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The Social Evolution of Computers

by on January 04, 2014
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Lenovo Horizon

Lenovo Horizon

Think using a computer is all about solitary activities like work, using Facebook or shopping on Amazon? Increasingly, computers are becoming a gathering spot, a place where family gathers to play games, listen to music and talk—face-to-face.

Like 35% of other parents, I play games weekly with my kids (according to Entertainment Software Association 2013 Essential Facts). Laying our 27-inch Lenovo Horizon all-in-one flat, four of us can play a variety of games around the computer, including Monopoly, air hockey and Raiding Company, a cooperative play action/adventure game. And with a one-hour battery built-in, we can use the computer anywhere.

And according to a recent NPD In-Stat study, video chat calling minutes are predicted to increase to 550 billion next year, up from 141 million minutes in 2010. My family is a good example. We like to call my mother-in-law on Skype. And with a large, 27-inch all-in-one, my three kids and I can easily fit around the screen to chat with her.

All of my family’s computer time isn’t spent looking at the screen, though. Recently, we used the Slacker Radio app to provide ad-free music for our party guests. With my premium account, guests could even listen to specific tracks on demand.

Watch the video below to see how our all-in-one has become the social connector for our family.

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