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California Passes Cell Phone Kill Switch Bill

by on August 12, 2014
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California State FlagA bill that would require all smartphones sold in the state of California to include a remote kill switch passed in the state senate Monday and is headed to the governor’s desk for signing, CNET is reporting.

"With law enforcement agencies reporting a drop in thefts of phones that already provide kill switches to their customers, it is clear that this is an idea whose time has come," explains State Senator Mark Leno, the bill’s sponsor.

The bill requires a disabling anti-theft feature be turned on by default for all devices sold after July 2015. Older devices will be exempt.

Most major phone manufacturers have already agreed to meet the deadline on a voluntary basis. This bill would make compliance mandatory under threat of fine.

Of course, there’s no need to wait until July 2015 to secure your smartphone. Check out our need-to-know mobile security guide for information on how to protect your device from thieves and other threats today.

[California state flag via Shutterstock]

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