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T-Mobile Launches Calling Plan for Pets

by on April 01, 2015
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Pets Unleashed

The problem with most family calling plans is that they don't offer a cost-effective way for pets to stay convected with the rest of your family. However, today T-Mobile announced Pets Un-leashed, allowing you to add an extra line for pets to the Simple Choice Family Plan for just $5/month.

And, since pets use connected devices differently than humans (at least, most humans), T-Mobile is unveiling a series of companion pet-friendly apps:

  • Fetch Freedom – This augmented reality version of fetch lets pets play even when you're not there to throw the ball
  • FitPet - So pets and owners can track and manage their fitness goals
  • Pet Tinder - Where pets can swipe to find their ideal breeding match (pet owner approval required)

Learn more about T-Mobile's new Pets Un-leashed plan in the video below. And if you visit the Pets Un-leashed, T‑Mobile is making a $1 donation per visitor to the Humane Society, up to $10,000. And that’s no joke.

[Image source: T-Mobile]

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Totally Bogus

From JoanieB on April 01, 2015 :: 12:13 pm

I would love to connect with my pets through out the day, but this would not be possible through a cell phone.  I did read about a cube devise that would let you monitor your home and you pets left inside, but that is still a ways off.


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