit Bora on June 05, 2020 :: 3:41 am

I hack my gf phone


Jeremy Walker

From Latoya Ayodele on September 02, 2020 :: 4:22 pm

Johnnie Walker has been in my phone for a while now going into my emails my Banks doing my little girls pictures up my naked pictures he don’t put on sites I need something to give on this dude I have called everybody I will hurt him over my girls and I’m just letting everybody know that if somebody don’t go to him before I do


My phone is hacked

From Lea Mosley on January 14, 2021 :: 11:30 pm

I don’t know how to get these guys off of my phone or out of my life I would appreciate your help if you could give me some suggestions that would be very watch appreciated


My Phone Is Hacked I. Need Help Please its making me crazy

From Ashley Ridela on May 13, 2021 :: 10:56 am

please can someone help me I cant sleep I have a immigration process going on an all the time paranoid thinking it could be them. but also my husbands laptop has some codes that are similar to ones i found on my phone i gotten 6 devices and for a little time it works fine for a day or two but all then it starts being weird again even tho its a different device also i test my camera infrared light. And it is on most of the time even if im mot using the camera app at all.iinstalled an app to monitor and warn me of the actions or changed on setting on my phone and it show microphone was accessed couple mins it turns on the microphone i always cover the camera with tape, thank you so much please if anyone can help me i would appreciate it.  ps:  he says im crazy every time i tried to ask him about it he says im crazy or ignores me by the way i have an android phone


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