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Is Someone Spying on Your Phone?

by on May 28, 2020
in Phones and Mobile, Cell Phones, Tips & How-Tos, Privacy :: 852 comments

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[Editor's note 5/28/2020: Since this article was written nine years ago, many new phone hacking methods have been developed and/or discovered. In addition, cell phone operating systems have evolved significantly. We've created a new article to cover those various hacks in our new story: How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked. Please go there for the latest information. We're keeping this story active for the issues and useful advice contained in the comments.]

You probably know there are plenty of apps you can install on your smartphone to track its location in case it gets lost or stolen. Apple's “Find My iPhone” is one good one and many security apps, such as AVG Mobilation, can track down a phone in seconds.

But what if someone else is tracking you? Is there any chance your boss or spouse could be spying on everything you do on your phone?

It’s easy to do. Spy apps are plentiful and can imperceptibly track text and e-mail messages, location, Web sites you visit, who you call and what photos and videos you shoot. The problem is these apps are difficult to detect and run invisibly in the background.

I decided to track my son and installed an app on his phone called Phone Control by Laucass (free on Google Play). Of course, secretly intercepting electronic communications without the person's knowledge and consent is illegal, so I told my son I was doing it and that I’d only use it if I had good reason.

Every day I receive emails that indicate my son’s location as he’s using his phone out in the world. I can click on those links in my email to see via Google Maps where he is (although I very rarely do). I could also set up the app to send me data about everything else he’s doing on his phone, but that’s not something I personally need—or want—to do.

Signs your phone may have been compromised

Someone borrowed or took your phone

I had to have my son’s phone in hand to install Android Phone Control. Once activated, however, there’s no icon in the application launcher. The app shows up with the name “Android System” in the applications manager so it doesn’t look suspicious. If you think someone could do something like this when you’re not paying attention or asleep, secure your phone with a passcode that isn’t easy to guess.

(Editor's Note 9/26/12: To confirm you have the spyware and not a standard Android app by the same name, follow these steps to open the spy app (dial the phone number.)

(Editor's Note 8/28/13: See our in-depth study of mobile security apps for more detail on 9 of the most common spyware programs and how to detect them.)

(Editor's Note 12/16/14 (Josh Kirschner): In some of my comments below, I noted the unlikelihood of spying on iPhones that were not jailbroken. However, since many of those comments were made, certain holes were identified in iOS that exploit the iPhone's connection to trusted networks and devices to allow someone with access to the network or device to download significant amounts of personal data. Jailbreaking the iPhone was not required. Fortunately, those holes have been patched in iOS 8. For more information, see:]

Your phone is acting weirdly

Taking forever to shut off, lighting up for no reason, suddenly getting much shorter battery life or running hot when you’re not using it may indicate hidden processes are running in the background.

Your data usage skyrockets for no reason

This could be because your phone is checking in with someone else, using GPS and sending them text messages or emails that communicate where you are and what you’re doing.

What to do if you suspect your phone's being monitored

The best thing to do is perform a factory reset, which you can find as an option in your phone’s settings. Know, however, that in doing so you will lose all data stored on your phone, so back it up first.

If you’re using Apple iCloud or Android 4.0, items like your contacts, photos and music are automatically synced and saved in the cloud. But if you have an older phone, you’ll want to make sure to export your contacts before doing a factory reset. There are various ways to do this depending on what phone you’re using and which operating system it’s running. If you’re not sure, get help from your cellular provider; they can make sure to retain your contacts and other important data during a factory reset.

You'll then want to use a strong passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your device. For Android devices, you can also install an app, like AppNotifier (free on Google Play), that will email you when programs are loaded onto your phone.

(Editor's Note 9/26/12: See our updated recommendations for Android antimalware solutions)

(Editor's Note 8/28/13: See our in-depth study of mobile security apps for our latest recommendations on how to protect yourself.)

You'll then have to tackle the issue of who's doing the monitoring. Keep in mind that if your device was issued by your company or is authorized to access your company's email and other data services, you may have given your consent as part of your employment contract or when access was data access was granted.

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This is very interesting reading

From KC on June 09, 2013 :: 11:16 am

This is very interesting reading - thank you all.  I am doing a little research this morning because I was looking at my iPhone Diagnostics & Usage Data (in Settings) and clicked on an entry that said “Low Memory” (there were several of these so I clicked on the most recent date, which is today).  Scrolling through the listed data, I noticed a line that read “MSpy” with a long line of characters set within < >, along with some other words that mean nothing to me (highwater, daemon).

Of course, “MSpy” (or anthing with the word Spy in it!) caught my attention.  Googling MSpy led me to Mobile Spy, which apparently is extremely difficult to find on one’s phone.

Can anyone tell me if “MSpy” would even be listed in a Low Memory Data Report as my “largest process” if I didn’t have spyware embedded in my phone?  (I guess I’m assuming that MSpy as it is listed stands for “Mobile Spy” and not something benign).

I just need some direction before I pull out all of the stops trying to find spyware on my phone today.  Help & guidance would be tremendously appreciated.


That's not good

From Josh Kirschner on June 10, 2013 :: 12:54 pm

Yes, MSpy and Mobile Spy are both spy apps for iPhone. They’re not the same app, though they have similar features. I’ve tested Mobile Spy and it can provide a significant amount of your personal information to whomever is spying on you.

To help you verify if you have spyware, you should check to see if your iPhone has been jailbroken. Spyware can only be installed on a jailbroken phone. The easiest way to check is to download Lookout Security from iTunes then run a scan. It will give you a warning if the iPhone is jailbroken.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, that means someone with physical access to your phone jailbroke your phone and installed the spyware. It’s not hard to do - takes less than an hour.

To eliminate the spyware, simply update your phone to the latest iOS (6.1.4). This will remove the jailbreak and spyware. To be absolutely sure, you may want to do a complete reset of your phone (back up your data first).

if you would like me to walk through this process with you, please contact me at ********.


That's what I was afraid

From KC on June 10, 2013 :: 4:43 pm

That’s what I was afraid of. The most obvious culprit (and the only person with access to my phone during times I might not have it in my hand) would be my husband, but I am pretty sure he has the “share downloads from other devices” setting switched to “on” in icloud so before I download the app you suggested I am going to try and turn that setting off so I can do this without giving him a heads-up. 
A question that I have while I wait to do this is can a phone have MSpy installed on it from any other source?  Like can I get “hacked” by someone who doesn’t have physical access to my phone?  Or does it have to be jailbroken (in person) in order to install the MSpy? 
Thank you VERY VERY much!



From Sara on April 24, 2017 :: 7:40 am

I think y phone was hacked can someone take ur pic and text back and fourt like your doing it?


I Need To Be Vindicated!!!!!

From Alfonza Ferguson on November 01, 2018 :: 5:43 pm

Yes I Saw these comments and your response to how you can help me get the problem solved concerning my phone being cloned/hacked…...get back at me and let me know how to contact you to remedy this problem please…...AND Thank you


Okay - icloud turned off,

From kc on June 10, 2013 :: 7:00 pm

Okay - icloud turned off, software uploaded and, YES, my phone has been jailbroken.  This is just getting worse by the minute and I’m pretty much floored.
Before I go through the processes of getting un-hacked, I am going to wait to see if you can answer my questions above pertaining to whether or not a phone can be jailbroken remotely by a 3rd party without having actual physical access to the phone.  That will make a huge difference in what this all could mean.
The only time I have not had my phone in my personal possession (discounting when I am at home and set it down, where my husband could easily access it) is when I took it to a local store to have the glass replaced after I dropped it.  I can’t imagine that they installed spyware to my phone, given that they’re a professional business with a storefront location, but it is very literally the only time my phone was not with me.  What are your thoughts on that?
I’m thinking all roads are leading to my husband right now, but before I go off half-cocked I want to make sure I’ve covered other possibilities.
Thank you again for your help -


Jailbreak must have physical access

From Josh Kirschner on June 10, 2013 :: 10:17 pm

There’s no way to jailbreak an iPhone without physical access to it and it’s something that requires a little time to do (you can’t just pick up an iPhone and jailbreak it). So, unfortunately, your husband and the repair shop are both potential candidates.

What you can try to do is load the MSpy control menu on your phone, look at the settings and see if there is any indication who might have set it up ( email address or phone number for SMS updates). To access the menu, Dial #000* then press call. If that doesn’t work, then the spy may have changed the default access code and you’re probably out of luck.

Let me know what you find.



From bob on March 19, 2021 :: 5:45 am

You can jailbreak any phone remotely if you’re smart enough and have the devices information. Idk why you people keep thinking that there are limits? We live in a world with almost endless possibilities. Show me a group or crowd ridiculing someone or another group stating something CAN’T (biggest and laziest co-out word) be done, and I’ll show you a person or group that will devote all their free time and go the extra mile completely out of their way to prove you wrong and that it can be done.



From Jerrica Brown on September 19, 2021 :: 3:56 pm

Can you please email me and help me find the best app!? I cant stand all these foreign mother fs! [personal email redacted]
From MS!

email address

From Josh Kirschner on June 10, 2013 :: 10:19 pm

Oh, and you can contact me at ********** if you want to reach me directly.


Pls contact me I'm n

From Sheena on January 22, 2016 :: 4:15 am

Pls contact me I’m n a big problem


need help

From jacki on April 04, 2016 :: 12:13 pm

Can you please help me, I think my phone is hacked. I feel like my every move is being watched and I’m drained.


Thanks - tried to dial

From KC on June 10, 2013 :: 11:50 pm

Thanks - tried to dial the number you gave but I got a “call cannot be completed as dialed message”, then a “message 2” PX10MN, whatever that might mean.  I’m going to scroll through my data logs for any signs or clues that might reveal anything further.  I’m sure I’ll have another question for you tomorrow!  =)  Thanks!


Hi there again - I

From kc on June 11, 2013 :: 1:56 pm

Hi there again - I just contacted you at the address you gave me.  Thanks so much!


cell phone hacking question

From jcs219 on June 24, 2013 :: 1:02 am

can someone send and receive text messages from my phone number without me knowing?  i.e. a text conversation with my number attached to it, but it never came from my phone.


Quite possible

From Josh Kirschner on June 24, 2013 :: 11:13 am

I have been testing a number of spyware programs and, while I haven’t specifically seen the feature to send messages from your phone, I certainly believe it would be possible to do given similar features I have tested.

We are looking for people to anonymously participate in a story we’re working on around spyware. If you would like me to participate and have us walk you through analyzing your phone for spyware and removing any that is found, please contact me at ********.

Josh Kirschner
Founder, Techlicious


factory reset

From brad on July 31, 2015 :: 10:59 am

Will a factory reset and a new sim card erase any tracking software or apps that have been put on my phone or do I need a new phone? thanks


Most of the time it would.

From Ryan on July 28, 2017 :: 9:15 am

However I have a friend that is monitored on a whole other level. To the point that verizon made her wait for a few days when she went to get a new phone. They shipped the phone from another state when they had them in stock in the store. The new, different model phone exhibits the same issues as the old one. I’ve personally tried to remove the tracking software, and it cant be found. It’s embedded at the firmware, likely bootloader level.

Mind you this friend has never done anything to anyone. However she’s dealt with this all her life.

It failed for me..

From Dee on November 22, 2019 :: 4:28 am

My ex was nuts.. he spied on me with it was up to 5 different programs.. I went through 20 emails 7 phones once he had that work profile created I always lost control of my phones… I have 7 phones sitting here now I wish I could do something I dunno I feel like I had no control it made me feel naked hard to explain. He had messed with my head took remote control of my phones would play head games with me Just INSANE still I can’t fix phones every time I try to start them he gets notified.. it is the IEM number

I should be charging for all my info....

From Bob on March 19, 2021 :: 5:36 am

what you normal regular people need to understand is this. Stop being so damn gullible. Don’t open everything you receive. NEVER absolutely NEVER open a text or email from someone you don’t know just by opening it you grant access from even the dumbest hackers. And you don’t just factory reset a device and it be all good. Factory reset doesn’t delete EVERYTHING first you have to delete and wipe your cache logs ALL OF THEM then factory reset. I am a hacker. You delete the cache logs because every password ever used on that phone honestly everything ever done with that phone can be seen or retrieved from your cache logs EVERYTHING. I tell you this because I’m sick of all these wannabe no degree dipshit 3rd world country faggots trying to get 1 over on the U.S. they’re lame and skills suck. Keep on comin at me I’mnotthe1 and above all use a damn VPN pay for it it’s worth it or if your info means that little to you get the mayivpn it’s free and works pretty good. And turn off you Gdamn nfc payment it’s the devil’s gateway for the lamest dipshit to steal your info and not even the best hacker would know if it happened if their nfc was on. Developer mode bluetooth debugging run off built nfc stripper app

I would like to participate.

From Jackie on November 29, 2015 :: 6:22 pm

I would like to participate.


participate in spy testing for story

From Carmen Lambeck on December 14, 2015 :: 9:31 am


My phone is possessed ( by a person and not a demon). I downloaded an IOS update last night after reading this thread for a hour or so.

Long story short. I want to obtain the highest level of antimalware and put it on my phone and detect and remove spyware.

I’m involved in a high dollar civil litigation and the other side is spending “whatever it takes” to defeat me and my sons. All of our phones have been accessed from another device somewhere. I have known this was gong on for about a year but upgraded to iPhone 6 and that stopped it for a time. It has to be real - the opponents literally know every email, Facebook, safari search, anything that is done on my phone. There is no other way for them to have full access and they use it.

Anyway - paranoia aside. I believe information is the answer for me. I’m gong to email you from my gmail after I remove it from my phone and use the macbook.

They managed to get into it but the updates knock them back out. I have literally sat back and watched as my computer cursor moves it self, opens files and takes away my control.

One of my sons while at home asleep with his finance was sending text messages without his knowledge to me at 1:30 am begging me to wake up and help him!

Sounds like a soap opera but if I’ve learned one thing about human nature in the past couple of years its this - money is the root of evil in this world and sane men and women will say and do anything to possess it. Its quiet disturbing .

I don’t have an URL. Just a retired school teacher, late - n - life single mother with grown sons .

Thank you and please reply.


Your not along I've seen my computer do the same thing

From Wow same thing is happing to me on November 09, 2016 :: 7:41 pm

It’s definitely personal that’s for sure

Similar occurrence

From Mary on February 15, 2018 :: 2:31 pm

I received an emergency call 4 help from my son’s #.Text message sent pictures of someone in distress. Looked as if someone was bruised & bleeding. It was dark out. Google Maps appeared on my screen. GM was directing me to my son’s location. A friend of my son’s happened to be with me. She was reading the directions as I drove. It was as if we were on a wild goose chase trying to track my son down. We saw another friend of my son’s who said she was going to try and reach him over the computer. We continued to follow the GM which led us right back to where we started from. The town post office. In the interim we received a phone call from the friend who reached out to him via computer. She said he was fine. He was at home on the computer the whole while. He never sent me a text or called for ER help. I was relieved that my son was okay but absolutely traumatized by the ability of someone to do this. I am so glad that there were people who witnessed what was going on. I as well am involved in a high $ civil litigation. This individual did steal my identity investigated and proven from the government. I have also witnessed my computer being taken over. The exact same thing happened. The cursor moved across the screen on its own.I had no control over the cursor. Files would be extracted from my computer. I cannot understand how this can happen. How can a cell phone be hacked.My email was also compromised. I invested in a PO Box which this person was able to obtain and use that information as well. I now have to go through the state capital, my mail is going to be sent to them then they will forwarded my mail to me. This individual was able to create 2 accounts dealing with banking. They locked me out of my own account and diverted checks being sent to me. This person’s family owns a large computer software company. I am sure they know people who have the ability to do these things. It has been a nightmare. This person also has information that could not be obtained any other way then to go through my files and emails between lawyers. Is there anyway of putting a program on my computer or phone where I can trace the activity back to whomever is doing this. I know who is doing it. Evidence is necessary. 1 investigation has proven identity theft. There are multiple issues.  Any information would be helpful.

Omg I’m going through same

From Kyle foust on December 15, 2019 :: 12:31 pm

I hope you found help, please let me know if you have any advice I have good job and nursing license am am about to loose it all too thousands spent. I am at my wits end everyone thinks I’m nuts psycho please help with advice tips thank you

Listen to Children Guardian Spirits

From Olivia Gabriel on October 26, 2020 :: 3:16 pm

Not all spirits. Are evil. If you get a warning. Threw spirit world of computers. Using green ether of underworld. Of indian totem poles of redwood. Listen. They attack them. In their dreams. A little child woke me up. Saved my life. Ancestors in the Machines. With demons. Be wise. Aware of their present. To warn, protect.

Soooooo I will volunteer?been through

From beatrice on January 29, 2016 :: 4:16 am

Soooooo I will volunteer?been through at least a dozen phones prepaid and not prepaid. after his phone with AT&T iCloud they went over my phone and for me it has been rooted I explained I did not know what that meant so therefore I didn’t do it and there went everything warranties everything out the window I do resets factory data reset nothing gets rid of this I have noticed in my abs Android OS instead of Android system I’m going to assume that this is the app that will not allow me to stop it or uninstall it or disable it every phone I’ve had has been tortured I just got a Samsung Galaxynote 5 and I set it down fell asleep woke up it to have been rooted I do believe I cannot find out for sure however my battery is drained since then it doesn’t work properly I cannot log into any of my accounts all my passwords are wrong what do I do and besides you know the obvious help.another indication is I had 24 apps installed complete after this incident I had over 45 helped


I am going through the exact same thing as all of you and have been dealing with it completely alone

From Jen R on January 13, 2020 :: 4:13 am

I am going through pretty much all of the things Being mentioned in posts here- this is unbelieveable! I kno exactly who is doing this but have had a hard time stopping the barrage of mental abuse and attacks and have even changed my entire network at one point.. not he has found a way to hack my iPhone. Has anyone here found anything helpful they wouldn’t mind sharing? I would be greatful for any help at all.. thank you

Help me

From Mimi on June 14, 2016 :: 3:57 am

I have had problems with my phone for a long time. Ive tried several apps factory reset and tried to get help. My locations are tracked my messages read and my camera has even been hacked. Not to mention unusual things going on in my home. Ive been called crazy and i just don’t trust anyone because of this.  Im deeply disturbed and depressed over this. Please help me. I csnt get help anywhere


Can you provide more information?

From Josh Kirschner on June 14, 2016 :: 9:27 am

Hi Mimi,

Can you provide more details on why you think your locations are tracked and messages read? That will help me understand what issues you’re seeing and what the cause might be.


Same called xrazy its in my head ur loosing it

From Samyaza grigori on May 05, 2018 :: 6:52 pm

Its been my understanding when people say this they are apart of the game thats being played i have had hard evendince messages screenshots of the viruses an their permissions an its “ur nuts” “dude its in your head” my own family think im making it up get some sleep itll go away hahahahahahahaha i switched phones last night had virus total mobile on that phone first rhing i did when i got home downloaxed virus total but now the app has been updated now we cant upload apks an thats my biggest ease cant upload emails either or text message links well i hate chess i was never good at it i get mad an flip the board over the board AND the TABLE getting flipped this time


From Bec on July 10, 2020 :: 11:05 am

Exact same thing happens to me! Been threw so many phones, email accounts fb accounts im always getting locked out of them! Iv sat and watched my phone change settings on its own write stuff in the web browser its nuts. Iv even set up a sim in a family members name with their id with their concent and stiĺl same old story. Weird crap goes on at my house it makes me so paranoid and it affects my kids dont know who to trust question everything nobody wants to help even ppl you know could easily help you wont others think ur nuts and get sick of hearing about it all its hell. But know ur not nuts keep mentally strong and tell yourself everyday that there is still good in the world thats what i do. Also if anyone can help me understand why this would be happening to me as i have no money or anything of value that would be great coz as i said we live in hell

They call me crazy

From Cassaundra on April 05, 2021 :: 3:24 am

I’ve been going through the same thing..I feel like I cant trust no one..I dont know why I’m going through this..

Hello Josh, I have had

From Jill pawlak on March 06, 2018 :: 10:09 am

Hello Josh, I have had this stalker on and off for awhile. If you could help me determine if he has spyware on my phone and computer that would help me feel a lot safer. I hired a private investigator and he basically scammed me out of a lot of money that I can’t afford. I was so scared and he made false promises si I’m right where I was. I would be greatly appreciated.  Sincerely, Jill


S am ready

From mujeeb rahman on November 27, 2019 :: 1:13 pm

May old iPhone 5s replace battery then shop close 2i iPhone 6 lost am c


Hacked for years

From Asher j on December 16, 2019 :: 5:36 am

I have been hacked for years by family…I never knew the extant they would go…I have lost my jobs.. relationship..everything due to it..I need help


I think mine maybe hacked

From Justee on January 01, 2020 :: 12:50 am

For quite some time now my phones would just never come back on so I thought maybe they just quit then I noticed it like a cover screen instead like when you diable it appears to too turn off but clicking back on it the app is the same file size anyways an help to resolve this matter will be great thanks


If I’m right which I know I am they’ll be hell to pay

From Danny Berger on February 08, 2020 :: 2:19 am

    Please email me back. I’d like to participate. I have a very interesting story to tell.  I can’t go into more online if I’m right and I’m interested in actually talking about the matter.

Very Sincerely,
Danny Berger


Can u help me?

From Derrick power's on April 19, 2020 :: 1:30 pm

My brother did something to my phone.Now he has taken all my text messages in and out and displayed them for everyone to see.He changes passwords and messes with all kinds if things and info on my phone.I need this to stopand I would like to learn more about participating with you.Thank You.


I would like to participate in this trail please

From David James Lawrence on September 27, 2020 :: 12:14 am

to whomever it may concern i would like to participate in your testing of spyware programs as my phone dose all sorts of weird things like go in and out of apps change screens, controls my keyboard sometimes I just want my privacy back someone is constantly monitoring me, id like it stopped. Please can you help. I would like to sue these people big time for invasion if I can find them
Regards Dave


You just need to contact

From Lesley on April 18, 2021 :: 10:42 am

You just need to contact the right people for spywares programs. It’s really annoying knowing singing is on your privacy.

Hacked phone and I caught him.

From Troy Osborne on October 08, 2020 :: 9:39 pm

This is my first time reaching out about this because although I had a feeling of what was happening to me I wasn’t able to prove it. UNTIL NOW. My 29 year old son has had access to my phone via whatever you call it and everytime I get a text message a copy goes straight to his phone. I was able to spend some time with his phone today and after about 4 hours of looking at garbage I finally hit paydirt. This has been going on for a year and I’ve gine through countless phones, but Thank the big guy i now see what’s been happening. I now just need to know where this app is hiding on his phone and wipe it out. Any helpful feedback would be very much appreciated97


Fix the issues on your end

From Josh Kirschner on October 13, 2020 :: 9:49 am

If your son has installed a spy app on your phone, this can be rectified by doing a factory reset on your phone (back up your info first) and setting a login method that wouldn’t allow him back into your device.

The other way people can get access to your text messages is if they have access to your iCloud account (if you use an iPhone) or Google account to set up Messages for Web. So changing that password should be high priority.

Phone stolen off night stand

From Jeff younce on November 23, 2020 :: 10:10 pm

So I would love a chance to participate in spyware awareness app what do you need from me.I’m in Oregon w a Google acct that was being used from info from stolen phone,although I got new number it seems like I’m being tracked by unknown device,it is so upsetting I would love to know,so let me know what to do.I’m all ears…Jeff



From Caroline wright on July 23, 2021 :: 7:41 am

Yes you can. There’s apps that allow this and if you’re the one in question go to you carrier and get an actual printout. It will show numbers u have contacted or text (not messages obviously) sorry. Hope it works out. People are insecure and crazy


Help analyszng phone

From David on July 28, 2021 :: 9:41 pm

All signs point to spyware from what i understand, which is not alot. Would like to participate in story. Plz help



From Helpful hints on November 15, 2020 :: 2:20 am

They need access to your phone in some way th ough before they can even if it’s through Google or physically.


He's stalking me....

From Maggie Jackson on June 25, 2013 :: 2:15 pm

My jealous, over-protective BF installed “Find my iPhone” on my phone to make sure I was where I said I would be and make sure I wasn’t “doing anything sketchy”.  He told me when he did this & I didn’t think anything of it since, contrary to his imagination, I’m not doing anything wrong.  2 questions:  Sometimes he tells me he “sees me” yards & yards from where my phone actually is. How can that be? Also, how can I be alerted everytime he is actually tracking my phone?  I;m not going to turn the feature off because then he will believe I’m hiding something, but I would like to be aware of when he does it and can I be alerted every time he tracks me?


And you're okay with that?

From Josh Kirschner on June 26, 2013 :: 11:02 am

Let me start with your technical questions. Location tracking can be inaccurate for a number of reasons. If you don’t have a good satellite signal or no signal, your location will be off. This could be because your iPhone is reporting its last known good location or switching to cell tower-based location tracking, which can be much less accurate.

There’s no easy way to be alerted when someone is using the Find My Phone feature. Part of the feature is not to alert the person who has the phone, so you can better track down a stolen device.

It’s also possible that your controlling BF has installed other spyware on your iPhone that will allow him to track you texts, voice calls and even your email. Downloading Lookout Security for your iPhone to check for jailbreaking. If it is jailbroken, it’s highly likely there is spyware on the device.

It’s beyond me why you’re okay with him tracking you this way - my expertise is in tech, not relationships. Though my wife would probably say I’m at least doing an okay job with the latter. But you may want to consider talking to a counselor about your relationship. It’s not normal and it’s not healthy.


My ex told me he

From Angie seal on May 10, 2020 :: 6:53 pm

My ex told me he has an app that let’s him know when certain contacts are texting. This is his exact workds…“this app on my phone tells when certain contacts of mine are texting”....
What kind of app would this be?
Please help


Most likely possibilities are spyware or SS7 hack

From Josh Kirschner on May 11, 2020 :: 2:09 am

Unless he installed spyware on the phones of those contacts, or has access to an SS7 hack, there is no app that will tell him what or when they are texting. But both of those are possibilities. You can learn more about the by reading our newer story on How to Tell if Your Phone is Hacked°

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