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How to Connect Mpow Headphones, Earbuds & Speakers to Bluetooth

by Josh Kirschner on February 11, 2019

Mpow offers a variety of headphone, earbud and bluetooth speaker models and the Bluetooth pairing process is relatively similar for all of them, so if you're having trouble figuring out how to connect your Mpow device to Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on pairing mode for your Mpow headphones or speaker
  2. Find your Mpow device on your phone or laptop and pair them
  3. Confirm successful pairing
  4. Troubleshoot your Bluetooth connection.

These should work for the Mpow Flame, Mpow D7, Mpow H5, Mpow 059Mpow R3, and Mpow Bass, as well as most other models not listed.

1. Turn on pairing mode for your Mpow headphones, earbuds or speaker

Most Mpow headphones and earbuds use a shared "MFB" [Multi-function Button] for Power On/Off and Bluetooth pairing, sometimes labeled "MPOW". Press the “MPOW” button for about 5 seconds until the LED begins flashing red and blue. Some Mpow headsets and speakers will go into pairing mode automatically when turned on, if not already paired to a device, and may just flash with a blue light.

2. Find your Mpow device on your phone or laptop and pair them

Android. Go to Settings and turn on Bluetooth. In Bluetooth click “Pair new device”. When you see your Mpow headphones or speaker come up in the list, tap it and it should be paired with your phone. If it asks for a code, enter "0000".

iPhone. Go to Settings and then Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth. Look for your Mpow headphones under “OTHER DEVICES” and tap on it to connect. If it asks for a code, enter "0000".

MacOS. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth. Select your Mpow headphones from the list, then click Connect. If asked, click Accept.

Windows 10. Open “Bluetooth & other devices” in the System Settings either by clicking on your Bluetooth button in the tool bar and selecting “Show Bluetooth devices”. If the Bluetooth button is hidden, you'll find it under the upward arrow on the task bar at the bottom of your display (see below).

Bluetooth button on Windows 10

When the Add a device window comes up, click “Bluetooth”. Look for your Mpow headphones in the list and tap on it to connect. Alternatively, search for “Bluetooth” in your Windows search box. When the Bluetooth & other devices window comes up, make sure Bluetooth is on then click “Add Bluetooth or other device” and select your device from the list.

3. Confirm successful pairing

When you have successfully paired your Mpow headphones to your phone or laptop, the LED on your headphones will stop blinking.

4. Troubleshooting your Bluetooth connection

If you have followed the steps above and your device still isn’t pairing, try clearing your existing paired devices and re-pair your headphones or speaker. You can do this either by long pressing the MFB button while charging until the blue light flashes 3 times or by holding down the MFP and Volume + buttons for four seconds (which one works varies by model). If this doesn't work, get more ideas in our detailed guide on how to fix Bluetooth pairing problems.

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[Image credits: Mpow, Techlicious]


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No one can hear me

From Teresa Gray on April 24, 2020 :: 11:30 am

I have bought MPOW Bluetooth headset audio wireless to work from home due to the current situation. When I dial out, people can hear me but I can’t hear anyone. What am I doing wrong?


Volume button?

From Josh Kirschner on April 24, 2020 :: 12:27 pm

You don’t say what type of device your headphones are connected with, but it sounds like you either have a simple issue with your volume being turned down or the device (PC?) is outputting audio to the wrong output, which you can check in your sound settings.


Not able to paired my wireless headphones with my iPod and iPhone

From Cruznei on April 27, 2020 :: 11:07 pm

I have tried your suggestions attempting to pair my mpow wireless headphones with my iPod and my iPhone without success. Does this product work with iPhone or iPod?


Should work fine with iOS devices

From Josh Kirschner on April 28, 2020 :: 10:51 am

There shouldn’t be any issue paring Mpow headphones with Apple devices. They all use the same Bluetooth protocols. What is the specific problem you’re seeing?


Mpow headsets don’t paired up with my iPhone or iPod

From Cruznei on May 03, 2020 :: 2:22 pm

I use the headsets with my Lenovo laptop without any problem but when I try to connect to my iPod or iPhone they simply don’t connect, and I make sure the headsets are not paired with any other device

What could be the problem?


Multi devices

From Jim on April 30, 2020 :: 1:55 pm


I have a set of MPOW flame ear buds and I am trying to connect two devices at the same time, much like I can on my MPOW headset and BOSE earbuds, however whenever i try it fails, I have gone through the steps in the article and cleared my Bluetooth list, which was annoying as I had to re connect to everything else I didn’t think I had so many Bluetooth devices.

Thanks in advance


Why we have to press

From Wen on May 01, 2020 :: 9:31 pm

Why we have to press the MFB button while charging?


Flashing blue all the time

From Alex on May 26, 2020 :: 1:44 pm

Hi I have the mpow t6 earbuds and they seem to work fine. The reason I bought them is my wife is a very light sleeper anyway they keep flashing blue all the time about once every 5 seconds. Is there a way of stopping this that anyone knows of please?
Very Grateful


M pow 6 pairing but no audio from my phone

From Gill Hodder on May 27, 2020 :: 7:24 am

I am having trouble with connection to my Huawei P20 phone following latest charge of my ear buds. They are showing as connected but I am getting no audio through buds. I have unpaired and then paired them again. I have uninstalled the application (Audible) and reinstalled it. It is playing through the phone’s speaker but not through my buds. I had no trouble prior to the last charge. The buds are working perfectly with my tablet. And despite being 69 I have not tried to connect them with Bluetooth enabled on any other devices at the same time. Can anybody help?


didn't work for me

From Amber Taylor on May 31, 2020 :: 3:27 pm

I did the mfb and the + most of my computer can’t find the device and that is after waiting a full two mins or more, once I did get it paired and connected and could not hear ANY computer sounds being mad, couldn’t call out with it on the computer, NOTHING, I just think it’s a piece of crap, I’ve turned it on and off so many times, totally shut down other devices so that there was no competition for pairing still nothing.


Can’t figure out how to activate the mic on my mpow h1 headphones

From Alex on June 12, 2020 :: 10:37 am

I have searched the entire web and can’t find anything on how to use the mic for my mpow h1 headphones, what should I do


Here's how to use the Mpow mic

From Josh Kirschner on June 12, 2020 :: 11:48 am

The microphone should turn on automatically when paired to your phone and you answer a call using the center button with the little phone symbol on it. Note that the microphone will only work when the headphones are in wireless mode, not when connected via an audio cable.

I couldn’t find a user manual for the Mpow H1, but I am pretty sure there is no option to have the microphone always on, say if you wanted to use it as a gaming headphone and mic - you would need to buy a different gaming headset for that.



From Alex on June 12, 2020 :: 11:51 am

Thank you



From Tim Campbell on July 03, 2020 :: 11:12 am

Hi When When using may iphone 7 to speak to someone on the wireless headset they complain that they are getting an echo of there voice, what am I doing wrong please?


mpow2.4ghz wireless gaming headset ,power wont turn off.

From christopher smith on August 24, 2020 :: 10:23 pm

Mic light and power button lights are always on,idid not charge headphones right out the box,i only use the wire,and i did not pair them to my pc yet,i cannot turn them off.PLEASE HELP HOW DO I RESET THEM.


Keeps pairing and disconnecting

From Toby on September 01, 2020 :: 2:20 pm

Hi, I’m having an issue, the headphones mpow keep pairing connected and after 5 seconds disconnect, and the process repeats itself, how can I fix this?


got replacement

From felipe on September 23, 2020 :: 12:41 pm

got a replacement for a similar issue.. you should contact mpow support


same issue of Toby: Keeps pairing and disconnecting

From Felipe Forero on September 04, 2020 :: 2:13 am

I bought two M9 headsets this week. My intention was that my wife and I could use this M9 that looks amazing, for our classes and work online.
However, M9 seems to not work properly in my Windows 10 laptop:
- After I connect the device, one of them starts saying “disconnected” and the other one says “power on”. Then both say.. connected. And after 5 seconds again one of them goes “disconnected” and the other one says “power on”. And this can happen as many times as I have them “connected”.
- When I got to have both connected without this annoying behavior, the people on the other side of the call can’t understand what I’m saying. They can only hear fractions of what I’m trying to tell.
- This happens with both headsets I bought in my laptop.

What can I do?


Video is lagging behind the audio MPOW H19 IPO

From Jara-Lynn on September 05, 2020 :: 12:22 pm

I have the MPOW H19 IPO hooked up to PC with Windows 10. The sound is awesome however if it is a video I am watching, the the video seems to be dragging seconds behind the audio. I find this very annoying!
There is someone else in this household that also has a pair they are using on a MAC and this is not an issue with them.
I went to the web site for updates but got flagged there was a Trojan on the site.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


That doesn't sound like a Mpow issue

From Josh Kirschner on September 08, 2020 :: 4:45 pm

If the video is lagging, that is almost certainly an issue with the video service you’re accessing, your WiFi connection or the PC hardware not supporting fast enough processing. It doesn’t sound like an issue with the headphones since I don’t see anyway they would cause video to lag.


First I goofed - it is the audio that is lagging!

From Jara-Lynn on September 08, 2020 :: 7:38 pm

There is someone else in this house that has the same headphones as me and they are using a MAC. He does not have these issues that I am having with the PC.
Audio is lagging behind the video (not the video lagging).


cant find MPOW H7

From Taz on September 13, 2020 :: 1:41 pm

I cant find MPOW H7 in my “add a device” section on my windows10 computer even if my headphones are in Pairing mode. is there a fix? I bought them a month ago and have been working fine until now


Blue Tooth to my Iphone

From Harold on September 14, 2020 :: 7:38 am

I initially couldn’t get my new speaker to pair….although the instructions (sparse at best) did mention it…..your speaker or earbuds need to be fully charged to pair.  As soon as my speaker was on charge for 4-5 hours, it paired quickly and easily to my IPhone, just by using the Blu Tooth setting on my phone….it’s a nice little speaker!


Mpow M30

From Moris on September 27, 2020 :: 7:41 pm

Need to know if they are Multipoint.
Can i connect a Phone for calls an a tablet for music.


Only connects as headphones

From Mr Rupert W Cantello on October 09, 2020 :: 5:39 am

Hi, My HC5,s will only show as headphones on my Windows 10 Samsung PC rather than a handsfree device and so I cannot use the mic. Is this a Bluetooth problem, ie do I need to get a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle or am I missing something else?


Mic Problems

From HC5 on a Mac on October 16, 2020 :: 5:29 pm

Thank you for any help. I just purchased the HC5 bluetooth headset. It worked perfectly for two days. I primarily use it through TCN, an online phone system my company uses to record phone calls. Today I did two things different. I was listening to iTunes, then would pause it to make or take a call. I was using the pause/play button to do that. Once I accidentally hit it twice and it said mute on, hit it again and it said mute off. Still, working fine. I logged out my computer for lunch and came back, the first call no one could hear me through TCN. I tried unpairing and preparing. I tried shutting the computer down and restarting. But I was still having complaints of barely hearing me or people not hearing me. When I go into sound settings, I have the input volume all the way up, but I have to yell to get the meter to register sound. When I go to internal mic, a pin drop makes the meter go all the way. I am not 100% sure, but I think the meter was going all the way up before I started having these problems.

Please any help is appreciated. I have a MacBook pro, 2013 with BT 4.0, but the headset is 5.0.


Pairing problem, troubleshooting hasn't helped.

From Sarah Woolley on October 30, 2020 :: 8:50 pm

I received my ear pods today but only the right pod flashed red and blue. I went through the pairing process and soon discovered that only the right pod works. I’ve tried resetting the pods,restarting my phone and ‘forgetting’ the Bluetooth device. I’m really not sure what to try next….


Pairing problem, troubleshooting hasn't helped.

From Sarah Woolley on October 31, 2020 :: 4:07 am

I received my ear pods today but only the right pod flashed red and blue. I went through the pairing process and soon discovered that only the right pod works. I’ve tried resetting the pods,restarting my phone and ‘forgetting’ the Bluetooth device. I’m really not sure what to try next….


Is Mpow Restricted To Certain Bluetooth Devices

From Les Jones on November 01, 2020 :: 10:51 am

I Have A Pair Of Sony MDR-1RBT Headhones,Sony A7R IV Camera & Various Makes Of Mobile Phones Which Can Use Bluetooth, I Can Pair With Any Mobile Phones And Any Make Without Any Problems. My Phoes See May Camera.So I Ask Is This Mpow Restricted In Only Seeing Certain blutooth Devices ie Mpow Make.This Device Will Not Discover Anything Else I allow To Pair.So Has The Makers Restriced Devices. My Pc Cannot Discover Any Bluetooth Device, Yes I Have Re-Installed the BT drivers Yes I Have Rebooted The PC. I Am Running Windows 7 32bit And The Bluetooth Icon Is Being Displayed On The Task Bar And I Have Tried using “Show bluetooth Devices”,“Add Device”,“Open Settings” Etc But 1 Thing Works And That Is Turn Adapter Off Or On.
My Mobiles Cannot See The Mpow BT Device, I Can See The Device In The Device Manager & If I Remove The Device It Disappears & Reappears When Installed.



From Samantha Amos on November 16, 2020 :: 6:28 pm

How can I tell if my headset is in mute mode? Is there an audible beep that will sound or does the light flash differently? I’m not sure how long to press the MFB button.


Auto swapping devices

From Gavin on November 18, 2020 :: 6:48 am

Hi, I’ve successfully paired my headset with my laptop and iPhone, however if i’m on a call via the laptop and a call comes in on the iPhone, the headset automatically disconnects from the call I’m on.

Is there a way to stop this? It’s rendering them unusable for both devices.


Try changing the iOS accessibility settings

From Josh Kirschner on November 18, 2020 :: 11:54 am

If you have iOS 13, you can resolve this by changing the setting in the iPhone’s accessibility menu. Go to settings->accessibility->touch->call audio routing and change your setting to “Bluetooth headset”. Then when a call comes in to your iPhone, it won’t automatically switch to your Bluetooth headset unless you answer the call.



From Brendan on November 29, 2020 :: 9:30 pm

Hey I lost my mpow earbuds and I have looked everywhere. Any chance who could help me find it in some way. Thanks


Problem with mpow m10

From Abdelrahman on December 05, 2020 :: 7:11 pm

My mpow m10 suddenly became slow in connection with my phone it takes about 15 seconds to connect or to disconnect
And only one side works and the other i hear disconnected (some times the left one work and when i disconnect or unpair and connect the right one work)


Problem with mpow m10

From Abdelrahman on December 05, 2020 :: 7:25 pm

My mpow m10 suddenly became slow in connection with my phone it takes about 15 seconds to connect or to disconnect
And only one side works and the other i hear disconnected (some times the left one work and when i disconnect or unpair and connect the right one work)



From Tony Felix on December 06, 2020 :: 2:06 pm

Hello, first I want to say my new M30 works really well. No problems pairing and everyone can hear me and I can hear them really good.

I was wondering though, if there was a way to use them as a type of hearing aid?

When they are in my ears people trying to talk to me are muffled.

I think they would be great hearing aids


You can with an app on your phone

From Josh Kirschner on December 08, 2020 :: 2:20 pm

If you search the Google or Apple App markets for “hearing aid app” or similar, you’ll find a number of apps that allow you to use your phone as a hearing aid, transmitting surrounding sounds to your headphones. We haven’t tested them, so I can’t recommend a specific one, but many are free so you can just try a few out.



From Jonathan on December 17, 2020 :: 10:03 pm

I am trying to pair up with a mp3 player. The farthest I get is when I hear a “paring” voice than it is stuck loading. What do I do?


I have a MPOW Flame2.

From Jonathan on December 17, 2020 :: 10:04 pm

I have a MPOW Flame2.


mpow coach not connecting

From Felipe on December 24, 2020 :: 6:53 pm

Hi, i folowed all step, but nothing worked. I have a mpow coach e worked very well during 1 month, after that i can’t connect with no one dispositive. I don’t listen the voice “paring” anymore, but the lights are flashing. What can i do??



From Tom on January 23, 2021 :: 10:02 am

Have earphones that connect fine to iPad but when connect to android phone (BB key one) the message on phone is that pairing is rejected by Mpower Flame. I have checked operating versions of BT and should be compatible plus they are finding. No option to enter a pin is given and phone will connect to iPad. Hence, all work but will not connect. I have tried on/off and clearing connections to earphones. Any ideas?


Can not hear myself in headphones

From Bob Wagner on January 25, 2021 :: 4:13 pm

I purchased your BH359A headphones in mid November but I cannot hear myself when using Microsoft TEAMS or on my Voyant Connect softphone on my computer.  Is there some setting that needs to be changed?  When playing music through the computer, the sounds is great, but I need to hear myself when using for work.
Any help is appreciated!
Bob Wagner


That's normal operation

From Josh Kirschner on January 25, 2021 :: 6:21 pm

Videoconferencing is designed so you don’t hear yourself through the headphones while you are speaking. The reason is there is always a sound delay between when you speak and when the audio is delivered and sent back out by the videoconferencing service. If it was pumping your own voice back into your headphones, the delay would make it unworkable. You can test this by dialing in to a conference with two devices (phone and laptop); listen on one and use the microphone on the other. You’ll see what I mean about the delay.


mpow12 won't pair!

From hi on January 26, 2021 :: 10:01 am

I followed the steps and they both started flashing blue and red simultaneously, but they turn up as two earbuds and won’t let me pair them both. do you have a solution?


Did you press and hold on both buds?

From Josh Kirschner on January 28, 2021 :: 9:49 am

You only need to press and hold the button for pairing on one bud. Then the other will pair automatically. Did you press and hold on both buds?


Recording videos - my voice isn't picked up by the microphone

From Sara on January 28, 2021 :: 2:58 am

Hi there, my Mpow flame headset works fine until I record videos where I expect my voice to go through the headset microphone, but instead is picked up by the phone.
The microphone works fine when I make phone calls, both with my phone/laptop, I just can’t seem to use it when I record videos.
Any help would be great, thank you!


Check your video app settings

From Josh Kirschner on January 28, 2021 :: 4:01 pm

See if the app you are using to record video gives you the option of selecting which mic to use. There is no native Android setting to use a Bluetooth mic for video recording. The only other option is to use a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into the headphone jack of your phone and connect your Mpow Flame to that.


Hello I am having difficulties

From Usman on February 10, 2021 :: 1:17 pm

Hello I am having difficulties on the left earbuds. I have an Mpow M20. Both the earbuds turn on but the left one doesnt pair. What should i do?


Cant make calls but can recieve them

From Darlene K Wilcox on March 07, 2021 :: 6:24 pm

Help! When I first got them I could make calls on my mpow sport wireless earphones not wont what did I do?


It will not pair. It

From Elizabeth Ahmadi on August 02, 2021 :: 6:25 pm

It will not pair. It says I must download an app to use. But instructions do not say anybody an app


Where is it telling you that?

From Josh Kirschner on August 03, 2021 :: 10:49 am

You don’t need an app to pair the your Mpow headphones. Where are you seeing a message telling you that?


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