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How to Fix 8 Common Facebook Frustrations

by on March 25, 2016
in Facebook, Tips & How-Tos, Privacy, Tech 101 :: 90 comments

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Facebook Annoyances

We’ve all got annoying Facebook friends…you know, the ones who post about politics five times a day, or tag you in unflattering photos or won’t stop sending you Candy Crush invitations? And we've all been frustrated by autoplay videos and irrelevant ads. Fortunately, there are solutions to these and other Facebook frustrations, so you can get back to "♥"ing the time you spend on Facebook. 

Block (or limit) News Feed Posts

There are some people or pages on Facebook whose posts you just don’t want to see (Uncle Mike, I appreciate your interest in doomsday preparation, but no need to share it with all). But ‘unfriending’ people to get rid of their posts is harsh, and might even harm your relationship. Luckily, you can just ‘unfollow’ people to say sayonara to their posts-- and they won’t even know.

On the desktop, click the downward facing arrow at the top right of the blue bar, then select “News Feed Preferences.”

Downward Facing Arrow

Next, click “Unfollow people to hide their posts,” and select the friend or page whose posts are just too much.

Unfollow People to Hide Posts

And if one particular post is the last straw, you can also click on the downward facing arrow at the top right corner of any individual post, then ‘Unfollow’ the page or person. (If you change your mind later, you have the option of reconnecting with the people you ‘unfollowed.')

Unfollow Facebook Friend

On mobile, press “More” in the bottom right-hand corner of the app, then select “News Feed Preferences.” Next, select “Unfollow People to Hide Their Posts,” then ‘unfollow’ all of the pages or people you would like.

Mobile Facebook

To just pare down the number of their posts you see in your news feed (rather than getting rid of them altogether), click on the downward grey arrow at the top right of any of their posts on both desktop and mobile. You’ll then be able to select “Hide Post: See fewer posts like this” to alleviate the problem.

Prioritizing the Top of Your Feed

Facebook’s algorithm can be really useful, leading you to posts and statuses that you might not have seen otherwise in the cacophony of the never-ending News Feed. Unfortunately, the algorithm doesn’t always get it right. You don’t want to miss your brother’s baby taking his first steps, do you? To make sure you don’t miss any of his posts, on the desktop, click the blue down arrow and select “News Feed Preferences.” Then click “Prioritize who to see first.” Choose the pages and people whose posts you love, and they’ll be at the top of your News Feed every time you log in.

On mobile, press “More” in the bottom right-hand corner of the app, then select “News Feed Preferences.” Press “Prioritize Who to See First,” then make your picks. You’ll never miss an update again!

Hiding Likes on Facebook

I really like playing the Kendall and Kylie game, but as someone who doesn’t want to publicly admit to a Kardashian-Jenner clan obsession, I don’t want any of my Facebook friends to see that I liked the game’s official page. While you have to be on a desktop, it’s easy to edit who can see the pages you’ve liked, although there are some caveats.

Head to your profile page, then find the “About” button that lives right below your cover photo and to the right of your profile picture. Any music, movies, books, TV shows and other pages you’ve liked will be arranged in groupings. At the upper right hand corner of each grouping, select the pencil button that says “Manage.” Then select “Edit Privacy.” You can then determine who you want to see the movies, games, interests and other pages that you’ve liked. You can’t hide that you’ve liked individual pages, but you can hide certain groupings.

Hiding Likes on Facebook

Stop Irritating App Notifications

It’s the red badge of annoyance, and it seems like it will never go away. Every time you log in, FarmVille or the Kim Kardashian game remind you that it’s been a year since you last played. Why don’t you take a turn now? Not today, and not ever.

To turn off those app notifications on a desktop, venture up to the downward facing arrow at the top right-hand corner of the page, select Settings, then Apps. From there, you will be able to see all of the apps that you have authorized to use your account. Hover over the offending app, then press the pencil, or “Edit Settings,” button. Then, select “No” from the option that says “This app can: send you notifications.”

App Notifications

Mobile users will go about this in a similar way. From the Facebook mobile app, press the “More” tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Scroll down to select “Settings,” then “Account Settings.” In the next screen, click Apps, then “Platform.” You will then be able to choose whether you want apps and games to send you notifications.

And if your friend keeps trying to ask you to send her corn in Farmville, go to Settings, then Blocking and scroll down to Block app invites. You can add friends whose invites you never want to see again.

Blocking (Some) Targeted Ads

Ads make the Facebook world go round, and the company has become better and better at targeting advertisements tailored to your interests. But this raises plenty of privacy and security concerns. If you don’t want to download an ad blocker to block them entirely, you can adjust some of your ad settings in Facebook.

If there is a particular ad you find offensive or that you don’t want to see anymore, you can press the “X” or the down arrow at the top right of the ad on both desktop and mobile to remove yourself from the audiences that ad is targeting.

For a more global approach, desktop users can click the downward arrow at the top right-hand corner of the screen, then choose “Settings” and “Ads.” You can then choose whether or not you want Facebook to use your online habits to serve you ads, as well as manage your ad preferences.

Mobile users can click the “More” button, then click “Ads.” From there, you can adjust your preferences just like a desktop user would.

Stop Videos that Start Playing Automatically

Advertisers pay the big bucks to have their videos in front of a Facebook audience, and Facebook now autoplays them in your feed. This “feature” can be a huge data suck, so if you’re leery of getting charged for using extra data, you’ll definitely want to turn this off.

Click the down arrow at the top right-hand corner of your screen on desktop, then choose “Settings.” From the left-hand column, choose “Videos,” then choose whether you want the Auto-Play Videos default setting on or off.

Similarly, mobile users should press “More” at the bottom right-hand corner of the app, then “Settings,” then “Videos and Photos.” You can then choose whether you want videos to autoplay using data and Wi-Fi, on Wi-Fi connections only or never. In my opinion, never is a pretty good policy.

Keep Your Newsfeed in Chronological Order

When you log into Facebook, the Newsfeed automatically orders the posts you see according to its own algorithms. This can be helpful if you want to see what Facebook thinks you should see, but many of us liked pages or friended people to see their posts as they happen. That’s where the browser extension Social Fixer comes in handy. If you use Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera on desktop, you can download the extension and just let it work. While Facebook has tried many times to cripple Social Fixer, and some of the features don’t work anymore, the chronological Newsfeed option is still up and running.

Make It Harder to Be Tagged in Photos

Facebook users can tag their friends in any photo they post, whether it be a good or bad one. That could prove to be problematic if the wrong person sees that photo. Thankfully, there are some options if you want to take that unattractive holiday office party picture you were tagged in and banish it to the social media graveyard in the sky.

If you’re on a desktop, click the downward facing arrow at the top right corner of the page, then select “Settings,” then “Timeline and Tagging.” From here, you can choose whether you want to review a friend’s post or photo before it appears on Facebook, who you want to enable to see the posts and photos you’re tagged in, and who can receive tag suggestions if a face in a photo looks like you.

To get to the same page on the Facebook mobile app, press “More” on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, “Settings,” “Account Settings,” and then “Timeline and Tagging.” Thank goodness that picture won’t follow you around for the rest of time. 

[Facebook reactions via Facebook; Illustrations by Chelsey B Coombs/Techlicious]

Discussion loading

People you my know disappeared

From Paul lavery on March 23, 2021 :: 7:24 am

Think you very much Josh for all your help really appreciate it I got your solution to my problem I have been able to use that feature finding friends but it’s the feature I had when frist came on facebook and had for long time the where was always continuous flow of profiles of friends of friends and other profiles on my home page thanks


Facebook is constantly tweaking the layout

From Josh Kirschner on March 23, 2021 :: 2:20 pm

Facebook is always changing the layout to optimize user experience (or advertising), and that is one feature that has changed over time. I don’t see it on my feed either, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people still see it as Facebook A/B tests features.


I have an IPhone 11

From Donna Moody on March 25, 2021 :: 1:06 pm

I have an IPhone 11 Pro. The iOS is 14.4.1


All Reactions Auto-Revet to Like

From Sach on April 14, 2021 :: 8:48 am

No matter what reaction I choose, over the last week, they all auto-revert to likes. I cannot enter any other…annoying! How can I fix that?
Further, often appears as though screenshots are taken while I’m browsingr on site. As though someone is remote monitoring my phone usage
Thank you in advance
*Android; Xiaomi


Friendslist profile pics are in my downloads

From Debbie on May 05, 2021 :: 10:07 pm

Somehow alot of my friends profile pictures are now in my downloads.. some are real small.. how do I get them out of my pictures?


FB Marketplace Available Photos Limited

From Sue Dohrman on June 08, 2021 :: 8:32 am

When I try to post something in the for sale groups, my available photos only go back a day or two. I have to go the gallery and screen shot the desired photos so that I can use them in a post. How can I get all of my photos to open up to post on Marketplace et al? TY


Facebook profile

From Michael on September 27, 2021 :: 2:55 pm

Facebook won’t allow me to edit my profile information like current city etc.


What error are you getting?

From Josh Kirschner on September 29, 2021 :: 12:11 pm

If you go to your Profile page and try to edit your current city, what issue are you having that it won’t let you update?


Curse under post jumping to left

From Jerome R Schwartz on October 15, 2021 :: 9:46 am

This is only happening on my computer , phone and tablet work fine .. Under every post , when trying to make commit , the cursed jumps to the left .. I can open up word or note on computer and the cursed works fine .. Not a computer driver issue , trying to find were to change cursed setting on your fb platform is beyond terrible to find for such a little change . At one time it was easy and simple to do ...



From Ed on October 16, 2021 :: 1:19 am

You can adjust the size by holding down the control (ctrl) key and hitting the plus or minus keys on the far right of your keyboard.



From Diana on October 24, 2021 :: 7:57 pm

I cannot see “secondary” replies. Example:  I can see an original reply to a posting.  “Mary” posts something and “Susie” replies to her.  I can see “Susie’s” reply, but cannot see any of the posts who may comment to “Susie.” Does that make sense?


About info won’t load

From Rob Likes on October 26, 2021 :: 12:16 am

Hi I’ve reloaded the Facebook iPhone app several
Times and I still can’t get the “about” info for friends to
Load - even my own won’t load.

Also I get a notification that I’ve been tagged and to review the tag but it won’t load either. 

Several other things won’t work in similar fashion.

Thanks for any help.


Likes disappear

From Julie Moore on November 07, 2021 :: 11:43 am

When I press “like” it doesn’t show up on my page but it shows I have “liked” that post on their page. What’s going on and how can I fix this? This is random and even does this on my families pages so I know I haven’t been restricted by them.


Videos die at the end of commercial in the middle.

From Kenn on November 12, 2021 :: 3:47 pm

For quite some time now, when I click on a suggested video, it plays perfectly until the ad pops up. The ad plays to completion, but then the entire video disappears as if it was never clicked on & it’s nowhere to be found.
I have shut off the auto video play feature as suggested but the videos still appear. I don’t mind suffering through them, but hate that the remainder of the video goes away, never to be found again.
Anybody have a solution?


notifications for comments on Facebook videos won't take me to comment or reply

From Larry Duff on November 18, 2021 :: 12:43 pm

When I get a notification of a reply to my comment on a Facebook video, it takes me to the video page, but not specifically to the video, reply or my comment. I don’t have this problem with comments or replies to comments on other Facebook posts. Until recently clicking on the notification would at least take me to the specific video I commented on, and my original comment, and I would have to scroll down through many comments.

Maybe because there are thousands of comments to these FB videos?


can't finish typing before the comment moves

From Barbara Curtis on February 12, 2022 :: 8:14 pm

I constantly have to go back to find what I was starting to type when I am commenting on a post. I have a laptop, and turned off the trackpad but it is still doing this - any ideas? Only happening on FB


Comment option not available for admins and rest of members

From Ion Ilisie on February 17, 2022 :: 3:47 pm

I have created a Facebook group but, on the Discussion Tab I do not have the option to post a comment, even as an administrator. Can you tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it? Your help will be really appreciated
Ion Ilisie


when I go to use

From Bob Ward on February 18, 2022 :: 4:53 am

when I go to use comment on Facebook I type the first letter then the page jumps to the next subject


Jumping page

From Helen Glanville on March 02, 2022 :: 4:12 pm

Just scrolling through my feed, see a post and want to reply to it. I press a letter (any letter) and the page jumps up so I can’t view what I am typing. 
This only happens on Facebook not any other page, or anything else on my laptop.
Windows 11.
Please help!
I have disabled gestures on the trackpad, and do not use a separate mouse.


You haven't finished your comment

From Robert on March 06, 2022 :: 7:17 am

I am commenting on a user’s post in my group. I consistently, get the message “You haven’t finished your comment stay on the page.” I must be missing the send-button or any other way to end my comment. So, I leave the page and my comment is not posted. I’m frustrated.



From roger wachal on March 13, 2022 :: 2:14 pm

when I type ,every letter ,to a word the screen drops down .
or if I hit the back arrow ,it does the same thing .
I always have to scroll down to find what I’m typing.
I can continue typing ,even when the screen drops and it will still show up after I scroll down .
It’s fine on messenger


No longer a camera in comments

From Patricia Pell on March 23, 2022 :: 8:51 pm

My Facebook doesn’t show the camera in the comment box so how can I insert an image instead of a comment?


cannot add people to my own FB Group

From greg Simon on April 23, 2022 :: 7:44 pm

when I try to Add people to my Own Group It replies you cannot unless you are the admin (but I am ) so what is the Problem ?


Waiting for update on my video pics profile update been 5 days Facebook not replied my dating can't

From T bird on May 24, 2022 :: 3:45 pm

Has above done wrong but 5 days update video they haven’t got back to me my dating won’t work till they update my profile pic video



From Kathy on May 25, 2022 :: 2:27 am

So I have previously been hacked and cannot now access my accounts firstly on my mobile, as I am still on my computer… for now, just lost the access at my work as I also have business facebook accounts, no messenger also.  It keeps asking me to add the authenticator code.  I do every now and then get the initial login code on my email or phone, but the 2FA i am unable to go past here.  FB help directs you to the page you cannot access… so its hopeless… is there a way to reset my profile without this code?


Can't Like,Dislike etc comments only posts

From Shari Gardner on June 07, 2022 :: 2:54 am

For the for the past several days I’ve been unable to like dislike care Etc anyone’s comments. I can like a post but not the comments. Any help would be appreciated as I’ve contacted the help said her several times and it has not been fixed


Unable to respond to comments with a like

From Shari Gardner on June 07, 2022 :: 2:57 am

For the past several days I’ve only been able to like, dislike, care Etc posts. I cannot like, dislike, love etc individual comments. I’ve contacted the help center several times to no avail. Anybody out there who can help me


Settings Arrow missing.

From Dick Pacini on June 19, 2022 :: 12:56 pm

Missing V arrow Settings button on the right.  Can’t log off


This has only just started doing this and won't stop

From West on June 30, 2022 :: 5:23 am

So I’m trying to watch facebook videos and out of the blue posts and comments will pop up by themselves 2-3 times through any video I’m trying to watch HTF do I stop that from happening?


group banner has shifted to left side

From bobbie cellon on July 25, 2022 :: 3:33 pm

i use photoshop 7 to make group banners. until recently the banner was on the top center of the page then one day it moved to the left. this shows to the left on my desktop computer but on my tablet it shows in the center. please help!


Profile image moves to center and covers the cover image on Mobiles

From Sharon Cooper on August 28, 2022 :: 12:25 am

Started a few months ago - different amounts of text and images are lost depending on the screen size of the mobile viewing it. All is fine on desktops.

I am going crazy redesigning the cover image size t fit around the large center ball that is the company profile image.

We each lose different amounts of relevsnt text and images. How do I f=get thr profile image to stay where it belongs on the bottom left?! Help!


Posts pending approval not opening

From Carol Ann on August 29, 2022 :: 12:50 pm

I use an iPad Pro 2020. i am Admin for a Group. Post approval is required for members. I get the notice that there are posts to review, but the page is blank even though it says the # of posts at the top of the page. The posts do show on my IPhone 13, but not the iPad. Is there a glitch on the iPad or is there a specific setting for the pending post to show?  Thank you!


Block Error

From Sheryl Tenio on October 18, 2022 :: 9:10 am

Facebook has stopped letting me block anyone even if I have never blocked them before. What can I do? How do I fix this? I have reported it hundreds of times. When I try to block someone it says either block error or it will say cannot block try again.


Audience selector not working

From Gregg on November 22, 2022 :: 4:57 am

I have my own main page which is fine. I like to paint in my spare time and like to put these paintings on a linked page however I cannot change the audience on this page, it is set to ‘PUBLIC’ and does not give me the option of ‘ONLY ME’ which is what I want, I have tried every which way but it will not come off PUBLIC. Any ideas please?


Type a new post, sends back to home screen

From Jim Barnett on January 27, 2023 :: 11:51 am

When I try to make a post in Facebook, when I touch a key, it scoots me back to the Home Screen! This started a couple of days ago,


FB Feed jumping back to top of the feed after I make a comment or react to a comment.

From Donna Davitto-Macy on February 03, 2023 :: 1:03 pm

in the last 2 weeks or so when I “react” or post to someone else’s comment, my facebook jumps back up to the top of the feed, forcing me to scroll all the way past all the stuff I have already seeen and/or commented on.  This happens on my laptop, using Goggle browser and also on my iPhone, occasionally happens on my iPad too but not nearly as much.  I checked all of my settings, and nothing seems to fix it.  HELP!!


photo sharing problem

From Sandie Bittner on February 27, 2023 :: 2:32 pm

When I go to my photo gallery and try to mark pictures I want o put on my facebook account to post it will not let me choose pictures.  When I click on the top right okf picture I get all kinds of things to do but no sahring


Auto rotate not functioning in alp

From Pippa on April 15, 2023 :: 2:54 am

I have noticed that auto rotate within the FB app has stopped working. I have checked and all my settings are OK and auto rotate works on all my other apps. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I’m on android version 10 and fb update 410.

Thanks for any help, I really miss this function.


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