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How to Reach Amazon Customer Service: A Complete Guide

by Suzanne Kantra on November 28, 2023

When shopping on Amazon, issues with orders are not uncommon. Based on more than a decade of experience, I've learned that Amazon's automated help, accessible online or through the Amazon App, resolves most problems efficiently. However, if you require a live person's assistance, Amazon's customer service is available 24/7. This guide details various methods to contact customer service, including phone, email, live chat, and social media.

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Laptop displaying the Amazon Customer Service screen.

Use Amazon's automated help

Amazon encourages the use of automated help for resolving issues. Note that even for phone calls or Live Chat, initial basic questions are standard. So for straightforward problems, try these automated solutions first.

Access customer service through the Amazon site

Visit the Amazon Customer Service page using your web browser for assistance with recent orders, common issues like missing or late deliveries, and concerns with Amazon devices and digital services such as Kindle and Amazon Prime Video.

Access customer service through the Amazon app

The Amazon app also provides easy access to the Customer Service page.

  1. Open the Amazon app.
  2. Select Menu (triple lines in the lower right corner).
  3. Scroll down and select Customer Service.

Here, you can quickly address issues with recent orders and seek help for Amazon devices, subscriptions, and more.

Live Chat with Amazon customer service

For immediate assistance, use Amazon's Live Chat feature. Navigate to the Message Us page, where you'll initially interact with a chatbot. The chatbot can connect you to a live agent or arrange a callback if your issue remains unresolved.

Amazon Customer Service Live Chat window

Call Amazon customer service

To call Amazon Customer Service, dial 1-888-280-4331. An automated system will guide you through account verification and issue categorization. Call from the phone number linked to your Amazon account for fast verification.

Request a call from Amazon customer service

Alternatively, use the Amazon Call Me feature on Amazon's website. Enter your phone number, and a customer service representative will contact you. The system automatically suggests the number associated with your Amazon account, but you can choose any U.S. or Canadian number.

Amazon Customer Service Call Me page

Contact Amazon via social media

For social media assistance, X (formerly Twitter) is effective. Reach out to @AmazonHelp for support in 12 languages through posts or direct messages.

Email Amazon customer service

Amazon’s customer service email is While not the preferred contact method, it remains an option for less urgent inquiries.

By following these steps, you can choose the best method to address your Amazon customer service needs effectively.

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For the past 20+ years, Techlicious founder Suzanne Kantra has been exploring and writing about the world’s most exciting and important science and technology issues. Prior to Techlicious, Suzanne was the Technology Editor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the Senior Technology Editor for Popular Science. Suzanne has been featured on CNN, CBS, and NBC.


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From Gail Reichley on November 30, 2023 :: 5:35 pm

I have Amazon Prime TV account. On the account I have a subscription for Up Faith and family TV. I understand there is a new upgrade for more content. I read if the account was with Amazon Prime to contact you. So how do I get the upgrad



From Terry K Cederstrom on December 02, 2023 :: 5:43 am

I cannot download the Alexa Dot app.



From Josh Kirschner on December 04, 2023 :: 3:02 pm

What Alexa Dot app are you referring to? Is this in relation to contacting customer service?



From Steve Hudson on December 13, 2023 :: 12:03 pm

I have an issue with an order.  When I called your customer service number, I was connected Sith some bimbo offshore.  I live in the United States and expect to deal with someone I can understand and who actually knows what they are doing.  Email me a telephone number that will connect me with someone who actually works for Amazon in the United States!



From Renni Turillo on December 14, 2023 :: 11:16 am

I can’t reach CHAT.  Mechanical or Live - I can get as far as I need more help and then the system just keeps going in circles.  I can reach a call center.  That’s loud and I love that the employees speak multiple languages, however, because the sound is bad, it adds to the difficulty of understanding the employee.

Is this CUSTOMER SERVICE??  It can and will only get better if customers take action - cancel your Prime membership (it doesn’t have to be permanent).  Show Amazon that you are unhappy with their lack of Customer Support.



From Renni on December 14, 2023 :: 11:22 am

None of the information you’ve provided above works -
can’t get through to chat
telephone number goes to call center.  call center is loud and english speaking agent is difficult to understand.

Do you have a way to actually reach Amazon Customer Service?
Do you have a way to reach chat?

Automation is not good Customer Service.
And once I’ve plowed through the automation, I still can’t get to a live chat agent ~

This information needs to be updated



From Craig Dalrymple on December 16, 2023 :: 3:06 pm

I have been trying to change my password for 3 days now but it’s so bad I have to cancel my credit card to close the account.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, who is the absolute worst make it impossible to complete this simple task.  Technology has gotten worse over the past few years. 

I thought we mastered password changes 2 decades ago but the imbeciles on the west coast just can’t do it.



From Josh Kirschner on December 18, 2023 :: 9:30 am

What is the specific issue you are having? You should be able to easily change your password in
Your Account › Login & Security › Change password.



From Gloria Toft on January 05, 2024 :: 6:24 pm

I think I have prime by mistake. I very seldom order anything and I dont watch Prime. Please cancel.
Thank you,
Gloria Toft



From Luiss on January 11, 2024 :: 7:15 pm

I am so tired of the way deliveryid. The person(s) delivering finds that it ok to throw packages onto the stoop from a distance. I see it every time. We catch them on camera. Poor customer service from delivery personnel.  Tried to reach delivery svc through cust. svs
They are just as bad
hangging up phone,  dont want to repeat message or phone number back so you can make sure they have all information correct to forward. Poor, Poor service.



From Bobbie on January 18, 2024 :: 7:27 pm

Been trying to contact customer service to ask about our deliveries taking 6-8 days. Before Christmas it was 4 now it has almost double or doubled the amount of days it takes to receive orders. My whole family lives close and no one is receiving 2 day prime shipping. That’s why I purchased prime was for the convenience.we live in a rural area but other prime members receive same day or even next day deliveries nd I lay the same prime membership and I can’t even get the 2 day shipping. Is it bad to ask why? Well the customer service gal I was directed to was so disrespectful I’m older and I didn’t understand her fast talking comments that did not come close to just what I wanted and that is for someone in amazon look over our shipping area and determine what the problem is with our 2 day shipping. I told that young lady you need to work on your attitude.



From James Warren on January 24, 2024 :: 2:17 pm

I want to talk to a customer service representative about my on-file credit card!



From Patricia Ralston on February 19, 2024 :: 3:14 pm

Again I have reached out to your team.
Both times I have reached out to you and your team member gave me this story you can find my account. but you can shore bill be my account for things I did not subscribe to when I have been dealing with you for years now.

Why do you keep charging me for the prime I canceled on 12/26/2023 again you billed me in February. OM Gosh stop your nonsense. I just found another charge for something on my account GRRRRR
I have spent over an hour on the phone with your team and you still charge me for the price again what is going on with you?
I heard you have a lawsuit against your team I can see why


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