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Is Someone Spying on Your Phone?

by on May 28, 2020
in Phones and Mobile, Cell Phones, Tips & How-Tos, Privacy :: 881 comments

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[Editor's note 5/28/2020: Since this article was written nine years ago, many new phone hacking methods have been developed and/or discovered. In addition, cell phone operating systems have evolved significantly. We've created a new article to cover those various hacks in our new story: How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked. Please go there for the latest information. We're keeping this story active for the issues and useful advice contained in the comments.]

You probably know there are plenty of apps you can install on your smartphone to track its location in case it gets lost or stolen. Apple's “Find My iPhone” is one good one and many security apps, such as AVG Mobilation, can track down a phone in seconds.

But what if someone else is tracking you? Is there any chance your boss or spouse could be spying on everything you do on your phone?

It’s easy to do. Spy apps are plentiful and can imperceptibly track text and e-mail messages, location, Web sites you visit, who you call and what photos and videos you shoot. The problem is these apps are difficult to detect and run invisibly in the background.

I decided to track my son and installed an app on his phone called Phone Control by Laucass (free on Google Play). Of course, secretly intercepting electronic communications without the person's knowledge and consent is illegal, so I told my son I was doing it and that I’d only use it if I had good reason.

Every day I receive emails that indicate my son’s location as he’s using his phone out in the world. I can click on those links in my email to see via Google Maps where he is (although I very rarely do). I could also set up the app to send me data about everything else he’s doing on his phone, but that’s not something I personally need—or want—to do.

Signs your phone may have been compromised

Someone borrowed or took your phone

I had to have my son’s phone in hand to install Android Phone Control. Once activated, however, there’s no icon in the application launcher. The app shows up with the name “Android System” in the applications manager so it doesn’t look suspicious. If you think someone could do something like this when you’re not paying attention or asleep, secure your phone with a passcode that isn’t easy to guess.

(Editor's Note 9/26/12: To confirm you have the spyware and not a standard Android app by the same name, follow these steps to open the spy app (dial the phone number.)

(Editor's Note 8/28/13: See our in-depth study of mobile security apps for more detail on 9 of the most common spyware programs and how to detect them.)

(Editor's Note 12/16/14 (Josh Kirschner): In some of my comments below, I noted the unlikelihood of spying on iPhones that were not jailbroken. However, since many of those comments were made, certain holes were identified in iOS that exploit the iPhone's connection to trusted networks and devices to allow someone with access to the network or device to download significant amounts of personal data. Jailbreaking the iPhone was not required. Fortunately, those holes have been patched in iOS 8. For more information, see:]

Your phone is acting weirdly

Taking forever to shut off, lighting up for no reason, suddenly getting much shorter battery life or running hot when you’re not using it may indicate hidden processes are running in the background.

Your data usage skyrockets for no reason

This could be because your phone is checking in with someone else, using GPS and sending them text messages or emails that communicate where you are and what you’re doing.

What to do if you suspect your phone's being monitored

The best thing to do is perform a factory reset, which you can find as an option in your phone’s settings. Know, however, that in doing so you will lose all data stored on your phone, so back it up first.

If you’re using Apple iCloud or Android 4.0, items like your contacts, photos and music are automatically synced and saved in the cloud. But if you have an older phone, you’ll want to make sure to export your contacts before doing a factory reset. There are various ways to do this depending on what phone you’re using and which operating system it’s running. If you’re not sure, get help from your cellular provider; they can make sure to retain your contacts and other important data during a factory reset.

You'll then want to use a strong passcode to prevent unauthorized access to your device. For Android devices, you can also install an app, like AppNotifier (free on Google Play), that will email you when programs are loaded onto your phone.

(Editor's Note 9/26/12: See our updated recommendations for Android antimalware solutions)

(Editor's Note 8/28/13: See our in-depth study of mobile security apps for our latest recommendations on how to protect yourself.)

You'll then have to tackle the issue of who's doing the monitoring. Keep in mind that if your device was issued by your company or is authorized to access your company's email and other data services, you may have given your consent as part of your employment contract or when access was data access was granted.

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My sons phone is under my email sence he is a child part 2

From Denene Kargel on May 03, 2018 :: 6:10 am

Is there any way for someone to help me… I have no flipen way to get in to or even close to my ex cell… but once I allow my son to take his phone that will be the 1st thing he is take the phone and get N-2 all my stuff .. he is smart when it comes to that stuff..  my ex has honestly destroyed me in every level I am trying to live a life without his crap… my son should not suffer because his dad is truly a worthless POS…. HELP HELP PLEASE


Reset phone and set up with your son's info

From Josh Kirschner on May 04, 2018 :: 4:31 pm

If your account is on the phone and your son has access, then your information is not very secure. It would be much better to reset the phone and then set it up using your son’s google account. There is no reason to put your account on that phone unless you plan to use it for yourself.


Heres a way they can get u from email with clickabke downloadable links

From Samyaza grigori on May 05, 2018 :: 7:39 pm


no answrs

From Janet Curtis on May 05, 2018 :: 8:54 pm

yrs have gone by and i still dont kow how to stop niece from tapping moms landline i dont live there the perp does and it is killing my mother it is illegal it is breach of privacy plus she cohearshed my mom to get mpoa and she says she controls who can vist M chldhood home?? wth? why cant i make it stop./ or How do i spy back on her essagages to give proof to the cops? this is going to kill my mom! shes so devious and controlling she has everything planned out to isolate mom from her family we did N agree to be tapped recorded. the feds tap moms landlne..but not nieces cell? why? she doesnt use moms phone except to scream and rip it out of her hand everytime r my siblings call her! i cant record while on the phone this is really frightening shes a socipathic narc! HLp no bs i need the truth it has Got to stop shes putting cars and ins and phones and finances in Her NAMe!as mpoa she has a ight to deny all of us visitation which mom doesnt know! God how do imake it stop no one has answers all these yrs moms gonna die alone


getting worse!

From Janet Curtis on May 05, 2018 :: 9:06 pm

Good Lord this is so hard. i live away from moms home. shes got a landliine tapped by a felon grandaughter! taking control abusing isolating and we cant undo the tap ourselves. would police come help out? they said its illegal. feds taped moms phone cuz felon lives there. why dont they tap H cellphone she doesnt talk on moms landline just screams at all of moms kids..all in our 60s now. moms 91. we cant talk she threatens she bullies shes devious and she now wants to put a restraining order on all of her family so she can keep her free place to live. i cant get answers all these yrs! it has to stop or she will die. and even when she hears mom tell us all how she asks her to leave and wont all she cares about is contrl and power not moms wellbeing im so scared for her and all of us shes expert hacker and thought long and hard how to decive. some needs to answer me! soon!!! S


i just tryped a message it disappeared. my felon niece is controlling my mother and all of us to kep her free place to live shes controlling everything and everyone shes nasty and i want her out of moms house. i need to know how to untap the landline but i cant talk to mom even if she understood to look out for wires or change the wifi. m at wits end this has gone on since my dad passed in 2012 and still no answers. my devices were never in her hands and i cant get mine on hers but i need to know if i can fo moms safety record or get her messages of hate and plans to show to the cops.


And Yet You Remain Silent

From Jill on December 10, 2018 :: 11:11 am

You keep posting the same thread about some felon granddaughter/niece and your mom. Just go to the police or hire a lawyer. If you really cared, you would have done that. Leads me to think you’re the felon.



From pemela lyon on May 08, 2018 :: 9:22 pm

I emailed hacker company twice because i suspect my husband is cheating on me with no response and this makes me worried,Well i finally cried to Mrs Donald who gave me more update about WEB SERVICE her private wizard from youtube. I was told to contact the hacker and his terms and Conditions were very simple and considerate.I’m thanking WEB SERVICE because i never regret working with him.I have full details of my husband Facebook also his cell phone and i found out my husband his loyal doesn’t cheat on me and the babies.Email the wizard and get more info about him for a legit job too. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


landline hack

From Janet Curtis on May 24, 2018 :: 4:38 pm

felon niece in moms home has tapped her cordless landline and we cannot find an answer. no one can call mom and mom is 92! constantly forgetting that her phone is tapped! so she says things that get her avbused for speaking to family! miserable situation. cops went out but said mom was too afraid to tell the truth! this has been ongoing for 7 yrs. i cant reach my mother or warn her to NOT say what shes saying. horrible way to die abused spied on family gone im not allowed to go there! im her daughter! shes definately living with a narcissit


Thank god I'm not alone

From Veda on May 27, 2018 :: 5:44 am

First of all josh u have no idea what can be done these days. 7+ yes I’ve been dealing with this. 50+ phones and 4 laptops in the past 2 yrs. And the second I come close to a phone with a battery installed its hacked. I know who is doing it or should I say ppl and the extent they go to is ridiculous. I hurt someone in self defence 8 yrs ago and it happened to be the son of the wrong person. I’ve tried to get help from everywhere. Even police but got kicked out the door. I wonder why. I have a daughter that keeps me pushing thru everyday just to see her 2 times a fortnight because I don’t have a home anymore and finish work late. Every friend in my life has been bought off or threatened. All the good friends I can’t get in contact with at all. I’m bad with all this kind of stuff but have lernt a lot.

First my house mate was planted into my life 5 yrs ago. The only person I trusted and let move in last yr. Turns out he’s a very good hacker but kept it from me. He set up things at my house that sendss frequency’s. Not sure how to explain. He took over my WiFi at home. Even my laptops had been pulled apart and wifi\bluetooth cards changed but worst of all. Pulled my hard drive out and loaded it onto another one with windows 7 installed and all his virus’s. I got my laptop in January 2017 but it doesnt exist before 23 september2017. All my browser’s on computer and phone are there browsers. They control everything I Google. Google LLC. I have 1 shot for the truth before its blocked. Just recently figured it might be some thing as it was in my site settings on a brand new phone. No matter where I stay there is a secret network set up. Even both my cars send the network coz they’ve been rewired to be connected and had the network loads into the OBD ( computer )

Now my phones. No matter what provider I go with they mimic the frequency they send and act as my network provider or have a base cell station or femtocell set up. As my car sends the network too. If I don’t have sim card in then my phone gets blue jacked. Its called bluebourne. Been doing android. IOS blackberry since 2015. If bluetooth is off then they get close enough to me to use NFC and turn on Bluetooth etc. My phone gets cloned and sim cards. U can clone a phone if someone has a femtocell at they’re house. It’s for extra coverage in areas at home or businesses where there isn’t much reception. so when u use your phone for a call, msg or data it always bypasses that first. Ur phone automatically connects to it and there is no notfication as its supplued by ur network provider for extra coverage.
Man in the middle attacks can be performed as well. Same with Bluetooth and NFC. Your network provider can control anything on our phone. Perform updates remotely or downgrade without notification. And if someone is mimicing your provider they will even create they’re own firmware or os to suit them. But every phone can be a victim. Trust me I know. Sometimes my firmware or software is downgraded to bypass new security patches. My whole OS is changed. Every app. Google etc. Clock. Calendar. Fb, instagram, twitter DL themselves as apks. One drive, skype. My msg app in ‘noneservice’ I have just recently lost access to my Fb. All my gmail and email accounts I’ve lost. My contacts. My photos of my daughter being born. It just doesn’t end.
It has mentally fucked me that I’m so paranoid because everyone is involved. When I sleep I push shit up to my door and I wake up and the door has been opened while I sleep. But I’m also not paranoid and know all this is happening. I don’t have time to Google shit that I think is happening. I try to search the things that physically happen or see. I’m very observant in things and think a lot. I keep trying to focus on getting better and looking after my kid. but the more steps I take to learn or fix they push me further back. I’m not a smart kid. I knew nothing about it and left school at 15. But after 7 years u start to learn things. I know too much I shouldn’t also because of people in my life. I can’t tell u who I hurt but everyone knows them. They are not law enforcement. But who also has the money to fund everyone with houses and 150k+, study technology and how the brain works. Plan in the future to have everyone planted with a RFID chip. Funny I’ve had a sore knee for just under 6 month’s. I noticed 2 weeks ago a scar. An incision looking scar on the left of my right knee just under my kneecap. If I’m playing phone through Bluetooth and put my phone to my knee it cuts out Bluetooth.. Hackers can put the chips put in they’re hand. If they grab ur phone it uploads stuff on it and sends it to they’re computer at home where they can remotely access our phone. My car can be remotely hacked. Fuck they can even remotely hack and fly a Boeing 777 plane if they want.
Technology is so much more advanced than what anyone knows. And 1% of the population do this.


I can't post what I know haaha

From Fts on May 27, 2018 :: 5:48 am

I can’t even comment what I know my shits hacked that bad.
Josh u got no idea what can be done or u work for them.


Yep, you caught me

From Josh Kirschner on May 27, 2018 :: 2:35 pm

You’re right. I work for “them”. This website and our whole business and my entire professional career has been an elaborate ruse to help people spy on your phone. Thanks for sharing your brilliant insights.


Thank you

From Jenny on June 11, 2018 :: 8:02 am

It’s really a problem for some people, speaking personally. It takes 1 psycho to damage you life. You correct when it comes to reporting to the police, they look at you as if you were the crazy


phone hacked {Smartthings app?]

From kelly on June 29, 2018 :: 4:53 pm

Hi, I think my phone and possibly other things are being hacked. My phone seems to be glowing, where at night my phone lights up my room. I was with a friend and he asked me do you hear that ringing. my data has gone threw the roof.Other weird things. My phone was across the room and actually calling someone.I have . I recently factory reset my yphone and 2 days later it is glowing again.I have an app called smartthings that I did not apply to my phone last time or this time. May not have anything to do with it, but Im tired of this. Any help would be accepted.. Thx Ahead, Kelly


Listen in on conversations?

From Trinidy Johnson on June 29, 2018 :: 8:24 pm

Yes!.....not only that but all text and emails live phone conversations. ....even look and watch all videos and pictures…..oh and some of the spy apps can see all of the above even if you immediately deleted them….and the price is so cheep any jealous untrusting psychopath can use the software


Just saying

From Monica on June 29, 2018 :: 8:32 pm

You should really speak for yourself because it’s not everyone that’s the same.
He has also helped me but it’s really sad that you are part of the few that contacted a fake psychopath


Text I Didnt type

From mike on July 01, 2018 :: 8:09 am

Yesterday, while sitting outside, I thought i heard the tap tap noise made when Im typing on my Android phone.
I ignored the sound but later when I unlocked the phone, there was someone elses typed message on screen.
As soon as I touched the back button, the text dissapeared and the home screen displayed. Any Ideas ??
Very worrying !


I missed a call never

From Julie Lefler on July 26, 2018 :: 2:29 am

I missed a call never answer on minutes said used 4300 but never taken off what is this


Phone mirrored, passwords changed too

From David Labrosse on September 07, 2018 :: 1:11 pm

My battery life is dying fast someone keeps changing my passwords and has mirrored my phone.  How do I stop this harassment



From Lee on October 26, 2018 :: 5:08 am

I just found out someone used a software that you have to pay for to hack my phone I’m very nervous of using it what should I do


What software?

From Josh Kirschner on October 26, 2018 :: 11:47 am

What you need to do depends on what, exactly, happened. Can you provide more information? How do you know someone hacked your phone and what “software” do you think they used?



From One who knows on October 28, 2018 :: 2:59 pm

Holiness and many others in this thread, couldn’t agree with you more. Josh Kirchner, idk what kind of expert you are but if infact you are im curious as to what type of vested interest you have with one/several spy app/monitoring software companies. You talk of how none of this is possible and all of it is very much possible. Once a device is compromised the a**#oles, individuals, agencies or just flat out black hat criminal ehackers are notified by these programs when passwords, phone numbers, actual phones themselves or SIMs are changed and they are notified as to what those new passwords, numbers and SIMs have been changed to. ALL WITH JUST A PHONE NUMBER…NO PHYSICAL ACCESS TO YOUR PHONE IS NEEDED!! AND as someone much earlier in this thread indicated all they have to do is wait for you to store a couple of your original contacts (mom, sis, charlie, penny) and BAM!!! THEY have zeroed in on you again, not to mention there is software now that even if you went out and got a new phone, number, SIM etc… And never stored one single contact they would find you and compromise your new device again…. How you ask?? By using the GPS and location technology that told them where you spent the most time with your previous device…aka HOME. Apps record your home location even if you never classified your home as “home” on maps or any other app. It is done automatically. There is no way to stop or escape this unless everyone you know gets a new phone, changes there number and SIM at exactly the same time as you and you all root or jailbreak your phones and have mock location apps installed. And from my understanding they can gain administrative rights to your phone by remotely installing system root authorization then they can look deep into the core or your phone and code will show them if you have a mock location app installed on your new phone…I’m sorry to say but the only way you are not going to be watched, monitored and spied on by your mobile device is to get rid of it….and if you do that or try to contain it in an RF proof box both of which I have done… The. NSA the FBI the CIA and several other agencies will think you’re trying to hide something and are up to no good and will physically watch and follow you…TRUTH!!!



From Josh Kirschner on October 29, 2018 :: 1:02 pm

In case you missed the blatantly obvious note at the top of the article, this is a very old article and we have an updated story on additional hacking methods that have emerged since it was written (How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Hacked).

That said, much of what you describe is not accurate, not possible or extremely unlikely unless you are the target of a national spy or law enforcement organization. And I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that you are probably not one of those people.

For those concerned about these risks, absolutely do not jailbreak or root your device - that will make your device less secure. Instead, ensure you keep your phone OS updated, do not click on unknown attachments in text messages or elsewhere and, for Android, install a reliable antimalware utility such as Lookout, Bitdefender or Norton. We have additional protection tips in our new story.


time warp

From Sandy Griffith on November 02, 2018 :: 3:38 pm

My phone will be working fine then all of a sudden it will go back to a different date and time (in the past)

it will keep real time during this time and it will notify me of calls that will happen in 285 days and my carrier will state my next payment is due in 285 days.etc. this will go on for 20 minutes or so and then go back to real date and time i will turn phone off and on and it makes no difference. why does this happen


Do you have automatic time sync on?

From Josh Kirschner on November 02, 2018 :: 5:21 pm

My guess is there is some app on your phone that is changing things to the past. This shouldn’t be happening as it would require permissions most apps shouldn’t have. Are you running Android or iOS and what version? Did you install any “clock” or other “non-standard” apps before this started happening?

Your phone should be set to automatically sync with the network provided time. That’s probably what is setting your time back to the correct time. But doesn’t explain why it’s going wrong in the first place.


Been hacked and spy on by unknown

From Catherine on November 13, 2018 :: 11:53 pm

I’m in Ghana now and iv realized people can see and view me in my house, out in town, at work, Church etc including what call I make and hears every bit and totally everything I do on my phone on their phones. Please help me out


Spy app & textnow

From Samantha on December 02, 2018 :: 5:59 am

My husband accuses me of all the things he’s doing (and I have the physical evidence & hard evidence to prove it). How do I find a spy or hidden installed or download app on my Moto E5 Plus Android 8.0.0 without doing a factory reset? One of the reasons I know he’s disrespecting our marriage is bcz I created a TextNow account. I don’t allow the permission for contacts or to record audio…however there have been a few instances where I forgot to deny them. My husband is fishing around try to get me to admit of pretending to be another woman he’s talking to….he said he can find out if the phone number is a true phone number or just an app…I am a manager at a cell phone company so I’m a little tech savvy, however this one I don’t understand…I’ve chosen a number that is a typical M*t*o By T-M***let number and the email on the account is a random one I just there a way someone can take a number for an app like that and see if it’s linked to an actual number or email…he’s starting to make me feel like I’m crazy lol


Try the SpyWarn app

From Kevin Murray on December 02, 2018 :: 10:56 am


To determine the likelihood of spyware residing on your Android phone use SpyWarn (on Google Play). It is a low-cost app which preforms a test while the phone is not being used for any other activity. Follow the direction precisely and you will have a very good indication if spyware is operating in the background. It also comes with a very informative e-book (included free) which contains a lot more information about keeping your mobile communications private.


how do you find out

From dkshee22 on August 04, 2021 :: 8:47 am

will it work on an iphone?


Hacked severly

From Ginamaria on December 09, 2018 :: 8:29 pm

I recently lost my Husband and his family member has hacked everything in my home and I know this for a fact because he and many others that he has encouraged to listen in to my children and grandkids and myself.I have recently discovered he maybe also videotaping also.I seriously need help for I am alone and feel violated due to I have a t.v in my bedroom where us girls are changing after are showers…Please I beg anyone who can help me out.Plz. Serious responses for he is retired with the law..Help me if you really honestly can.


Immediately in neefektyviai of seirios help

From Ginamaria on December 09, 2018 :: 9:20 pm

Į havebeen repeately been trying to Šend a Message out for help in reguards to Having all my Electronic hacked and in need of help video taping involved…...plz.someone who Can help me kids involved….immediate responses


suzanne kantra

From Jessica Garness on February 03, 2019 :: 11:26 pm

my lord, get a life


Had experienced

From Ruvie Rose Sta Rita on February 05, 2019 :: 10:09 am

Ive been noticed that my fone has been hack coz my fone settings its just suddenly has changed by it self and someone control it even if the Bluetooth it just turning on by it self i also experienced that i got a passcode on my mobile it wont work then i was barrowed of my friend’s tablet to log in my fb ofcourse she got a passcode to her tablet that passcode on her tablet i did try to use it to my fone was working and i was like wtf hows that happened??!!! Then even i am not with them i can barely hear them on radio and the reflections of the lights into window or mirror i can see them i dont know how?!! Its really hard to explain,and i feel like someone watching me on my fone.u kno that feeling?! Its damn creepy and feels like not safe argh


My daughter had a really strange encounter yesterday!

From Julie Hupe Wilson on February 10, 2019 :: 5:02 am

Hi Josh, my daughter and her friend took their kids to the mall and let them play today. While watching the children she noticed a lady with no children taking pictures of her son. She confronted the lady and asked her to delete the pictures. The lady said no that they were nice pictures and she was taking pictures of the play dog. My daughter asked to see the pictures and the lady showed her son but not all. She told the lady those were taken after you took pictures of my son I want to see the ones back farther. She started scrolling and my daughter saw her son and some other children. She said delete them and the lady told her no as she was sending them in text messages to someone finally after my daughter told her 3 times and she had sent them out she decided she would delete them. While she was at the play area she met a nice girl that thought it was strange this lady was doing this too. My daughter exchanged phone numbers with the girl and thought they might be friends. The girl was texting her pictures of her kids and asking my daughter to go to their birthday party through text shortly after she left the mall. Kinda strange. Then later in the evening she starts getting texts from a girl that follows her on Instagram but my daughter doesn’t follow back. She said hi it’s Jen I saw you at the mall didn’t have time to talk. My daughter asked her which Jen because she didn’t recognize the number. She answered with the last name Schultz my daughter looked her up and as she was looking her up she gets a text that says your son is getting so big, I miss you. So she is feeling really uneasy now. She finds Jen on Instagram Jen is following my daughter on there but my daughter has never talked to he just knows of her. She sends Jen a msg asking did you text me? Jen says no why is someone texting you saying it’s me? My daughter sent her the text msg’s and Jen said no I live out of state now and wasn’t at the mall and didn’t text you. Could someone be trying to hack her phone just by standing by her or try to get info about her son by hacking her phone? She is so scared


Not hacking

From Josh Kirschner on February 12, 2019 :: 10:07 am

I’m a little confused by your story, but she gave out her phone number, so wouldn’t be hard to go from that to finding her or Instagram and, obviously, makes it easy to text her. There are, at least theoretical, ways to hack a phone in (very) close proximity via NFC, though that requires the phone to be unlocked, NFC to be turned on and likely would require interaction by the user (depending on operating system version). But I would say the former is far, far more likely and would be consistent with giving out your phone number.


My phone is hacked please

From Yvonne Perea on March 27, 2019 :: 4:40 pm

My phone is hacked please fix it



From Bravo Defcon on March 30, 2019 :: 7:19 pm

If you change your # & no lock code how easy is it for someone to hack your phone?


Hi I just want to

From Adene Broughton on March 31, 2019 :: 12:35 am

Hi I just want to know if it is possible for someone else email address to logged in to my device when they haven’t touched it as my partner has found an email address on my device and I know for sure that this person has not touched this device but may have a device that I logged into ages ago and I didn’t log out of so could they then get email address on my new device please I need your help as my partner docent believe me and I’m 100percent sure this person has not touched my device


Not sure how that could happen

From Josh Kirschner on April 01, 2019 :: 5:22 pm

It’s not clear if you mean their is a user account on your device attached to that email or your saying the address is logged in to some app (e.g.,  Gmail). For the user account, not sure how that could happen.

However, for an app or website, there’s one way I could see it being possible (though it seems unlikely). If that other person has a device you logged into, and the Chrome browser on that device is still logged in as you and you have it set up to manage your passwords, it’s possible that he could have saved his login for some app/site to Chrome. Then, when you went to that same site, Chrome autofilled his information and you didn’t notice.

You can research if this might be the case in your Google account security settings: Look at the signed-in devices under “Your devices” to see if anything looks suspicious.



From Shawn Huffer on March 31, 2019 :: 11:15 pm

my gadget guardian keeps popping up sayin:  “Lookout blockedthis linkfor your protection:”    can you please tell me wat it is?


Sounds like a web push notification service

From Josh Kirschner on April 01, 2019 :: 5:12 pm

Have you ever seen one of those boxes pop up when you visit a website asking if you would like to receive notifications from the site? If you click “Yes”, that website may send you updates about new stories or spam you with garbage. This sounds like one of those push notification services, but can’t tell for sure as their domain registration is anonymous.


Being watched and heard

From Jerry on May 04, 2019 :: 8:25 pm

I have a girlfriend and her ex is able to download an app from his phone to mine. This app gives him the ability to watch me and listen to me,at all times. I tried turning off the camera and voice but this guy still able to do it. He can get into whatever o do and send me messages. He uses the titles,of things and true using certain words or names to send his message. What the he’ll can I do to stop this. His name is Clint Murphy from Marshall I’m.,or is there a way I can track the app and link back to him so I can nail his ads on invasion of privacy? Please help


I cant live this way

From Anonymous on May 30, 2019 :: 4:35 pm

Iblame myself because I saw the sighns early on and was unable to separate myself from him. He has used 8 computers and 6 cell phones to film me and record all conversation. After Mathews (Apt flooded up to ceiling)lost basically all records except for a few. Living in this backward state where Trump voters who are majority of white men knew how dangerous he was as he attempted to kill me twice . Due to those incidents and fists hitting my head, I now have to have 2 vertebrai replaced with cages….I am trying to relay how dangerous he is. I live in chapel House NC a pretend town who pretend to care. He has tracked me using google andwent into DMV to get address after Mathews, even Prime Amazon andother streaming programs sent papers to the police because they saw on their end that he was changing passcodes and the account as the admin. This is so with my phone. Police say that I have to prove that it is coming from him , howver it goes ping in every country you can imagine. Now my flip phone which does not have the amount of gega bites ? He is going through camera and he is the admin of KAIson meaning he is the adminstator of my burnt phone. I no longer have a computer and had to get roku. After beating me, he chased me with a car down the high way and I thought he could have had his shotgun. Please note that after the flood. I was unable to use 8 phones and now this one. I feel afraid every time I leave the house and he had two folders for video and pic one called Target. This man is a well educated man that creates programs for PPD working with pharma and trained classically on the piano. He was safe and cowardly meaning, he was not an activist. Jesus Christ or Martin Luther King, but he terrorized me and we later found out after his admitions animals and pets. This is the first time I am writing or communicating. I just created an email but somehow he ends up finding them. Yes any info one can share, I would be grateful. I believe he might have put a tracker on my phone. I saw his x wife car and the locks on my car is destroyed. He might try to kill my service dog(I am still in denial as to the totality and extention of physical harm.  So any info on phones and a cheap way to see if there is a tracker on my car would be much appreciated.
Thank you


I wish you will get my post...

From Kirsty Lynn on November 11, 2019 :: 8:27 pm

My dear, I know how you feel.. I have been in same situation… Even worse.. it was the worst time of my life.  Had to get a hacker who helped me get lots of proof to take him to court. I’m so happy and grateful to God that I’m free.. and I wouldn’t wish same for no woman. Write Nickolai on;
*darkcyberhackx AT
*darktechage AT

Best of luck and take care of yourself.


build repor with friends and police presense

From jduran on June 09, 2019 :: 9:12 pm

ts dificult to say when they are doing this type of harassment normally it is not as covert as it seems to be
most just bluff in a way it seems like you explained but you can control more than you know make it seem not that they are getting caught or
someone is helping you is best an old friend dont tell them your unbelivabel story just worried that they taking advantage of you being alone
and talk to a police officer that it seems crazy but you know of harassment like this and want to prevent it from happening to you while building repor with
the officer too so as too they are aware of some situation and invite them over too you to show their presense is good for them to stop or avoid
the police and might get lucky and see the harassment



From Miguel Casas Reyes on June 26, 2019 :: 9:48 am



Too obvious about it

From Looey77 on July 08, 2019 :: 11:17 pm

I got the vibe one day they were spying on me. So I used her as a bait. My smiling comment gone viral. I said I was a whistle blower to check out who was stupid enough to come to the house and they did



From PLSalazar on August 02, 2019 :: 3:39 pm

For those of you on here suggesting that gangstalking/hacking is all in people’s minds….how do you explain that people all over the world are having the SAME exact invasion of privacy. Hmmm maybe people that have never met are all making it up. I was part of that new Yorks times article and it got changed before being published because the writer was threatened.


chances are you are being hacked.

From win on August 16, 2019 :: 12:01 am

if you feel like you are being hacked, chances are, you are absolutely right. theres plenty of ways they could do it too. broadband over powerline, air drop, nfc, fake access point, using icloud, google , facebook, by calling you with an 800 num, text messaging, javascript n so on. search defcon on youtube. alot of exploits r on there. i know this because ive been getting hacked for years now , theres only one thing that i know they cant hack n control tho. karma.they got theirs coming.


Been stalked since 2016 stalkers ask questions

From Karen moss on September 21, 2019 :: 8:12 pm

She’s untouchable obbsses on GPS my son’s phone.  Her number can’t be tracked blocked act she even called n said my son tried harming himself. He blocked her and she was mad thinking he was cheating on her. He’s gone to jail and tells him to end life ECT how can I stop this monster and have her leave my famy my private life alone?


Ryan is correct

From Rocky Violet on October 19, 2019 :: 12:06 pm

That’s the problem; people call it mental illness. They mostly target white conservatives. Many r evil. Ryan is correct. They fancy themselves “ trappers” and trainers of people. Some groups r not as evil pieces of shit as others. It’s all games and they wager on the bullshit. Many work for google. They torment and torment. Just remember, God is strong. Stay centered on the Lord. So for all of u jumping on the mental illness wagon, get ur heads out of your asses. This shit is real.


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