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How Tech Savvy Are You? Take the Quiz

by Fox Van Allen on August 07, 2014

Young child with tabletWhere do you fall on the tech savvy scale? There’s now a test you can take to find out.

Ofcom, the English telecommunications regulatory agency, recently created a digital literacy quiz to measure people’s awareness of technology and communications. It gave the test to 800 children and 2,000 adults, asking about apps, Google Glass, smartwatches and other cutting-edge tech. Each participant was then assigned a “digital quotient” score.

The agency found that 14- and 15-year-olds are the most tech savvy, averaging the highest scores – around 113. (The average was 100.) Six-year-olds and the average 45-year-old have about the same level of confidence around technology, clocking in slightly under 100.

Curious about how you stack up? Ofcom has put an abbreviated version of their digital literacy quiz online. Completing the test only takes a few minutes and you can get your score instantly.

Take the quiz and let us know how you did in the comments below!

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DQ Score

From Kamil Kozyra on August 07, 2014 :: 7:06 pm

121 smile


I scored highly...fortunately...

From Josh Kirschner on August 08, 2014 :: 10:17 am

129 for me. Glad to know I’m significantly more tech savvy than the average 14-year old!



From LARRY DAVENPORT on August 11, 2014 :: 3:04 pm

Your DQ Score is: 129 above average

—Only because I don’t care for texting as much as I should smile  Otherwise score would’ve been higher.


I got a 128. Urgh!

From Suzanne Kantra on August 08, 2014 :: 10:29 am

I got a 128. Urgh! One point lower than Josh. I’ll never hear the end of it.


My name's Josh too

From Joshua on December 03, 2014 :: 11:48 pm

Hi i’m josh too. Not that I’m bragging or anything like that but I got above average, 130



From Barbara Ward on August 08, 2014 :: 11:06 am

I think that those of us signed up for your newsletter will score higher. I’d like to see them send this to the AARP massive list.


Old man survives

From Gary F. Ford on August 08, 2014 :: 11:08 am

127 ok for an over the hill 56 yearol



From Steve Shernicoff on August 08, 2014 :: 11:10 am

It is nice to be above average


Not bad for a baby boomer

From Nora Martinez on August 08, 2014 :: 11:10 am

122 (I’m 64)


124 for me

From Jay Henson on August 08, 2014 :: 11:11 am

124.  But I beat my age group by a full 20 points.  Good quiz, although it didn’t really feel like a quiz.


My score

From Russ Troester on August 08, 2014 :: 11:24 am

131 - 35 years old


DQ Score

From Karen Stroffolino Konoske on August 08, 2014 :: 11:24 am

128.  For the record, I’m 53 years old.


Not Bad for an Old Guy

From Thomas Wilson on August 08, 2014 :: 11:27 am

70 years old, score 131.


Darned good, I'd say!

From Lesley O'Neil on August 08, 2014 :: 2:08 pm

Fun quiz to take—a bit of benchmarking.


I will be 67 in

From Buster Chappell on August 08, 2014 :: 11:28 am

I will be 67 in September! I just got back from a 19 mile bike ride and I scored a 125 on this little test! grin


Old Tech Savy Grandma!!

From IH on August 08, 2014 :: 11:35 am

67 years and 131 score!!



From Lisa Huddleston on August 08, 2014 :: 11:36 am

116. I’m 55. I would have scored higher if I liked to be the first to try out new technology. I’ve heard about almost all new technology, but there are a few I am not familiar with. Google glasses, 3-D printer. Although I love to find out about new technology when it comes out, I like to let others try it first.


I'm above average

From Anita Singh on August 08, 2014 :: 11:39 am

I got a 131 for a score, but I was expecting it to be on the high side for me.


130 DQ

From Dennis Dubs on August 08, 2014 :: 11:40 am

59 and rockin it!


Tech Savy Quiz

From msesq on August 08, 2014 :: 11:47 am



131 for me - not

From Pamela on August 08, 2014 :: 11:51 am

131 for me - not bad for a 57 year old woman, eh?


Scored above average

From Lloyd on August 08, 2014 :: 11:52 am

I think most people who come to read a gadget tech web page would score high on such a quiz.  Just like people who love cats would score high if they took a quiz on a internet site about cats.


My DQ Score

From Frederick Wong on August 08, 2014 :: 11:58 am

I scored 130. I’d say it’s a fair assessment.


Well above my age group average (40-44)!

From Belladonna420 on August 08, 2014 :: 12:25 pm



Not Bad for an Old Guy

From Bill on August 08, 2014 :: 12:28 pm

127 not bad for an over the hill 60 year old



From Valerie Husom on August 08, 2014 :: 12:28 pm

I guess I’m above average in my age group (64). But, I know I’m a geek and an electronic gadget queen!


Above Average

From Althea Kennedy on August 08, 2014 :: 12:29 pm

Score - 124. I enjoy technology. I am 76 and wanted to make sure I could communicate with my adult children & grandchildren as well as my great grands!


Right up there!

From Lesley O'Neil on August 08, 2014 :: 2:13 pm

Great—so many of my own age group have to call in their grandkids to help, you don’t—and I don’t have any, so would be SOL if I didn’t figure stuff out myself.  wink


Above average

From Gina Torrey on August 08, 2014 :: 12:43 pm

109…above average feels pretty good for a middle-ager!


Scored 125 whoop whoop!!!

From Gen Cherry-Sours on August 08, 2014 :: 12:48 pm

I guess I’m more tech savvy than I thought but I think it’s all the Techlicious blogs I read that helped! Thanks guys and gals!


Story of my life

From Tracie on August 08, 2014 :: 12:48 pm

96—average!! I don’t care. I’m not a tech person. My phone is a flip phone, I don’t own a digital camera, and we just got wi-fi in our house.
Technology is great, but sometimes it can be a problem with all of the glitches that come with discovering new things.


119 for me and I'm

From christopher mckeon on August 08, 2014 :: 1:20 pm

119 for me and I’m 45


73 Y/O

From Jay on August 08, 2014 :: 1:24 pm

DQ score was 131. I do a lot of reading, surfing and usually buy any new gadgets I come across.


Surprised myself.

From Joyce Boncal on August 08, 2014 :: 1:24 pm

I scored 121! Then again my hobby is fixing lawnmowers.


And if...

From Lesley O'Neil on August 08, 2014 :: 2:54 pm

...that hobby doesn’t show you’re a techie type at heart, I don’t know what does! wink


Quiz isn't really about being savvy...

From JJ on August 08, 2014 :: 1:32 pm

I found this quiz to be idiotic at best. I’ve heard and know a bit about all the hardware or services they present in the first section, but just because I don’t use Google glasses or superfast broadband (because it’s not available in my area) doesn’t make me LESS savvy. Ridiculous.

Just because one doesn’t upload videos to YouTube or put photos on Instagram doesn’t make them less tech savvy, it just means they don’t choose to participate in those activities. I don’t watch TV shows online because I’m not in an area where I can get a high speed internet connection—not because I might not want to.

Texting rather than calling someone is a generational thing as well.

If you take this quiz and get a high score and think it means you know a lot about tech, you are highly mistaken.

By the way…I’m a programmer who has spent nearly 20 years online. This whole quiz is extremely stupid.


I refute...

From Lesley O'Neil on August 08, 2014 :: 1:58 pm

...some of your assumptions. I took my first computer course in 1972 (that’s 42 years ago, for the math-deficient who might read this) and was programming in 1983 on my own first computer.. I’m a photographer who uploads to Flickr., not Instagram.

Did a spreadsheet budget in the 80s for the director of my government division before we had computers on every desk—using Multiplan on the Commidore 128 I had on mine.

Texting isn’t generational! I do that often with old friends who live a few thousand miles away, and also help them with tech problems over Skype.

Assumptions are dangerous, JJ. There’s a reason I scored 123.


You're spot on....

From Valerie on August 08, 2014 :: 3:20 pm

Thanks Leslie for that comment.. and it brought back memories of the old Commodore’s I worked on in the 80’s ... our IT dept. bought out a few of them for parts in the late 80’s/early 90’s, because we needed to keep them running. There was nothing else available that we could run our spread sheets on. Remember the Dot Matrix printers?



From Valerie on August 08, 2014 :: 3:12 pm

Blah Blah Blah ... Davie Downer! Just because you know or read about it, doesn’t mean you know how to use it. And caring about technology is important!


more appropriate title: tech aware rather than savy

From Julia on August 19, 2014 :: 3:25 pm

I agree that it is more about awareness of tech rather than being able to use it.


Gal of 72...

From Lesley O'Neil on August 08, 2014 :: 1:37 pm

...score of 123. Quite happy with that; I’d be miserable without technology!


You don't do some things by choice

From kalbah on August 08, 2014 :: 1:54 pm

123 – not bad! I don’t use certain items, like Google Glass by choice or due to lack of availability.


Thanks, Kalbah, and agree...

From Lesley O'Neil on August 08, 2014 :: 2:06 pm

...I’d love to have Google Glass but frankly, they are a bit costly for my pension!  wink. But I’m using an app on my iPhone that acts as a car video cam while I’m driving; don’t have to buy a separate piece of technology for that!



From facebook728135157 on August 08, 2014 :: 2:55 pm

Not bad for a Medicare card carrying geezer.



From Tim on August 08, 2014 :: 3:03 pm

117 @ 61

I don’t have the time or inclination to get the most technologically advanced hardware.  I keep up, but cannot compete with folks who have the latest gadgets.


Above Average

From Faith on August 08, 2014 :: 3:31 pm

125- age 71


I've got game!

From Lori C. on August 08, 2014 :: 3:43 pm

131 for me!


i scored 117 for my

From Mary Ann Dilloway on August 08, 2014 :: 4:25 pm

i scored 117 for my age 73 think thst pretty good


Technology Quiz Results

From Janice on August 08, 2014 :: 6:02 pm

I scored 127above average for the 55 + group.


Not too Shabby for a 64 yr old!!!

From ANGIE RIGGLE on August 08, 2014 :: 8:25 pm

I scored 132!!!


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