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4 Best Online Invitation Sites

by on November 02, 2015
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The party season is in full swing, and guest lists aren't filling themselves. An online invitation site can be a brilliant way to send memorable invitations as well as manage the finer details of the party itself.

An online invitation site offers a plethora of invitation designs covering events as different as a simple child's birthday sleepover to a New Year's Eve party. Many sites also offer printed invitations based on your chosen digital design, useful for landmark occasions like weddings or for that portion of your guest list that's less conversant with this internet malarkey.

If your party budget is a concern, fear not: Plenty of great-looking e-invitations are available free, with printed counterparts going for less than a couple of bucks each. And an online invitation site can help you keep track of party details as well as invite the guests by tracking RSVPs and sending updates to guests if anything changes.

Below are our favorite online invitation sites, with a summary of their best features. Let us know what you think in the comments — and tell us if we've missed your favorite.


Best Designs: Paperless Post

Paperless Post

Paperless Post offers tons of contemporary, elegant designs for online and print invitations in a minimalist, intuitive interface. Browse dozens of invitations based on occasion, or filter for color, shape, price and designers (including Vera Wang, Kate Spade and Oscar de la Renta as well as The New Yorker and Crate and Barrel).

With most invitations, once you choose a base design, you can customize any text on the card and change the font, color, size and justification. For example, if you dig a particular cocktail party invitation that happens to say “Eat, drink and be merry,” you can keep the design but edit the text to say something more personal. You can also customize the backdrop of the design and the color of its digital envelope and its liner, though these options cost a little extra. 

Digital invitations are sent embedded in emails with a link that lets guests view an animation of the addressed envelope opening and the invitations sliding out. They can RSVP from the invitation or directly from email if you forego the digital envelope, as well as add the event to their calendars, and message the other guests..

For the less tech-savvy guests on your guest list — or if you simply want real-life invitations for extra-special occasions — your selected design can be printed and ordered with envelopes, RSVP cards and self-addressed return envelopes.

Out of 4,000 invitation designs, 1,000 are free, and they are no less well designed than their for-sale counterparts. Online invitations and customization options are charged in ”coin,” the site's currency that can be bought in packages starting from 20 coins for $6. Rates range anywhere from 1 to 8 coins per invitation, depending on the design and customization. Paper invitations must be paid for in dollars and cost about $1 to $2 per print, depending on quantity.

Free online invitations: Yes; customizing features such as digital envelopes and backdrops costs extra.

Paper option: Yes, with envelopes and optional RSVP cards and return envelopes.

Import email addresses: Yes, from Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail.

Ability to track RSVPs: Yes, through browser or iPad/iPhone app.

Smartphone app: iOS only.

Send updates to guests: Yes.


For Frequent Event Hosts: Pingg


Pingg allows you to send invitations to personal events as well as ticketed events. After picking a design, choose whether or not to request an RSVP, or set up an event page to sell tickets.

As the only e-invitation site with designs from a large community of independent designers, Pingg offers a vast range of invitation styles. You can select designs based on specific events including bridal showers, dinner parties, Christmas shindigs or even save-the-date requests. Then browse design collections by color and style (such as whimsical, retro or modern) as well as options for free or paid templates.

Pingg also offers each event its own webpage, with free options to add photos, videos or links plus a “potluck” list where guests can sign up to bring things to the party. You can add registry links to sites including Bed Bath and Beyond, and there’s a PayPal event fund page so that guests can contribute toward expenses or a group gift. All this is easily navigated in Pingg's minimalist, stylish interface.

Large guest lists are easily managed on Pingg, because email addresses can be imported from several webmail services as well Outlook and Mac address books. You can also set reminders to guests, as well as automatically send a thank-you note. Previous guest lists can be added to new events, which is useful for corporate event planners.

Some cards only allow editing of the words pertaining to the details of the event, which can be a deal-breaker if you like a design but find its preset text (such as “Please Join Us for a Holiday Party”) trite or unnatural.

There are hundreds of free designs to choose from, but the caveat is that ads are displayed on the invitations and event page, and you can only invite up to 75 people. Purchase a single-use, $10 premium design package that lets you pick from an extended collection of designs created by an “independent designer community” (bios about the designers appear on the site), invite up to 2,500 people and includes an event page with no ads and a custom URL, or sign up for a membership to get unlimited event invitations using premium designs, no ads and 10 percent off paper invitations. Memberships cost $30 a year for up to 250 guests each event, or $70 a year for a pro plan that allows up to 2,500 guests and 20% off paper invites.

Paper invitation versions can be created from all online invitations. These are printed with a URL and unique RSVP code so guests can respond online. Paper cards cost an additional $2.50 per card plus postage and are sent directly from Pingg.

Free online invitations: Yes, for up to 75 guests, but event invitations show ads and digital envelopes aren't permitted. 

Paper option: Yes, with stamped and addressed envelopes, plus a URL to RSVP online.

Import email addresses: Yes, from, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail, as well Excel spreadsheets and Mac address books.

Ability to track RSVPs: Yes, through the browser.

Smartphone app? No.

Send updates to guests: Yes.


Great for Party Planning: Punchbowl


Punchbowl can handle many features specific to larger events, such as gift registries, funds for shared expenses and potluck checklists. It also offers extra ways to manage your guest list, including tracking the number of adults, kids and infants, fine-tuning how the guest list is displayed (for example, yesses only or not at all) and allowing guests to forward the invitation.

Browse invitations from a long list of rather specific events, from a “Baby Gender Reveal” to classic events like anniversaries, graduations or Christmas parties. Then bolt on extras through a simple tabbed interface divided into basic, advanced and members-only features. 

The text on the invitations is fully customizable, as are details such as the liner of the digital envelope and the design of its (virtual) stamp. For example, if you were organizing a baby shower, you could customize the invitation from a drop-down menu of “Baby & Kid”-themed options. (There are also plenty of famous kid-friendly characters to feature including Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Hello Kitty, and more.)

Invitations are embedded in emails with only the envelope showing. Guests must click through to see the details and to RSVP. The interface is plain but serviceable, and what it lacks in style, it makes up for in functionality, with the ability for guests to add names of their plus-ones and post comments on a group message board.

As the host, you can manage RSVPs from a similarly straightforward interface, with options to invite more guests, share the event on Facebook and email all guests at once.

A decent range of designs and features are available for free, with three membership tiers from $1.99/month to $6.99/month, offering features including additional designs, ad-free invitations, and options to add co-hosts, guest polls or a recurring event. Like a free account, the first two tiers allow up to 100 guests; the top, 500; while pro organizers may want to check out the business membership from $29.99/month, allowing up to 5000 guests.

Free online invitations: Yes, up to 75 guests online; ads show on invites.

Paper option: No.

Import email addresses: Yes, from Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail and, plus Evite address books.

Ability to track RSVPs: Yes.

Smartphone app: Yes, iOS

Send updates to guests: Yes.


Best As an Event Hub: Yapp


If even digital invitations feel so last decade to most of your guests, check out Yapp, a simple, feature-packed app builder that turns your invitation into a bona fide Android or iOS app. Its intuitive browser interface lets you create an app with five pages: a cover where you can add an image and event title, an invitation page for all the details and others such as a schedule of events, a news feed where guests can post, and a gallery of pictures from yourself as well as your guests. 

Other page types include a Twitter feed of selected users, a page where guests can upload their event photos, a poll page, a videos page, a page for bios of guests and a ticket page if you're selling tickets.

Once an invitation-app is created, you email its URL to your guests, who then visit the link via their mobile browser in order to download the app. (Visiting the link on a computer browser lets guests preview the app but not post on it.) 

One drawback of Yapp: There's no official RSVP button, although guests could post their responses on the newsfeed page. From your Yapp dashboard, you can see who has installed the app and viewed your invitation.

These free features are sufficient for most events, but if you're organizing a work do or professional event, you may want to shell out for Yapp Plus. For $499 a year, Yapp Plus offers additional management features including a Twitter page showing the feed from a particular hashtag, the ability to see who's attending particular events on the schedule, and a documents page for sharing files. Yapp Plus events also get custom URLs.

Free online invitations: Yes, unlimited guest lists.

Paper option: No.

Import email addresses: No; an app URL is created that you manually email to your address book contacts.

Ability to track RSVPs: No, but you can see how many people have installed your app.

Smartphone app: Android and iOS.

Send updates to guests: Yes.

Updated on 11/2/2015 with new service and pricing information

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Discussion loading

I like this one

From Lisa Noel on April 05, 2015 :: 8:30 am

I like this one, it’s for mobile phones but it’s not an app so the invites do not need to download any thing just open the link. it’s a mobile site invitation sent as a link really light ,fast to create & it free



for longer texts

From W Smith on December 25, 2015 :: 7:08 pm

For longer text I am also using to find inspiration. The text quality is very good and it is free on-line content related to party’s invitations.



One more option for invitation web-site

From John on April 23, 2015 :: 7:17 pm

I would like to share one more online invitations web-site with RSVP and simple gift registry features:

The service is simple and works well on desktops and mobiles. Although it has not many features but does its job quite well, and most important - it does not require registration.



phildora's pvite

From Natasha on July 05, 2015 :: 11:42 pm

I found this mobile party invitation callled
Phildora, which is pretty cool.
I used it to host a part at my place and it was pretty easy esp that it is all mobile and I can send invitations directly to my phone contacts.
and theyccall these invites as pvites.. haha.

try it fellas.



I want to send one

From Karen on October 21, 2015 :: 7:19 pm

I want to send one invitation to a large list of people offering them the option to attend on of two gatherings.  I’d like there to be an option: click this to accept option A and click this to accept option B.  Then I’d like rsvps to be tracked by option accepted.  Do you know of a site offering this functionality?



Did you ever find a

From Lisa on February 03, 2016 :: 4:53 pm

Did you ever find a program/website that would be able to do this?  It’s exactly what I’m looking for as well!




From Joel on July 04, 2017 :: 4:46 pm

Looking for multiple RSVP options



Birthday invitation cards

From Carda Web on October 28, 2015 :: 5:15 am is online invitation cards proider

Here is the website link:



Just printed cards?

From Cheryl on November 23, 2015 :: 1:07 pm

Does have ecards as well as printed ones?


Another option

From Katie Motz on November 26, 2015 :: 1:28 am

This list is pretty good - I’ve used Paperless Post in the past.

As another suggestion: I recently stumbled across RSVPify ( ) for planning some of the own parties/meetings.

The one complaint I have is that they only offer 100 free RSVPs… but the plans are relatively cheap, so I ended up picking up a subscription. I’d say they’re worth a look.



RSVP online

From Theo on December 04, 2015 :: 3:17 pm

Surprised this didn’t make the list, totally free and you can share photos online. Reminds me of a Instagram meets RSVP tracker. Check it out



This list is very useful.

From Yamuna on December 08, 2015 :: 9:13 am

This list is very useful. Thanks for sharing! I would like to introduce a new tool Inviter( - it is a video invitation & video greetings tool. You can create & send video invitations easily & track your guests RSVP’s also.



web app for weekend of events

From Bob on January 11, 2016 :: 1:23 am

I am looking to send e-invitations for a birthday weekend.  Lots of family will come into town, so there will be multiple events through the weekend.  Any ideas on best web invitation/tracker?



Try platform

From Yamuna on January 25, 2016 :: 5:51 am

You can easily track your guests RSVP details with video invitation & you can also send reminders to them.If you want more details please ping a message to me.



I just want to say

From Nirbhay Shukla on January 15, 2016 :: 6:20 am

I just want to say that I like your posting. In fact I am using your site regularly. Your articles are very effective and i am very thankful to you for sharing this site with knowledgeable content .


Another one

From Justin Soong on February 05, 2016 :: 4:36 pm




need help

From angelle sanogo on April 07, 2016 :: 5:48 am

Can some one help me with any email initaion site, like toluna email invitaion?




From angelle sanogo on April 07, 2016 :: 5:50 am



Eventnode - Manage & share your events as they happen!

From Chandra Kilaru on April 27, 2016 :: 8:58 pm

You guys should check out Eventnode ( It has both iOS and Web apps.

You can send email invites or invite an entire group with a single link. You can also share Photos, Videos and notes with the group and chat with them in real-time.

Disclaimer: I am the founder of Eventnode and we just launched it. So very excited about it. We have huge plans going forward!

Have any questions? Email me personally at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).




Easy Entertainment

From Annie Frances on May 25, 2016 :: 6:22 pm

It seems that everyone is doing things online lately.  The clients at my job give us certain benefits by giving us tickets to different entertainment events like basketball games.  They’ve started using an app to invite everyone and share information easily.  Good post, thanks.



Website for affordable invites

From Bonnie on July 01, 2016 :: 3:18 pm



Best Guest List site

From Tom Psillas on July 10, 2016 :: 4:51 pm is releasing a killer app for guest list and invites, along with a super guest registry.
I previewed it in beta and it is cool. I think it opens to the public in mid August 2016.
These guys are a hub for all services, including wedding DJs, photographers. My daughter found her babysitter there.



Thank you!

From kent on October 09, 2016 :: 7:46 pm

Thank you, this post was very helpful and introduced me to several new sites I didn’t know about.



Please give me links to FREE evites for holidays with a food check list of what they are bringing th

From GG on November 03, 2016 :: 4:20 pm

We are looking for a list keeper of something that is being planned by one set of grandkids for Christmas to invite 40 people and have them bring specific needed items from 2 lists (say list a and list b).  This way individuals can be instructed to choose any one item, and families can be instructed to bring an item from each column.  Young grandkids are putting this together so they don’t have a readily available budget.  Adult supervision will be given.  Do you have some easy free sites you can suggest?


This is very neat, I create invites and other items

From Elaine Johnston on November 06, 2016 :: 7:29 pm

I love creating printable items for all occasions. Fall and Christmas are topping my list of items right now with it being November. I do charge for my items, they are all custom high quality digital files that can be printed, e-mailed or used on social media. Printables from invites, announcments, photo cards, picture collages, banners, any size or styles, from small to very large. For personal or business items, I create everything. Invites and Delites is the name of my shop and can be found at . Turn around time is quite quick for custom work.



Open Invitations

From Bhavin on November 23, 2016 :: 12:39 pm is another great option. Compared to evite (which is what I have used mostly in the past) - it gives you a single link shareable anywhere as an invitation and has single click sharing integration with WhatsApp, SMS and Email (no need to import contacts). I personally like sharing over WhatsApp or SMS since the response rates are faster / higher.

Creating an invite is also fairly quick - takes me less than a minute since it’s one form with 4 or 5 fields.



RSVP Specific

From Ridd on December 07, 2016 :: 5:04 pm

Does anyone know of a good site to use to send invitations when you want to personalize how many people you want to invite per email address? For instance, I want to invite 4 people in one family and only 2 people in another family. Is there any sites that allow for this customization?

I don’t have email addresses for every member of each family so I can’t send them individually.



Another good online invitation option

From Jennifer on December 13, 2016 :: 11:41 pm

Another good online invite option is Sendomatic Good for personal or business events - they have a free option and invites can also be sent by text message.



I really liked Twingle App

From Carol Hilton on January 16, 2017 :: 11:56 pm

For a recent potluck event I hosted, a friend suggested using an app called Twingle.  The app was great to send invitations and track RSVPs,  but what worked out really great for my event was the potluck feature.  It was easy to setup and I was able to track who’s bringing what.  Really useful app for potlucks.  You have to download the app to view the potluck lists, the app is available on IOS or Android.  You can also download from the app from their website



Another Site

From Andrew on January 18, 2017 :: 1:00 am

You can also try It’s quick to set up, and lets you limit +1s that will be attending with the invited guest.


me too!

From Theresa McDermott on January 29, 2017 :: 1:57 pm

I need this too!!


Where is the tracking on multiple events?

From Theresa McDermott on January 29, 2017 :: 2:00 pm

Anyone find a service that allows people to accept/decline certain parts of the invite?  Yes I will go to the park but no I won’t go to the dance party…something like that?



I have same question

From Joel on July 04, 2017 :: 4:48 pm

Multiple RSVP’s for related functions



I'm also looking

From Joel on July 04, 2017 :: 4:50 pm

for multiple event rsvp options



No E-Mail list to use. Just want a Count

From Ron Christensen on March 06, 2017 :: 6:56 pm

We are helping to put on a Celebration Of Life Service for a very popular Lawyer in our town. We do not have E-Mail addresses to send the invitation to. In fact, we really don’t want to send an invitation. Is there a website that does not require the RSVPer to download an App? We would include the URL on all our correspondence and hope that people would sign in and let us know they are coming. The idea is to get some kind of count of how many people are planning on attending.



Wedding Invitations

From Township Printers on August 04, 2017 :: 10:23 am

we have best wedding invitations




From Sani on August 04, 2017 :: 3:39 pm

there is an app called phildora. It has such cool gif based invitation templates and amazing features.

Your guests need not download the app to rsvp. They receive an SMS with the invitation link.


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