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Google Maps Now Warns You if Your Destination is Closed

by Fox Van Allen on June 16, 2015

Google Maps new closing warningGoogle Maps has just launched a cool new feature: It will now let you know if a business you’re trying to navigate to will be closed when you arrive. The feature is designed to work regardless of whether the business is open or closed when you begin your trip, Android Police is reporting.

The feature appears to be powered by the wealth of data in Google’s business listings. As such, you’ll want to take the info with a grain of salt – many businesses have seasonal hours, which Google often fails to take into account (unless someone takes the extra step to update its database). There are plenty of stores without hours of operation info, too, so naturally the feature won’t work with them. So it’s important to remember: Even if you don’t get a warning from Google Maps, the place you’re driving to may still be closed.

Closing time warnings are the latest in a long line of impressive new features for the powerful Google Maps app. It now features Lane Assist, which tells you what highway lane you need to be in to make upcoming turns, real-time crowd-sourced accident info, mass transit directions support, spoken traffic alerts and more. It’s become much more feature rich than Apple’s Maps, and I generally recommend people use the app when they need turn-by-turn directions.

The new updated version of Maps should be available in the Google Play store for Android users to download. You can expect the feature to roll out to Apple iOS users soon. (You can download Google Maps for iOS via Apple iTunes.) For more information on the GPS turn-by-turn directions app, check out this article detailing 9 tips and tricks for using Google Maps like a pro.

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Can this warning be disabled ?

From David W on August 08, 2015 :: 3:10 pm

It is fine to receive this warning once during a trip. It is amazingly annoying to receive this warning time and time again. Why might one receive it time and time again ? Imagine that you are navigating to a place 2 hours away. You start the navigation and you get the warning. Fine. During the trip, you are constantly exiting the navigation mode and moving the map or zooming the map in and out or looking at nearby favorites / places that you are driving by etc and then you return to navigation mode to continue receiving directions. Every single time you return to navigation mode, you get that warning again ! And must click that Start Navigatin button (and it may not be easy to hit that button while drive and you may hit the Cancel accidently, etc). Hence, is there a setting to turn of the warning or to only receive that warning once during a single journey to that destination ?


gps tunisie

From gps tunisie on June 06, 2016 :: 6:27 am

I am very impressed to your site because you have shared nice blog commenting site that’s very effective.



From Beyonce Hader on March 06, 2019 :: 12:03 pm

This is not a “cool new feature.”
This is just as bad as when Google maps asks if I “go here often.”  None of your fucking business!


It's neither new nor a privacy issue

From Josh Kirschner on March 06, 2019 :: 12:29 pm

First, this story is nearly four years old, so this feature has been around for quite some time. And it only appears when you’re using Google Maps to navigate and you’ve already told Google where you want to go. In other words, you’ve already purposely shared your business with Google and it’s simply letting you know that where you’re heading may be closed when you get there. It’s definitely helped me out many times and really don’t see any downside.


Option turn it off

From Bryan Ladd on November 02, 2021 :: 7:26 am

I actually find the feature very annoying I’m self-employed and have to travel to different places and I get that warning all the time there should be an option to disable it



From Nunya Bizz on May 29, 2019 :: 5:00 pm

Cool new feature? I don’t think so. It’s actually very annoying. It’s also very obnoxious when it asked me nosy questions such as whether I go somewhere often. None of your business, Google! I don’t need you spying on me all the time. There was a reason I do not have Alexa in my house. Stop being so pushy and nosy.


Do not need...

From NoNotification on November 09, 2019 :: 4:44 pm

I do not need this feature. It keeps showing up when I am fully aware of when a place I am going is open or not. For some I could see how it is a benefit but for me it is just another thing to cancel.

Do you have any idea how to cancel it? I cannot find it anywhere on Google’s site. (I could be missing where it says how to stop it)


Need way to disable this

From Mom's yer Uncle on May 21, 2022 :: 11:17 am

Imagine this: surprising your family with a side trip, while on a road trip, to an attraction that they didn’t even know existed.

You plan to stop and grab some breakfast along the way, fully aware of what time they open, and that once you have eaten, you’ll be right on schedule to make it to the attraction on time.

You put in the address to said attraction and press the ‘start’  button, only to be met with a very loud woman announcing, “TIGERS FOR TOMORROW MAY NOT BE OPEN WHEN YOU ARRIVE!!!!”

Thanks alot, lady!  Now there’s no surprise.  THAT.  That is why the feature may be annoying for some and why it would be nice to have the ability to disable this ‘feature’.


How to switch this incredibly

From Mike on November 16, 2022 :: 6:28 pm

How to switch this incredibly annoying feature off? I’ve been trying and trying and couldn’t find it out.


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