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Find Out What Your Facebook Likes Say About You

by on January 13, 2015
in Facebook, News, Phones and Mobile, Blog, Privacy, Social Networking :: 18 comments

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Keyboard with Facebook Like buttonsHave you ever wondered what your Facebook Likes say about you? As it turns out, a lot: Researchers at Cambridge and Stanford have created a computer program capable of predicting your sexual preference, personality, education level and more, simply based on the pages, celebrities, shows and brands you’ve chosen to Like no the social network. Now, for the first time, you can have that same program analyze your own Facebook Likes to see what they say about you.

The predictive program is named, curiously enough, “Apply Magic Sauce.” Researchers developed the program by comparing the Likes of over 85,000 Facebook users against a baseline personality survey and basic demographic information (i.e., age, gender).

A number of interesting trends were quick to appear. According to researchers, liking Thunderstorms, The Colbert Report and Curly Fries are all good indicators of high intelligence. If you like Jennifer Lopez, the study suggests you’re likely to have a lot of Facebook friends; those who like the In-N-Out Burger chain, meanwhile, are more likely to have fewer friends than average. The University of Cambridge computer program can even predict whether or not you’re likely to be a smoker based in part on your preference for Under Armour sports apparel (smoker) and the Sylvester Stallone movie Rocky (non-smoker).

Of course, you can’t read too much into only one or two Facebook “Likes.” The predictive computer program requires a sufficient number of Likes to predict with any level of accuracy. With 70 Likes, the program is better able to judge you than a friend or roommate; with 150 Likes, the program is better able to judge than a parent. And with the study average of 227 Likes, Apply Magic Sauce promises to know you better than anyone else save for your spouse.

Want to see what big data can predict about you? Good news – if you agree to give the University of Cambridge’s Apply Magic Sauce Prediction API access to your Likes, it’ll print out your own personalized prediction set and tell you a little bit about yourself. To get started, visit

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Discussion loading

I tried but couldn't get

From Buster Chappell on January 14, 2015 :: 1:04 pm

I tried but couldn’t get past the Start button. Must be some technical glitch on their site!



From Teawench on January 14, 2015 :: 4:08 pm

I couldn’t get past the start button, either. Too many people trying to use?


Worked fine for me...

From Lesley O'Neil on January 14, 2015 :: 2:04 pm

Very interesting results, which I will have to ponder for a while. It predicted my online-perceived age as 26; I am in fact 72, but have had another test give me a mental age of 32.

The one that puzzles me is intelligence. Perhaps because I am somewhat of an introvert? It predicted 52% (presumably where I sit in the general population) but my IQ is over 130. Hmmm.

Otherwise, pretty much spot on, and I’m actually much of a Facebook user—just like to follow friends, mostly!



From Lesley O'Neil on January 14, 2015 :: 2:07 pm

Couldn’t edit, so put a mental “not” before “much” in that last line! Sorry…


Ha! It missed my

From Debra Coker on January 14, 2015 :: 2:43 pm

Ha!  It missed my age by 36 years!  Should I take that as a compliment?

It was totally off on a lot of other stuff too.  Just about the only things it got right were my political and religious preferences.

I sure wouldn’t count on the accuracy of this one.


Young mind...

From Lesley O'Neil on January 14, 2015 :: 3:12 pm always a good thing, Debra!


It was way off when

From Beth on January 14, 2015 :: 5:54 pm

It was way off when I took it


Don't Bother.

From Ken Haggerty on January 14, 2015 :: 7:16 pm

The only things it got right were sexual orientation (straight or gay), and religious preference. All others were wrong. Most were WAY off.


LOL, didn't work for me.

From Bleuberrie on January 15, 2015 :: 8:19 pm

LOL, didn’t work for me. Received the following response.

Sorry, it looks like you don’t have a sufficient number of Facebook Likes for us to generate an accurate enough prediction! If you would like to learn about your personality, please try out the My Personality test to receive scientifically valid feedback on your answers. We don’t believe in guesswork.

Exactly how many likes do you need. Reduced the number of likes from over 2,000 to under 1,000. Oh well, so much for technology



From Lesley O'Neil on January 15, 2015 :: 9:24 pm

It says at the intro to the study that the average is 227.


It said I didn't have

From Sarah L on January 16, 2015 :: 2:10 am

It said I didn’t have enough likes. Perhaps I have too many: 4,213?



From Lesley O'Neil on January 16, 2015 :: 2:58 am

...and in fact, they don’t tell us whether they mean ‘being’ liked, or our ‘liking’ other things. But it seems to me that in order to do any kind of psychological survey, it would have to be the latter. Perhaps that’s the key.


Way off.

From Teresa on January 26, 2015 :: 1:27 pm

The only thing it got right was my gender and my sexual orientation.  I think partially because I am super cautious about what I put on my wall and what I like but I didn’t know I was being so stupid.



From thomas mutuku on January 29, 2015 :: 4:33 pm



enable js

From thomas mutuku on January 29, 2015 :: 4:35 pm

let me view all


delate errors

From thomas mutuku on January 29, 2015 :: 4:38 pm

enable mobile


Wonderful system of human like

From jenufa on June 16, 2015 :: 2:49 am

At first i congratuleted the scientist of cambrige and stanford universitys.This app is very useful for human.Because it is sexual preference, personality, education level and more matter publist of anybody.Nobody cannot think any wrong side.So everybody all time think possitive matter and try their best for devlop their life.


The only thing it got

From zamil on June 16, 2015 :: 5:07 am

The only thing it got right was my gender and my sexual orientation.  I think partially because I am super cautious about what I put on my wall and what I like but I didn’t know I was being so stupid.


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