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How to Figure Out Who Hacked Your Phone

by on June 16, 2020
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For most of us, our phones are the center of our daily lives, and as a result, they contain a treasure trove of personal information, from banking details to messaging and email accounts. This sensitive data can be pretty enticing to a range of the nefarious, from cybercriminals to someone you may even know.

Phone hacking can involve the unknowing download of spyware that relays information on your activity – such as logging keystrokes to scrape passwords; spy apps downloaded by someone with access to your device; or other malware that exploits your phone, for example by using its internet bandwidth in a botnet, as occurred with malware that infected nearly 20 million Android devices.

“The most common way that smartphones can be hacked is to infect the device with malware,” says Victor Chebyshev, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. This malware can arrive on the device buried inside apps downloaded by the user – and the likelihood of a malicious app rises when downloading away from the official app stores, which police their content.

While iPhones aren’t immune to hacking, Apple’s strict vetting policy means the incidence of bad apps targeting iPhones (at least non-jailbroken ones) is lower than for Android phones. “Android devices are more susceptible to these kinds of attacks because they have the option to install applications from third parties,” says Chebyshev.

9 steps to figuring out who hacked your phone

A sluggish phone or fast-draining battery are common symptoms of a compromised phone – but they can also indicate your device needs a spring clean to spruce up performance or improve its battery life. Another red flag is if your data usage has gone through the roof – this could indicate a dodgy app is sending data back to its mothership.

“Whether a user can determine who is responsible for a compromised phone depends on what kind of threat was on the device,” says Chebyshev.

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigation, 86% of cyberattacks are motivated by monetary gain – for example, through selling someone’s stolen credentials on the dark web, gaining access to financial accounts, or hacking sensitive data and holding the victim to ransom. In these cases, hackers usually rely on malware that remotely exploits vulnerabilities in apps or operating systems to steal information (or in the case of phishing malware, trick people into inputting their critical data).

However, somebody known to you who wants to monitor your movements – whether that’s a disgruntled ex or suspicious parent – and who has physical access to your device might also be able to install a spy app that acts like malicious software, tracking your location, photos, messages and calls.  

To narrow down the field of suspects, you can try to determine exactly how your phone is being compromised.

1. Check your phone bill

Are you being charged for premium-rate texts you never sent – or texts you never signed up for? You’ve probably been infected by malware that forces your phone to send or receive texts that generate revenue for cybercriminals. This common form of mobile malware is believed to be the first type found targeting Android, back in 2010, and today plenty of it is still floating around.

If you’re receiving premium-rate text messages, try texting STOP to the number. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to contact your cell carrier who should be able to block the number.

If your phone is sending the texts, you may be able to fix it by running a security app such as Bitdefender or McAfee to find and remove malware (on Android only; security apps for iOS don’t have this feature). Also, try deleting any third-party messaging apps and any other apps you installed just before the phone started sending the texts.

2. Go through your apps list

If there are any apps you don’t remember downloading, look them up online to see if any of them have been reviewed negatively for malware or other suspicious activity. In this case, the apps will have been compromised by a hacker who likely isn’t targeting you personally but is distributing malware with the aim of scraping as much data as possible. The BankBot malware, for instance, is a trojan that has infected hundreds of Android apps to display a phishing screen to steal users’ banking credentials.

“If it was a regular trojan [malware coded within another app] the user will not be able to attribute who was responsible for the attack,” says Chebyshev. “If it was commercial spyware, it’s sometimes possible to figure out the responsible person.”

3. Look up your flashlight and battery-saver apps

Got a phone full of apps and can’t remember for sure which you downloaded? Some categories of apps have attracted more than their fair share of malicious actors – several flashlight apps on Google Play were infected with malware that tried to scrape users’ financial info, while one should be wary of battery-saver apps as they have often been used for malware, says Josh Galindo, director of training at phone repair service uBreakiFix

If you have these types of apps, check online for any negative reviews. You can also try deleting them to see if this affects your phone performance. “If you install an app and the device performance decreases, that’s an indicator,” says Galindo. “If you uninstall the app and your device begins working properly again, this means that the app is likely contaminated with malware and you should avoid downloading it in the future.”

4. Double-check your favorite popular games

Downloaded a new super-popular game recently? Ensure it operates like it’s meant to – and validate that by looking up reviews online – otherwise it may be a scam version, potentially ridden with cryptojacking malware.

Cryptojacking trojans mine cryptocurrency unbeknownst to users, and their prevalence has risen on smartphones that when infected in thousands, can deliver attackers a high overall processing power. The idea is that, if a cryptojacker hacks other devices, they can get paid for mining without having to use their own resources (or pay the electricity bill).

On mobile, cryptojacking malware tends to hide inside innocent-looking apps such as fake versions of popular games. If your phone slows down, heats up and its battery is dying long before the end of the day – and you’ve tried to improve your battery life– it could be a sign that a malicious app like a cryptojacking trojan is hogging all the juice.

They’re mostly prevalent on Android – and if you’ve downloaded from non-official app marketplaces, the risk is higher.

5. Scroll through your call list

Done all of the above and still convinced that someone somewhere has your personal data, siphoned from your smartphone? Apps aren’t the only way a phone can be infected by malware. Have you picked up any random calls lately? “Callers offering a free cruise or claiming that you won a sweepstakes are likely scam efforts to hack your information or record your voice,” says Galindo.

6. Did you click that link?

If you recently clicked on a link on a text message or an unexpected pop-up, you may have inadvertently fallen prey to phishing. Phishing often preys on panic or high emotion – as in the coronavirus-related scam texts claiming that receivers had been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms, and exhorting them to click for more information.

It’s often impossible to divine who is behind such scams, although you can report any phishing texts to your cell carrier and block these numbers.

7. Consider the last time you used public WiFi

According to Kaspersky Lab, one in four hotspots are unsecured, and even the ones that are password-protected could potentially be set up by someone with malicious intent. On top of that, the protocol (WPA2 or WPA3) that encrypts traffic between devices and routers can itself be vulnerable – as in the serious WPA2 flaw uncovered by researchers in 2017 that would have allowed certain traffic to be intercepted.

If your phone isn’t protected by a VPN and you logged into an unsecured public WiFi hotspot, it’s possible someone could have been spying on the connection – and scraped your sensitive information if you logged into your email or bought something online.

8. Is your iCloud safe?

iPhone user? A cracked iCloud login can allow someone to not only access your photos, but also make use of semi-legal spy software to remotely monitor your device’s calls, messages, contacts and location.

Luckily, enabling two-factor authentication for your Apple ID drastically reduces this risk, because if someone tries to sign into your account from a new device, you’ll receive an approval request and sign-in code on your iPhone (or other iOS/Mac devices linked to your Apple ID).

(To enable two-factor authentication, for iOS 10.3 and newer: Settings > [your name] > Password & Security. For iOS 10.2 or older: Settings > iCloud > Apple ID > Password & Security.)

However, a weak or reused password without two-factor authentication can put your account – and phone – at risk.

Here’s how it works: Many people use the same email address in their Apple ID as the login for dozens of online accounts. If this email address is revealed in a data breach, then hackers – who may purchase or find these login details at data dump websites – have access to your Apple ID.

Couple that with a weak password and your iCloud account can be breached by attackers who use cracking software to guess hundreds of hacked or common passwords in order to breach accounts.

Unfortunately, the same goes for an email and password combo that can be guessed or found out by someone you know who’d want to spy on you – especially if they can access your iPhone to use the two-factor code.

9. Run a security scan

Since most malware is designed to evade detection, you may not discover much on your own. Spyware apps – or stalkerware – is one category of particularly insidious apps designed purely to monitor a victim’s activity (rather than for any financial gain).

Security apps, particularly for Android, can help determine if your phone contains such a malicious app, as well as help fend off future cyber attacks by, for example, preventing you from visiting malicious webpages.

Android: Commercial spyware is unfortunately all too easy to find online. Such spy apps have system-level access to extremely detailed information about your device activity such as the messages you write, photos you take and GPS location – and what’s more, these apps are hidden from view.

They also need to be downloaded physically to your device, which means if they’re on your device it was done by someone with access to your device (and your PIN). Chances are, you can figure who in your life would want to monitor your phone. 

To find out if you have such apps on your Android phone, download a security app such as Bitdefender or McAfee, which will flag any malicious programs. You can also head to Settings > Security > Device administration and check if “Unknown sources” for app installations is enabled (and you didn’t do it) – this allows apps from non-official app stores, on which there’s likely to be far more stalkerware.

iPhone: Spy apps on a non-jailbroken iPhone are far less prevalent since such software – which tampers with system-level functions - doesn’t make it onto the App Store. (However, they do exist and work via someone knowing your iCloud login and password.)

If your iPhone is jailbroken, that opens it up to potentially malicious apps that haven’t been vetted by the App Store, including spy apps downloaded without your knowledge.

Security apps such as Lookout and Sophos will alert you if your iPhone has been jailbroken – so if you’re alerted of this but haven’t done it yourself, that can be a red flag.

However, whether security software – for Android or iOS – can find spy apps will depend on how sophisticated or new the spy app is since security software scans for malware that’s already known. (That’s why it’s crucial to download updates to security software as soon as available since updates will incorporate new instances of discovered malware.)

3 steps to take if your phone has been hacked

1. Delete any apps or messages that may be malicious

If deleting them fixes any performance issues, great. Even if not, it’s a good idea to clear your device of apps that may have been flagged from that security scan.

You can also try shutting down apps one by one, as soon as your phone starts to slow down or heat up. If shutting down a particular app seems to return things to normal, that app may be malicious – or at the very least, not play too well with your device.

2. Do a factory reset

If after deleting the suspicious app(s) your phone is still behaving strangely, this nuclear option is a quick way of clearing your device of malicious – or sluggish – software left behind.

Android: Settings > System > (Advanced) > Reset options > Erase all data

iPhone: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

3. Check if your information is out there

Unfortunately, many hacks and malware present few to no symptoms and often the only time people are aware of a breach is when their digital services are hacked, or, worse, they’re the victims of identity fraud, where hackers have used their stolen information to open accounts or lines of credit. 

There are a few tools you can use to check if any of your information has already been compromised. Have I Been Pwned? is a website run by security developer and Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt that checks if email addresses have been exposed in breaches of popular apps and services.

Security apps including Bitdefender (Android) and Lookout (iOS) can also alert you if apps and services you use have been breached, putting your personal information at risk.

Depending on the scale of the data that has been exposed, you may want to set up a fraud alert at the major credit agencies, which will require any potential creditors to request additional verification of your identity.

Keeping your smartphone safe

If you find that your logins – particularly passwords – are floating around online, the first thing to do is to change your passwords. The best way to do that is to use a password manager which can automatically generate and save complex, unique passwords for each of your accounts. Check out our top-rated picks here. We like the Dashlane password manager, whose Premium version (from $4.99/month) also scans the Dark Web for instances of your emails or logins being posted for sale.           

And to reduce the risk of future phone hacks, always observe general cybersecurity hygiene:

  • Think twice before clicking links in SMSes, other messages and emails
  • Review app permissions to minimize the risk of a malicious app download.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for every online account possible – and especially primary emails and logins like your Apple ID.
  • Download security updates for your phone when available to patch vulnerabilities that could otherwise be exploited.
  • Protect your device with a PIN or biometric authentication.

Updated on 6/16/2020 with new tips and recommendations

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Natasha Stokes has been a technology writer for more than 7 years covering consumer tech issues, digital privacy and cybersecurity. As the features editor at TOP10VPN, she covered online censorship and surveillance that impact the lives of people around the world. Her work has also appeared on BBC Worldwide, CNN, Time and Travel+Leisure.

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Scammer numbers that could possibly hack phone

From John on May 23, 2019 :: 8:44 pm

Figured I would put a list of scammers that called me and a couple of my friends. That way robots could pick them up and call them. Dont answer they might hack your phone.


Editing out numbers in your list

From Josh Kirschner on May 24, 2019 :: 9:07 am

Most robocalls are now coming from spoofed numbers. So putting a list up here is most likely only putting up completely innocent people, not the spammers.


Please help! Been hacked over 2years & 7 devices!

From Jay cal on June 15, 2020 :: 12:06 am

Please help me. I’ve had 2 PC’s hacked & 6 phones. I want my privacy back,& these jerks to be brought to justice. I don’t even know where to start as far as how to prove whose doing it. They taught me & even follow me when I leave. Please contact me on my mom’s email.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) really need the help.thanks! Jason C

[Email removed by editor]


What you need to do

From erebus666 on July 03, 2020 :: 5:19 pm

if you have a wifi box disconnect everything..
second thing upgrade wifi box and put a fire wall on the box..
you then need to put all your info on every device on a cloud or take everthing to a phone shop independent and get them to sync all the phones info to a usb.. this will be important later
you then need to factory reset phones with a new account..
clearly you are just using the one phone now.
others are important to keep with the history..

to make sure your sim card have not been cloned call up provider if you are using same number and ask for a brand new sim.
make sure you get a new sim card deliverd first before you do anything.

i can go on and explain what you need to do next if you are having trouble you can email me ?
that goes for anyone also

I've been hacked

From Rachelle on October 16, 2020 :: 4:28 am

Me too. I’ve changed phones Sims email accts. But she has everything she’s used my identity and accessed my accts. She’s followed me and installed cameras in my house while I’ve been gone. Even videos me and put me on the internet. And I don’t know how to catch her and press charges too. The police don’t help. If you know or have any help please forward it . thanks

This happend to me too!

From Laura on December 16, 2020 :: 7:41 pm

The exact thing happend to me. I would love to talk to you.

I need help

From Felicia Enfinger on December 31, 2020 :: 9:16 pm

Just read your troubles. I have someone bugging my phone. I’m certain its someone I know. If you can help me to find identity with the experience you’ve had, I would so greatly appreciate it.


From james on January 25, 2021 :: 9:17 am

Hey bro! did you ever figure out how to rid those spies? Im dealing with a very similar issue . i already know who , i just want to know how and whenLet me know what your cure was for both the phones and the computers. Thx

Me to

From Jeremy Birmingham on January 29, 2021 :: 9:46 pm

That is the same thing that is happening to me. It doesn’t matter if I get a brand new cell phone with in 1 week. It’s hard to use. My home wifi says my DNS is corrupt I’ve had three computers just crash for no reason two of them are brand new I live in Des Moines Iowa and they hack my phone and they follow me. It makes it in bearable at times.

Let me know

From Glen on June 09, 2021 :: 7:23 pm

I have had 30+ phones and dozens of accounts hacked. I’ve found that there are tons of ways to be hacked mostly people who are hacked its being done by someone they know or a public Wi-Fi. Or Bluetooth ssl or a fake network tower. Its sad that with all the technology people can be stalked and nothing ever happens to help this but yet it’s destroying peoples life’s and no accountability wth. Advice is a VPN and a 2end phone app with 2end phone number after changing your some card and phone number only give out your 2end line phone number because they can’t hack your phone with a shell app if they don’t have the real number. Add VPN because you don’t want your ip address compromised they can hack using that. Don’t allow social media to link to your phone or have your phone number and it helps to not add google account to your phone last thing is contact and file a complaint I haven’t had any help from them but at least it’s documented for future evidence if needed to procicute. Good luck

Living through it now

From Andrea Linne on June 14, 2021 :: 12:18 pm

Every device is hacked they listen and watch all email accounts also banking PayPal I’ve gotten new network 11 new apple ids a new phone made police reports they still are there-, they are using an iPhone 12 and a Mac and watches they have a program that follows my location. Sad they only do it when I am alone I feel your pain

Hacked devices

From Wesley Hodgson on November 26, 2021 :: 1:14 pm

I can really sympathise with what your saying. Our digital lives are being used as a tool to harrass-intimidate-bully us. Not only for financial gain, sometimes just for fun. Only thing that you can really do is stop using social-medias. And to log-in to sites as guest. I’ve had a similar experience for about 3 years. Been through 8 android devices, which all end up broken or non-functional. Still searching for a solution that actually works. No joy yet.


From Bri on June 02, 2022 :: 5:27 pm

Hey! I feel you, has happened to me too. It’s completely debilitating. I feel like those people in the conspiracy theory movies. It’s terrible. I have found some things. Not much and I can’t get anywhere but its some thing. My gmail is attached somehow to google workspace. It shouldn’t be, I’m not in a school or anything. Check Google groups. Id never heard of it, but I am sorry I have now. Apparently anybody can sign up anyone else. I’m involved apparently in some weird weird shit that scares me. I can’t figure out how to ungroup. Its pretty much impossible. One other thing is somehow Google Home app is involved. They are controlling my stuff somehow with that and developers things and the workspace. I have lost 3 new devices and 2 laptops and I think it’s gotten into my families wifi. I don’t know how to stop it. Google One told me to go to the cyber crime team, aka FBI. Good Luck, hope youve figured it out, just realized this is 2 years old. Haaha!

Please ring me...I do not want you to think you are without help

From Jane Lockyer on September 01, 2022 :: 11:57 am


Please help

From Tina on November 04, 2022 :: 9:45 pm

I’ve been hacked through 19 phones, 21 Gmail accounts, 1 laptop over the course of 13 months!!! Everytime I start a new burner phone I’m hacked with a few hours or a few days. Help!! I’m pretty sure it’s an ex but I can’t prove it. I have about 9 police reports but the police think I’m crazy and don’t help!  Please help me!!! Email me or even call me. 803207 0287


From Chris H on November 24, 2022 :: 7:52 pm

This has been going on for several years in my life.  Small things hacked at first and then 8 months ago it went insane.  Every device I own was hacked through Microsoft, GitHub, Google and Cloudfare to name a few.  There are credit cards in my name, my business of 32 years has been destroyed and I have spent thousands of dollars trying to correct.  I bought new computers, new routers, new phones but they get around all of it because they are embedded in the software app I use for work.  Files have been stolen. They have broke into my house and office. The have gone as far as to hack my vehicles. I have been in court and the police tell me that what I am saying can’t happen. I have lost everything. I call for help but the people I talk to say some right things and then something will be said that makes me know it’s off. I have called Microsoft, Google, Apple, and GitHub. I have also paid for all of this through credit cards.  I am mentally and physically exhausted. I read these stories and I wonder if any of you have truly received help. I just want my life back.  I have literally tried everything. If anyone had any useful iformation I am willing to compensate. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, C

Google Play store

From Ti c on January 27, 2023 :: 1:14 am

A lot of these apps that were downloading onto Google Play store with granting these apps permission to do things like access or cell phone cameras and microphones and all our personal files there may be only three actual permissions that you check the box for but if you run a security app on one of these applications you’ll find that within each permission you give there are probably 20 or 30 different things going on that you just gave permission for them to do one app in particular l i k e e asked for three permissions camera microphone and media when I scanned the app with a security application I found out that there were 53 permissions that I had inadvertently given permission to within those three check mark boxes that I checked I’d give them permission to monitor my camera and my microphone record audio and video at any time they please and Google Play is allowing these apps to remain in their store probably 50% of the apps in Google Play are corrupt and you would think that these permissions belong to the developers of the app no the app I spoke of earlier in the city of Bangladesh alone almost every user of the app has access to these permissions and are stalking me day and night through my phone now so the developers are giving their highest bidding users access to these criminal permissions how do I know this I stood in front of my phone in my underwear one day and the young lady I was speaking to made a comment on the style and color of the briefs that I was wearing it then became quite apparent to me that nearly all of the users on this application through the city of Bangladesh Dhaka some users in Arabia and some users in Russia all had access to these special permissions and you can bet your butt they have made my life a living absolute living hell and it’s very doubtful Google Play is going to penalize them for this because they are the second leading social media app out there right now l i k e e don’t download it folks it’s number two right behind tick tock and closely closing in it’s far too essential for Google to get rid of so they’ll probably get rid of me instead

Mate I know exactly how

From Sharon on May 29, 2023 :: 2:45 am

Mate I know exactly how you feel my life is just destroyed and I’m really sure that it’s my son? I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this torture and bullying but if there’s is a god I hope he really punishes these evil mongrals for the rest of their natural born lives

My phone has been compromised

From Monica on August 16, 2020 :: 4:46 am

My bank acounts my prepaid cards my chime acount were my stimulis payment is going to my phone itself my gmail google acount has been hacked im tured of changing my pass codes because i have to do it everytime i do i have to do it again. I dont know who to contact any more for help


Try this possible solution

From Jessica on April 02, 2021 :: 1:32 pm

This happened to me about a year and a half or two years ago due to an ex of mine and because he installed what he did on my phone that left me open to more vulnerabilities for fishing etc. I had to jump through many hoops and trials and tribulations with this situation LOL but in the end I learned that changing your password will not work if you were going to do it from your own phone that has been compromised because attacker can actually watch you in real time, set up
a new password and now….. they know your NEW password!..... so you need to Change all of your passwords from somebody else’s Device ,phone/tablet/computer/laptop
Just make sure that this person is someone that you trust
100% . This works for me and I hope it works for you also. Good luck to you!

I'm gonna go to a lawyer

From Melissa on August 11, 2021 :: 8:50 pm

I came to a idea….. Press charges to the person if you know 100 % but don’t ever give up if police don’t help…. I’ve been and still being hacked.. I just don’t know who yet but I have an idea who. .I have the persons name and he is on my fb account as the official owner!.  I can change his settings bcus it’s my account so I put my middle finger up on the photo of him and I told all his social friends on fb that he is a child molester and I reported it.  .but I’m about to take him to court who ever he is.


From Marion Lutz on August 23, 2021 :: 12:31 pm

Unfortunately, fellow citizens, listen up closely:
When your smart phone an/or PC/tablet?laptop have been hacked into, its usually fatal.
Your identity and life as you"ve known is over! So; start a NEW LIFE! Don’t Let morally bankrupt sub humans with malignant intent, take the joy out of living.
Yes, its going to be some work to be done ahead of you! Bank accounts need to be changed as well as all credit cards, pass words, e-mails…etc. You get the idea.
Keep all new info ONLY to yourself! Trust needs to be earned. It can, it will…in time!
Remember: Unfortunately: Most enemies of your life; and I speak from devastating experience, will be someone within your very own household!


From Jaime on February 26, 2022 :: 2:44 am

Wow reading comments I see a common them,all these things are happening to me, 15 Gmails and 5 phones returned. I did Astrology and makeup and started to become successful until this started and my venmo,vendors,, chime everything password changed or account unknown.  Hell.most of these emails I made on my phone and they never recognize my device, They record tons of audio and my camera is always taking pictures. I put black t ape over my cameras. Bury my phone under the couch, check my bank at the library.  I have seen my audio and recorded calls being exported to a. IOS,I have an android. Sometimes they toy with me and will close me out of a long application on line dead in the middle of 10 pages of info. They unfollow some if my best friends and somehow keep me from logging into my where I create client charts. Nothing can be done. I bought a flip phone and they blocked my husband and all my contacts, I returned it the next day and went off the grid got a job at McDonald’s to help my hubby and get OUT of the house, started antidepressants and life was ok.i still missed my FB group and my hobby so I caved got a new phone it’s a little less in your face but they are back. It just took a night or two before that Gmail security email. I started making these emails names like sorryasshacker222, because I know they steal these and use them as emails recoveriesi. 2 factor identification.  Isn’t there a way we can use our actual device as our security.  You would think we would all uave a personal notduplicatable QR or code with encryption . Guys sorry for the book please please at getting at least an email and an online bank so I can shop online and get to be like all these clueless happy mf’s who nobody is bothering . The geek squad quoted me 245 for 2 hours then said it would take at least 8, that’s outrageous. Basically it’s the wild wild west online and the only ones safe are the wealthy.


From Jane on July 11, 2022 :: 5:22 pm

Yes.. they get in through Google. Once in Google, they can go to your iPad..the IPad is your central control, not your wifi. Once in your iPad, they can control all your devices.
I tried deleting Google but it’s almost impossible to do it on all devices. Check your Google accounts for log ins.

I know who hacked my phone

From Natasha Mariano on September 12, 2022 :: 10:22 pm

I’m pissed off I thought this chick was my best friend out of all her family. Hell no she’s a two face. Tiffany Jones aka Joe dirt. I mean I truly loved her like a sister and she lied to me when I asked her face-to-face an the bitch denied it. But yet I still knew. Now she’s listening to everyone’s conversations. I mean bitch get a life an worry about yourself I mean fuck you stink can’t you smell anything. Because you pushed my fuckin buttons by hacking all my phones I never done shit to you but help you. And in return you do this shit. Lie to people about me when it was you this whole time. I’m sorry to say this but you mean nothing to me. I trusted you. Now I don’t want anything to do with you. But yes I tried telling the truth so now only one person believes me. So Tiffany Jones good luck I’m making a report on you I’m tired of your shit. So get this person off every Google she doesn’t deserve to be wrecking peoples lives cause I almost took my own life because of her. If you guys don’t want to do anything about it I’ll report yall.


From Schnell on December 03, 2022 :: 7:25 pm

I have had apps tell me my settings on my phone were cloned, and varios other apps.  That busy box was installed, that windows office 365 and azure can be used to take over your emails, everything spy apps do, also change your phone to work mode, so appears they are company that own my phone and I am employee.  Not true.  Yet I have it on every phone, laptop, pc, ipad, etc.  It basically allows them to MANAGE your devices and accounts.  Like family settings but worse. So any password change goes right to them.  Also, call redirect apps on my phone.  It’s illegal and terroristic in nature.  As a citizen I have rights.  What good is a cyber crim division if it only helps companies?  People have more pressing needs.  Less money.  Any info would be nice, thanks.


VPN wont help. Your phone greets them

From Chel Janai on May 17, 2023 :: 2:54 am

What I have discovered is that if you’re in the same location(address) after being hacked, even after factory reset your phone greets other devices it has been previously connected to. Also the hacker knows what location you’re at( if you haven’t moved) so by pinpointing and matching location it can be narrowed down witch new device is yours. That’s, i beleive how it’s possible to be followed from device to mew device.
The guy hacking me just did it for the entertainment & challenge. It disgusts me to no end that losers with too much time on their hands get a kick out of this kind of thing as we become never really sure of how extensive it has become.
Which of course can lead to paranoia, hypervigilance, & PTSD.


Fraud ..Data

From frank on October 20, 2020 :: 3:31 pm

See what they R doing is taking my data and there also Their best control in my life and there using my account The money I went on Applies machines online Vegas machines slots and and and a winning the whatever money I have on the I really from a real bad you like ABI feel like I’m being harassed in ther points where they take it here is my number 512-913 9527


Protect your phone #

From Ken on December 28, 2020 :: 1:44 am

Don’t post your phone # because this is one of the easiest way to be hacked. Your phone number is just as important as keeping you SSN# safe.

Are you ok? I read

From CC on January 05, 2021 :: 10:44 pm

Are you ok? I read your message and im worried. My number is 7125420388 if you need help.

Tyler, I messaged u below too

From Ellie on March 22, 2022 :: 5:50 am

Just wanted to make sure u got notified so I sent u 2 comments.  Tye longer one is a bit lower down

Hacked and compromise amd exploiting account

From Marico Carter on November 15, 2021 :: 7:28 pm

My phone been jahacked by This Person And have screen shots and all exploiting and stolen accounts and slandering i think they got my iemi numbers and I been through seven phones


Getting hired help

From Ellie on March 22, 2022 :: 5:48 am

People are constantly posting tye emails of hackers on reddit and quora guaranteeing they’ve been helped personally Yada Yada. From what I understand when 2 hacker groups still were around, they had a website and it your money was kept in escrow until you were happy with tye job.  How is an email address, no site or 3ven a forum where they advertise or have reviews.  So, would they do the work first and then take payment?  It’s the only way anyone would use then since most of these hackers using emails take the money and run.  I actually need a real professional.  My hacker is also my stalker, a former neighbour I pissed off 4 years ago.  I have her number, a couple social media sites, her phone will clearly be pinging off tye sake towers as me and her texts would show her convos with her by who helps her out.  Im just not going to be conned by hackers who camt offer a guarantee or refund method


From NEED ANSWER on July 04, 2020 :: 11:46 pm

What is this file?
It keeps appearing on my android in my files.

I have researched it and a few pages suggest it is malware, but I need to know for sure


Hacked all over the place daily

From Amy Schaber on July 15, 2020 :: 10:20 am

How can I find out who it is and is this illegal?


How can I get some one locked up for hacking my accounts

From Steven Williams on December 20, 2020 :: 5:16 am

Is it possible I can get some one locked up for hacking my accounts


Ty for the help

From purplefox on November 09, 2020 :: 3:03 am

Ty for the help


Someone hacked my phone who

From Derrick Peeples on May 28, 2019 :: 6:20 pm

Someone hacked my phone who was it and why


Who is hacking me

From Imfuxed on June 30, 2019 :: 9:29 am

You are most likely being gangstalked-I think they also use legion as there parent company —soon there will be a way to not having this pribkem



From Kevin on September 04, 2019 :: 3:10 pm

I’ve gotten friends in upper an lower classes thank god for I put into three classes you know trying too better myself one of my upper friends had me if I was better an they tooking all my data every where trying too better my self they can get in bunches of trubel because like I said before like I said they all my data that I was trying too better myself with I’m jest wondering how fire should the laws onto them over the three classes were I was trying too better myself. If you read your previous settings when you get your device please create me if I’m wrong every one or anyone if the government would look through your devices an if they find anything that should not be there they can turn you devices off an most of what I’ve Hurd the government will one way or the other   . I’ve this device hear for jest a very few days an the reason I went and got this device hear was only for classes too better my self a lot an had Netflix and very few games on it as an it was bigger screen so I could it a lot better for when I’d take my classes when my would blend that the words would blend together an I keep my phone device jest Incas I had too make a for one of my classes . It’s had really I’ve got really really badly stressed out about all this if they jest came and ask if I’d care some of my accounts . It’s bothers really badly this days because they got me and wife into over all this and not only that jobs other later on as well only because they want everyone ones and ggb were some use trying too better are selfs with classic not only use but others as well



From ARPAN on February 03, 2020 :: 12:49 am

You can teach me haking


I'm slowly learning i know His location now

From Wendy Kinyoun on April 01, 2020 :: 7:58 am

Hes in Cherokee NC and speaks (Spain) Spanish hackers make mistakes too. I will surely teach you anytime if i catch him before the law does I’m going to beat him to nearly death with a tire iron. Im at $2,000 in the hole credit ruined and they are saying i have to get a new Identity. I’m going one more time to get me and my fiancee new phones again and yet another carrier. I don’t buy cheap phones either

Canyou decifer hacker work to get me a name address?

From Wendy Kinyoun on March 21, 2020 :: 4:52 pm

I have dedicated my time since I’m trying for disability to become a great hacker because I was clueless when I got hacked. Ruined my credit. taunting me for over a month now. selling products in my name for illegal hack modifications on mobile phones lost 11 years of memories and at any time now I will be assigned a new Identity and who I really has to disappear. He records me laughs at me restricts me from all my freedom. Hacker is all of accounts right now right beside me watching me. I feel violated having go to churches and places just to keep a roof over my head. Can’t file my taxes. So I’m beginning but i study night and day to become a great to help hack out the hackers before it’s gets this far. There is no help from websites, local Law Enforcement, Google nowhere to turn to. I will become the one person that will will acknowledge you, believe you, and actually help you before you lose everything valuable to you. I finally caught a break and his hack apps got froze in my files as service disconnected and got over a 1,000 screenshots with his credentials to identify the hacker. Monday March 23rd local and federal warrants will be issued and my nightmare will be over. And I’m proud to say all my studying and hard work is what got not service from anywhere would even try to help me.


Email says i have a comment but nothing is here????

From Wendy Kinyoun on April 01, 2020 :: 7:51 am

Its been 6 weeks i have a detective on the case not doing anything I’m not rooted and hard reset doesn’t work my factory apps are gone the apps are from a play store out of the country


From Erica Nixon on April 02, 2020 :: 5:01 pm

I have 1000s of screenshots it’s not my phone it’s my network every and any way a phone can be hacked mine is please if you can help I have asked sprint google Microsoft Samsung and nothing my data is being stolen I have been trying for 5 months and they keep doing it. I have been with sprint for 21 years same phone number I have a S9 plus but all of my computers are hacked I have hp and now 2 surfaces it can be my house internet also but forsure it’s been happening for 7 years I lost my gmail in 2013 and gave up trying then up until now I have unlimited data and my data runs out my wifi calling icon lights up In the background and I deactivated it I think it could even be sprint it says every month I’m at my limit but for the last 5 months I been home alot using my house internet so? Please help its screwing everything up I want my account back. When I say every way a network device whatever can be hacked mine is pleseee help thank you

Ongoing Nightmare

From Lilred70 on April 07, 2020 :: 11:46 pm

I am so sorry!! I too am going through an ordeal that is eerily similar to yours. Intuition is great and I’ve always been extremely sensitive to others emotions and lil clues. I lost a lifetime of memories, all my children’s photos, 1st Mother’s Day cards, but losing myself has been the worst>aside from my children. The taunting finally became too much, esp as this Virus spreads and I’m high risk. But I finally was able to link him to my 1st ex and it was easy to follow him throughout the buy/sell sites. Many ppl may not realize this phenomenal app that comes preinstalled along with Google. ....MAPS!!! I got pictures of him at his ex gf’s house with his friends, third vehicles, and my personal items torn,broken,etc. And so much more, but for my health, I had to pass everything over to the authorities. Sociopathic narcissist.
I pray everything works out for you. Stay strong and be happy.

can you help

From Laura Jones on April 08, 2020 :: 2:17 am

Hey Wendy is there anyway you can contact me to help my best friend he is going thru torment like you have with his phone.

Same thing is going on to me!

From Crystal on June 05, 2020 :: 1:25 pm

please if you can help me in this same situation I’m dealing with I’d be so grateful!

Can you plz help me?

From Sherry Mcbroom on June 06, 2020 :: 6:53 pm

Can you plz help me? I’ve been going thru all the same. I’m pretty sure I know who it is, it’s my husband’s lover she records us having sex and sends them to me, she knows everywhere I go and what I do… I need to follow the Same steps you have I would love to have it to stop and press charges, I’m not to good
With computer, she has also hacked my t.v.s I know he has given her the information to obtain access, they have taunted me. But I will not rest or stop till I can press charges on both of them…. plz help me

Hey Wendy can you help

From Sherry Mcbroom on June 06, 2020 :: 7:08 pm

Hey Wendy can you help me ? So much of what you said is happening to me, I believe it’s my husband’s lover, so I’ve factory reset and a hole bunch of stuff but she still gets access to it, I lost all of my late daughters photos and my family’s as well. I would love nothing more than to file charges on both of them they have put me thru h ell and back, trying to make me look crazy and unstable… plz help me obtain the se results u have it would change my life

I've Ben hacked

From Tim r on June 29, 2020 :: 9:31 am

If you can please respond to my email I’ve Ben hacked over and over I also have the 3ip addresses Frome the phones that that used to do so that have stolen my info and robed me of money can you help me prosicute the offender pleas respond

Im being cybetstalked. They

From Theresa on August 10, 2020 :: 4:24 pm

Im being cybetstalked.  They are into everything from my personsl devices and work computers.  Please help how i can stop this and hold them accountable.

My mobile phone get hacked.

From Johnny on September 23, 2020 :: 10:11 am


I need a help to solve my problem to protact my mobile phone from hacker.

had to protect my identity as well

From Byron on September 23, 2020 :: 10:19 am

My story is almost exactly like yours I even tried to call the Federal Trade Commission and they didn’t even want the information on the bank account that I had for the hackers if somebody knows how to help me make sure that they can’t get to my phone again I would greatly appreciate it I’ve been trying to investigate on my own to find out who it is and I keep running into dead ends have a feeling the person that has been stalking me maybe the woman that I’m talking to kind of throw things out there here and there to see how she reacts to it some things just aren’t adding up and I’ve always been taught to trust your gut but I want to know who this is

I’ve got your solution!

From Jesse on October 04, 2020 :: 8:58 pm

Contact digital forensics!they can get you proof that you can bring to police if some one is hacking your phone it’s illegal so contact them they will help

Help me too please

From Rachelle gar is on October 16, 2020 :: 4:46 am

I too have been hacked and stalked for years now. She’s stolen my identity, my email accts. And knows everything about my personal info. SSN.DL #, DOB. You name it. She accexx my accts. And I too can’t get any help or I’m doing something wrong to find help .but you sound like you’ve done it and I too want the same results. She even stole my dog. Help me please get this bitch. In not some computer savvy person or smartphone savvy. But I. Willing to try anything if I can just get some help.I thought I knew her name but I’m not even sure about that. Please be my hero and help me get this chick. Email me or call me [REMOVED]. Thank you- Rachelle


From Brandy on November 22, 2020 :: 4:10 pm

I could use some help
Ex was recording on the camera and microphone… Hired a PI they didn’t find anything
Ordered data privacy in icloud I have hundreds of videos and photos I never took
They don’t show up in my photos
It’s all in the background
On my third phone
Any assistance would be appreciated

beening hacked

From need help on December 31, 2020 :: 11:05 am

Its going on a year that a coworker has hacked me and my kids phone this bitch listens in on all of our calls, has people following me around in the street monitoring my every move because she knows I’m trying to prove what she is doing and the bitch is trying to stay a step ahead of me, this bitch also had someone break into my home and got my router information and I believe they placed hidden cameras and listening devices all over my apartment, she makes comments about what I’m doing in my apartment, what my kids are doing, what were eating, this bitch is able to view me in every area of my apartment, can u help me figure this out

I read your post and

From CC on January 05, 2021 :: 10:58 pm

I read your post and im blessed to have came across it because the help I need can be your advice since your familiar with how this hacking stuff happens and the damage it can do and even destroy or take someone’s life. My number is 7125420388 please contact me if your comfortable doing so and any help you can provide me will be so very much greatly appreciated. Take care and God bless you.

Hackers suck 2 years now

From Kelly on January 26, 2021 :: 5:00 pm

I have been dealing with a hacker [PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED BY EDITOR], for over two years now, been to police, he is recording phone calls, personal text messages and f.b messenger and Facebook account. I don’t have any proof but I contacted my internet provider and they said that it’s definitely hacked, been to police but don’t have proof.. where are you supposed to get the proof?
It’s been hell, I want put end and catch him. He is very evil!! I’m worried about the safety of my family, I think I may report to a different police station.. I don’t know, it’s frustrating and of course annoying. I got a new WiFi box, been through several cell phones and he still is hacking.. I believe through the tv but not really sure or using deep dark web or perhaps an app. Please, please Help!!!

Same Deal

From Andrew smith on April 23, 2021 :: 7:04 am

All Devices hacked signed me into college and took out loans. What’s your advice. And how do I found out who it is there using power shell threw my lab top and my two phones have been hacked. I know it’s a local host so their close by.

Thank you

From Scott on May 09, 2021 :: 2:10 am

My girlfriend is going through the same exact thing right now a living nightmare with what seems to have no end she’s sure it’s her ex and local law enforcement and everything and everyone is no help she spends literally all day and night trying to find away to escape. She has gone through several phones and phone numbers email accounts etc…I have offered to turn this guy’s hands into pudding but she doesn’t want me to get in trouble can u help us

Help me to clear this misunderstanding

From Rachel on October 01, 2021 :: 12:07 am

Hi. It has been months since my ex was hacked by someone who we don’t know of. But the sources of hacking seem to be coming from me. Please help me on this because as much as I want to help him, now my ex doesn’t trust me with that. We both are having suicidal thoughts but I really want to fix this issues at once. Most importantly, I need answers to prove myself that I am not the hacker and could be a victim as well. Thank you for reading this.

help me too

From dee on February 01, 2022 :: 5:16 am

they have turned my house into a smart house using anazon side walk and i had a ring camera.
so they now had my house wired and my xar etc.
i took out light bulbs disbanned a band in electrical box,vtook down ring camera,
had electrician go thru almost everything. im still getting wifi signal from abput 8 places inside my hoyse . how can i get rid of this? hes my phone too
any help would be appreciated

WiFi signal doesn't mean you're hacked

From Josh Kirschner on February 02, 2022 :: 2:10 pm

Hi Dee,

It isn’t unusual to have multiple WiFi signals inside your home if you have neighbors nearby - you’re just picking up their WiFi networks. In my apartment, I pick up more than a dozen WiFi signals from others. It is not a sign of spying or hacking.


What app did you use to catch the hacker?

From Andrea on April 15, 2022 :: 8:17 am

I’ve been hacked for 3 years now and I couldn’t even begin to remember how many phones I’ve gone through but they have also been inside my home because I hear them talking and just making my life miserable and I met a loss and don’t really know what to do

Some one hack my mobile using quick support team viewer

From Sagar on February 21, 2020 :: 1:18 pm

Dear sir,
My self Sagar from India before few days I have face a serious problem how can face this problem because few days ago on 17 Feb 2020 I was got a fake call and when he told me download a quick support app and after that I’hd gave him acess of my cell phone after that he would made some transactions by mobile app sir please suggests me how can I find who one misuse me and how can I got him? I hope you understand my problems and give me proper solution to catch such cyber criminal

Thanks and Regarding


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