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Krome Photos: Affordable Photo Editing by Pros

by Fox Van Allen on January 24, 2014

Krome photo retouchingMy mother, my father and I – basically my entire family – have become amateur photographers. We didn’t take a huge amount of pictures in the Polaroid era, but now that all our phones have cameras, we’re hooked.

But just because we’re talking a lot of pictures doesn’t mean we’re all good at it. That’s what makes the new Krome Photos service so compelling – it offers professional editing of your photos, which you can download and/or use to create prints and gifts. Don't have an iOS device? You can use the .

Here’s how the service works. Download the free iOS-only Krome app from iTunes or browse to the Krome Photo site. Then choose the shots in your Photo Roll or on your computer that you want to send in for editing.

All retouching is handled by real people – nothing is automated. Basic color-enhancing, cropping, red-eye removal, exposure compensation, sharpening and noise reduction cost $4.99 per photo. The most advanced level of retouching runs $9.99 per photo, offering the removal of skin blemishes, swapping backgrounds, the removal of people or objects – you tell them what to do, and they do it. The least expensive option, the color-enhancing Krome Treatment, runs 10 cents per photo. Photo gifts like framed prints are also available.

Krome is currently offering new customers $10.00 in free credit when they use the iOS app, so you can try the service out for free. To learn more about Krome, visit the company’s website or check out the promotional video below.


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From Editors team on July 26, 2017 :: 12:43 am

Please note!!!!

I am writing on behalf of the editors who have worked a long time in company Krome photo. We saw all the work from the inside and I want to tell you the truth and warn you!!!
The company positions itself as professionals in retouching personal photos but it’s not like that. For the most part, the company employs low-skilled editors from Pakistan of Bangladesh and India (all editors freelancers).
It is necessary in order to not pay money to good editors, not hire good and professional editors, as a result, you get horrible edited images. There are a lot of complaints from customers they are not happy and ask for money back.
But the company will not return the money back to them. They can return intrasystem money and the client again makes an order or asks for redit and again gets a poorly edited image.
The purpose of the company is to take your money, hire a cheap and low-skilled editors and they would edit images.
With every day of orders, fewer and fewer customers are leaving. Good and experienced editors leave the company themselves or the company’s management fired them for different reasons (no loyalty to the company, work outside the company and other reasons).
Ideal editor for the company - editor loves the company and ready 24 hours a day waiting for the order and this editor does not need to pay money.
I, as well as several other editors, were dismissed for working outside the company, despite the fact that no contracts that prohibit work outside the company, we did not sign.
The management of the company did not even begin to talk to us, they simply sent out letters of dismissal and closed the accounts in the system. One editor was pregnant girl from Ukraine.
Do you know how much money the editor gets for retouching one of your images? If you paid for editing a personal image $5 -10$ and more the company will pay the editor 0.8$ - 2$. On average, with your payment of $ 7, the editor will be paid $ 1.2.
And now consider what quality you get for $ 1.2 !!!!
But that is not all!!!

1) The company says that keeps secret the personal image of customers and ensures safety but it’s not like that. You can see your personal picture anywhere and especially on personal pages and editors portfolio and also in social networks.
2) Paid App Krome + is a fraud, they mislead people. People think that this is an automatic application and no longer need to pay but they are wrong. The price of the app simply includes a discount and the customer will still pay money again and again.
3) Project managers and support do not work properly with customers. Very often the original image has a poor quality the selected background does not work with the original image but no one will tell you about this. Because the main goal of the company is to take money from the customer and do the job anyhow, no matter the quality of.

I can tell you a lot more about the company Krome but I think that this is enough information to what you have learned the truth. Do not trust this company your photos. Otherwise, lose your money nerves and time.
If you want a beautiful image and creativity is better to find another company with experienced editors where they will communicate with you and give advice how to make your images beautiful. This kind of creativity is an individual process.

Thank you for reading this letter.



From Luis Herrera on November 03, 2020 :: 8:41 pm

so are you avaialable , we need our photos done up



From kyliewest on April 24, 2019 :: 9:38 am

You Cover this article very nicely. Check my baby pic editor app link below:


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