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The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

by on April 10, 2019
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Now that tech is smaller and cheaper than ever, it's become easy to install cameras almost anywhere. In fact, once you start looking, you may realize that cameras are everywhere: on traffic signals, in parking lots and inside stores. If you're reading this article on your phone while waiting for your morning coffee, there's probably a camera keeping an eye on you right now. You may even have some "hidden" cameras of your own, like Dropcams for home security, nanny cams to watch the baby or a video doorbell to see who's knocking.

These cameras have plenty of perfectly legitimate uses. They can provide security in public spaces and prevent theft in businesses. The problems arise when they're used for nefarious purposes, which happens more often than any of us would like.  Earlier this year, police arrested a man who had secretly recorded women and girls in changing rooms at northern Virginia shopping malls. And, Airbnb has had ongoing problems with renters finding hidden cameras planted by hosts in places where guests should expect privacy. (The Airbnb regulations do allow hosts to place cameras in common areas, but they must disclose their use.)

One of the problems is that these tiny, inconspicuous cameras can be easily bought online. Browsing Amazon for hidden cameras is a little disconcerting. Cameras are disguised as alarm clocks, power adapters, smoke detectors, photo frames and even water bottles, most of them wireless and battery powered. These cameras are easy to obtain, and most require no technical skills to install, meaning anyone with ill intent could place them in a public place and watch you when you're unaware.

Aren't Hidden Cameras Illegal?

Laws pertaining to hidden cameras vary from state to state, so you'll want to check your local laws to find out the specifics in your area. The matter typically comes down to where you can expect to have a "reasonable expectation of privacy." There are certain spaces you would expect to be private, like bathrooms, dressing rooms, hotel rooms and locker rooms, and surveillance cameras placed in such areas are typically illegal. (However, if a sign informs you that you're under surveillance somewhere like outside a dressing area in a store where there are cameras to discourage theft, the cameras are typically considered legal.) In spaces that aren’t private, like browsing a shopping mall or walking down a city street, cameras are typically legal whether they're hidden or not.

Of course, the fact that hidden cameras might be illegal doesn't stop people from placing them, so it's up to you to remain vigilant.

How Can You Be Sure You're Not Being Recorded?

Cameras are small and often disguised, so the first thing to do is to take a look around. Not everyone placing a hidden camera does it in the smartest way, and you may be able to find them with a careful examination of the room. Look for the following tell-tale signs.

  • Wires in unexpected places or wires that don't seem to go anywhere While many cameras are wireless, unexplained wiring could lead to a hidden camera.
  • Lights A camera designed to be stealthy won't have any obvious signs like this, but cameras not designed to be hidden often do, and if the person who placed the camera wasn't careful, this can be an obvious giveaway.
  • Small holes in walls or other places It only takes a pinhole for a camera lens to see into a room. Some types of hidden cameras take advantage of this by hiding in innocuous objects with a small hole for the camera.
  • Objects out of the ordinary If you're in a familiar place, look for anything that's new or has been moved.

Another low-tech method of finding hidden cameras is to listen. While this won't catch every camera, some motion-sensitive cameras make a soft click or buzz as they turn on when someone walks by. In a noisy environment, you definitely won't be able to hear them, but if you're in a place where you can turn off lights, radios, televisions and other sources of sound, you may be able to hear a camera activate. You can also try turning out the lights and scanning the room with a flashlight to look for lens reflections. 

If the hidden camera is living streaming video, you may be able to see it on the local Wi-Fi network. Software, like Nmap for computers, or apps like Fing for iOS and Android devices will scan whatever Wi-Fi network your computer, smartphone or tablet is connect to and list the devices.

Unfortunately, the above methods aren’t foolproof — but don’t give up just yet. While not all hidden cameras produce obvious visible (or audible) signs of their presence, every camera has a lens that reflects light whether it's on or off. You should be able to spot a camera by doing a thorough scan of the room with a light source, looking for a glint of light as it reflects off the camera sensor. This method still isn't perfect, as you'll need to shine the light from the right angle and, with some devices, be fairly close to the camera to spot it.

The most straightforward way to find a hidden lens using a light source is to turn off the lights and pan a flashlight around the room. Go slowly, and examine suspicious places from multiple angles. If you see glints of light where there shouldn't be — areas where there are no mirrors, glass or other reflective surfaces — you may have found a camera. Mirrors can be suspicious, too, because you won't be able to see a camera hidden behind them.

Make your search easier by using a camera-detecting app on your smartphone. These apps use your smartphone's flash to light up camera lenses and help you detect them, though many have received negative reviews, which speaks to how tough it can be to spot a hidden camera. For iPhone, there's Hidden Camera Detector ($4.99); for Android, try Glint Finder (free, with advertisements). Hidden Camera Detector is a bit more helpful, as it automatically pinpoints suspected cameras on your phone's screen. Glint Finder, on the other hand, flashes your smartphone's light rapidly to make it easier to pick up a reflection, but it's on you to find the source. With either app, you'll need to be within a few feet of a camera to spot it.

The advantage of these apps is cost and accessibility. While you can purchase professional-grade camera detectors (more on those in a minute), they come with a notable price tag, while these apps are very affordable. And if you need to hunt for a camera unexpectedly, you're likely to already have your smartphone with you. If nothing else, these apps make a good stop-gap method for finding hidden cameras until you get a better solution.

Wired and Wireless Camera Detector

Get a Hidden Camera Detector

A professional-quality hidden camera detector is both easier to use and more effective. You can get one for under $100. Professional detectors offer two methods of finding a camera: either they look for that glint from the lens (much like using a flashlight or smartphone), or they detect RF broadcasts from a wireless camera. Some detectors rely on one technology or the other (the cheapest detectors pick up RF), while pricier models include both, a combination of features that are effective at finding different kinds of cameras.

To make visually finding a hidden camera easier, detectors use multiple flashing LED lights — or in more expensive models, lasers — to help light up camera lenses. They're as simple to use as a flashlight. Simply hold them up to your eye (make sure the lights are facing away from your eye) and activate them while looking around the room. Just like a flashlight or smartphone, you'll have to hit the camera from the right angle to tell it's there, so you'll want to take a slow, careful look around the room, focusing on specific areas where a camera might be hidden. A camera lens should light up in the detector's viewfinder, making it easy to spot.

Detecting cameras via RF can be even easier. Most detectors will beep when they find a signal, giving an audible indication when you get near a potential camera. The snag with RF detectors is that there are lots of gadgets that can transmit RF, which means these detectors will either send you straight to a camera or on a wild goose chase for a lot of things that aren't cameras. On top of that, if the camera is turned off or simply not transmitting, there won't be anything for the RF detector to pick up. In the end, even though it takes more time, using a detector that looks for camera lenses can be more effective.

If you're looking to upgrade from an app to a stand-alone detector, try the Wired & Wireless Camera Detector ($59). When turned on, the detector can be set up to vibrate or beep to tell you you're near something that's transmitting, letting you know you could be near a hidden camera even when it's tucked in your pocket. For finding the hidden camera, hold the viewfinder to your eye and look around the room until it spots something. 

If you're looking for professional grade equipment, try the Stealth Camera Lens Finder ($445). At just over four inches long, it's small enough to easily fit into a purse, and it uses simple, one-button activation. It doesn't detect RF, but that helps keep it simple to use. It can uncover hidden cameras even if they're turned off.

What Should I Do if I Find a Hidden Camera?

Even though you can find cameras on your own with a detector, it's best to contact the authorities if you do find one. Your local police will not only be able to remove the camera but also find whoever put it there — and keep them from spying on you or anyone else.

[Images: hidden camera concept via Shutterstock, Brickhouse Security]

The article was originally published  in 9/2011, and last updated on 4/10/2019

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Discount Coupon for Spycam Detection Training

From Kevin D Murray on August 20, 2015 :: 4:02 pm

Sorry to hear it Jamie. I created an on-line spycam detection training course for my corporate clients. It might be a bit more than you need, but here is a 75% off coupon if you think it will help you. Click the Enroll button and type this into the coupon code box… TechL101


Thank you!

From Jamie on August 20, 2015 :: 9:35 pm

That is awesome and I would love to do it!  How do I get to your webpage? There was no link in your reply. Just curios, how long is the course? I have a very curious 15 month old so I’m trying to figure out what to do with him while I took the course. Again, thank you so much for your help!


WiFi hacked into??

From Amanda Fox on July 27, 2019 :: 5:38 am

I get on my landlords wifi diagnostics page regularly ( with his permission) to check for unknown devices bc my exe has hacked into my phone and the wifi here. I tried to have him blacklisted off of it, but it said there was another writer, or admin user..??? So I wasn’t successful. I saw recently that I have 6 IPv6 addresses under my MAC address/ip address, and 10 IPv6 addresses under the desktops Mac/ip address. All we have on the internet is DVR, landline, and I think desktop under Ethernet. Then we have my iPhone, my smart tv, and desktop again under wireless. Plus from 2 to 6 unknown devices in our WiFi. Some connected, most not. How do I find out what the devices are? And how do I find out what all the IPv6 addresses are for? Keep in mind, I checked my Mac/ip address and it has Been saying it’s diverted for months. And once tracked it to a mobile tracking site. When I reset the page, which said my IP was a server, I turned my exes phone off!!


It's hard to follow what you're describing

From Josh Kirschner on July 29, 2019 :: 5:02 pm

If you are using a modern router with standard security settings (not an older one with outdated encryption or that has a simple default login, like Admin/Password) it is very, very difficult to hack. So the first thing I would do is verify that the router is using WPA2-PSK (AES) encryption and that the login info isn’t some basic default configuration. Also, you should be using your own wireless router, not sharing your landlord’s - this is a security risk in its own right. And having your own router will give you proper control over white-listing connection. Are you piggybacking off of his Internet connection?

Secondly, if your Mac is having IP rerouting issues as you describe, I suspect that this is due to some sort of malware installed via a misleading link or attachment you clicked on. You should be able to protect against this through antimalware software on your Mac (Sophos is pretty good). FWIW, there’s no way “resetting a page” could turn your ex’s phone off, so not sure what to make of that.

Follow those steps and you should be pretty well protected from malicious attacks.


How do find these hidden wifi networks in my home

From Beca llamas on July 13, 2020 :: 10:46 am

My husband I’m divorcing has put hidden cameras and speaker. I somehow have 2 additional wifi network that my devices sometimes automatically connect to called family and kitchspeaker.x

How do I find them out?

Spycam Detection Training

From Kevin D Murray on August 21, 2015 :: 9:40 am

Hi Jamie,

To reach the website either click on my name or go to  The coupon will work for any Techlicious reader.


Please tell me the basic

From SAJITHA.M on October 13, 2015 :: 9:35 pm

Please tell me the basic principle used in hidden camera detector.


Looking for bug detectors?

From Ameen on January 07, 2016 :: 12:27 pm

Well, if you’re looking for professional bug detectors, you can find a very long list in here:

it’s not that hard when you understand how it works


what the heck

From whattheheck on May 02, 2016 :: 9:30 pm

I googled “secrets to hiding a hidden camera” and I find this page, thinking it’ll help me hide hidden cameras, but no! it’s about how to FIND them! totally the opposite of what I want people to do! I hide hidden cameras so people like you don’t find them! I like to spy on people, it’s awesome! Don’t ruin me and my friends’ fun by finding them! Now, where do I find info on how to successfully hide cameras so your dorks don’t find them!? ps you have idea the fun of spying! smile


I agree!

From Henry on June 22, 2016 :: 5:56 pm

Yes, “what the heck”, I agree with you! This site is bad and takes away our fun! We should meet up and cause trouble!! All these people crying about if there’s a hidden camera, take it as a compliment! This sites needs taken down!!


Can't find the cameras in my home

From Trevor on May 22, 2016 :: 8:22 pm

I’ve looked pretty good I’d thought for the little cameras that are in my apartment but I can’t find the damn ed things I know that they are present in my washroom and bedroom and living room I just can not actually find one😨 so I’m going to ask for advice so the pig using this perverted crap can get nailed by the cops.


there are apps in itunes

From royroy on May 22, 2016 :: 10:44 pm

Search for Spy Hidden Camera Detector in iTunes. Use the manual mode.



From People on June 13, 2019 :: 2:52 pm

People, it’s not easy to hide cameras in your house. You’re living in that house, so you’re much easier to know whether or not cameras are in your house. (Although, I know 100% why anyone can feel paranoid and nervous.)

It can be outside your house. If you think someone knows too much about your private life but you can detect nothing in your house, it’s probably your neighbor. Your creepy neighbor is secretly monitoring you and sharing your private life with other people.


Outside cameras

From Dino shore on August 15, 2019 :: 5:58 pm

I live in the country. Closest neighbor is 2 miles away.  Yet EVERY TIME I walk out the front door, the same farmer drives by.  HOW & WHERE could this detection be??


I need help

From Ash on May 28, 2016 :: 11:54 pm

I got a room yesterday night me and my husband and kids my phone was acting crazy picking up frecuencys and the smoke detector just looked different so then I showered and just felt as if I was being watched so I got curious and started looking up makes and models of stuff in the room and somehow it was all linked to the AC including the TV shared test 1 test 2 when you pushed a button cc , so I looked up radio clock TV shower head ND knob and it directed me to some kind of camera I feel very violated and I no one believes me not even the cops I know I’m not crazy I have pictures of everything in that room can someone plz help



From sigh on June 22, 2016 :: 4:15 pm

You could be crazy. Linking a smoke alarm to AC is quite the norm today so you aren’t changing batteries.

You phone was picking up crazy frequencies?  By design, don’t do that so i’m going to need a little more clarification as to what you mean.

I can believe you feel violated but I don’t believe you were being watched.


Not my design

From Pseudo-expert on June 13, 2019 :: 2:58 pm

Why can’t phones pick up crazy frequencies? It’s how our ancestors knew when they were bugged (of their landlines).

So stalkers are always using the same tactic. Attacking the concerned people, and trying to dominate the argument by sounding like an expert. And always trying to make the concerned people like the real stupid ones, who doesn’t know anything about technology, so they are making outrageous allegations. UGH! Shame on you.


Car Camera

From Glenn on June 23, 2016 :: 10:59 am

What kind and where can i get a good dashboard camera for my car?


Canera Detector

From Adrian on July 11, 2016 :: 3:59 pm

What do you think about “VORON Camera Detector”.



From sabuj on July 27, 2016 :: 5:49 am

Hey I trust I dont sound insane however i have a solid wanna say feeling yet is past that.Ill say motivations to accept there are cmaera or as I heard a neighbor say one excessively numerous cameras here in my apartment.One in room and one in kitchen perhaps roof fan.The issue is nobody will trust me yet my aunt.She came over a couple times and she new.My neighbors have tossed feline fieces at my entryway and police have turned out becauese of it.My inquiry is can a camera been sufficiently little to fit behind a glass apparatus up in roof behind glass.But up in glass and still have the capacity to see through whe light swithch is on or off.And shouldn’t something be said about a roof fan.How does a ladies discover this by myself.Is it possible.Thank You Out of Modesto Ca Ashwood Village Apaertments..



From Jack Dorsey on August 05, 2016 :: 4:13 am

Also, when it’s maintanence employee / next door neighbor: just observe their reactions that you naturally hear through thin walls. Easier to hear than a camera’s buzz… and unintelligent spies who know how thin the walls are still forget.

Trouble is whether to remove them until you have found more; then call LE and a lawyer. Payday because some people have no lives and need to spy on others (who may also have no life… hahaha).



From Dawn on August 19, 2016 :: 8:52 am


Hi All,I am embarrassed to

From Amanda Marks on November 15, 2016 :: 9:04 pm

Hi All,

I am embarrassed to say this, but I KNOW there must be a hidden camera/audio recorder in my home. However, I do not even know where to start. The individual/s who would be surveilling me would have the money to have a professional break in my home a set something impressive up.

I have been stalked/tortured for over two years now, and I have to figure this out. The individual gets his kicks out of slandering and defaming me. I called one PI requesting to have my home sweeped, and he never called me back.

I consulted another PI who I am convinced was acquainted with my nemesis and ran back to him. Any suggestions on how I would find a hidden camera/recording device which had been professionally installed.!?!


Almost Identical

From Angel Rose on December 12, 2016 :: 11:03 pm

Hello. I have had many of the same problems as you. How have you been harassed/slandered/tortured in the last few years? Like what things are different that make you know theirs a camera? Because my fiancé and I have felt the same way but no one believes us and we can’t afford a system so we are looking for a very small unnoticible recorder for when gone but that still costs money yet we don’t feel safe either and the landlord won’t fix the scratched up/bent in old door that is unsafe. What have you found out or can do about things? And states may be different. I’m Michigan. Hope to hear from you. we need help too. Thanks and God bless!


Hi, Amanda,

From I'm not a professional on June 13, 2019 :: 1:04 pm

It must’ve been really hard. Are you still feeling like this or did you solve this issue already? And sorry to hear about PI. I’m no expert but installing hidden devices in a house where people live is not an easy job and if you live there, you should be able to notice it. The advice this article gives you is pretty much accurate and if there are other people who are trying to warn you by scaring you, they’re probably trying to make some money out of your fear. (But please note that I’m no expert, I don’t know how the surveillance technology has evolved)

So my point is, if you were already living in this house and you didn’t notice anything, and even after you tried sweeping through your house using detectors, and there’s no hole, no unidentified new things, etc. then you’re probably fine. But if you’re still feeling very nervous, find a very good PI who you can trust and who actually knows how to do these things, and check your home with that person.

Hope it helped and you feel better.


I believe you

From James Rose on August 31, 2020 :: 5:54 pm

This sick psychopath is covert demented..gets his kicks getting over. He is the narrator of “Notes from the Underground”. His genius software technology skills has enlisted him a whole network of DarkWeb Allies/stalking gang minions helping him do his delightful pleasure of causing victims suffering and torture.
Yes that neighbor living behind you that always has his blinds open is working for him, yes that cable guy that came to your house when you disconnected internet service..only to take your router and modem AND REPLACE IT with new ones??oh and new exactly where to steal your spare keys..yes he is part of it. Those friends that been texting with you are also getting paid by him and they gang all have been mirroring access to your cells by CLONING your devices and monitoring you 24/7 taking shifts viewing your 24hr indoor hidden cameras and outdoor - fucken neghbor’s home survelliance system. Luckily you didnt marry this covert narcissistic asswhole and been deceived for over 20 years years while he lead a double life other families, collected a harem on prostitutes on a daily just to get them involved in his whore thugs gang hacking organization.


Why are all comments dated

From James Rose on August 31, 2020 :: 7:07 pm

Why are all comments dated in the past…THIS IS A HACKED DELIBERATE WEBSITE….Carry on


My thoughts 2

From Fired for asking to much on February 24, 2022 :: 1:13 am

A lot of victims. And a large group of f***ed up sickos with issues working together to fuck with people. What the f is your guys problem don’t you have anything better to do then ruin people’s life’s or are you that twisted and from your messed up life you want to hurt others.

bad experience

From Cobol on December 17, 2016 :: 3:13 pm

I had an horrible experience when i discovered cameras and microphones in the ceiling fan of my luxury apartment. I heard yelling and screaming, and threatening comments outside my door after this discovery.
I then had a knock on my door and it was the police who forced there way in my apartment, and out of nowhere said i had a mental illness and needed to be taken to the mental hospital. They did just that against my will, and the doctors at the hospital would not believe me when i told them about the video and audio surveillance going on where i live.
I was forced to take medication against my will, because i became visibly upset. When i was released two weeks later, and got home i discovered an eviction notice at my door. Everything was put back together in my apartment with the ceiling fans. When i took them apart again, i discovered the cameras and microphones were removed.
It turns out i moved into an organized crime community who likes to spy on everybody to protect there criminal operation. This experience has left me permanently on edge. I hope nobody has to go through what i have been through.


Same thing I think

From Angel Rose on December 19, 2016 :: 1:00 pm

My husband and I know there are recording devices in our apartment. We have found some and the owner didn’t seem to care. People come in every time we leave and break things, as well as paint spots to act like they’re there in case they’re caught. The landlord won’t fix anything he said in the beginning and I can’t afford spy cams which if i did, we would win. Have you had any help? Who would you call about landlord laws and such ? I am so lost and he is disabled and we r always mistreated. I need help! Thanks!


Sorry to hear that.

From Laura on March 24, 2018 :: 8:49 pm

Sorry to hear that.  You sound rational and logical so I’m assuming you’re telling the truth.  I went through something similar.  Had proof, and still got sent to the mental hospital by the cops.  In my case it was some hacker guy who I used to live with 10 years ago.  Sad that people automatically assume you’re crazy when you go through this stuff.  He was sending lots of threatening stuff to my computer too at the time, so I really was paranoid.



From Ak on April 09, 2018 :: 3:16 am

I went through the EXACT SAME THING, I would love to speak with you about this so we can both crunch our heads together on a solution.


Please email me im 34

From Lulu on June 16, 2018 :: 10:47 pm

Please email me im 34 f.  This is slowly happening to me.  Its called gang stalking.  Look it up.  Hope to hear from you. Yes its a real email lol


My email is someone

From Lulu on June 16, 2018 :: 10:52 pm

My email is [removed by editor] someone email me please.


well the problem is, in

From Laura Odell on June 16, 2018 :: 11:30 pm

well the problem is, in more 95% of cases, probably more like 99, you’re not actually be gang-stalked, and the majority of people who think they are, are just paranoid, or schizophrenic, so gang-stalking is a pretty good way to make someone look insane to cops, etc. who is actually experiencing that, also not much point going to a psychiatrist for the stress for it, or a counselor, since it’s hard to get emotional support who doubts you are telling the truth, or just flat out doesn’t believe you.  I also saw lots of lulu, lala, lololo, el see, see el, all this “l” type stuff why they were doing this to me.  what a coincidence. delulu, lala land, limited liability company LLC, what a coincidence.

i mean if you want

From Laura Odell on June 16, 2018 :: 11:38 pm

i mean if you want to gangstalk someone because you think they need to be punished for some reason, some revenge thing, or just think it is funny to gangstalk, maybe you have some sort of sadistic personality disorder, whatever, and like to send people to the loony bin, then go in there and harrass them so the staff thing you’re nuts too, i don’t know, it’s actually very effective if you want to ruin someone’s life or reputation or whatever, especially when someone has a disease that causes people to have serious health complications from the drugs they like to pump you up on there, not that i had to take them or anything but i knew i was sick, and that my brain was overreacting to it and i wanted it to go away, even if i have to go through with this being fat, diabetic, whatever it is going on with me for another 5 years or whatever.  By the sounds of it, the guy slandered me to these people stalking me but maybe i’m just imagining it, i definitely felt i was here because people think i needed to punished, and the best thing for me would be as close to death as possible without dying, thanks. i have no idea what’s going on though, all i see is pictures people use to communicate with me which could mean a million different things.

Whats sad is your in

From Lulu on June 16, 2018 :: 11:43 pm

Whats sad is your in denial about ut. I have video of it happening to me. My family is in on it. I live at my fathers amd he has my car bugged my room bugged.  He has people follow me. They tried to poison mytea cup Chihuahua!!!!!! I need a support group ihave no kids and no husband no boyfriend. No friends no job. My real name isn’t lulu i factory reset my phone so i had to make up info to use the thing. Gang stalked is a thing. Look it up.  I dont go to cops OBVIOUSLY.  All i know is i thought i could get some help and guidance here. So when i saw other women going through the same thing as me i had hope.  Btw gang stalking isn’t by a “street gang”  not sure if you even know what im trying to say. Thanks for responding.

There are studies about this

From Laura Odell on June 16, 2018 :: 11:47 pm

There are studies about this and like 99% of people claiming to be gangstalked are schizophrenic.  I’m assuming the psychiatrists and police also know that it’s almost always schizophrenia.  And yes, I know the difference.

bug detector

From james on December 20, 2016 :: 7:37 pm

is it normal for a hidden cam/bug detector to beep/go off when close to ceiling light, fridge/freezer and the roof?


Microcamera Spia

From Telecameraspia on December 27, 2016 :: 8:14 am

As creepy as it sounds, they actually sell these now. They’re cameras disguised as shampoo or body wash bottles. The top half of these sneaky little spy cams is actually a refillable container for legitimate shower gel and the bottom half houses the camera circuitry. They are also advertised as water-resistant, equipped with motion detection and a remote.


The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

From Agent__X01 on January 19, 2017 :: 12:10 pm

1- Big brother uses radio frequencies that are outside the range of detectors available to the public.Thus, you might detected the little brothers only.

2- Buying such devices probably will prompt big brother to put you on one of their myriad of watching lists


Big brother

From Me on August 27, 2017 :: 2:07 pm

My issue has been going on since 2015 I used to be able to hear the feedback squeel until I said it out loud

I’m pretty sure big brother is watching them watch us


Your Mobile Phone Camera Will Detect infra red light.

From Travis Matthew Wells on February 24, 2017 :: 2:53 am

I’m really surprised this wasn’t mentioned. Most hiden cameras use infra red light mot visible to the human eye to illuminate the area being recorded. Turn on your cell phone camera, turn off the flash, walk around the room carefully scanning all areas. The infra red light will be highly visable to your cell phone’s camera and will show up very clearly. It’s usually a purple-like color and very bright. It works better the darker you can make the room. If the room is completely dark it will show up VERY EASILY AND CLEARLY. Not all hidden cams use infra red, but most do.


Oh my! goodness gracious, Ricky Bobby!!!

From Mudda phawka phawka hawd hawd on April 09, 2017 :: 6:48 pm

After reading all the comments, I’d just like to make a couple observational statements that could be of benefit to those willing to listen with understanding. Almost all of you people are straight fucking nuts. The bumbling stupidity and illiteracy combined with an array of mental disorder, appears to possibly reach an overwhelming state, that the term “borderline insane” becomes a logical and common descriptive phrase when you reach the end. I couldn’t help but crack up, by bursting out with laughter. I just couldn’t help myself, and for that I’d like to thank those few fucking morons of the group, whoever the fuck they were. There was one thing mentioned throughout the entire website that has some intellectual and future logical value. In case the future visitors are all completely and utterly clueless or semi-retarded like the visitors commenting above, I will point out this valuable information so it doesn’t go over your heads. I’m talking about the mentioning of infrared commonly coexisting with a significant amount of cameras out there. Infrared can be seen by most cameras, such as your cell phone. Tip: make sure it is dark as possible when using this method to find out that nobody gives a shit about you or what you do with you hands in the shower during your spare time. Reality check your not worth all that effort regardless of who you are, even the special short bus riding group above. Thanks for the laughter, I needed that shit.


borderline insane” becomes a logical and common descriptive phrase

From Acid on July 04, 2017 :: 9:16 pm

Obviously, you are with the “in group” of gang stalkers,  trying very hard to discredit the people in this comment section.

You are a little late.  There are over 300 books by very reliable authors: Doctors, Ex FBI, etc. who certainly dispute your so very clever post. 

Just look up “books on gang stalking” on the web. This should answer many questions for those who are in this very miserable circumstance.


Your my idol. Please email

From Lulu on June 16, 2018 :: 10:59 pm

Your my idol. Please email me..  34 f on east coast.  Going through gang stalking early stages
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


This is the typical stalker strategy.

From Stalker on June 13, 2019 :: 1:40 pm

They type very idiotic things at the comment section when people actually raise concern about being spied, to try to make those people sound like crazy people. It’s their unified tactic. It’s same in any part of the world.

Yep, I was right!

From JAMIE on April 09, 2017 :: 7:01 pm

So after almost 2 1/2 years, I’ve finally found cameras in my Living room ceiling fan, tv’s and mirrors. I filed for divorce last month and my attorney sent someone to sweep the house this week since I kept insisting I was being watched and sure enough, he found them almost immediately!!! Cannot wait to see how this helps my pending divorce case!



From Josh Kirschner on April 10, 2017 :: 11:11 am

You should make sure you protect yourself from the possibility he may have been spying on your phone, computer and electronic accounts, as well.

Here’s our advice on phone spying:

Protecting your email:

And antimalware recommendations for your computer:


Hidden Cameras

From Carol on July 27, 2017 :: 10:00 am

If you have an android phone, Google Play has apps that you can install and use to find hidden cameras.


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