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Dyson Introduces its New-for-2015 Vacuum and Fan Heater Models

by on February 13, 2015
in Cleaning, News, Health and Home, Blog :: 9 comments

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Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool air multiplying fanDyson is a popular brand around my parents’ house – the love how well the company’s bizarre-looking vacuums performs. This week, they'll be glad to learn that the luxury brand has added three new items to its lineup: the AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, the cordless V6 Absolute vacuum and the filterless Cinetic upright.

The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater acts as a safe alternative to dangerous space heaters in the winter, especially for families with small children. There are no spinning fan blades for little fingers to get pinched by, no exposed heating elements and a fail-safe turn off should it get knocked over on its side. You choose the temperature setting that’s right for the room, and choose whether you’d like a focused, directional airflow or a wider diffused projection that fills the whole room. When things get warmer in the summer, the Dyson AM09 works as a powerful air circulation fan capable of pushing 7 gallons of air per second.

Dyson V6 Absolute with soft roller head

The lightweight (5 lb.), cordless Dyson V6 Absolute vacuum comes with a soft roller cleaner head (shown above) that’s great at picking up large piles of debris from hard floors. When it’s time to clean your carpets, switch it out for the powerful direct-drive cleaner head, with bristles that dig deep. Its HEPA filtration system removes 99.97% of particles, so you know the vacuum isn’t just recycling allergens into the air. When you’re done cleaning, you hang the vacuum on its included docking station to charge its lithium-ion battery. Each full charge nets you about 20 minutes of run time – not a lot, but more than enough to complete the smaller cleanup tasks (like those hard-to-clean hallway steps) the vacuum was meant for.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball upright vacuum being used on carpeting

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy upright, like many of the company’s other uprights, makes the claim that it will never lose suction. That’s because in the Cinetic, there’s no filter to get clogged. It offers whole-machine HEPA filtering, solid performance on any surface (from wood to stone to carpet and more) and easy navigation thanks to the ball-mounted design.

Dyson is a brand known for quality – and for being incredibly expensive. It should come as no surprise, then, that these devices don’t come cheap either. The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool fan heater retails for $499.99 ($439.99 on Amazon), the Dyson V6 portable will cost $599.99 ($319.00 on Amazon), while the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy upright will retail for $699.99 ($569.99 on Amazon). 

[Image credit: Dyson]

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From Home on July 26, 2015 :: 11:12 am

Thank for sharing this informative post


Dyson vacuum is the most

From stevendinh on August 27, 2015 :: 8:09 am

Dyson vacuum is the most prefered portable vacuum cleaner that will get the job done.I am very pleased with the product and the brand.


Vacuum Hardwood Floor Cleaner

From Thomas on September 05, 2015 :: 5:03 pm

I really like the new Lift Away Pro. For about one-third the cost of a Dyson, you get virtually the same performance. Dyson still has an advantage in the quality of the engineering and materials used, but Shark is catching up. Like the two earlier versions of the Navigator, the Lift Away Pro has Pros and Cons.
– Price. You can buy about 3 Lift Away Pros for the cost of one upright Dyson. Cleaning performance is comparable (I have 3 Dysons, so I know).
– Excellent suction. If you have never used a vacuum with suction this good, you are going to be appalled at how much dirt comes out of your carpet. It makes me laugh when I read reviews where people complain about how often they have to empty the dust canister.


Is it a good vacuum cleaner for cars?

From Karl on October 19, 2015 :: 9:46 am

Quick questions - you say that Dyson V6 Absolute is a good portable vacuum. Would you say that it’s good for vacuuming a car though? I think the Dyson V6 Trigger is a better choice for the task because of the size.


Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

From Lar C.Rose on November 04, 2015 :: 4:21 am

I liked this so much when I first bought it, that I bought another one to gift to a friend. But I feel that after a few months of use (maybe 3-4), it’s no longer as powerful, even when fully charged. After fully charging, I feel it’s suction power becomes weaker in less than 20 minutes.

Have a nice day and keep posting!


Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

From Best vacuum for Stairs on December 15, 2015 :: 10:16 am

This little sucker is unbelievable. The power is fantastic, the torque from the motor actually makes the vacuum jump in your hand when you flip the on switch.

I have a couch in my basement that is the favorite place for my two cats to sleep. The couch had so much hair on it that the couch looked grey instead of purple. I spent 5 minutes with the pet hair eraser and the couch was literally hair free. The rubber attachment on the front works way better than motorized brushes that quickly clog with hair.



Great Vacuum

From Sam Raven on March 01, 2016 :: 2:24 am

The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater is a great model. And I agree that Dyson is a brand known for quality and great design however they are incredibly expensive.


Dyson's competitors are worth considering

From Robert Kay on May 12, 2016 :: 4:31 am

I love the Dyson V6 myself but the major drawback is its price. It is a lot of money to spend on a vacuum cleaner that is not suitable as your home’s main vacuum. That is unless you have a small home. The Hoover Air Windtunnel 3 is a great alternative that comes with 2 removable lithium batteries and is able to tackle your entire home. All for a cheaper price. The alternatives are definitely worth considering.


Best vacuum cleaner

From best vacuum for stairs on September 10, 2016 :: 10:32 am

Dyson is the most popular vacuum cleaner for all round performance to clean the home. This new feature is enriched its popularity and top ranked in the vacuum cleaner market. I think one can find a guideline about dyson with new feature. Thanks for informative article.


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