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Jottacloud Hosts its Cloud in Norway to Foil the NSA

by Fox Van Allen on June 18, 2013

JottacloudApple’s iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive are three of the most popular cloud storage services currently available. All claim to respect your privacy and protect your files, but it was revealed earlier this month that the federal government may have access at all three companies.

The sanctity of cloud storage in the United States has become an uncomfortable guessing game, but other countries are doing a much better job at protecting privacy. That’s the reason behind the existence of Jottacloud, a new cloud storage service that houses all your data in Norway, a country with strict digital privacy laws.

As part of the company’s privacy guarantee, Jottacloud promises that they “will not hand over user data to authorities unless a warrant issued by the Norwegian court of law is presented.” Employees with the company sign non-disclosure agreements, and are forbidden from opening or reading your files without your written consent.

While your files will indeed be protected from the eyes of the U.S. government in the frozen north of Scandinavia, its worth noting that your data may be still be intercepted in transit. If your privacy is truly important enough to want to keep your digital photos and documents in a foreign country, then you should encrypt files before uploading them to the cloud.

Jottacloud offers 5 GB worth of free storage, which is on par with what other cloud services start you off with. You can pay for more space, of course – $6 per month buys you 100 GB of cloud storage space across multiple devices. Jottacloud also offers an unlimited pay-per-device plan that will set you back $6 per month for your desktop and $3 per month for your smartphone.

Jottacloud is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


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From KevinMc on June 19, 2013 :: 9:47 am

So your going to send files to another country… lets see will they pass through any USA servers on the way? Also encryption available to users is easily broken now by the government so not really protected there either.



From Alexander Innes on June 19, 2013 :: 1:12 pm

Every encryption algorithm can be broken. The goal with any encryption is to make breaking it take time. In the case of PGP, 256bit. It will take thousands of years to decrypt with even the fastest computers.
Knowing that, is it really worth the effort to devote billions and billions of computer cycles to decrypting my recipe for oatmeal cookies? (because that’s what it may be in the end)



From Jare on November 19, 2018 :: 2:15 pm

2018, still valid information?


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