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The Value of Your Facebook Friends

by on April 28, 2013
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You probably make a pretty good friend, right? You’re really supportive when someone’s going through a rough time. You’re always there to be a shoulder to cry on. You’re the first to wish someone “Happy Birthday” on their Facebook wall.

But have you ever wondered what your friendship is really worth? About $174.14, it turns out – at least on Facebook.

Of course, it’s not your besties that are eager to pay for your friendship, its companies and advertising agencies. According to social marketing company Syncapse, brands and businesses know that you’re much more likely to buy something from a company that you actively “like” on Facebook. And according to the report, you’ve never been more valuable.

To calculate your worth, Syncapse tracked more than 2,000 people who liked a company on Facebook, looking into how much they spent and how likely they were to talk positively about products. Those who had liked a brand were 11 percent more likely to continue using it than those who weren’t. And if you like a specific brand of candy bar, then you’re likely to spend 43 percent more on candy in general than the average person.

So, the next time a company asks you to like them on Facebook in exchange for a 20% off coupon, a free sample, or some other token, remember: Don’t sell yourself so cheap! You’re worth so much more to them than that.

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