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by Elizabeth Harper on June 17, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to have tech support on call whenever you need it? That’s exactly what offers with TechSolutions, where you can contact techs on demand to troubleshoot whatever gadget is giving you problems, whether it’s a computer, smartphone, TV or just about any connected device that makes up the modern home, any time -- day or night.

Our favorite tech toys have brought a huge range of entertainment options and conveniences into our homes. We can access thousands of movies online with a voice command to our smart TV. We can check to make sure all the doors are locked with a glance at our smartphone. We can video chat with family and friends around the globe with the tap of a button. Our lives are just easier with the help of technology.

Or at least that’s the promise. The reality is that our favorite gadgets can be complicated to set up, don’t always work together and sometimes just don’t work. Chances are, you frequently find yourself troubleshooting your smart home, hunting down support contact numbers and waiting on hold to talk to technicians — and even then, things still may not work like they should. Our high-tech toys can turn into a real high-tech headache.

Losing access to the internet or not being able to connect to a video call could be a hassle most days, but in today’s coronavirus crisis, technology has become a lifeline. Over the past few months, we’ve put together home offices to work from home, set up virtual classrooms for the kids, turned family visits into Zoom calls, and exchanged trips to the movie theater with trips to the living room. What might have been a minor hassle a few months ago can be a serious disruption in our lives today. So what do you do when one of the devices that supports our always-online lives stops working?

That’s where comes in. Instead of searching the web for a solution or getting stuck in customer service phone menus, you can just reach out to the on-call techs at It doesn’t matter what you’re having trouble with or what time it is: they’ll answer the phone 24/7 and walk you through a solution. It’s like having your own personal IT department to deal with all of your tech problems for you. has been in the business of solving tech problems for over 20 years, and their experienced, U.S.-based experts know how to help you with any issue you may run into. With their TechSolutions subscription service, they can help you set up new gadgets (and make sure they’re working correctly), walk you through securing your video calls or even offer advice about your next technology purchase. It doesn’t matter what you need help with — Windows or Mac, Android or iPhone, Blu-Ray player or video game console — TechSolutions will walk you through it, any time of the day or night. offers support by phone, online chat, or via a virtual house call where a technician connects to your device to fix it for you. (Don’t worry: it’s secure. Techs need your permission before connecting and you can see everything they’re doing while they work.) And if you’re having trouble explaining your problem, you can share real-time video or photos from your mobile device so the tech understands exactly what the problem is.

And if you want to get started on troubleshooting on your own, also offers free, step-by-step guides for common issues. You can go through how to change your Fitbit’s clock face, how to set up your Sonos Player, and thousands of other guides that help you through tons of tech challenges, without even having to pick up the phone. The best part? If you get stuck, a Tech Pro can jump in to help at the exact step you left off of in the guide.

TechSolutions offers unlimited tech support service for $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year, and also offers a “one-time fix” for $79.99. You can also gift a subscription, which is great for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, recent grads, and anyone else who may need a little extra help troubleshooting their tech. And right now, is offering Techlicious readers 15% off on any home subscription plan or gift subscription plan with the code TECH15.

We think that’s a pretty low price to pay to avoid the time — and the stress — of handling your own tech problems.

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