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Facebook's New 'Ask' Button Lets Friends Prompt You for Personal Info

by on May 16, 2014
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Facebook's new Ask buttonFacebook’s newest feature gives your friends a brand new way to be nosy. This week, the site has launched an Ask button, a new tool that lets you request key personal information that your friends have withheld from the social network.

When you visit a friend’s Facebook profile page, you’ll see the Ask button appear in the About section when a vital detail like relationship status or hometown is missing. Pressing the button brings up a small window where you can compose your request for information and explain why you’re being nosy. Your friend will then get your request message and a prompt to fill out the missing data.

Many of us have good reasons for withholding personal information from Facebook and the public at large. Don’t let this new feature pressure you or your family into sharing information if you’re not comfortable doing so. You can always respond to your friends' requests in private. If you do choose to share with Facebook, you still retain control over who sees the information in your profile’s About section.

Check out our comprehensive guide to Facebook privacy settings for more on managing who sees your personal data.

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Never seen this before

From Keenan Guerra on May 17, 2014 :: 8:18 pm

This is a cool feature, I actually use Facebook everyday and never knew about it. Thanks for shedding some light onto it.


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