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6 Ways to Light up Your Nighttime Run/Walk

posted by Fox Van Allen on May 27, 2016

6 Ways to Light Up Your Nighttime Run

Summer is just around the corner. For a fitness fanatic like myself, that means it's time to stop running on the treadmill at the gym and time start running outside to enjoy the great weather. Personally, I prefer running at night after work when it starts cooling down a bit, but doing so can be dangerous without proper lighting.

If you live in an area with a lot of traffic, but not so many street lights, you’ll want to bring your own illumination with you. That’s why we put together this collection of 6 products for lighting up your runs. Whether you want to light up the path ahead of you or simply make it so drivers can see you running on dimly lit streets, you’re sure to find something below that’s perfect for you. Take a look!

Nathan Sports LightSpurNathan Sports LightSpur

Light-up shoes aren’t just for kids. The Nathan Sports LightSpur is a lightweight LED clip that securely attaches to your favorite running shoes. You can choose between steady light and an eye-catching strobe effect. LightSpur lasts for about 40 hours using a single, replaceable watch battery.

Nathan Sports LightSpurs are available in both black (with green light) and red (with red light). You can find yours on starting at $17.93 each.

Panther Vision PowerCapPanther Vision PowerCap

I typically wear a baseball cap while running, but most do little to improve my visibility and safety. Not so with the Panther Vision LED PowerCap—it’s a simple adjustable hat with 4 LEDs (48 lumens) built right into the visor. Two of the lights are pointed down at a 55-degree angle; the other two are pointed ahead so you can see where you’re going (up to 42 feet). According to the folks at Panther Vision, four watch batteries deliver about 68 hours of light.


Panther Vision’s PowerCaps are available in a wide range of colors and materials, including gray, pink, blue, orange and camo print. Different color LEDs are available as well. You can browse the full selection on; prices start around $14.

Knuckle LightsKnuckle Lights

If you like running outside with your dog, check out Knuckle Lights. Like the name suggests, Knuckle Lights comfortably fits over your knuckles via an adjustable strap, so you can use them with or without gloves. Each delivers 45 lumens worth of light on the highest setting while keeping your hands free for holding a leash. And because the lights are on your hands, it’s easy to direct light exactly where you want and need it, about 10 feet ahead of where you are. You get 20+ hours of light out of 4 AAA batteries (two per Knuckle Light).

Knuckle Lights are available in blue, black and silver colors. A set of two is available on for $39.99.

Trainer by Gibson Bluetooth headphonesTrainer by Gibson headphones

Whenever I’m running, I always bring a pair of headphones with me to help pump out the tunes. That’s why I like the light-up Trainer headphones from famed guitar-maker Gibson. They feature a blinking light on the back of the headband, plus a secondary reflective strip for increased visibility. Plus there's a SafeSound mode that adjusts the sound, so you can better hear traffic and other potential hazards. You can control playback via buttons on the headphones themselves and, with Bluetooth built-in, there are no wires to get in the way of your swinging arms.

Trainer by Gibson is available in both white and black colors and is available on Amazon for $249.99.

GoMotion LiteBelt 100GoMotion LiteBelt 100

Headlamps aren’t for everyone—after all, they can be uncomfortable to wear and difficult to focus. That's no a problem with the GoMotion LiteBelt 100—its LEDs cast a 100-lumen beam that you can focus where you want it on the road or trail ahead; two flashing rear LED lights make it easy for others to see you. The adjustable belt is made of bright orange mesh for increased visibility and features zippered pockets for holding your keys or smartphone. There’s even a pass through for your headphone cable—very smart.

The GoMotion LiteBelt 100 is available on for $45.43. Three AA Energizer batteries are included.

Athlights held by woman in handAthlights

Making yourself visible to drivers on the road is no problem with Athlights. They’re tiny, super lightweight LEDs that clip anywhere on your clothing via powerful magnets. Put them on your shorts, on your shirt, on your socks, in the front or in the back—they go anywhere there’s a square inch of fabric. The strobing LEDs can be seen from as far as 600 feet away, giving drivers plenty of time to see you and move out your way as they approach. Expect about 40 hours of battery life out of two CR927 watch batteries (included).

Athlights are sold in pairs of two and flash in red and white. You can find yours on for just $9.99; for maximum visibility you may want to combine multiple sets.

Image credits: Woman running at sunset via Shutterstock, Nathan Sports, Panther Vision, Knuckle Lights, Gibson, GoMotion, Athlights

Updated on 5/27/2016.


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From cat on May 27, 2015 :: 12:24 pm

you can also buy a reflective vest like the ones the highway workers use. $10, light, fit over everything



From Mitch Thrower on May 27, 2016 :: 3:40 pm

Also, Serfas has super bright lights to use at night but also during the day. Your Peripheral vision can pick up blinking lights during the day (so somoene looking down at their cell phone is more likely to notice you during the day with a bright blinking light) - make sure to get 100 lum + for rear. The products I like, to use at night and during the day are here:



Safe biking!



From DJ on June 14, 2016 :: 2:04 am

This is a great article and awesome products for runners/bikers. Some of these I didn’t even know about.  Very cool.  Thank you!

Where are the lights located on the headphones?  On the second curved bar?



From Sonia A on January 05, 2017 :: 8:35 am

I created a belt with an 18-LED lamp (LIGHTWALKER) to walk at night with my dogs, then runners started ordering it too.  I also have a new product called LIGHTWALKER Pro, which caters to runners.  Do you want to review it?


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