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7 Innovative Pet Products

posted by Fox Van Allen on August 14, 2015

Did you know that technology can help your pet live a better life? There are gadgets available that help keep your pet clean, happy, well-fed and fit. You can even find activity monitors for your dog that’ll tell you when he’s been walked, if he’s getting enough sleep and even if he’s breathing well.

Which gadgets are right for your pet? Here at Techlicious, we’ve taken a look at the most popular pet tech currently available and picked out six intersting items we think are truly worth your – and your pet’s – time.

Dyson Groom attachment

Dyson Groom pet attachmentWe all love our dogs and cats, but we sure don’t like it when they start shedding – hair gets everywhere. That’s why we here at Techlicious like the Dyson Groom. It’s an add-on tool that works with most Dyson upright and canister vacuums that grooms and removes about-to-be-shed hair from your pet. The Groom captures allergens like dead skin cells and can even get to the undercoat before it ends up all over the house.

The Dyson Groom is currently available on for $57.95. If you need a compatible vacuum, the company makes excellent (if pricey) machines in general. You can check out our coverage of the Dyson’s new-for-2015 vacuums here.

iFetch Toy

iFetch ball launching toyFetch is one of the absolutely classic dog playtime activities – all sorts of different breeds love nothing more than chasing balls around the house and bringing them back to you to throw again. But what if you’re not around? All the fun of fetch can continue for your dog with the iFetch ball launcher. You or your pet simply drops a 1.5-inch mini tennis ball (three included) in the top of the device and it’ll shoot out the front – your choice of 10 feet, 20 feet or 30 feet. The only catch: You’ll likely need to teach your dog how to use it.

You can find the iFetch on for $115.00. Replacement balls are inexpensive enough – you can get three XS Kong tennis ball toys for $2.70; a package of 12 mini balls is $12.49.

Petnet Smart Feeder

Petnet smart feederGood nutrition is important for pets – a healthy diet often means a healthy dog or cat. Unfortunately, knowing exactly how much and when to feed your pet can be tricky. That’s where the Petnet Smart Feeder comes in. You use the Petnet smartphone app to tell the device about your dog – age, weight and level of activity – so it can dispense the exact amount of food needed even when you’re not around, eliminating the worry of a hungry pet or overfeeding. The machine washable food hopper holds between 5 and 7 pounds of food and its powered by rechargeable battery so power outages won’t interfere with dinnertime. You can even use the Petnet app to have food automatically delivered to your house when you’re running low – very cool.

The Petnet Smart Feeder is available on for $149.99.


Petcube with cat and dogUnless you’re lucky enough to have a dog-friendly workplace, most of us have to leave our best friends home alone during normal working hours. Don’t let a little distance keep you from having some fun, though – the Petcube is an interactive device that lets you play with your pet while you’re away. Petcube has a built-in HD video camera (138 degree), a microphone and speaker. There’s also a laser pointer game built in that cats absolutely love.

The Petcube is available on for $199.99.

Petzi Treat Cam

Petzi treat camThe Petzi Tream Cam, like the Petcube, gives you the ability to interact with your pet even when you’re not home. You can use the device to speak to your pet, listen for a reply, take pictures and – best of all – dispense treats, even if you’re thousands of miles away. Petzi can hold as many as 20 to 30 small treats at a time. Because there’s a food reward involved, pets will always get excited over Petzi sessions. And a happy pet means a happy owner, right?

The Petzi Treat Cam is available on for $169.99.

Voyce Dog Collar

Voyce dog collarActivity monitors have helped a lot of humans live healthier lifestyles, get in shape and lose unwanted pounds. So why not give your favorite pets the same benefit? The Voyce dog collar is a wearable fitness device that measures your pooch’s pulse (via radio frequency), respiratory rate, rest patterns and calories burned. These important vitals can be tracked through your phone and shared with your vet, if desired. The app will even warn you if your pet’s activity pattern changes – a potential sign of problems. The battery on the Voyce lasts for seven days, so thankfully there’s no daily recharging requirement.

You can purchase the Voyce dog collar directly through the company’s website for $199. You’ll also be required to pay a monthly service charge of $9.50 per month or $95 per year.

Litter Robot IILitter-Robot II

If you hate cleaning litter boxes, this litter sifting system may be a good investment. It’s a round enclosure your cat enters to do his business. Once he exits, the Litter-Robot waits seven minutes before rotating to drop clumps into a drawer which typically needs to be emptied once or twice a week, depending on how many cats use it.

It works with regular kitchen garbage bags and any clumping litter as well as alternative litters such as Litter Pearls, Crystals or World's Best Cat Litter.

One caveat: Small cats or kittens that weigh less than five pounds may not trip Litter-Robot’s sensor.

Price: $369 at or Amazon

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