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The Absolute Funniest Websites

by on February 27, 2012
in , Our Favorite Things, Blog, Entertainment :: 34 comments

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Awkward Family Photos

Nothing helps relieve the daily stresses in life like a good laugh. And when it comes to laughter, can you ever have too much of a good thing? I think not.

To help you get that overdose of endorphin-generating guffaws, we searched high and wide for the funniest damn websites. And a simple laugh wouldn't be enough. We picked sites that will make tears stream down your face and have you gawking at the human condition with sheer disbelief. So click and enjoy!

Did we miss some? Let us know your favorite sites in the comments below.


Damn You AutocorrectDamn You, Autocorrect!

If you have a smartphone, you've probably experienced the bizarre autocorrections it can make while typing out emails and texts. Sometimes those corrections go horribly, horribly wrong. And when they do, it can be downright hilarious. Many are distinctly NSFW, but not intentionally—which is what makes them so darn funny!


The OnionThe Onion

"America's Finest News Source" does a brilliant job creating an alternative universe, just enough off kilter to reveal the true insanity of our society. I'm particularly fond of the video section, with edgy spoofs of political news and feel-good human interest stories that are only slightly more off-the-wall than the real thing.


Literally Unbelievable

What could be funnier than the outrageous stories in The Onion? People who believe those stories are real and post their outrage on Facebook! Whether it speaks to The Onion's brilliance or the propensity for people to believe anything they read on the Internet without questioning it's accuracy, I don't know, but even Congressmen have been taken in.


People of WalmartPeople of Walmart

Millions of people a year visit the nation's 3,800 Walmart stores. And while the majority of shoppers are everyday folks, Walmart attracts a certain segment of the population that are a little behind when it comes to fashion sense, and even common sense. Check out the photos and, if you want a real treat, do a search for the word "thong"—but don't say I didn't warn you.



If you want to communicate a message in English and your knowledge of the language comes from reruns of Bay Watch, it's probably a good idea to hire a translator. Of course, hiring a professional translator costs money, so why not just give it a try on your own? How wrong could things go? Visit to find out.


Awkward Family Photos

Everyone has those family photos that are so embarrassing you hope they never see the light of day. If you grew up in the 70's and 80's, like I did, you probably have more than your fair share. But I guarantee you, none of your photos is likely as bad as these gems. What were they thinking?

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You missed one!

From Elizabeth Taras on February 27, 2012 :: 12:50 pm

Some e Cards.  Topical and just plain wrong!  But I love it!


You missed one

From Reninja on February 27, 2012 :: 2:18 pm should totally be on this list. Just go there….you’ll see what I mean! ^_^


your sense of humor?

From janford on February 27, 2012 :: 2:47 pm

I think the People of Walmart site is simply mean.  Yes, the pictures are really peculiar, but the comments are unnecessarily vicious. How is this funny?


I don't usually read the

From Josh Kirschner on February 27, 2012 :: 3:28 pm

I don’t usually read the comments on Peopleofwalmart, or even most other sites, because when granted anonymity these discussions often devolve into the lowest common denominator.

But yes, the sites do reflect my sense of humor and that of others who helped me compile the list. I understand that some may have a different perspective. So let us know what sites you find funniest on the web!



From Susan on February 27, 2012 :: 4:32 pm

I wonder about people who find amusement feeling superior to others who may not be as fortunate.
Not nice. Not funny.


Hi Susan,Are there sites you

From Josh Kirschner on February 27, 2012 :: 4:48 pm

Hi Susan,

Are there sites you find funny that you would recommend?



Thanks, Susan

From Janford on February 27, 2012 :: 9:46 pm

I was beginning to think that I was the overly critical one.  I agree totally with your response.


Fun shopping site.

From Marjorie French on February 27, 2012 :: 5:11 pm  This is the website for the Dutch department store, Hema.  This website is such fun, everything for sale on the site is animated.



From Terpsfan on March 05, 2012 :: 11:15 am

I tried to access this site yesterday and was rewarded by having malware downloaded to my laptop.  Will not try to go there again!


We've been to this site

From Josh Kirschner on March 05, 2012 :: 3:25 pm

We’ve been to this site many times and never seen an issue with malware. It also gets clean reports from Symantec and McAfee.

Can you describe what happened in more detail? Perhaps it wasn’t a malware issue or wasn’t related to the site you were visiting.



From Paul on March 13, 2012 :: 9:07 am

This site has gone through a variety of metamorphisis and currently does not get updated often but it’s been around (in one form or another) since the mid 90’s.

Check out the “Corporate Hostess Test”


Funny spoof site

From Sam on March 22, 2012 :: 7:52 am

This site is really very funny:


Hilarious Dating Story Website

From Chrissie on April 06, 2012 :: 9:14 pm

This site about a woman’s dating life is a hoot!


Top 5 |

From Peter on August 07, 2012 :: 4:01 pm

Interesting website with amazing posts and lists.

Daily fun! Daily updated!


Engrish is hysterical!

From Edan on January 10, 2013 :: 5:58 pm

I always go back to that site for a few laughs, and I’m never disappointed!

Recently I’ve been going to as well, some of their top tens are hilarious!


Another Hilarious Website!

From Tony on February 22, 2013 :: 5:35 pm should absolutely be on this list.  Hilarious!!!


nice list

From loventine on February 24, 2013 :: 8:04 am

good job. I’m a big fan of the onion!


crazy site

From Joel Stutz on February 16, 2014 :: 6:32 pm should also be on the list, people just buy virtual countries and resell them


Jester Jokes should be included

From Johnny on January 15, 2015 :: 1:06 pm

This is a good list, thanks.

However, Jester Jokes ( should be included as well. It’s new, funny and I find it classy.


very good...

From niazkav on March 12, 2015 :: 1:29 pm

very good…


It's Awesome..

From Maya Chandran on June 08, 2015 :: 6:26 am

This site will surely make you laugh…
I guarantee you that you couldn’t stop laughing


Viral Piggy has some great content.

From Peter on September 07, 2015 :: 8:14 am has some great content, good for some laughs and i highly recommend it.


Humorous poems

From Don Read on September 29, 2015 :: 11:23 am

I write humorous poems I have 52. Can’t send all of them but visit my website and check POEMS


Stinky Ninja - funny animations

From Stinky Ninja on May 06, 2016 :: 9:16 am

You will laught at


Funny facts

From Jon Mi on May 20, 2016 :: 9:13 pm

I found an amazing website - “Funny Facts”



From Chris Thornton on July 07, 2016 :: 3:38 pm

I found quite a funny website, , it’s kinda small at the moment but it has great content. it also has a cool point system


Share Its Funny Is A Great Pictures Site

From Adrian on August 31, 2016 :: 5:57 pm has some hilarious pictures on it. I visit several times a week when I am feeling down. I always see something that makes me smile or laugh.


great list!

From vishal on August 04, 2017 :: 2:14 pm

Nice list but you missed plenty others, is one of them.


Add this website please

From Michael Janik on August 05, 2018 :: 2:02 am

Please add this funny web site:

Thank you! grin


Another funny one

From Bradley Simmonds on July 04, 2019 :: 6:28 pm

A website I often go to for a laugh is it has a lot of funny jokes that crack me up lol



From Farris F Al Harbi on October 05, 2019 :: 12:12 pm

You should add PicturePunches to the list. It’s a great website with a lot of original content.


Daily Soak, Squirrel Lips and Babylon Bee

From David on January 14, 2020 :: 10:26 pm

Thanks for the article. I know this post is a little outdated, but some excellent modern sites are and and babylonbee. Thanks.


A site that should DEFINITELY be on this list!

From Chris Kirksey on August 15, 2020 :: 10:41 am

Check out - I’m sure you’ll find it funnier than some of these other sites smile


Update to this cool list ;)

From Nikoleta987 on September 12, 2020 :: 3:59 pm


I can see some active readers here, just like me smile

If I can also add stgh to this funny list, I would like to share this joke website with you!

Hope you enjoy!

And guys, do not forget to cheer up in these crazy days!


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