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How to Delete an Old Facebook Account When You Can't Log In

by on July 17, 2018
in Tips & How-Tos, Facebook, Privacy :: 435 comments

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Do you have an old Facebook account that you’re no longer using with posts or pictures from your younger days that you don’t want people to see? It’s easy to delete your account if you still have access to it. But what if you can’t remember the login information?

Here are the two steps you can take to try and recover account access so you can delete your account – and the associated unwanted former memories – permanently.

1. Try to recover your Facebook password

Go to to search for your account. You can search by the email or phone number you used to set up the account, or just by name (the search screen doesn’t mention that option but it works, too).

If you go the name route, your account may or may not show up, depending on your privacy settings. If you don’t see it, click “I’m not on this list” and you’ll be prompted to enter the name of a friend and search again.

Once you find your old account, you’ll be able to send a reset code to any of the email addresses or phone numbers you associated with your account. If you’re not sure which email address you used, Facebook will show you a redacted version (e.g., j******* that should spark your memory in case it’s an old email that you don’t log into anymore.

If you don’t have access to that email address or phone number anymore, try hard to regain access to that old email account. Because it gets far bleaker from here…

2. Use Facebook’s Trusted Friends feature

If you can’t access the email address or phone number on your account, your only other hope is Facebook’s Trusted Friends feature. Launched in 2013, Trusted Friends lets you regain access to your account in case of forgotten credentials by asking three “trusted friends” to supply a reset code. The big problem with Trusted Friends is that you had to have set it up in advance for your account, which very few people have done, according to a quick check I did of my friends and other random accounts.

(To set it up for an account you still have access to: 1. Go to Settings (down arrow). 2. Go to your Security and Login Settings. 3. Scroll down to Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out and click Edit. 43. Click Choose friends and follow the on-screen instructions.)

Facebook lockout contacts

If you fall into the category of one of the lucky few who set this up, when you tell Facebook that you “No longer have access to these?” on the email and phone recovery page you’ll be provided with an option to enter a new email or phone number and continue with the process.

Click “Reveal My Trusted Contacts” and type the full name of one of your trusted contacts. Facebook will then give you a special URL that each of your three friends need to access. The URL contains a recovery code to reset your account, which your friends need to provide back to you. You will need to contact your friends and provide them the URL – Facebook will not do this for you. If you can’t contact one of your trusted friends for whatever reason, you’re out of luck.

As I mentioned above, if you didn’t already set up Trusted Contacts, it’s too late now. When you tell Facebook you can’t access the email account, you won’t have the option to provide a new email address or phone number, you’ll just be told to try logging in again (in other words, you’re outta luck).

3. Report your old account as fake

While Facebook makes deleting an old account difficult, thanks to the proliferation of Facebook account spoofing, deleting a fake account is far easier. So one of our clever readers told us in the comments he reported his old account as fake and it was quickly deleted. Another reader also had success going this route.

To report your old account as fake:

  1. Go to the profile of your old account
  2. Click the three little dots on the bottom right of the cover photo and select "Give feedback or report this profile"
  3. Click on "Pretending to Be Someone" and then click "Me"

Let us know in the comments if this method works for you, too.

4. There is no option four (at least no easy one)

I reached out to Facebook and they have confirmed that, for security reasons, they will only allow you to delete your account if you can access it through one of the two official methods above (or our "unofficial" workaround). Those photos of your ex-relationships, nights of drunken bacchanalia and really, really bad choices of hairstyle are going to live on forever in the Facebook universe.

However, you may be able to pursue avenues outside Facebook’s standard deletion policies. For example, if you reside in the EU, the GDPR provides the right for consumers to demand companies delete their personal information on request. And if Facebook isn’t responding to a request, you may be able to take the issue up with your country’s privacy officer.

According to Facebook’s Privacy Policy, disputes can be resolved through a third-party company called TrustArc. However, at the time of publishing this article, Facebook is blocking its own link to the TrustArc feedback form as malicious (irony noted). Instead, you can use Facebook’s Data Policy Help Center Contact form or send a snail mail letter to:

Facebook, Inc.
ATTN: Privacy Operations
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Since these aren't officially sanctioned means of getting your account deleted, we don't know what your likelihood of success will be. If you go this route, let us know how you fare in the comments below.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please do not put requests to have your Facebook account deleted in the comments. We cannot delete your account  you must follow the steps with Facebook we outlined above.


[Image credit: Facebook login via BigStockPhoto]

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pls help me remove my old account

From Dianne Minas on November 26, 2020 :: 4:56 am

I cant remove them I tried identity and reporting but nothing happens
I can’t have an access because of the number ai used to it ....
it’s gone for a long time…


Remove my old Accounts on Fb

From Kamal Verma on December 08, 2020 :: 7:41 am

Hi Sir

I have multiple accounts and i have no any mail or password that how to recover my password so please help me for delete my accounts on fb


I need to delete my FB account asap

From Bart on December 13, 2020 :: 3:22 am

I need to delete my FB account but I didnt use it for years, I dont have old email address so I cannot recover the password. Also my mobile numer is not linked, please advice what to do?
I need help


Account hacked

From Takatso on December 16, 2020 :: 3:12 am

I forgot my password and mh account is hacked. Tje email adress is no longer working i want to delete the account



From Raine on December 22, 2020 :: 6:55 am

hello, i had a facebook account when i was really small, (about 7) and could you help me delete that account as i have another one currently in use. I dont know my password for facebook and the one i used in email. Please help.


Some one hacked my id and I m not able to recover my Facebook id or password plz help me to sort out

From Tousif Hanif Sheikh on December 22, 2020 :: 12:26 pm

Plz contact me as soon as possible.


I have two Facebook accounts

From Nigel Ikuma on December 23, 2020 :: 4:18 am

I have two Facebook accounts I would like to delete my 2 old Facebook account immediately but i dont remember my password& number. Please help me, thank you.


Delete my Facebook account

From Ogbomoide precious on January 04, 2021 :: 4:40 pm

Please I cant access my Facebook because someone hack my account, please I want you to help me deactivate the account. Account name precious ogbomoide



From Ricky Bowyer on January 08, 2021 :: 11:07 am

I believe I have been hacked. I tried recovering my identity. A complete different number came up. so I registered it as “was not me” which then prompted me to a recovery page where I had to reset my password. After resetting I was sent a confirmation email with a code. after successfully changing my password the next prompt was for a 6 digit code. apparently whoever accessed my account set it up. Since I cant log in. I have no way of seeing the codes. there is no option for the codes to be sent to my text, even though the help center says there is, or more conveniently my active email. At this point I just want to delete my profile. But it seems like i have to let this hacker steal my identity and there’s nothing I can do about it. Wish Facebook would be more considerate of this possibility



From Katrina on January 11, 2021 :: 5:53 am




From Katrina on January 11, 2021 :: 5:56 am



i can't have access since 2014

From socket68 on January 13, 2021 :: 12:45 pm

hi, i can’t have access to my facebook account since 2014 cause i lost my credentials to login; i don’t know how to contact facebook to permanently delete my old account. i made a new one account and reported the old one like fake for seven years but i got no answer. what can i do? tnx


seven years

From socket68 on January 13, 2021 :: 12:47 pm

hi, i can’t have access to my facebook account since 2014 cause i lost my credentials to login; i don’t know how to contact facebook to permanently delete my old account. i made a new one account and reported the old one like fake for seven years but i got no answer. what can i do? tnx


Delete my old inactive account

From Kalaivani on January 17, 2021 :: 2:09 am

Please help me to delete my old acount i can’t access it i forgot my login details please help me to save my personal informations on there and i have create my new account now I am using that.. Delete my old account please


help me delete my account

From david olson on January 20, 2021 :: 3:53 pm

couldnt recover my account to deactivate my account eternity. it is davidlee.olson.1 facebook customer service wont help me even two emails from them and still not helping me at all. I deactivated my account last October and someone hacked my account and couldnt get it deleted permanently. I have new phone number and I couldnt get code. Please help!


Removing duplicate Email Account

From Paul Roberts on January 21, 2021 :: 7:14 am

I tried your suggestion of making a fake claim
and, surprise, it worked! One account gone.


Great to hear!

From Josh Kirschner on January 22, 2021 :: 10:48 am

It seems like a klugey workaround, but glad to hear it worked for you. Thank you for letting us know!


Delete my old account name Rashid mwazimbu I can't log please delete it's for salon

From Rashid mwazimbu on January 21, 2021 :: 8:53 pm

Delete my old account name Rashid mwazimbu


All comment

From Ajmal Rock on January 25, 2021 :: 1:51 pm

Login error issues


3 point work

From Navdeep on February 04, 2021 :: 8:01 pm

Report , me works   i reported my 3 old account and 1 on which my photo was there for closed that immediately.  Thanks for help


Delete old Facebook account without email and phone number

From chitnu on February 18, 2021 :: 5:35 am

Please help me, I don’t want to use my old Facebook account because I already have new account. I can’t remember password and email for old Facebook account,
Best Regards


Delete my account permanently

From Mahesh kumar muradiya on February 28, 2021 :: 4:04 am

I can’t access my account. Please delete my account
Account link :-


Old Facebook account

From Remove my account on March 01, 2021 :: 10:18 am

Please can you remove my old Facebook account because someone hack it and post some porn picture and they change my password.



From Kenneth Ryan Hoeger on March 01, 2021 :: 8:33 pm

Hi I’d like all Facebook accounts in my name deleted I made them with phone numbers and don’t remember them my names Kenneth Ryan Hoeger dob…. [removed]


HelloI haven't signed in to

From B Khorram on March 08, 2021 :: 5:51 am

I haven’t signed in to my facebook account for so long and lately I found out it was disabled and I can not recover it. Is there any way to close that account permanently?


harassment and bulliyng on my old account

From Mayssa Mortada on March 17, 2021 :: 8:18 am

Please I m facing a big problem on my old facebook account . I didn’t use from 5 years and there is no privacy witch there are people tryng to harassing me and write bad things AND HUMILATING me in comments I really need to delete this unused account but I don’t remember my number neither my email address. NAME oF ACCOUNT: Mayssa Mortada ( NO PROFILE PICTURE ON IT with a picture of a lion in cover photo)  I really need this help. THANK YOU.



From Katrina on March 20, 2021 :: 1:41 am



Delete old Facebook account

From Kathy Kronk on March 22, 2021 :: 1:05 pm

I need to delete my old Facebook account and I already have new account but my old account got hack and I can’t get in too at all I try to changed my password so many times and still won’t let me in too and I try to follow all the step but one I don’t have code and I try to trusted contacts and it didn’t work so I just want my old account deleted so I don’t have to worry about it anymore but email address of my old account is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) I don’t remember my URL name I think was Mrs.Kronk something


From free State

From Masabata Ivy on March 25, 2021 :: 6:03 pm

Please delete my old Facebook account


From free State

From Masabata Ivy on March 25, 2021 :: 6:10 pm

Please delete my old Facebook account


delete old fb accounts permanttently

From Debra Lamitina on March 28, 2021 :: 5:00 am

i have sent many messages to fb and CEO of fb and i have contacted legal assistants my attorney and i have work with everyone to get this BS taken care of and getting no where besides not in english go figure i am done and want old accounts deleted Debbie Lamitina And Debbie Myers Lamitina


Someone hacked my facebook account

From jan on March 28, 2021 :: 5:11 pm

Someone hacked my facebook account and accompanied email. I spent already hours to get back in, to no avail. He put a photo of someone else on my profile. I reported the hacked account as you said in option 3 (“Pretending to Be Someone” and then click “Me”), and let several friends also report that profile as fake, over the last several weeks.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me. Maybe it doesn’t work anymore?

fb is really lame indeed


need english to delete Debbie

From Debbie Lamitina on March 28, 2021 :: 7:05 pm

need english to delete Debbie Lamitina


Unable to rest password

From Emma Hadden on April 07, 2021 :: 12:40 pm

Hello, I’m hoping you can help. I am trying to rest my password on Facebook as I have been locked out. I went on the ‘Try to recover your Facebook password’ entered my email address, was sent a 6 digit code, put in a new password, then it comes up with a message ‘you cant use this feature at the moment- we limit how often you can post, comment or do other things in a given amount of time to help protect the community against spam’ then there’s a option to try again or cancel. which just takes me to option of sending a code again, I’m just going round in circles and not getting anywhere.


Wait 24 hours and try to reset the password again

From Josh Kirschner on April 08, 2021 :: 1:54 pm

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to why you get this issue with Facebook or how long it will take to clear up. Facebook flagged something unusual with your account activity (trying to enter too many incorrect passwords?) and locked you out.

If you wait 24 hours then try to reset the password again, did it work?


Unable to reset password

From Emma Hadden on April 08, 2021 :: 2:30 pm

Saturday I went to go into Facebook and a message said someone tried to access my account from the Maldives and I should reset my password which I did. Next day I was locked out. I have tried waiting 24hours but had the same issue, think I’m going to give it a couple of days before trying again. Then if no luck will have to try option 3 to get my account closed?


Wait it out

From Josh Kirschner on April 08, 2021 :: 5:49 pm

It may be that your email and password are in a breach file and the person who tried to access it before or multiple people are trying to hack your account with your leaked credentials. Your password was changed, so they can’t get access, but Facebook is recognizing the unusual behavior and has locked your account. Hopefully, the activity will stop soon and Facebook will unlock your account.

How do I get help from Facebook

From Sally Reed on April 12, 2021 :: 9:28 am

I am hoping that you can help. I am desperately wanting to contact FB, or get SOMEONE that can help me, and you seem to have some answers. We have a company FB page that was started and set up years ago, but this was by a previous employee. No one knows how to gain access to the page and the administrator of the page is not a real person. Is there any way to get FB to grant me administrator rights to our company page? Or Who do I contact for help with this? Your kind assistance would be greatly appreciated.


or get the page deleted

From Sally Reed on April 12, 2021 :: 9:32 am

or, as a last resort how do I get FB to delete the old company FB page


I don't have a good answer for you

From Josh Kirschner on April 17, 2021 :: 4:13 pm

I know of no way to remove an admin on a page unless you are also an admin. My first approach would be to contact the ex-employee to see if they can help you out. If not, you may just have to set up a new page and start again.

Of course creating a new page could create confusion if your old page is still around. The only way to get it removed is to report it as a “fake page” the is “pretending to be another business”, or a similar complaint. Be prepared to show it is pretending to be your page and provide whatever other information Facebook requests to support your claim. You could also try a similar approach with a trademark complaint. There’s no guarantee that Facebook with take action, but it might be worth a shot.


How do I get help from Facebook

From Sally Reed on April 19, 2021 :: 7:11 am

Thank you. Is there any way of actually contacting SOMEONE at FB. Their help pages go around and around in circles.


Help me to delete this acoount

From john on April 12, 2021 :: 10:40 am

I think someone hacked my facebook account plz help me to report


Removal of previous a/c

From Dilip Mandal on April 13, 2021 :: 12:51 am

I would like to continue with my present fb a/c with fb profile with face mask on . And rest may be deleted permanently. BEST WISHES stay safe.


My account is hacked

From Quabena Sixteen on May 03, 2021 :: 8:56 am

Please I want to block this account because it is hacked by someone please block it for me



From Marjorie on May 20, 2021 :: 10:46 pm

I just read your article today and reported my old FB accounts as fake and it worked! This has been my problem for so many years now and you just solved it! Thank you so much and more power to your page! 😊😊😊



From Josh Kirschner on May 21, 2021 :: 10:00 am

Glad it worked. Smiley face right back at you grin


Deletion of Facebook accounts.

From Kinsey Brewer on May 21, 2021 :: 8:59 am

I have many Facebook accounts I’ve setup in the past that need to be immediately deleted! I can’t access these accounts as I don’t have all the info.,email,phone number,nor password combination they require and I am also unable to recover them. I have emailed Facebook, gone through the prompts of telling them my account was hacked and I’m being harassed and they still won’t delete my accounts.theyre only telling me to follow the links to fix it on my own. Can you please assist me with this major issue in my life?


Have you tried reporting the accounts?

From Marjorie on May 21, 2021 :: 10:11 am

What I did earlier today was logged in to my current FB account, searched the name of my old account that I want to be deleted. I clicked the 3 dots under the profile pic and selected “Find Support or Report Profile”. I selected the “Pretending To Be Someone” option and then “Me”. After submitting, my old account was deleted immediately. Hope this will work for you too!


Delete Facebook Account

From Sarika Aneesh on May 28, 2021 :: 3:07 pm

Plz help me to delete my fb account.I hav forgetten my passwrd,id nd also dont hav the phone numbr which was linked with that account.


Are the emails I've been getting actually fb or scammers?

From Grannyfae on May 28, 2021 :: 5:46 pm

Yeah, your article is techlicious and I appreciate it even if it’s somewhat dated so thank you.I have 1 or 2 old f.b. accounts I can no longer access and that’s ok cause I didn’t really leave much to worry about on them- I changed devices a few times, dabbled around trying to Like social media.When I went to shut em down I couldn’t so I was grateful I didn’t give out too much info or pics to be stolen. I have and will never put my personal info concerning money online but that don’t stop em if all they want is to steal a name or your friends list.
  I have received 3 emails from someone saying they are f.b. and it really didn’t look official and I can’t get to f.b. to ask and from googling the problem I see Alot of folks are having issues with similar problems.Your article was very clear it on how to solve several angles of these issues even an ole Granny can see that but on a button at the top of my Gmail account I reported it as spam and unfortunately I hit the report phishing embedded in the email from f.b. or almost f.b.
itself. Did me even doing that leave me vulnerable? I didn’t reply or click any other links. The hey seemed suspicious because there were several rows of xxxxx on top of the letter and While I really hope it was f.b….hum? These emails were found in my spam folder which I check before I delete being cautious.I always report spam that winds up in my inbox or unsolicited emails as well as unsolicited phone calls and robocalls. Did I mess up my Granny security protocols by clicking the phishing button embedded in the text sent from “Facebook” and then I reported it to Gmail.I felt like I had messed up 5 seconds after I clicked that report phishing button. I’m slipping…and if it is a concern what to do to fix it? I am usually so careful and while I’m sure they didn’t Get anything of value that I left on f.b., the fact is they can use it period, I will never use social media of any kind again because it is my protest to all the hate,division and conspiracy crap. I appreciate your article whether you can advise me on this or not.Keep on doing this work cause this Granny needs a go-to tech to keep up with all this!So help an ole lady out if ya can and if you can’t-please just delete this mess! Sorry for any errors, spellcheck hates, yeah I tweak those settings but spellcheck is a imp who likes to mess with me.


I forgot to mention...

From Grannyfae on May 28, 2021 :: 6:11 pm

Ok, I forgot to mention the emails said someone named animul was trying to access my account and the names of the f.b. folks listed in the email seemed somewhat suspect as well. So, after reading it thru, I instinctively hit their embedded report phishing button on one of the 3 emails, and it offered a no it’s me button side by side.And after I thought it thru I mentally kicked myself for doing that.Did I mess up?


Did you enter your Facebook login?

From Josh Kirschner on June 01, 2021 :: 6:47 pm

If you clicked one of the buttons but never entered your Facebook login, you’re probably fine. But if you did enter your login (or aren’t sure), you should change your Facebook password as soon as possible and set up two-factor authentication for Facebook (which you should have, anyhow).


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