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How to Record a Call to Customer Service

by Fox Van Allen on August 14, 2014

Record button on computerThere have been a lot of stories about how terrible Comcast’s customer service is lately. It all started when a frustrated Comcast customer recorded his ill-fated attempt to cancel service via the worst customer service agent ever. Another customer recorded a video after being put on hold by the company for over 3 hours. And yet a third found it impossible to get $182 in bogus fees refunded until he replayed a past customer service call where he was promised he wouldn’t be charged.

Sadly, it seems like recording your calls with the cable company is the only way to keep it honest and ensure good service. So before you make your next call, consider trying one of the following services to create a record of it. Hopefully you won’t need to ever use it, but these days, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Note: In some areas, it is illegal to record a phone call without letting the other party know the call is being recorded. So before you hit that record button, be sure to let the person you're talking to know that you’re recording the conversation.

For Android

If you’re calling from an Android device, check out the Automatic Call Recorder app. It allows you to record all your calls, or just calls you make to certain contacts (like the cable company, natch). Recordings can be saved directly to your phone, or to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can download the free Automatic Call Recorder app on Google Play.

For iPhone

If you prefer the Apple iPhone to Android, check out the ipadio app. It requires a little bit of work to use – you’ll need to call a local ipadio number first; then you’ll need call the cable company and merge the two. The audio will then be recorded to your ipadio account, which can be accessed online. You can only record for an hour with ipadio, so you better hope they don’t put you on hold for 3 hours too!

You can download the free ipadio app on the Apple App Store.

On your computer

If you don’t have an unlimited number of minutes on your phone plan, you might want to call customer service using your computer instead. We like Skype for making calls – so long as you’re calling a toll-free number, the Skype call will be free. Otherwise, the pay-per-call prices are cheap – less than 5 cents to place the call and about 2.5 cents per minute (a 3 hour call would cost about $4.20).

Windows users should check out the MP3 Skype Recorder for capturing audio. It starts recording automatically whenever you use Skype. You can download it for free at so long as you’re using it for non-commerical, personal use.

If you're a Mac user, try the free Callnote Call Recorder instead. It records audio, lets you create and edit call notes, and upload the resulting file to the cloud via Dropbox. You can download the app for free at

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From Killian Lori on August 14, 2014 :: 2:25 pm

I had to wonder about the legality of recording conversations?  While it may provide proof of the conversation…. I’m wondering if you would need to inform the person the call is being recorded just as we are told this is done on most lines.  Although they claim it is for “training” purposes… it’s also for legal protection.



From Suzanne Kantra on August 14, 2014 :: 3:16 pm

Yes, to be safe, you should always inform the person that you’re recording the conversation.



From Maureen Kelly on August 14, 2014 :: 2:41 pm

I prefer chatting with customer service because then I have a written record of exactly what was said. This has been invaluable to me when handling various disputes. There is nothing more satisfying then when someone tells me I misunderstood to drop the entire previous conversation into their chat window and ask what exactly did I misunderstand?? I win every time I complain. One thing I make sure to do each and every time I *chat* is I repeat their answer and ask if I got that correct. I make them say yes that is right. So when they don’t follow through I have it all in chat what my expectations of them were. It is very effective. Not to mention I am never struggling to understand someone’s accent.



From kd on August 18, 2014 :: 3:27 am

I downloaded the software and after 2 days Norton Security removed it as malware. I then scanned with malwarebytes and it found more of it.
Please don’t recommend software without testing it first.



From Suzanne Kantra on August 18, 2014 :: 10:53 am

Did you use the link we provided to download the software?

The MP3 Skype software was one suggested on the Skype site as a 3rd party app for recording Skype calls. Then, I tested the software on my Windows 8 machine before we published the story. And, like you, I use Norton. However, I haven’t had any issues with malware since the installation.

To double check, I just installed the software on a second machine with Norton and ran Malwarebytes and came up clean again.



From Killian Lori on August 18, 2014 :: 11:49 am

I have it on my phone and desktop and neither Malwarebytes or my virus found it harmful.



From Shefali on March 10, 2022 :: 8:51 am

Really this is the best site I have ever seen, keep going and for providing us with this great informative stuff.


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