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How to Cancel Amazon Subscribe & Save

by on June 29, 2022
in Tips & How-Tos, Tech 101 :: 8 comments

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Over the years, I’ve used Amazon’s Subscribe & Save to make sure we’re always stocked with toothpaste, granola bars, and assorted other items. The automatic deliveries and 5-15 percent savings (depends on how many items are in your auto-delivery) are great until you’ve had enough of one product. For some goods, it's difficult to judge how often you need a refill, and you can easily end up dealing with a stockpile or scrambling to cover the gaps. That's when it's time to cancel Subscribe & Save for the product or just cancel the next shipment.

Canceling Subscribe & Save is not intuitive, but it is easy if you know how. Here are the steps for canceling Amazon Subscribe & Save.

How to cancel all future shipments of Subscribe & Save

1. Go to the Amazon Subscribe & Save page.

2. In the "Deliveries" tab, click on the image of the product you want to cancel.

Amazon site screenshot showing subscription management page with subscriptions tab pointed out and a coffee pods subscription with the photo pointed out. Below are the next delivery date and the delivery frequecy.

3. Select “Cancel subscription.”

Amazon Subscribe and Save product pop up showing the product, delivery and delivery date on the left and the options to change your delivery schedule, change product options, don't need this item anymore or cancel your subscription.

4. Select your reason for canceling from the pulldown menu (yes, you have to choose a reason) and click the “Cancel my subscription” button.

Pop up window on product page showing the cancelations options: stop my next delivery, select reason for cancellation, and cancel my subscription.

How to cancel the next shipment of Subscribe & Save

1. Go to the Amazon Subscribe & Save page.

2. In the "Deliveries" tab, Click the "Skip" button

3. Click on "Yes, skip this item."

Pop up window on product page showing the button Yes, skip this item.

Updated screenshots and instructions on 6/29/2022

[Image credit: Screenshots via Techlicious, SmartMockups]

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I cannot find a way

From Lou on June 04, 2022 :: 6:52 pm

I cannot find a way to cancel subscribe and save…I want to cancel them all.


amazon shill

From Mike Hansen on June 25, 2022 :: 4:58 pm

looks like she is just another amazon shill that purports solutions that don’t exist.  There is no cancel button!


Did you click on the

From Suzanne Kantra on June 29, 2022 :: 12:41 pm

Did you click on the image of the product on your Subscribe and Save page? If you click on the text link, you won’t see the cancel option. I’ve updated the screenshots to clarify.


how to cancel amazon subscribe & save

From bert on July 04, 2022 :: 4:10 pm

we need to know how to cancel the subscribe and save
feature,  Not individual items, not all items.


You want to stop the option from appearing?

From Josh Kirschner on July 05, 2022 :: 5:49 pm

Are you asking to stop Subscribe & Save from appearing as an option for ordering? You can’t turn off that feature of the Amazon site, it’s just part of how the site works.

"ow to cancel the subscribe and save feature"

From Joe on September 23, 2022 :: 10:56 am

To cancel a feature on the Amazon site one would need to convince Amazon to remove the feature from their site.

Maybe become a majority shareholder or get enough shareholders together to form a collective majority then use that position to demand the feature be canceled.

Sounds silly right? Because it is. It’s a feature on their site. If you don’t like it don’t use it (the site or the feature.) Vote with your dollars.

Maybe they’ll cancel it and you can go back to Amazon or maybe you’ll just be happier shopping somewhere else that doesn’t have that feature.

I tried that

From Joan Sutton on October 27, 2022 :: 11:15 pm

And it didn’t work.  When I clicked on the image nothing happened.  When I looked at the Subscriptions menu, there is no cancel option.  I think this is wrong of Amazon to make it so difficult.  I’ll be calling them tomorrow.


Nope it doesn't work

From Joan Sutton on October 27, 2022 :: 11:13 pm

Obviously the good people at Amazon do not want us to cancel our subscribe and save subscriptions, as there is no cancel button anywhere.  Instead I had to just change it to deliver every 6 months, but I really wanted to cancel the subscription. I cannot find a way to do that, though I followed all the instructions given.


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