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3 Apps That Actually Pay You Money

by on August 19, 2014
in Mobile Apps, Phones and Mobile, Android Apps, iPhone/iPad Apps, Tips & How-Tos, Shopping, Money Savers :: 9 comments

Fronto app“Earn extra money simply by doing the things you do every day!”

Let’s be honest: You have good reason to be skeptical of “free money” claims. But there really are a small handful of legitimate advertising-powered smartphone apps that offer you money in exchange for being able to advertise to you.

That's right, the following 3 apps won't save you money — they'll actually pay you money. None of them will make you a millionaire, but they could put an extra $20 or more in your pocket each and every month. And that’s not too bad just for playing around with your smartphone, right?


Would you subject yourself to extra advertising if it meant more money in your pocket? If the concept seems appealing to you, check out the Android app Fronto.

Fronto works by placing ads and curated links to content on your smartphone’s lock screen. Every time you interact with this content, you earn points. Unlock your phone while an advertisement is being shown, for example, and you might earn 20 points. Download an app that Fronto suggests for you, and you might earn 100 or more. Fronto also doles out points for referring friends.

Points do take a while to accumulate, especially if you don’t take Fronto up on any of its special offers. But that’s okay – here, it’s worth the effort. Every 25,000 points can be exchange for $10 in cold, hard cash, payable directly to your PayPal account.

You can download the free Fronto app on Google Play.


Want to take your earnings beyond the lock screen? Then check out Perk, a series of apps, browsers, search tools, and more that converts virtually everything you do on your phone into points, redeemable for cash.

There are a lot of different apps in the Perk universe: Perk Shopping, Perk Search, Perk Screen, Perk Browser, Perk TV and Perk Pop Quiz. Each offers function along with a small reward for using it. Search using Perk and you’ll get a few points. Watch an ad on Perk TV and you’ll get a few more. Buy something on 1-800-Flowers and other similar retailers via the Perk Shopping app and you’ll earn a ton.

Like with Fronto, Perk points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal. You’ll get the most bang for your points by redeeming them for gift cards instead. Minimum payouts with Perk are $5.

You can find out more about and download the Perk family of apps at


Shopkick AppWalking around your local mall may be a good way to get a little extra exercise, but it can also be a way to get a little bit of extra money, too. That’s the idea behind Shopkick, an app that rewards you simply for visiting stores.

When you open the Shopkick app at your local mall (or really, whenever), you can see a list of nearby stores that are willing to offer you “kicks” (points) just for walking through the doors. Most of the stores tempting you with points are the type you might walk into anyway, like Walmart, Macy’s, Target or Crate & Barrel. Once you’re in the store, the app might offer you a few challenges (e.g., find and scan a certain item) to earn bonus points. You can even link a credit card to the app to earn points for completing a purchase in store.

You can rack up enough points to get a reward in a single trip, given the right mall. The minimum reward with Shopkick is a $2 Target gift card, yours for redeeming just 500 points.

You can get the free Shopkick app for iOS via the Apple App Store and for Android via Google Play.

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heres one for you!!!!

From Sharon on August 19, 2014 :: 6:09 pm

Panel offers amazon or paypal have to have location services on and answer question about your daily deeds have made 5 bucks have about a 1000 more points for 5 more takes about 3-5 months to get enough points free money is free money!!!



Here's two more

From Ben on August 21, 2014 :: 1:19 pm

Lucktastic is like a Lottery scratch card game you play on your phone, but rewards you with cash when you win, not just points for in-game items. Google Opinion Rewards (as the name entails) is really more of a rewards based (unfortunately it’s (valid credit) only redeemable in the Play Store, but then again that’s probably where you were going to spend it, anyway) opinion panel, rather than an app specifically geared towards making you money.




From Sophie S on August 23, 2014 :: 10:07 pm

Swagbucks has been around for years, and I’ve racked up enough to do all my Christmas shopping on Amazon every year. The apps make earning even easier, and faster.



I'm The Queen Of These.....

From NaKiesha Moore on December 08, 2014 :: 2:58 pm

Here’s some more apps that pay you:

*Mobile Performance (sits on your phone. Points add up pretty fast and can be cashed out for Amazon or Visa gift cards.)

*Smartphonemate (sits on your phone. Pays you $3 in Amazon gift card every month.)

*Points2shop Website and app that pays you to watch videos, download games, take surveys, etc. Payment is in the form of Amazon cash and Paypal (sometimes). Referral link:

*SmartApp (sits on your phone). Pays you in gift cards or Paypal(?).



From this which is best

From Rahul Yadav on December 27, 2014 :: 11:50 pm

From this which is best app to earn money pls comments.



Nice list

From Arun Singh on December 28, 2014 :: 8:53 am

A very awesome list , i have used perk app and now i am going to try other two also thanks to share…


the app

From Ledarius Derio Jones on December 30, 2014 :: 6:07 pm

I tried to find the smartapp one its showing other apps do you have the link to the smartapp



Spark Profit

From Raja Arslan on January 06, 2015 :: 3:42 am

Thanks for this nice post. I am using an app spark profit that really pays and its related to forex. Everyone must give it a try smile



India Trends

From Indiatrends on February 20, 2015 :: 7:09 am



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