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Is Someone Spying on Your Phone?

by on May 28, 2020
in Phones and Mobile, Cell Phones, Tips & How-Tos, Privacy :: 881 comments

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[Editor's note 5/28/2020: Since this article was written nine years ago, many new phone hacking methods have been developed and/or discovered. In addition, cell phone operating systems have evolved significantly. We've created a new article to cover those various hacks in our new story: How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked. Please go there for the latest information. We're keeping this story active for the issues and useful advice contained in the comments.]

You probably know there are plenty of apps you can install on your smartphone to track its location in case it gets lost or stolen. Apple's “Find My iPhone” is one good one and many security apps, such as AVG Mobilation, can track down a phone in seconds.

But what if someone else is tracking you? Is there any chance your boss or spouse could be spying on everything you do on your phone?

It’s easy to do. Spy apps are plentiful and can imperceptibly track text and e-mail messages, location, Web sites you visit, who you call and what photos and videos you shoot. The problem is these apps are difficult to detect and run invisibly in the background.

I decided to track my son and installed an app on his phone called Phone Control by Laucass (free on Google Play). Of course, secretly intercepting electronic communications without the person's knowledge and consent is illegal, so I told my son I was doing it and that I’d only use it if I had good reason.

Every day I receive emails that indicate my son’s location as he’s using his phone out in the world. I can click on those links in my email to see via Google Maps where he is (although I very rarely do). I could also set up the app to send me data about everything else he’s doing on his phone, but that’s not something I personally need—or want—to do.

Signs your phone may have been compromised

Someone borrowed or took your phone

I had to have my son’s phone in hand to install Android Phone Control. Once activated, however, there’s no icon in the application launcher. The app shows up with the name “Android System” in the applications manager so it doesn’t look suspicious. If you think someone could do something like this when you’re not paying attention or asleep, secure your phone with a passcode that isn’t easy to guess.

(Editor's Note 9/26/12: To confirm you have the spyware and not a standard Android app by the same name, follow these steps to open the spy app (dial the phone number.)

(Editor's Note 8/28/13: See our in-depth study of mobile security apps for more detail on 9 of the most common spyware programs and how to detect them.)

(Editor's Note 12/16/14 (Josh Kirschner): In some of my comments below, I noted the unlikelihood of spying on iPhones that were not jailbroken. However, since many of those comments were made, certain holes were identified in iOS that exploit the iPhone's connection to trusted networks and devices to allow someone with access to the network or device to download significant amounts of personal data. Jailbreaking the iPhone was not required. Fortunately, those holes have been patched in iOS 8. For more information, see:]

Your phone is acting weirdly

Taking forever to shut off, lighting up for no reason, suddenly getting much shorter battery life or running hot when you’re not using it may indicate hidden processes are running in the background.

Your data usage skyrockets for no reason

This could be because your phone is checking in with someone else, using GPS and sending them text messages or emails that communicate where you are and what you’re doing.

What to do if you suspect your phone's being monitored

The best thing to do is perform a factory reset, which you can find as an option in your phone’s settings. Know, however, that in doing so you will lose all data stored on your phone, so back it up first.

If you’re using Apple iCloud or Android 4.0, items like your contacts, photos and music are automatically synced and saved in the cloud. But if you have an older phone, you’ll want to make sure to export your contacts before doing a factory reset. There are various ways to do this depending on what phone you’re using and which operating system it’s running. If you’re not sure, get help from your cellular provider; they can make sure to retain your contacts and other important data during a factory reset.

You'll then want to use a strong passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your device. For Android devices, you can also install an app, like AppNotifier (free on Google Play), that will email you when programs are loaded onto your phone.

(Editor's Note 9/26/12: See our updated recommendations for Android antimalware solutions)

(Editor's Note 8/28/13: See our in-depth study of mobile security apps for our latest recommendations on how to protect yourself.)

You'll then have to tackle the issue of who's doing the monitoring. Keep in mind that if your device was issued by your company or is authorized to access your company's email and other data services, you may have given your consent as part of your employment contract or when access was data access was granted.

Discussion loading

yes he can listen

From Kim Masterson-curci on May 26, 2015 :: 10:13 pm

I hate when people down play the fact that there are insecure people out there that need to know where their gfriend or bfriend is at all times.  These apps use to be pricey but now a days they are affordable.  This is the stuff law enforcement used in past.  They have newer stuff we can’t even imagine that in a few years we’ll have access to as well. Spying is big business.  People don’t like to admit it either that they are spying on their partner, child, employee, etc.  Someone’s buying up these apps, programs, gadgets, so likely??????????????  YES!!!  A person knows when their mate is on their trail, or overly paranoid.  Someone thinking their boyfriend is listening to them doesn’t just wake up thinking paranoid thoughts. Now a days you don’t even have to have someone get ahold of your phone to put spy programs in it.  All you gotta do is receive a pic message with attachment besides a picture and you’ll never know your info is all being seen by someone else.  Pretty creepy.  The only way to get rid of it is get a new phone and never tie your phone to your computer.  Then get rid of your boyfriend or go to counseling together to work through your issues.


Is it legal for your

From Mary on June 07, 2015 :: 7:55 pm

Is it legal for your job to remote into your phone and find your location through GPS to see when you clock in and out of work? Also, are they only able to see where I am or will they have access to more information on my phone.


Generally yes, if they notify you

From Josh Kirschner on June 08, 2015 :: 10:12 am

First the disclaimer: I’m not an attorney. However, from everything I’ve read, it would be perfectly legal for an employer to use your phone to clock you in and out of work, as long as you are notified of the tracking. Whether they have access to more information on the device depends on what software they installed. It’s certainly possible for them to track ALL the information about the device, with certain programs, though they would most likely need to have provided some notification. If it is a company owned device, you may have signed a document on employment notifying you the employer reserves the right to monitor all use of company owned equipment (including computers and cell phones).


As far as I know,

From heililonie on June 15, 2015 :: 3:34 am

As far as I know, if somebody installed a spy on your phone like iKeyMonitor, then there may be something strange happening,for example, your screen will light up with no touching and it will become hot with no reason. If these thing happens frequently, you can consider that whether you are being monitored. First backup your data and then factory setting.Hope to help you.


It is not always so bad.

From Geraty on June 17, 2015 :: 5:43 am

There is a time that my parents are monitoring me for they are afraid of me doing some bad thing. At that time , I know that the screen of my phone lights up without any reason,and the battery works short time, besides, there are some bad noise suddenly. My parents told me that I was monitored by a spy app. Now I grow up, and I also use a iKeyMonitor to onitor my little son to protect him. That’s a good way to protect the young children, I think.


How to investigate if someone spying

From Semi jacki on June 24, 2015 :: 2:01 pm

Very interesting and purposeful post indeed. I have found another stuff like it’s very helpful article on semispy. I read these tactics and very much recommending this piece of information collectively. I am sure it will help to increase your effort in this article. Thanks for sharing.


grt ready for the noise

From mattsaccio@gmailcom on June 25, 2015 :: 6:07 pm

Finally was able to send grin the papers to a civil suit laser and the ball is started to roll slowly


snooping on my viber

From sima bageri on June 26, 2015 :: 5:13 pm

first of all i have clean master application on my android phone.last night i was chatting with one of my friends via viber, suddenly during our chat a message from clean master appeared on my screen and it was"this person tried to snoop on your viber” and my front camera opened and it tooked a photo.
i was really shocked please answer me that can i understand who was it?


That's Clean Master's app lock

From Josh Kirschner on June 26, 2015 :: 5:35 pm

Clean Master has an “app lock” function that lets you prevent people from accessing specific apps you specify and can take a picture of those who try to access without knowing the password. You must have the app lock set for Viber and it must have gotten triggered while you were having your conversation. This is something either your did by accident or a bug in Clean Master. Either way, nothing to worry about.

For what it’s worth, I’m not a big fan of “cleaning” programs, as they often offer little benefit but can create problems of their own.


Reading Different Posts

From Joan Russell on June 27, 2015 :: 9:47 am

I find that from reading all these posts spying has gotten out of hand. Whether it your employer, family, husband, nosy neighbors it shows how little privacy we have left. I think it should be illegal and find it disgusting. George Orwell’s 1984 is here. I thinks its sad.


Can Police Monitor my Uber App?

From T.C. on July 07, 2015 :: 10:12 am

The taxi drivers in the city I live in are at war with Uber Ride Share app and it was reported today that the police will now be targeting Uber Drivers to fine them outrageous amounts of money. Anyway, I’m unsure how they plan to do this, but could they monitor my iPhone6 Uber App? How can/would I be able to tell and what could I do to stop this infringement on my personal rights and freedoms? Thx very much!


No, they won't do that.

From Josh Kirschner on July 07, 2015 :: 1:33 pm

I’m sure the police won’t be monitoring your Uber app activity to fine drivers. The approach they may take would be to download the app themselves, set up rides and then fine drivers when they show up.

That said, I am surprised that Uber is operating in a situation where it is illegal for them to do so or that drivers would be willing to take that risk (as would be implied by the police announcing fines for Uber drivers). In similar situations, Uber has worked to resolve the legalities before commencing/continuing service.


Put me at ease

From Lilly on July 13, 2015 :: 12:18 am

My boyfriend found out about a conversation that my mother and I had on the phone. Ive reset my phone, then couple days later, he questioned me about another conversation I had with my bestie. Can an IPhone with T-Mobile number be hacked,  monitored and recorded?


Only if jailbroken

From Josh Kirschner on July 13, 2015 :: 9:32 am

Generally speaking, iPhones cannot be monitored unless they are jailbroken. If your phone is not jailbroken, it is nearly impossible that your calls would be recorded. However, your iPhone call history can be backed up to iCloud and if someone has access to your iCloud account because they know your password they can see who you’ve been calling and when.

Using Lookout Security to scan your iPhone will tell you if the phone is jailbroken or your iOS is out of date (which can make it less secure).

Note that there have been some reports of new malware being able to affect iPhones through “enterprise permissioning”, which does not require jailbreaking the phone. However, the only examples reported are used by government spy agencies, not through commercial applications that would be available to consumers.


someone getting my video's

From steve jaramillo on July 22, 2015 :: 5:37 pm

I did a video on my phone very private and I know who got them they never had position of my phone and I could not figure out how they got it but I own my own business and they showed my video one person that works for me and he showed it to everyone that works for me can I file charges to one or both of them.all fingers are pointing to them from a lot of people that I associate with.


You should consult an attorney

From Josh Kirschner on July 23, 2015 :: 9:19 am

Laws vary by location, though more places are putting laws on the books that prevent sharing of compromising private videos without consent.


It's unfortunate when people don't

From Eve on August 10, 2015 :: 9:01 pm

It’s unfortunate when people don’t have enough personal integrity not to violate your trust, and invade your privacy. It’s even more unfortunate that the law hasn’t caught up with technology. When or if they do, people guilty of this crime, and it is indeed a crime, a person who hacks your device and views or retrieves your information without explicit consent shall be punished to the same degree as a criminal who breaks into your house and steals your property. Whether I leave my door unlocked or not, NO ONE has that right to come in at their own free will. The solution is to do what u can to make yourself FEEL safe, but anyone who really wants to hack you will do if knowledgeable or persistent enough… So it would be wise not to do anything that you wouldn’t readily admit to. When you’re honest about who you are and what you do… people become somewhat disarmed in many ways.


Internet Spying

From Joan Russell on August 11, 2015 :: 12:54 pm

Most people are not doing something wrong. Constant snooping by nosy employers and friends can make one feel that there is no privacy left which is sad and becoming a reality. It like someone walking into your home without permission and stealing. I have no respect for those that monitor without telling you.


Someone is aware when I use my iphone

From Rick on August 16, 2015 :: 7:56 pm

Latest updated iphone 6

The moment I start using my phone, I get an imessage from this girl that asks what I am doing.  10-15 times in about 3 weeks that this happens

When I answer differently, she says
Are you sure you are home?

Either a text message or a call
And I get calls from different numbers too
1-2 seconds answering and hanging up

Turned off location for multiple apps facebook
Turned off find my phone
No other apps of any kind that I see

What can I do to check how she sees that I am using my iphone?

Game Center?  Not my friend there
ICloud? How?

Changed my password

Can’t change my number

What can I do?


I have the same prob with cops and spyware

From Erin Van Zante on August 24, 2015 :: 3:33 pm

My ex is a cop too. Father of 2 of my kids and stalker material for sure. I have noticed lately a bizzare amount of phone conversations that have been brought up in a way that implies that he has been listening. I have an unbroken iphone, but really, the cops DO have technology that can spy, I just read an article on something they have that can download everything off anyone’s cell within 2 minutes, and that (I think it was 49%) have been found guilty of using that technology for personal reasons. It makes me uncomfortable, there seems to be no way for the average Erin to check for sure, it would do no good to get a new phone, we share the kids 50-50, AND I never payed attention to my data usage, so I have no clue if there is a change, plus my daughter is on my plan. There is no “average” data usage to reference, and THIS SUCKS! I can’t believe with all the “high tech” stuff out there to screw you, that there is no “high tech” ways of finding out if you are being screwed until after you have already been f**kd. And it’s true, no cop I have ever known, (and if you are married to one you know plenty cuz no one else wants to hang around cops) play by any rules except for their own. Manipulation is the key ingredient.


Stick with our advice and you should still be fine

From Josh Kirschner on August 24, 2015 :: 5:45 pm

The article you reference (I assume this one: is quite old. Those types of devices will not work with modern iOS or Android phones assuming 1) You have updated, recent firmware and 2) you have a lock code on your phone (one that ex can’t guess). And even with that device and an unlocked phone, it would allow you to download data, not call recordings.

In fact, getting data off phones is so difficult the FBI and many law enforcement officials have been lobbying for “backdoors” into phone encryption from manufacturers that will allow them to access data on a locked device because currently they can’t, even with a warrant.

So make sure your iPhone is updated with the latest iOS version, put a strong lock code on your phone, lock down your iCloud password and you should be safe. And be aware that there are other means of spying law enforcement would be familiar with, such as hidden cameras and microphones, that could also be used to listen in on conversations. Not to make you paranoid, or anything…


Any luck?

From Roger Paschall on July 20, 2018 :: 2:24 pm

Have you since this post found a way to protect yourself?  I am in a similar situayion.


could someone tell me why

From christine on August 27, 2015 :: 12:41 am

could someone tell me why a google map with driving instructions from a location i am unfamiliar with to my home would just suddenly pop up while i was reading a message on messenger?
The location first said 7 minutes away and the person i was reading a message from is located 8 hours away. My phone was dying so i put on the charger after about 5 minutes i went back to the phone and the map was still on the screen indicating a latitude and longitude address and saying 50 ft away instead of 7 minutes. while looking at it and trying to find the source, it began retreating to 100 yds away.


Suspect phone bug!!!!!!

From Bonnie on September 01, 2015 :: 11:16 pm

Lately my IPhone 6 flashes when I am googleing images as if I were doing a screen shot! My soon to be ex son in law is a cop and the first one I suspect???? anyone else having this issue???


Suspect soon to be ex son in law

From kim on September 02, 2015 :: 5:48 am

What could your son in law have on you or think he is going to get on you by spying on your phone?  Honestly I’d go get a new phone and number and make sure he never gets your new number.  Get a google voice or text now number and give that out as your number. I trust NO COP.  An ex family member cop…...........GET A NEW PHONE


dear sir,

From raj on September 09, 2015 :: 9:40 am

dear sir,
      I have to enter security for sim changing information in my phone and let me tell that if I do factory data reset in my phone , the security or tracking software will work after reset phone or not ?



From raj on September 09, 2015 :: 9:47 am

still the tracking software continue if I do factory data reset complete on my phone or not ?



From Misha on September 18, 2015 :: 3:03 pm

It really is possible to be tracking someone’s location without them knowing, and I know from personal experience. I was just taking a pic on my mum’s phone, because she asked me, I didn’t just take her phone, then looked in the gallery to see how it went and what I saw made my jaw drop. She had screenshots from the “Track My iPhone” app, and they were of MY IPHONE!!! I was shocked and disgusted that she would invade my privacy like that. I don’t know how to let her know that I’m aware she doesn’t trust me. (For no reason ! Those were pics of places I really was supposed to be that time !) Oh, and to let her know that I no longer trust her with anything because she is a stalking freak. I am disgusted and I just think she needs to realise that that is WRONG and twisted to spy on your kid like that. I mean, I wasn’t doing anything wrong and I was honest, meanwhile she didn’t talk about her fear of me lying or wnything, she just totaly invaded my privacy and made me well aware that she is a horrible hypocrite, who preaches about honesty, yet cannot be trusted even with the info about my phone. I am angry and disgusted to a point where I cannot even look at her.
So just be well aware, anyone who’s going to read this - they don’t need to get a hold of your phone to stalk you and spy on you ! My mum is unfortunately a living proof.


Please help, strange things happening to phone

From Alyssa on September 29, 2015 :: 8:34 am

My Samsung galaxy ace style android has been acting up forever now. Yesterday it was turned off sitting on my bedroom stand , I walked in and it was turning on by itself. The day after by phone had died all the way and turned off (which I let happen all the time) but now won’t charge or turn on . I tried turning it on with out the battery while plugged in , it lights up and says Samsung then turns back off. I’ve tried 5 different chargers, different outlets, cleaned the gold prongs on the phone and battery, left it plugged in for hours, won’t even turn on to say its charging. Any ideas? Or is my phone burnt?


Problem with my computer that is related to this topic

From nick on October 03, 2015 :: 11:28 pm

Hi. I have a problem i need to have solved. I had google chrome open to netflix but i wasn’t watching it and was doing work at my desk when i got a notification saying that I have been illegally viewing child pornography and that I have been put under investigation when I have never, in my life have, or ever will, go on a pornography site. I think my computer or account is being hacked and someone is doing illegal actions through my computer. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi my ex husband dprsnt

From Shanel John-Rampassard on October 07, 2015 :: 5:30 pm

Hi my ex husband dprsnt want to pay his child support and Every time I tried calling him am getting busy tone I call his phone company and they say his line is active so I know he did something to my numbers could you pls tell me what he did thanks


Sounds like he blocked you

From Josh Kirschner on October 07, 2015 :: 5:39 pm

Sounds like he blocked your number. Not a spying issue.


new phone same problem

From anthony on October 09, 2015 :: 6:34 am

I strongly suspected there was spyware on my galaxy S3. After getting a new phone, a galaxy S5 the symptoms continued. Could the spyware have come onto my phone with the transfer of apps and contacts.
Thank you


I think that's highly unlikely

From Josh Kirschner on October 09, 2015 :: 12:07 pm

What symptoms are you experiencing? I know of no spyware that can be transferred automatically to a new device. The only way to get it on there would be by someone who has physical access to both devices.


new phone same problem

From anthony on October 09, 2015 :: 4:08 pm

Thank you for your response. Someone did have access to my S3. That phone had all the symptoms.
Shut downs 5-6x a day, screen would light-up at night. Always warm, a lot of data burn. Back grown noises at certain times of the day when talking to certain people for work. It was forensically checked( after I switched to a new phone). There was evidence it was hooked up to dump service. There was no reason it should of been. The new phone took 1.5 hours to get started. screen is now distorted. I had a meeting in mid September with management. That week burned 3.5GB of data, a lot of echo when speaking to people. I’m confused


Where did you get your phone from?

From Josh Kirschner on October 09, 2015 :: 4:34 pm

Is this a phone you bought at a retail store or did you receive it from your employer? Has anyone else had access and do you have a lockscreen to protect it (which only you know the code to)?

Again, without physical access, it’s very unlikely to have spyware installed. Though the issues you’re describing are odd, there could be something wrong with the phone hardware or its setup that is creating the issue. If you look under Mobile Data in your Android Settings, does it say which app is burning up your data?


new phone same problem

From anthony on October 09, 2015 :: 5:35 pm

I got the phone for the ATT store only hours after I felt someone tried to take it from my desk again.
It only gets stranger, All the data use is showing up on my sons phone who is on my account. He is always on the Wi-Fi at home. I check his phone when I get an alert. My phones shows almost no data use, alarm clock shows 5% the highest.
No one had physical access to the new phone but can apps be transferred from the other phone?


Doesn't sound like spyware

From Josh Kirschner on October 09, 2015 :: 10:46 pm

If the data use is on your son’s phone, then he’s not running on Wi-Fi. I would take a closer look at what he’s doing with that phone. It has nothing to do with your phone or spyware.

Is this possible

From Bane on October 12, 2015 :: 9:41 am

I found a profile of my husband on a “hook up” website. The profile picture is a picture taken from his phone (he is holding the phone in front of a mirror to take pic), his age and hair color is correct, lists the town he lives in. Messages to girls have accurate info (married, working out of town in kansas Monday-friday, lives in missouri working in Kansas, even says the specific project he’s working on. In addition he let me look at his browser history and the website is in his browser history over and over again

He said he had to have been hacked that he didn’t write any of it. I try to trust him but this is really damning. Could he have been hacked or could a hacker possibly know all this info?


I think you already know the answer

From Josh Kirschner on October 12, 2015 :: 10:01 am

Is it possible for someone to create aa fake profile for someone?  Absolutely. But the “selfie in the mirror” certainly wasn’t faked. Why would he take that? And the browser history can only happen from someone who isis actively browsing on that computer.

So is it possible that someone hacked his phone or photo backup and stole his selfie? Then managed to get a trojan onto his computer to get full control of his PC? Then created a fake profile and used it to correspond with women over time? Yes, it’s possible. But it’s highly unlikely and just doesn’t add up.


That is kind of what

From Bane on October 12, 2015 :: 10:25 am

That is kind of what I thought. I have one more piece of info I need to get straight before I bring it up. The cell phone listed in the messages is 573-694-9263. 2 days before the messages in the website started he got a text message from this number that just said “hey”. You can’t contract a virus or malware just from opening a message right?


It's possible, but...

From Josh Kirschner on October 12, 2015 :: 12:31 pm

There is a vulnerability identified in Android called “Stagefright” that could allow your phone to be hacked via MMS (not SMS). But there is no evidence of hackers taking advantage of the exploit and most recent phones have layers of protection that would prevent any significant access to your device.

Even if the phone were hacked, that wouldn’t explain the browser history on his PC. And the selfie in the mirror?

Have you tried calling that phone number to see who answers?

I did call the cell

From Bane on October 12, 2015 :: 1:18 pm

I did call the cell phone and it rang with no answer when I called at midnight Thursday and 6:30 in the morning on Friday. When I called friday morning around 9 it was shit off (no ring, straight to automated message, no voicemail) and it’s been shirt ever since. I called it this morning as well   Thanks for all your help. I just like to have all the information before I make decisions!



From Bob on October 16, 2015 :: 12:43 am

So, I’m not really sure what to do.  I’m pretty sure my phone has spyware installed and only one person has my screen unlock password and physical access to my phone.  The dilemma is this, if I confront her and I’m wrong it could devastate our marriage. The trust would be gone.  If I remove the spyware it will tip her off that I found it and could have similar result.  If i leave it on there i will remain paranoid.  I belie. It was only recently installed, but can anyone help me find out when it was installed?  I’m between. A rock and a hard place here.  What is the ethical thing to do? What is best for the marriage.  Any advice?  Help please.  It is driving me insane.


Why are you "pretty sure"?

From Josh Kirschner on October 23, 2015 :: 2:01 pm

If you scan your phone with Lookout Security or one of our other recommended apps (or a combination of a couple), it will likely flag whether your phone has spyware. Then you can be “very sure”. It would be up to you at that point whether to uninstall it or leave it in place.

On Android, if you go to Settings, Apps, you will see a list of installed apps and the date when they were installed.

How you finding spyware and deleting it would destroy the trust, is eluding me, though. If the spyware is there, it seems pretty clear the trust is already gone.


Other Signs?

From Belle on October 19, 2015 :: 2:56 pm


How long does it take to install one of these apps? I suspect my bro-in-law snooped on my phone while I ran into the bathroom for five or so minutes. I know he’s a control freak with my sister, and suspect he tracks her phone, and wouldn’t put it beneath him to track mine.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that my phone made an outgoing call to his phone, at a time I never even was using my phone.

Maybe I’m paranoid because I know how he is with her, and I know how he is!


It doesn't take that long.

From Josh Kirschner on October 23, 2015 :: 1:54 pm

If you know what you’re doing, it may only take a few minutes to install one of these apps on a phone. If you want to check your device for spyware, download Lookout Security or another one of our recommended anti-spyware apps and give your phone a scan.

Also remember that the easiest way to prevent this type of situation is to have a secure lock code on your phone. If your device is locked, then even if someone else gets physical access, they won’t be able to get into the phone.


Any changes to installing spayware remotely since this article was published?

From Alex Tamez on October 22, 2015 :: 8:54 am

I suspect my jealous wife has installed spyware on my phone. I have followed the recommended steps like resetting my phone. However every time I do that (yes I have done it twice to confirm)I get a private/(blocked) phone call no one says anything until I decide to hang up. This is too much coincidence don’t you think? Please help…


Not really, you issue sounds like spam

From Josh Kirschner on October 23, 2015 :: 1:49 pm

There has been a security hole identified (Stagefright) that could allow a hacker to control your phone via MMS. However, there haven’t been any known exploits in the wild. Every spyware program I’m aware of still requires physical access to the device to install it.

The issue you’re having with private/blocked callers with only silence is very typical of spam calls. I get them at home all the time and it’s not typically a feature I’ve seen associated with spyware.


was ask to give the 2 digit code send to my cell to a friend

From lisa on October 25, 2015 :: 5:28 pm

a friend of mine recently ask me to check the 2 digit security code on my cell phone that he apparently requested to have send to my cell phone he then ask me to tell him what the code was. I am not sure what it means and would very much appreciated if you could please explain it to me. the information I got was that my cell phone maybe tracked or hacked into.


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