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How to Connect Blackweb Headphones & Earbuds to Bluetooth

by on February 08, 2019
in Music and Video, Home Audio, Speakers, Headphones, Tips & How-Tos, Tech 101 :: 134 comments

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Blackweb are a brand of inexpensive headphones and earbuds sold by Walmart. If you're having trouble figuring out how to connect your Blackweb headphones to Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on pairing mode for your Blackweb headphones
  2. Find your Blackweb headphones on your phone or laptop and pair them
  3. Confirm successful pairing
  4. Troubleshoot your Bluetooth connection.

1. Turn on pairing mode for your Blackweb headphones

Blackweb headphones and earbuds typically share the same button for Power On/Off and Bluetooth pairing. If you press and hold the button for two seconds, the headphones will power on and you'll see a flashing blue light. Hold the button for five seconds and you'll see the light alternately flash between red and blue — this indicates the headphones are now in pairing mode.

2. Find your Blackweb headphones on your phone or laptop and pair them

Android. Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth. In Bluetooth click “Pair new device”. When you see your Blackweb headphones come up in the list, tap it and it should be paired with your phone.

iPhone. Go to Settings and then Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth. Look for your Blackweb headphones under “OTHER DEVICES” and tap on it to connect.

MacOS. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth. Select your Blackweb headphones from the list, then click Connect. If asked, click Accept.

Windows 10. Open “Bluetooth & other devices” in the System Settings either by clicking on your Bluetooth button in the tool bar and selecting “Show Bluetooth devices”. If the Bluetooth button is hidden, you'll find it under the upward arrow on the task bar at the bottom of your display (see below).

Bluetooth button on Windows 10

When the Add a device window comes up, click “Bluetooth”. Look for your Blackweb headphones in the list and tap on it to connect. Alternatively, search for “Bluetooth” in your Windows search box. When the Bluetooth & other devices window comes up, make sure Bluetooth is on then click “Add Bluetooth or other device” and select your device from the list.

3. Confirm successful pairing

When you have successfully paired your Blackweb headphones to your phone or laptop, the LED on your headphones will stop blinking and you should hear an audio confirmation that your device is paired (either a tone or voice confirmation).

4. Troubleshooting your Bluetooth connection

If you have followed the steps above and your device still isn’t pairing, try the steps in our detailed guide on how to fix Bluetooth pairing problems.

And if you're ready to ditch your Blackweb headphones entirely, take a look at our pick for the best Bluetooth headphones under $50.

[Image credits: Walmart, Techlicious]

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From Nate Cooper on June 22, 2019 :: 11:24 am

When I try pairing my earbuds to my laptop it asks me for a pin. Where can I find this pin it asks me for?


Try forgetting and reparing

From Josh Kirschner on June 24, 2019 :: 1:02 pm

Go to your laptop Bluetooth settings and look at your “Previously connected devices”. Are the Blackweb headphones there? If so, click the settings icon and hit “Forget”. Then turn off your Blackweb headphones and turn them back on in pairing mode. Did that fix it?


No able to pair

From Demetruis on December 28, 2019 :: 4:33 pm

Ibe tried for 2 days. Your option isnt working. Tried code 0000, 1111, 1234. Nothing is working


You shouldn't be getting a code at all

From Josh Kirschner on December 28, 2019 :: 5:44 pm

If you’re seeing a code, something isn’t working. Did you “forget” them in your device then turn off the earbuds and turn them back on in pairing mode (hold for 5 seconds until flashing). Did that fix it?

Pairing BT Ear buds to Any device

From Scotty B on June 30, 2020 :: 12:06 am

I was trying to get mine to pair to my PS3 and could never get them to pair. Until I seen on here that someone said try pin or code numbers 0000,1111 or 1234. First time I tried I put in 0000 and hit ok and it paired on the first try. I also had the same problem pairing them with my Chromebook Laptop W/ Win/10/OS And it too was pin 0000 and paired on first try. These BT 🎧 I have are BT/Earbud/18LY48. So I hope this was helpful I know it was for me and Thank you again whoever it was that posted to try those codes.

BT pin

From random user on January 07, 2023 :: 11:28 pm

The universal code is 0000. Use that and it should pair.


From Gene brocke on April 27, 2020 :: 11:07 pm

It’s telling me I have to put a code in I read the comments and I’ve tried what you told other people to do but it’s not working it will show up on my phone but not work I’d appreciate it if you got back to me soon thank you.



From Lee on May 19, 2020 :: 3:35 pm

I can’t connect my blackweb earpod to my phone


Same here.

From Tj Sickels on August 30, 2019 :: 10:36 pm

Same here.



From Joseph on September 10, 2019 :: 11:00 am

while headset is off, press and hold power button for 5 seconds. This will turn on, and put in pairing moved. It bypasses the pin.



From Sonia on September 24, 2019 :: 1:52 pm

I had gotten a new phone and I tried to hook up blackweb wireless headphones and it asked for a passcode. 
0000, 1234,1111 never worked but as you said, power off, hold for 5 seconds and automatically its working..


Thank you!

From Tom on November 03, 2019 :: 10:46 am

5sec worked!  Thanks so much


From Pork chop on October 05, 2019 :: 1:26 pm

this one worked out just fine. My device was asking for a pen and couldn’t find it and when the blackweb is off press hold for 5 seconds and yes it did connect. Thanks


Life saver

From James on December 03, 2019 :: 8:58 pm

I have been trying to connect these for 2 hours and I cant. I was gonna give and return them but I came upon this site. I read Joseph’s comment and immediately tried it. It finally said pairing mode on and i connected it and it works. Thanks Joseph.


5 seconds

From Amanda DeVoogd on February 03, 2020 :: 4:16 pm

Thanks so much. It worked!


It Worked

From Mike Szewczyk on May 20, 2020 :: 8:53 am

Thank you for putting that comment on here.  I have been struggling with getting them connected to my laptop and this absolutely worked! Thanks again!

Just make sure to keep the button held down after the voice says “power on” and it will say “blue-tooth pairing”


Pairing BT Earbud 18LY48 With Sony PS3

From Scotty B on June 30, 2020 :: 12:17 am

Just put in the code 0000 for Sony PS3,PS4 And also for Windows 10 OS. So Start by holding down the middle button on the Earbuds for about 4 seconds until you see Earbuds flashing Red then Blue. Next go to the PS3 or 4 settings under Pair Bluetooth Device and click that then it will say scan for Device hit that and you’ll see your Earbuds come up on the screen as BT Earbud 18LY48 click on that and it will ask for a code or pin and put in 0000 which is usually always the code but if it doesn’t work then try 1111 and last 1234. It’s most likely always going to be 0000.


Pairing more than one device

From John on June 28, 2019 :: 11:32 pm

Can I pair my Blsckweb headphones to two different devices?



From Josh Kirschner on July 01, 2019 :: 5:56 pm

You should be able to pair your headphones to multiple devices. You obviously can’t pair and listen to more than one device at the same time, though.


My Blackweb wireless earbuds

From John Fink on July 05, 2019 :: 2:48 pm

I cannot pair my earbuds to more than one device at a time. And I need it to be able to connect to two different android phones. Please help if I can get this resolved soon I won’t have to make a trip to Walmart for no reason.


They may not be compatible with multipoint

From Josh Kirschner on July 10, 2019 :: 11:20 am

Not all Bluetooth headphones offer multipoint compatibility (the ability to connect to two devices at the same time). Typically, the cheaper ones don’t. I can’t find any information in Blackweb’s documentation about supporting multipoint, so I would assume that they don’t.

Won't turn on

From Konnor on January 03, 2020 :: 3:30 pm

How do I get these on they won’t turn on or charge


Can I use just one

From Island Girl on June 30, 2019 :: 4:33 pm

Can I use just one earbud? Seems dangerous not being able to hear what’s going on around you.


If you want.

From Josh Kirschner on July 01, 2019 :: 6:04 pm

Yes, you can always just use one earbud if you want for safety, but you’re probably better of getting a pair of bone conduction headphones. That will give you stereo sound, while still being able to hear all the noises around you. I’m a big fan of the Trekz Air headphones. They’re $119.95 on Amazon or


How to call out

From Jesse Fussell on July 01, 2019 :: 11:06 pm

I recently purchased a Blackweb ear buds for my I phone. Had no problem with pairing. How do you make an outbound call with them?


You can't make an outbound call through the headphones

From Josh Kirschner on July 03, 2019 :: 1:31 pm

You can’t make outbound calls with the headphones. Once paired, to make calls you dial on the iPhone as you normally would (or ask Siri to make the call), then you can use your headphones for the audio and mic (assuming you bought a pair that includes a built-in mic). For inbound calls, you press the button on the headphones to answer.



From malena on July 04, 2019 :: 4:47 pm

can’t pair with my iphone.  It tells me to make sure my earbuds are turned on.  They are.  and they are blinking.  I’ve reset everything.  Still nothing. Help


help. Pairing devices

From Shannon on July 10, 2019 :: 9:54 am

You need to go under Apps and go to your Google app and erase cache.


Go to your iPhone Bluetooth

From Josh Kirschner on July 10, 2019 :: 11:09 am

Go to your iPhone Bluetooth settings and look at “My Devices”. Are the Blackweb headphones there? If so, click the settings “i” icon and hit “Forget This Device”. Then turn off your Blackweb headphones and turn them back on in pairing mode. Did that fix it?


No se emparejan mis auriculares blackweb

From Fernando on July 10, 2019 :: 9:41 pm

Compre mis auriculares blackweb modelo BWD19AAH06 pero no logro emparejarlos, solo se escucha el del lado derecho, Busco reseteartlos como salieron de fabrica pero no se como, ademas busco en mi Android la configuracion de Bluetoot para borrar la memoria caché pero no me aparece como aplicacion,hpuedes ayudarme?


i can´t pair my earphones blackweb

From Fernando on July 10, 2019 :: 9:45 pm

I bought my blackweb earphones model BWD19AAH06 but I can not pair them, only the right side is heard, I look to reset them as they left the factory but I do not know, I also look in my Android Bluetooth configuration to clear the cache but it does not appear as an application , can you help me?


Try these steps

From Josh Kirschner on July 12, 2019 :: 2:47 pm

Go to your Android Bluetooth settings and, if you see the Blackweb earbuds, click the gear icon to “forget” them. Then turn off your earbuds and turn them back on in pairing mode (hold for 5 seconds until flashing). Did that fix it?


right earphone

From Francisco Pena on February 25, 2022 :: 9:42 pm

I have been trying to connect them for a week, and still not working.  I can only hear the right one.  Nothing from left.
have unpaired, have deleted them from android phone and nothing still.  I can only hear it from right ear nothing from left.

Can't get text messages

From Jerry t on July 13, 2019 :: 7:25 pm

I can get phone calls, listen to music, and my GPS map gives me directions
but can not get it to receive Text messages.  Can you help


Wired connection not working!

From Shay R on July 21, 2019 :: 11:46 am

Everytime I try to use the wired connection cord my blackweb hphone a004 shuts off and wont power back on until i remove the cord! What do i do??



From Nana on July 26, 2019 :: 7:51 am

I hear music from some source in the background when trying to pair to my ipad. Nothing is running but cannot stop this music.



From Mateo Saypack on August 04, 2019 :: 4:53 pm

So i have an android,a galaxy j3 starr. Just bought the headphones, no matter what i do they wont show up in the menu to pair, how can i fix this?


I have done everything listed

From Chey on August 10, 2019 :: 8:48 pm

I have done everything listed and every bit of resting but nothing is working I can not get my earphones to pair to my phone it keeps asking for a pin and everything i put in isnt working



From Chey on August 10, 2019 :: 8:51 pm



Did you try forgetting them in your phone?

From Josh Kirschner on August 13, 2019 :: 5:16 pm

Go to your Android Bluetooth settings and, if you see the Blackweb earbuds, click the gear icon to “forget” them. Then turn off your earbuds and turn them back on in pairing mode (hold for 5 seconds until flashing). Did that fix it?


Can’t hear music

From Margaret Meulemans on August 16, 2019 :: 9:01 pm

Okay, so I just got the blackweb wireless earphones and when I first connected them to my iPad, they connected but I put on some music and I did not hear anything. So I connected them to my iphone and the music worked. Please tell me what’s wrong or what I should do because I need this to work for school since my headphone jack is broken.


Black Web Earbuds

From Donna on August 20, 2019 :: 10:42 pm

I got the Black Web Earbuds as a gift but the instructions were not with them.  I can not figure out where the volume button is. 
Please Help!
Thank you,  D.


Depends on the model

From Josh Kirschner on August 22, 2019 :: 11:45 am

Volume controls vary by model. However, if you’re having trouble finding them, I’m assuming that you have the Blackweb True Wireless earbuds. If that’s the case, there is no volume button, you control the volume through your phone or other device that you have the earbuds paired with.



From Diana Garrison on February 15, 2020 :: 8:46 pm

I’ve been using them fine for months. Now it just flashes red and blue. When I charge looks like it’s charging but when I go to use it and turn it the blue and red lights just keep flashing??



From Ella Logan on March 30, 2020 :: 9:49 pm

Mine flashes red and blue but I don’t know why and it is not pooping up in settings

I was wrong!

From Josh Kirschner on August 22, 2019 :: 12:23 pm

The True Wireless Earbuds do have volume controls.  You press the left earbud 2x to increase the volume and the right earbud 2x to decrease the volume.

Here is the Blackweb True Wireless Earbuds (BWD19AAH) user manual for your reference.


Cant pair to new phone

From Wanda Martin on February 21, 2020 :: 5:55 pm

I got my BT 18ly48 earbuds for Christmas and paired them easily to my note8 then got a new phone Samsung Galaxy A50 but cant seem to get them to pair to my new phone. I’ve tried unpairing them from my old phone. When I scan for them with my A50 they’re not even on the list. Can you give me any advice please.


need help

From alexis on August 21, 2019 :: 12:27 am

they worked fine then they stopped connecting I pressed every button on then as possible to find out what happened the light went blue and now its popping up on my painting device as bk3260dm-beken and for a pin I tried the pins it gave me an nothing I really liked these headphone and hope they weren’t a waste of money pleas help me reconnect them I’ve reset my bluetooth and all the other steps but nothing is working


Try resetting the connection on your phone.

From Josh Kirschner on August 22, 2019 :: 11:46 am

Go to your Android Bluetooth settings and, if you see the Blackweb earbuds, click the gear icon to “forget” them. Then turn off your earbuds and turn them back on in pairing mode (hold for 5 seconds until flashing). Did that fix it?


I paired my ear buds

From Steven Gray on August 21, 2019 :: 6:27 pm

I paired my ear buds but only one will play music at a time what an I doing wrongif I push one side the music plays on that side but not pt the other side


Sounds like you connected both the phone instead of to each other

From Josh Kirschner on August 22, 2019 :: 12:19 pm

The first thing you need to do is pair the earbuds to each other, then you pair them to the phone. Best to start from scratch. Go into your phone to “forget” the earbuds. then try the steps in the Blackweb True Wireless Earbuds user manual.


What you need to do

From Michael Chandler on December 11, 2019 :: 1:26 am

What you need to do is pull out the other one and hold the button until it turns on by its self bro, you might need to force pairing mode on the headphone and manually initiate a connection from the device. Hope this helps you out.


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