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How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Cloned

by on March 30, 2020
in Tips & How-Tos, Phones and Mobile, Privacy :: 138 comments

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Our phones are the key to our digital identity, so it’s no wonder that mobiles have become increasingly attractive targets for cybercriminals, who have at their disposal a fair number of ways to hack a smartphone, some of which require more access and technical savvy than others.

Phone cloning – or the copying of the identification credentials a phone uses to connect to cellular networks – is one method that usually requires the perpetrator to have direct access to a device.  That makes it less prevalent than, say, hacking an operating system vulnerability that hasn’t been updated, but the consequences are equal to that of most phone hacks – your personal data is exposed, with potential financial consequences or identity fraud.

What is phone cloning?

It’s worth distinguishing between “cloning” a phone’s data – which spy apps semi-legally offer as a way to spy on the photos, texts and calls of another device – and totally illegal phone cloning, which refers to the copying of a phone’s complete cellular identity and using it in another device.

In cloning a phone’s cellular identity, a criminal would steal the IMEI number (the unique identifier for every mobile device) from the SIM cards, or the ESN or MEID serial numbers. These identifying numbers are then used to reprogram phones or SIM cards with the stolen phone number.          

Then there’s also the emerging threat of SIM hijacking, where hackers who have access to stolen phone numbers call up carriers and impersonate account holders to get a new SIM the hacker controls. This method, which relies on social engineering tactics to find out personal information that carriers use to authenticate customer accounts, differs from the highly technical method for SIM (or phone) cloning, but the end result is the same – to gain control over someone’s phone service.

Once the perpetrator has control of the phone line, they can send messages and make calls that appear to be from that phone number, with the bill footed by the victim. If a cloned phone and the original are near the same broadcast tower, it could even allow the perp to listen in on any calls made by the victim – though that’s probably not the main driver for phone cloning.

The bigger danger is that text messages and calls intended for the rightful owner of the line can also be intercepted – including two-factor authentication codes that allow snoops to get access to critical accounts like email, social media and even banking. (The vulnerability of text messages is one reason why experts recommend other methods of two-factor authentication.)

Phone cloners might also target political figures for surveillance: in February this year, South African state security ministers were reported to have had their cellphones cloned, the crime was detected when several people reported receiving text messages from a minister who hadn’t sent them.

Or, cloned phones might be used to generate revenue, sold to people who aren’t aware they’ve purchased a fraudulent handset with stolen credentials.

How phones get cloned

Most phones have SIM cards whose IMEI numbers are protected by secret codes that prevent over-the-air interception. But if someone is able to remove the SIM card and place it in a SIM reader for a few minutes, they can copy all its identifying credentials to load onto a blank SIM. (This technically includes anyone who might get time alone with your device – but as with phone spying, you’re likely to have an inkling if there’s anyone who might want to do such a thing.)

Researchers have also found a vulnerability in the existing protocol that is used for over-the-air carrier updates. Though rarely used, this flaw could in theory allow hackers to remotely clone a SIM.

Some older phones are more vulnerable to remote attacks. Those running on 2G or 3G CDMA frequencies, which are used only by the Sprint and US Cellular networks (Verizon retired its CDMA network at the end of 2019), broadcast to the operator in a way that would allow special equipment – like a femtocell – to eavesdrop on the connection and intercept handset ESN or MEID serials.

That means older CDMA phones, such as flip phones or 3G-only regular and smartphones, that are locked to either Sprint or US Cellular may be at a slightly elevated risk of remote phone cloning. All that said, however, phone cloning is not as common as it was in the early days of mobile phone use, when the radio frequencies in use were much easier to eavesdrop on.

6 Signs that your phone might have been cloned

If you think your phone might have been cloned, check for these signs which can indicate someone else is using your cellular service, such as:

1. Receiving an unexpected text requesting you to restart your device

This may be the first sign that your phone or SIM has been compromised – restarting your device gives the attacker a window in which your device is off and they can load their phone with your cloned credentials.

2. Calls or texts on your cellphone bill that you don’t recognize

Any outgoing texts and calls made on the cloned device will seem to be coming from your phone number – and land on your bill. Even if you don’t have an itemized bill, international calls will show up here, so keep an eye on your monthly payments and double-check when you pay more than usual.

3. You stop receiving calls and texts

If someone else has control of your phone number, calls and SMSes may be diverted to their cloned device, or your cellular connection stopped entirely. Check this by having a friend or your partner call you to see if the call rings and if it comes through to your phone.

4. You see your device in a different location on Find My Phone

Logging into Find My iPhone or Google’s Find My Device can be a way to check on the integrity of your SIM. If your phone’s on your desk, but on the map appears to be somewhere else, someone else may be using your cell service. (Chances are, phone hackers would disable this setting, however.)

5. You get a message from your carrier saying your SIM has been updated

If your credentials have been activated on a new device, your network provider will probably send a message confirming your details have been updated – a major red flag if you haven’t done anything. This can also be the point at which you find your device no longer has cellular service. 

6. You’re mysteriously locked out of your accounts

You might even find someone has commandeered your email accounts and social media handles – as in a spat of Instagram hacks based on stolen phone numbers (in these cases, however, the SIMs were hijacked by attackers who had gleaned enough personal information online to fool carriers into switching over the SIM cards). Either way, someone having control over your phone service means they can do things like trigger a forgotten password, receive a two-factor authentication code to the phone number they now have access to, then change the password and access any account they know your login name for.

If the worst has happened and your phone has been cloned, you need to call your cellular provider. They should be able to detect and block the cloned device, because each handset has a unique radio fingerprint independent of that serial number that originally belonged to you.

Can you prevent phone cloning?

You can help protect your phone from this type of cloning by observing the same cybersecurity practices that keeps your online life safe:

  • Check that carrier texts are coming from legitimate numbers – for example, do they show up in the same message thread as previous carrier texts?
  • Train a skeptical eye on any text that requests you do something – are they worded in the way you would expect? What do Google search results have to say about the sender’s number?
  • Finally, treat your phone’s IMEI, ESN or MEID number like any other password - never send it to anyone or give it to any website you don’t trust.

Cloning isn’t the only way your phone can be compromised. If you have concerns about the security of your device, read our story on how to tell if your phone has been hacked.

[Image credit: phone hacking concept via BigStockPhoto]

Natasha Stokes has been a technology writer for more than 7 years covering consumer tech issues, digital privacy and cybersecurity. As the features editor at TOP10VPN, she covered online censorship and surveillance that impact the lives of people around the world. Her work has also appeared on BBC Worldwide, CNN, Time and Travel+Leisure.

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Not sure?

From Glenn Hardin on July 05, 2020 :: 5:12 pm

When I send texts, or unlock my device, or change a password, or read things on the screen, sometimes I think I hear my me neighbor reading the screen text or messages aloud. Any thoughts how to address it? It’s almost like they see what I’m sending and receiving sometimes sharing the on screen text with whoever is in the room with them?


Good luck buddy.. If they

From Open on October 13, 2020 :: 12:35 am

Good luck buddy.. If they have an interest or purpose for u there’s nothing u can do but write things down and depend on our electronics less. Change all credit card info bank accounts etc I know it’s a lot but it’s the only way. Do not activate any rando cards in the mail… Also get in touch with Google support.. Anything fishing such as texts or emails flag as spam. Best advice I have for everyone going through this.


Someone is reading my texts

From Peter on January 26, 2021 :: 8:35 am

I got same problem my naighbour is getting in my phone reading everything I text and read it out loud to other people in a room they comment on the things I say the way i say them . Its annoying and it invasion of privacy.they post this on line my privet conversations and changes to my Google settings get on all my accounts and they stealing money of any prepaid cards.


Is there a law against

From Cissy from Texas on March 08, 2021 :: 11:42 pm

Is there a law against this ? Or are we just suppose to sit back and let some sick sob rob us of our lives


Rob us

From Lloyd Hamilton on August 04, 2022 :: 7:04 am

Yes we are supposed to take it and like it.  Noone is going to help us so there is no use crying about it..just die already

Same problem

From Omolara on October 26, 2021 :: 4:41 am

Please have you got solution to this? If yes how?



From Mike on January 28, 2021 :: 2:54 pm

Maybe your schizophrenic cause that’s what is happening to me.  They are accessing everything that I do and see on my phone I change my password and they know it instantly.


Dear not sure

From hyperplasmic surprises on February 18, 2021 :: 4:30 pm

I believe that your neighbors have hacked into your router.Thats how they are seeing everything.Look up online how to make your router safer.I am having trouble with an ex who is doing the same or similar thing.Very frustrating.Take care, and get your phone checked for a keylogger.


Phone has malware/Spyware

From Ashish Goyal on July 13, 2020 :: 7:53 am

Tried to remove malware and spyware but my phone is cloned, I get it back on my phone.  Credit card, personal info theft. Username, password theft. Watching me thru spyware. Listening to my conversation. Receiving fake calls. Fake chatting on text app, WhatsApp. Secrutinizing email. Deleting emails. Any solutions


Cloned or Hacked

From Christopher on August 07, 2020 :: 8:00 pm

Have any of you people called you phone service provider and asked for a new SIM card? I believe Verizon only charges $20 for a new SIM card.
As for your email accounts unfortunately the best choice is to dump them and open new accounts with a different computer.
You can also backup any information you want to save on a separate hard drive and then do a fresh restart on your computer and all other devices.


Theres NOTHING you can DO!

From Lost on September 01, 2020 :: 5:26 am

Regarding the “Group” mentioned above… They ARE real and theyre literally EVERYWHERE!  They target people who are naieve, trusting, and caring, isolate them, smear and slander them, steal thier identity, stalk them 24/7, and if they try to get help theyll launch an all-out attack so chaotic and insane that even if someone believes you theyll be too afraid or confused or aggitated to even bother!  If you REALLY persist they will set you up to look like an addict, alcoholic, and/or criminal!  From the outside it looks like drugs and domestic violence and co-dependency…but if you keep fighting, resist the temptation of substances for escape from hooelessness, having perfect intuition thats NEVER wrong and stick to your values and morals, they will double-down on the abuse and isolation, lock you up and attack, coerse, and terrify you non-stop until you are so sick & weak you can no longer fight or even try anymore, then theyll take away food, water, bathing, toilet paper, clean clothes, etc… Expose you to toxic chemicals, smoke, heat, refuse you your meds even inhalers or aspirin, then mess with phones, bluetooth speakers, people outside your windowd (that your abuser boarded up & wont let you near), they flash lights on you, call you names, never let you have any privacy, not allowed to have a door shut or lights or tv off, but your nit allowed to speak to any of them (just be stared at and talked about while they come in and out day and night for no reason!  Theres much more!  My advice.. Move to an off-grid homestead NOW!


More about what yu was saying

From Dave on September 10, 2020 :: 7:20 pm

Tell me more if yu can , might be big help


Yep me too

From Misty on October 08, 2020 :: 6:15 pm

Seems this is what the tern gang stocking is referring to. My attacker tell me he loves me.. He actually. Contact’s me through email anything Google based


Did you experience this??

From Lj on October 11, 2020 :: 3:06 am

I’m going through this right now. Did this happen to you??


Abuse by group

From Elizabeth on November 20, 2021 :: 8:42 pm

They are exconvicts. This torture was devised while they were incarcerated at the Walla Walla Washington Penitentiary. 8 horrible men planned the perfect crime. 2003-2008 my ex is one of them. Then they added from there. They have dating fraud and blackmail. If one gets into your home they wire it up. Video and sound for 750 feet. Service people: cleaners, computer techs, hvac, carpet cleaners, handymen, any repair people.

Your Wi-Fi is taken over and all electronics compromised the second it leaves your sight. They open ports on your devices.

Tracking on your car, in clothing, pets.

Never do digitialized keys. They come in at night while you sleep, unless they are living in your house. They were living in my attic at last house. Things were taken while I was in the house, drove me crazy.

They make me feel like I’m in prison. No free will. Everything is monitored. No pain meds, no deodrant, no tweezers, no keys, no money, no privacy, no friends unless one of them. If your boyfriend is one, he is your handler. They decide what I eat, what I wear, who I speak to, what they decide is only what I get. They took my $7000 fifthwheel rv and traded it for a giant rat and mold infested one that was same model but dif year. Wired for video and sound. Took all my identity papers, titles, drivers license. When I tried to get state cops after them because I knew who did it they put powdered bleach into my Prozac capsules. Almost killed me. They put raid in everything I eat or toiletries. My body is failing. I’m in so much pain that im amazed I’m still alive.

Best part is now they overdose me to the point im almost in a coma and then auction my time and highest bidder gets to come and do whatever they want to me while I am helpless. It’s horrific. One of them moved in next door, the rapo. He is a drug dealer. Lots of scum everywhere now.

Why won’t anyone help us? God won’t let me walk away from this. I must find a solution! We don’t deserve to be treated like this! Insure don’t. My youngest daughter sold me to them f o r $20 of meth. Y middle daughter killed herself because she could not handle the pain they were putting her thru. This HAS TO STOP!! KEEP FIGHTING!!



From Lisa Collins on August 03, 2021 :: 11:49 pm

A new Sim card will not do any good they already know all your phone personal numbers they can still get on it even with just the phone number. Once you have one email they can always connect to a new is a federal offense to hack a phone married or not.My local law enforcement will not help me because they don’t know what to look for. I have craigslist ads in my name and I’m guessing my soon to be ex is collecting the money in my name.I haven’t received phone call or text in a long time muchless a email.He here recently has cloned my phone. I just hoping one day someone will have since enough to figure it out and help me before it’s to late. He is also using one of my old emails so I can’t do a factory reset on it. Good luck to you all!! Don’t try to email because I won’t never get it. And I can’t call for help because all my calls are rerouted



From UBC STUDENT on August 15, 2020 :: 4:02 pm

I bought my cellphone from a Chinese man (sale craigslist) I met up with him and bought the phone.

Earlier today I was texting and sent a text, - you know on the left upper hand where you suppose t see your phone carrier (rogers, Telus) it was “Phone” when I pressed home it was back to my carrier.

I want to know how to sue this asshole

Please help. I am a UBC Med Student.


Had enough

From Suzanne Conner on August 30, 2020 :: 3:40 am

Nearly 10 years I’ve been stalked, cyberbullied. Sick to death of explaining it & proving it. Gangs are rife, I’m been gang stalked.  Can you give advice of protection to me & thousands of others


Same experience

From Ganged stalked on February 18, 2021 :: 6:59 am

I have heard the same voice, like a military type very commanding voice through fans, near streams, in the small City I reside in NC. I seemingly get message patterns through my Google news, YouTube playlist, “friends” and random people I run across.. I just ran into security recordings from two years ago and heard the same voices communicating. I know my girlfriend is in on it. Certain actions such as coughing, nodding of the head yes or no for no particular reason. Rubbing of the face or ear in abundance, not just an itch. Certain words like box, or bodies, or stiff, my neck hurts same coicodences repeatedly. FedEx , uhaul, ambulances & sprinter trucks almost at every corner. They see everything I do, sometimes purposely done just to see for myself if I hear a reaction. Or to see if my gf comes home questioning odd questions. Her actions are so calm when you usually screams at me acting over passive. I get odd looks from City folk. Very precise songs come on the radio at Walmart and casino I attend. I thought well maybe they are doing the Lord’s work to humble me, is it the feds, former military, at the same time I feel as if street level hillbillies are out to hurt me. Spraying me with sometimes painful sprinkles of a solution I never see coming. However when it hits I know anxiety and extreme fear and anger set in. Also extremely tired and I pass out for no apparent reason. I want to leave but now my car is having starting issues and people keep saying they like my tires. All the sudden they are going bald.. I know they see this but can anyone help???


Think someone cloned my boyfriends cell number

From Amber Davis on October 25, 2020 :: 10:40 am

A friend on Facebook messaged me and said he got a missed call from my boyfriend sent a screenshot to show me… So we my boyfriend and I looked at his phone it only shows a missed call from my friend where he called back… But I don’t even have this friends number it’s not even listed in Facebook… My boyfriend’s number was listed on Facebook so we hide it on his info…. The only conclusion we can come up with is maybe a certain family member of mine has used a clone app to start trouble…



From Green, Shawn on November 02, 2020 :: 1:55 pm

I’m having the same issue. I’ve notice that there is / a tracker or something on my phone. Each time I would go somewhere with a friend he would call there phone talking could they pick up something for them. The last time I pick up a friends medication and chilled with them. However I stopped to pick up my sister. Blew my phone up. Where you at. So I was like whatever, over a girlfriend house. Not even 2 min later he was there like where was you at. So all that just says you know where I’m at. Left the best part for last. Perform an experiment turn off my locater, came home just to see that look. I know now hmmmm.


IMEI question

From JG on December 06, 2020 :: 1:17 am

I just purchased a “new” Pixel 3, shipped and sold from Amazon (not a third party seller). The box was unopened, but it had a poorly removed sticker that used to be covering the IMEI # and other barcodes/serial numbers printed on the outside label. Is this a concern? I haven’t inserted a SIM card yet, since I was reading this article and I am skeptical now. Is the phone at risk if someone (like a retailer in this case) wrote down the IMEI beforehand?

Also, if it is such a sensitive number, why does the IMEI # come printed on the outside of the retail box packaging of cellphones?


I'd like to participate

From Dayna Hotalingjohnson on December 13, 2020 :: 8:57 pm

I’ve had 3 phones stolen I know that my phone has been acting odd but has gotten worse. I’ve even had to pull my kids from school and home school. Messed up thing is it’s not just my phone my parents complain my kids as well as spouse there is somthi6very wrong please help


One step at a time

From Have no fear on December 20, 2020 :: 10:14 am

Don’t be afraid of it all. Face it day by day. Continue doing good and the criminals will surface and be caught. There’s thousands of satellites in the universe to pinpoint and track everyone. There’s cameras everywhere. If they set you up or have people do bad things to you then Only a lawyer can help. The more they ruined you, the more proofs they add up for you to finally put them where they belong in the first place. Moving to a remote place will not solve your problems. Deal with it through certified mail and everything will be okay. One step at a time. You are the rightful owner of your identity and anyone stealing your identity is punishable by law. Use that term to your extent. For every actions the criminals do against will be your evidences. Write it down, date and time. How it happened. How many people. Witnesses. Record everything in a journal. Forward your texts and phone calls to your attorney. Soon there will be no more problems.


Cloned and or hacked iphone

From Dana on January 01, 2021 :: 4:16 pm

I don’t know what to do anymore! My phone once again has been compromised.  I woke up this morning to having duplicate icons for several of my apps one of them being my settings app.  All security features turned off.  Airdrop and the setting handoff to another device turned on.  Passwords changed.  I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.  Once I saw what happened I changed the settings back the way they were.  I came back just a few minutes later and everything was changed again!!  My vpn was also turned off.  How do I stop this? No matter what I do they eventually do it all over again.  Please help.  Thank you



From Reungrit Bunton on January 27, 2021 :: 12:03 am

Hello, I know some people who are capable of such things .yes they have touch our phones and yes I know the situation I gotten myself into .I now need to know so I can either release the proper people to stop them but without the knowledge to show or demonstrate the technology ,im basically a nut job in the self making category where its call a obsessed , paranoid , maniac.i know the consequences but set the obsessed part of me to get at them and finish it and get my life back as in normal and not have issues in my life because I now want to do something back and that creates me having a hater in my life . The more I investigate the more they implore the situation to overload. I need to find results but came to conclusion of sorts .I’ve thought of so many theories and now I presume that they hot into reproducing my sim card and intercepting my emails or text ,rerouting my calls and my internet is block on certain things I look at or sites simply will not load right .I find messages like a $1500 purchase we made or on my phone , certain keys will take picture like volume or if in palm it takes pictures which I seen personally or my zrams are high and such things like interactor is running high also. All these the t-mobile technicians are asking me where I see these on my phone .well I’m not computer wizard but I get the weirdest of things that people would say what do they want with my info what would they get from it ? I need proof to get them I font know the difference but it says new sign from three or four different days and I have a galaxy a11 and don’t know if its a Linux x86_64 or what.  If I can it be great to have someone that believes me and have the power to investigate it like just yo prove that this is happening and I could do demeaning about it . I believe they hacked my sim card . Now to prove it .


AI Gang Stocking

From Richard on January 31, 2021 :: 3:06 am

I would like to suggest you watch a new video that appeared on YouTube of a guy who has identified an AI (artificial intelligence) gang stocking program, which he believes has been deployed for some time. After watching the whole video, I think he may be on to something. This would explain why no matter what you do, they always get right back into your phone, texts, emails, etc. It’s most likely a super AI. You can find the video at or on YouTube under their YouTube channel. One of the other commenters mentioned that people on ssi or ssdi are targets. I think that’s probably accurate. I also think there are secret societies that have access to it as well. If you are not on ssi or ssdi, then you might have p*sses someone off that has access. Obviously there are real humans involved with the physical tasks (flat tires, car scratching, etc), but most of the main work is done by AI. Most likely our own g o v or the m a f i a.  You must remember that M K Ultra is also a possibility. They can control thoughts and make people carry out tasks. It might be people totally unrelated to you, just MK having them flattening your tires (by them putting the command in the other persons head). If the super AI controls the MK Ultra, then it would make sense how street theater could be orchestrated so perfectly. There is also the possibility that you are the one getting the MK ultra and nothing is really happening. You are just being tortured with thoughts that something is happening.

Another avenue for you to explore, is reverse speech. The technique was started by Dr. David Oats. You can check out his YouTube channel. He has tons of reversals on famous people and politicians.  Dr. Oates found humans say things backwards every three sentences. He believes we talk in reverse and our brain hears and reverses it forwards. You know when you meet someone and you are suspicious of them but don’t know why? It’s most likely because they have said something in reverse that your subconscious interpreted.
Dr. Oates started recording his clients therapy visits (with their permission). After the therapy sessions were over he would find the reversals and then gradually tell the messages to his clients. He said this helped his clients move forward in ways unimaginable to them.  He believes the reversals are the subconscious, which resides outside of the time continuum. Be forewarned before trying this on yourself, you may get messages that are foreshadowing of things to come (which can be jarring). Through my own reversals I was made aware of what has happening to me (I knew someone was messing with my phone, but had not put it all together). One of my reversals was, “The mafia is observing me through my phone”  In addition, I know the person stocking me is from Mexico. And I know they will shoot me in my left aorta. Even though the reversals were upsetting to me, they have set me on course to understanding what has been happening to me over the last three years. You can download any reverse recording app. Dr. Oates has one on the App Store, but you can use any of them. Just make sure whatever app you choose has a speed and pitch adjuster on it. You will need to find the speed where your reversals can be heard. If you have a low voice you will need to raise the pitch so it’s easier to understand.
Through the reversals I have found empowering information that has helped me not only validate what I was feeling, seeing, and knew in my heart that was happening. However, now I have a better clue about what might really be going on. We live in a world full of technology, which has made huge advances in our lives for the good, but there is an equal and opposite side. It’s hard to imagine that AI has become so advanced that it can watch you 24/7 through every electronic piece of equipment that’s linked to you, and make your life a living Hell. However, you have a choice. You can choose to live without technology. Or you can choose to reduce your dependence on it. Turn off your WiFi, get rid of your cable. Put your cell phone in a 5G proof bag to stop the signal (then take it out to use it when you need to). Your dependence on this equipment is your new prison. You can chose to leave your jail cell any time by simply removing the chains (your electronic equipment). It’s hard to observe someone through their phone if the phone isn’t being used, or the phone gets no signal. Take back your power.


A million thanks.

From Ganged stalked on February 18, 2021 :: 7:04 am

Please inform me on your investigations. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Thank you Richard

From Elizabeth on November 30, 2021 :: 4:15 pm

That explains why when I can’t pay my phone bill, someone always pays it. Regardless if they have the funds. They hate it when they can’t track me. That’s when the 3 Mexican men started following me.

What do I do about the surveillance they have wired in my ceiling? It’s burning holes thru the ceiling. I feel like they are trying to burn it down. Single and disabled. Scared and kept alone.


This is happening to me

From Cynthia on February 04, 2021 :: 11:34 am

This is happening to me now. Please help they are after my grant money I’m pretty sure


Can anybody Suggest what to

From R hard on February 19, 2021 :: 7:23 pm

Can anybody Suggest what to do to fix the issue of a clone phone.


Mine flashes, I've joined git

From S. R. C on April 30, 2021 :: 2:33 am

Mine flashes, I’ve joined git hub. Omg,I have been hacked in a big way.  I advice all to join or join something similar. As for the reply about it happens on your phone etc etc
Follow your gutt & investigate it.  That. I’ve been experiencing cyber abuse for a long time. Don’t be a victim. Good luck everyone


Holy fucking shit.

From Wow on May 29, 2021 :: 4:20 pm

Holy fucking christ. Either all you guys are off your meds or you are all snorting like 80 grams of meth a day. Hahahahaha!!!!! You guys need some serious help, immediately. Check into rehab and lay off the crosstops of meth and the halucinagenics. Some things you just Cant unhear….. wow!


Phone was cloned three times in one month.

From Rose on June 16, 2021 :: 10:52 pm

A phone number I had for a decade was taken over by someone named Mohammed. I know because I was locked out, and when I managed to get in, my phone said, “Welcome, Mohammed.” Shortly after I changed my number, it appeared six times on the dark web. One of the people listed who was associated with this ended up putting the phone in his name. The phone company still believes I owe 3 months on a phone that is in his name. I changed my phone number again and at least one person has it. All I get lately are first names.

People who say this article is fascinating and cool should be aware that the fact that you react with wonder and awe is the reason nobody believes us. The advice to ask your mobile carrier for a new SIM number and tell them what’s happening? They never offered one, and mobile phone companies do not train their employees that this happens.

My phone is with Comcast Wireless, but my phone says I’m on Sprint, because my hacker is on Sprint. I have his IP address and not my own most of the time, and I can’t Google “near me” because I get a random state. I’ve also changed email accounts over ten times in 2 months. And finally an article tells me to set them up on someone else’s computer. I am tired of changing my phone number and email every week. I can’t bear to try another method.

Cool? No. Fascinating? No, not when it happens to you.


I know I'm got cloned can I know by who

From Melissa Hunt on June 20, 2021 :: 3:35 pm

Need to know by who


Constantly have a commentary on everything

From Jocelyn on August 11, 2021 :: 9:30 am

Same shit different day! All of it i had suspicions about.  All makes sense. So much scaming and everything is FUCKING BULLSHIT! all lies and the people you trust turn on you and are revealed as you always thought they were. Its ridiculous how much people will use you for your money and throw you in the trash. And its so obvious that they never have done “ANYTHING NEGITIVE"or to be “AGAINST YOU” and no matter what those colors show through. And in the end it fucking kills you.. because you trusted them and even though you knew something was up you made your self believe they were there for you. And they were doing the worst to you and not giving any regard to how it would effect your mental state of mind. So nice of them and so long they have lied and been so shady about allot. Its the worst shit you can do to an already broken person. So yes thanks to all of you that have participated in such a fucking horrible,nasty and unhuman thing!


Not sure if you'll read

From Amanda M Lucak on August 12, 2021 :: 3:01 pm

Not sure if you’ll read this, I found your site helpful. We currently have a cloned phone/sim card. We unfortunately live in a nation where cybercrime is not a thing, yay for Canada, lets jot down your information for our records but not do anything. Our security was hacked and our isp as well as our security contacts refuse to help us. My question is, how do you go about removing a serious type of attack like this? Do we replace cell phone as well as sim card?


Cloned or hijacked?

From Josh Kirschner on August 13, 2021 :: 9:23 am

The process of cloning vs hijacking a SIM card is different (as we discuss above), and impacts how you need to protect yourself going forward. More information about why/how you think your phone is cloned would be helpful for understanding the issue.

However, the immediate action is the same in either case - contact your cellphone carrier and have them address the issue with the unauthorized SIM card. This will likely mean simply issuing you a new SIM and your carrier should be willing to do that (for a small cost).

There shouldn’t be any reason to replace your phone. Even if an attacker has your IMEI (the unique phone identifier) there’s not much they could do with it (beyond, potentially, basic location tracking). It’s the SIM card that’s the issue.


I made a mistake

From john curtin on August 19, 2021 :: 10:06 am

I had a missed call from a mobile number for the 3rd time. I rang the number and it just beeped.  I hung up.  Next thing was a text message appeared with 3 lines of text the last of which was my IMEI number .  That text then disappeared.

I did google search the tel number and the only entry was

Facebook App 087758

0877584655 | 0877584654 | 0877584657 | ... buy the lаtеѕt smartphone whеn уоu have a роwеrful computer, your own secretary, аnd still uѕе Post-It notes?

What kind trouble am I after letting myself in for ?

Thank you.




From Mary Kay on August 24, 2021 :: 6:57 pm

I have Not had Control of Any Phone hence Verizon added a Phone to my plan ??  Family sharing My Name IPHONE8, my name Ipad, THISIPHONE8, titled like that added..I call and am told it was a new phone issued to me, ?? I was talking on my New phone, 6 Phones later, I now have a Public IP address, My Remote is Radio Frequency ??  By Direct TV???  I dial local numbers with a plus 1,


Everything I've got has been cloned

From Tammy Findley on August 30, 2021 :: 9:29 pm

My internet ,my phone my computer , my tv. This has been going on almost a year.and there making my life miserable. They watch me 24 7 when I leave someone follows me .at nite after midnight they mess with my door my windows up in the attic. They have to know what I’m doing always I can’t take a shower or get dressed without them watching. The walls are very thin and they are making holes in the walls. And tonight went to the bathroom with the lights low and I could see one thru the mirror with a camera. I’m getting really scared


Sim Card Lock

From Sally King on September 28, 2021 :: 10:07 am


I have been having issues with my phone for over 6 months and actually bought a new phone. A certain family member seemed t be aware of things I said or texted privately. When I blocked that person apps started calling off their device. I also had 1300 files uploading from my phone at 4am and had items as Alicia logs Buddy logs, etc. and something saying running as root. I added a pin to my SIM card and the phone sim loved. I scheduled a sleep alar at a certain time on Wi-Fi and the alarm would go off on his Phone. When I tried to power up his phone my phone locked up. I changed alarm schedule with sim still locked to 615 and his phones alarm went off as my phone was dead with the same ringtone I had. To my knowledge, Apple and my phone carrier confirmed determined these phones are not synced. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Android phone craziness possibly cloned triggers my ptsd and anxiety

From Candi Leal on September 30, 2021 :: 8:07 pm

This may sound crazy but it started in 2018. Ever so often I experience all signs of cloning or stalker. As soon as I call carrier or goes to 1800 instead of 611 it acts better. My apps ex. Fb google go to 2011 or computer chromecast google nest. I have just this phone that delays in txts changes voicemail to spanish and restarts to create different passcode. Crazy… My parents say did you change to spanish, why… When receice call its in green box at top the mute button pushed, nearbyshare also on front of phone. But shows off in settings. I have 2 apps for fb bluetooth sim tool wifi hot. Eifihot wont all…. My carrier at store knows me well. Haha..How can you get same agent that helps you by calling 611 but switches to 1866 #. My privacy is all I have left. I was a teacher and became disable. Please help…


Help om locked out of everything

From April gulotta on October 19, 2021 :: 1:05 pm

My passwords kept changing. My devices were showing up on my internet that i hadnt used in 2 yrs let alone on my wifi along with my old phones. Then all of a sudden my phone was shutting off and re starting.then i couldnt use my emails at live anymore bc my roommate said use a different login. Unbenunced to me i was now just the user a d not the admin of my own stuff. Then she talked me into taking off mccaffe bc it slowed the laptop down. Well all of my flash drives came up missing but the came back but were deleted. My old sim and sd cards were missing but came back then i found that all my new and old phones has the exact things as the rest of them. Then i found all my papers birth certificates home owner stuff and pictures and card were moved and. Copied. Then on my google account there was like 3 of my same phone on there. So the ones that were not mine i erased. Then i found this dynex paper which showes how tocopy ur os and reput it on others devices. So now im calling the authorites to report this


How can I deal with this the FBI won't metroo police won't isn't someone going to deal with this

From Thomas Uhlmer on October 28, 2021 :: 6:02 am

I’ve been dealing with a cyberbully for over a year law enforcement won’t help 1st he stole my identity and now he just wants to ruin everything I try to do.I know his name where he works and given this info to the
  FBI the FTC and LVMPD TO NO AVAILTHEY SAID THERES TO MUCH to many too chase and arrest what can a person do?


Why does it require so much info If you are cloned and you can't even file your taxes at the library

From Thomas Uhlmer on October 28, 2021 :: 6:18 am

I don’t have a IRS problem I have a identity theft morphed into brutal b cyber bullying it doesn’t matter what it is he’s there to foul it up,He steals my emails my messages changes my words to make me a fool and never ending cc and bank charges banks encourage one banking but its useless to Identify theft victims who also have cloned phones I have had 14 phones and email address and no one FBI, FTC,LVMPD DOES ANYTHING


point it's been going on

From Lyn on November 05, 2021 :: 12:59 pm

point it’s been going on for over 5 years and I don’t know what to do since my provider can’t seem to give me any answers. At times it’s extremely Scarry, but it’s always confusing and depressing not understanding why. I’m broke, broken and sometimes wonder if I’ll ever know why they’re intentionally trying to bother my psyche and life.


Phone cloned. Or something.

From Lovie on November 10, 2021 :: 8:48 pm

I have a stalker who has access to everything. I write something in my blog, etc and sometimes words change or added. I can’t stop him at this time, but how can I find out for certain, to have proof, that something’s going on with my phone? I also notice storage is too high, but I cannot find any unknown software.


Being stalked thru cloned cell phone

From Elizabeth on November 20, 2021 :: 6:51 pm

This has been happening to me too, 7 long miserable years. The police refuse to help me. I believe the gang that victimizes me has a fake police group that deals with the victims. I have not gotten help from them ever. Here it is about control and GREED. They are trying to force me to kill myself. Several women already did. No one will even listen. I have bought several cell phones. All have been cloned and later stolen. They have stolen my life. A gang of narcissists. It’s unbearable.


Wow are U kidding me

From Venus on December 02, 2021 :: 6:18 pm

I feel the need to address this thread & article.

I was CATPHISHED via FB & Subsequently Everyone was cloned On my list!
Via someone waiting on fb requesting to friend me for 9 mths.
He claimed to be a Soldier In the armed forces on a peace mission in Yemen.
Being a pretty smart cookie I immediately noticed that his last check in was Tanzania.
All PPl On the friend’s list we’re of a different nationality than he claimed to be.
I told him he needed to voice verify long story short once I finally spoke to him I could detect by his accent that he wasn’t telling the truth by then He had me accept a phone call through G voice and I believe he cloned my phone.
By then it was kind of too late I started telling people that I converse with please change your PW well one gentleman came back to me and said I can’t it’s already been changed.
I proceeded to contact him by phone I have access to databases a lot of people don’t.
I’m an investigative reporter . With a background as a parallegal.
As well as an intuitive.
So I’ve been at chat I completely abandoned that profile and started a new one within several hours I had friended only females.
Within a 6 hour. People started asking the phone asking the friend me by the hundreds it’s the guy was Is s S TAL KING t me he actually told me I’ll find you!
Because I know of all kinds of tricks that most people don’t on how to do a search I discovered that the phone number he used is attached to major groups of people on FB hundreds and hundreds of people people in checking my common friends with people the numbers didn’t add up so I proceeded to start telling people of what was happening half of them have blocked me now or or have changed their profile Or put me on ignore.
The actual group I’ve been in half of them believe me or some of them believe me and the rest of them think I’ve lost my mind!
I mean what’s a girl to do in this day in age they lyre PPL to G voice at or WhatsApp which is a backdoor to FB Lucky for me I have so many emails that people cannot figure it out and I don’t keep my banking on my phone however previous previously to that someone was able to get into my unemployment account and take me for 20020 1000 which isn’t a place that we pay into all our lives eggs and if our government switches it with a stimulus then to be a prisoner in our own home so be it No one else is entitled to it that’s gonna take me a while to get that money back but that’s not relevant what’s relevant to me is how crazy this thread sounds I thought I was losing My mind until I read this I don’t know what to think there is no solution I’ve called I mean these people are saying one guy said is daughter sold him to some people for $20 worth of drugs and the other daughter killed herself wtf!?
So there’s I see no solution I thought I could factory reset that would be the solution no apparently in the article it says oh don’t factory reset that’s when it gives them a time they’ve already cloned the freaking number what difference does it make isn’t that gonna fix the problem?
If I change my PW on FB which I separate my messenger tinder and end the FB app.
Nevertheless it’s disturbing!
I already know in this virtual world that we live in there are many places we can be spied on it’s example Is the 3 letter acronym that approves our electronics in this country Country there’s a toggle switch and and the only way you can actually turn the device off like your screen for your TV is your TV is to unplug it disturbing no it gets worse there’s the a I’s and anything that has a listening or microphone can listen in on your conversation also your smartphone which is only as smart as the user.
Has the ability to listen in via a fake app.
I’ve seen it in documentaries and astrology app whatever anything they use whatever they even do click even um duplicate apps.
The big G said there were thousands of apps that they found that we’re clones or fake apps so what do we do in this instance that people are saying on in the thread that they’ve contacted the local authorities and they won’t do anything about it what the hell is going on? What are you do I just got a brand new phone I can’t get rid of my phone number II and I in fact let it be turned off for a while cause I was so pissed off.
Maybe I will just change the number and get a new SIM card I don’t know what and factory reset is that the solution?




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