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  • 7 Ways to Prevent Your Packages From Being Stolen

    Guard against porch pirates. Proactively secure your packages using these seven strategies that blend vigilance with innovative technology and services.

  • How Safe is Your Air? Check the Air Quality Index on Google Maps

    Google Maps now features Air Quality Index (AQI) data, but you have to know where to look to access it. 

  • What You Need to Know Before Buying OTC Hearing Aids

    We explain the FDA labeling and specs to look for (and avoid) so you can buy a product almost as good as ones from an audiologist, without the high cost.

  • Go Paperless With a Digital Filing System

    Follow these simple steps to get rid of the paper that is cluttering up your home and still have easy access to the important documents in your life.

  • How to Turn on Emergency SOS on Your Android Phone

    Your Android phone can call for help and notify emergency contacts in case of an emergency, but you need to opt-in and input the information first.

  • How to Safely Clean Your Android Phone

    Here's how to keep your Android phone clean and free from bacteria and viruses, while avoiding the chemicals that can permanently damage your display.

  • How to Safely Clean Your iPhone

    Here's how to keep your iPhone clean, including the lint-collecting charging port, while avoiding chemicals that can permanently damage your screen.

  • How to Set up Your Medical ID and Emergency Contacts for iPhone SOS

    Your iPhone can automatically share important medical information and notify emergency contacts in case of a serious emergency, if you opt in first.

  • How to make LED bulbs last longer

    Tired of LED bulbs burning out? If you want to make your LED bulbs last longer, here are three steps you can take to get the most out of your investment.

  • The Best White Noise Apps

    Our favorite white noise apps use the science of sound to help you get a better night's sleep, de-stress and improve work performance.

  • How to Buy the Right Light Bulb

    We take you through the 6 things you need to know before buying your next bulb: size, wattage, shade of white, dimming capability and bulb type.

  • How to Clean Your TV

    TVs can be damaged by ordinary household cleaners, and the panels themselves are fragile. Follow our tips to safely clean your TV.

  • Keep Your Smartphone Germ-Free with These Antibacterial Cases

    Your smartphone houses more bacteria than your toilet seat. So stock up on an antibacterial case and screen protector to keep it microbe-free.

  • 11 Tips for Smart Home Security

    Security for smart home devices is as critical as security on laptops and smartphones. Are you following all these home security tips?

  • How to Select the Best Window Air Conditioner

    No need to suffer through summer heat. Select the perfect, energy-efficient air conditioner for each room in your home.

  • The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

    Concerned about being spied on with hidden cameras? These hidden camera detectors, smartphone apps and safety tips will help you find them.

  • These Device Trackers Help You Find Your Wallet, Keys and Smartphone

    Attach one of these Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF) device tracking tags to your keys or wallet and finding them is as easy as pressing a button.

  • Fitness Apps that Pay You to Lose Weight & Get in Shape

    These fitness apps not only help you reach your target weight, nutrition, and activity goals, but let you earn cash as well. 

  • Simplify your Smart Home with Amazon Alexa Routines

    Here's what you need to know about setting up your own Alexa routines for easy smart home automation.

  • The Best Grocery List Apps

    These grocery apps let you share one grocery list with everyone, store coupons and organize your list so you can shop by aisle in your favorite store.

  • 12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

    But once you’ve invested in smart lights, there’s so much more you can do beyond merely replacing the physical light switch with a virtual one.

  • The Best Meditation Apps

    These meditation apps will help you better sleep, reduced anxiety, increased focus and productivity and enhanced your self-esteem. 

  • How to Secure Your Smart Home

    The lowdown on how secure smart home devices are - and what you can do to protect your connected home

  • The Best Running Apps

    For beginners to advanced marathoners, these running apps will motivate you to get moving, whether you need coaching, music, tracking or competition.

  • How to Make Your Fitness Tracker More Accurate

    Follow these five easy tips to ensure you're getting the most accurate tracking of your steps and distance traveled and the number of calories you've burned.

  • Find Great Last Minute Meal Ideas

    Need a great recipe for just the ingredients you have on hand? These sites will rescue you in your time of need.

  • 8 Useful Apps for DIY Home Design

    Indulge your inner fixer-upper with these virtual DIY design and décor apps and tools.

  • 8 Easy Ways to Combat Smartphone & Computer Eyestrain

    Make these healthy tech habits part of your regular routine to help prevent headaches, eyestrain and more.

  • How to Go on a Digital Detox

    Here's how to dial down everyday digital distractions and, when time allows, go on a total digital detox. 

  • How to Buy a Light Bulb

    New federal energy standards mean the bulbs on store shelves are changing—here's what you need to know.

  • Sleep Better by Reducing Your Gadgets' Blue Light at Night

    Exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices at night can make it difficult fall and stay asleep. Cut back on blue light with these easy tips.

  • The Best Online Fitness Classes

    Like exercise classes but can’t make it to the gym? These sites & apps deliver workouts streamed to your phone, tablet, laptop or TV and range from ballet to Pilates to strength training to yoga.

  • Best Apps for Finding Gluten-Free & Allergy-Free Foods

    Get informed about the food you're eating with these handy apps that help you find foods that are free from a allergens, glutens, preservatives and anything else you're trying to avoid.

  • 3 Important Things You Can Learn From a Heart Rate Monitor

    There are three important health metrics you can track with your heart rate monitor to gain insight into your health and help you work out smarter.

  • The Best Places to Print Your Own Wall Art & Wallpaper

    Decorate your home cheaply and easily with these web sites that help you turn your photos and more into beautiful wall art.

  • 12 Best Free Services on the Internet

    From audio books to streaming documentaries to password security, there are quality free options available to you online.

  • How Much Your Devices Are Costing You When They're Off

    The average U.S. home wastes $165 per year on always-on electricity costs, but there are simple steps you can take to save.

  • How to Balance Technology With Mindfulness

    We've become a nation of doers, constantly bombarded with notifications, updates, and pings. Here are a handful of strategies for living in the moment, some of which even leverage technology to help you get away from it.

  • Health & Fitness Apps for Pregnancy & Postpartum

    Track your pregnancy and beyond with these simple and helpful apps designed to track your trimesters, doctor's visits and more.

  • 5 Ways Smartphones Are Harming Our Health

    That computer in your pocket has made you more productive and more connected. But what about the potential side effects to your health?

  • The Best Apps for Creating a Home Inventory for Insurance

    Protect your belongings in case of disaster by cataloging them with these simple apps and services.

  • Manage What Happens to Your Online Accounts After You Die

    If you don’t want your Facebook or email account living on after you do, consider creating a digital will.

  • How to Build an Effective Workout Playlist

    Let music fuel your workout with these great playlist tips and resources for finding the best music to motivate you.

  • The Little Black Dress That's Custom-Made for You

    Customize the look and fit of that little black dress of with the made-to-measure women's clothing site, Numari.

  • 6 Great Sites & Apps for Taking Fitness Classes at Home

    Like exercise classes but can’t make it to the gym? These sites & apps deliver workouts ranging from ballet to Pilates to strength training to yoga.

  • Find Cheap Alternatives to High End Decor

    Don't just collect images of your dream room design, find pieces that match it to your budget with this new service.

  • How to Find the Best Home Repair Service

    When it's time to call a pro to help with a household job, use these sites to help you make the best choice.

  • How to Go Paperless at Home

    Follow these simple steps to get rid of the paper that is cluttering up your home and still have easy access to the important documents in your life.

  • Apps to Help You with What to Wear

    These apps will help you get your wardrobe organized so you're never left wondering what to wear.

  • 3 Online Budgeting Tools for Financial Freedom

    Get control of your finances and pay down your debts with these online budgeting tools that help keep you headed towards your financial goals.

  • How to Get Emergency Texts on Your Phone

    Learn what kind of emergency alerts you can get and which phones support the alert system.

  • Save Money While Helping Save the Earth

    These smart tips and products will help you use less energy and save money.

  • Create a Home Inventory Now for Insurance Later

    Should disaster strike, home inventory apps and websites can recount everything that's damaged or missing to help substantiate insurance claims and get them processed quickly.

  • Stop Unsolicited Mail, Telemarketing and Email

    Cut down on the number of unsolicited mailings, calls, and emails you receive by registering your decision to opt out with the agencies that oversee marketers.

  • Pinterest 101: Understanding the Basics

    Dive into our Pinterest primer and learn what Pinterest offers and how you can use it to discover new things and tell others about your exciting finds.

  • How to Cut the Cord Clutter

    Simple use of labels and zip ties can keep that unruly mess of cords under control.

  • An Easy Way to Track Your Family’s Health and collect and store your family's health records in one secure spot.

  • Protecting Your Child's Personal Information at School

    According to the FTC, back-to-school is prime-time for identity theft. Here's how to protect your kids.

  • Can an App Really Cure Your Headaches?

    Apps that track your headaches can get you one giant step closer to diagnosis and treatment.

  • Have a piece of string? Test your 3-D vision

    A simple, inexpensive test you can do at home, called a Brock String test, can tell you how well your eyes work together to see 3D. 

  • Spring Cleaning Your Digital Mess

    I’m off on a digital spring cleaning binge to try and get my life back in order. Want to take on your digital mess? Here are some tips.

  • What to Do if You Feel Sick Watching 3D Movies

    If you feel sick when watching 3D movies, it may be a sign that you have a common binocular vision problem. Diagnosis and treatment can help.

  • Getting the Best Online Health Advice

    The Internet is a terrific resource for information on health issues—if you know enough to avoid the snake oil salesmen. Here are the best places to go and tips for avoiding the scams.

  • How to Switch from a Razor to an Electric Shaver

    Switching from a blade to an electric shaver can save you money over the long-run, but may irritate your skin at the beginning. So follow these tips to ease the transition.
  • 6 Steps to Staying on Top of the Best Deals

    Finding the best deals, especially if they are time-sensitive or you are looking for a specific product, can be a challenge. Here are six ways to stay on top of the action, while reducing some of the noise.

  • TrueCookPlus Takes the Guesswork out of Microwave Cooking

    Microwaves with TrueCookPlus technology account for all of the variables that impact the cooking time of microwaveable foods, enabling you to perfectly prepare microwaveable foods that come with TrueCookPlus codes.

  • What Happens to Your Online Accounts When You Die?

    You're dead. Now what? How will your family access your online accounts? And how can you make sure things best left private get buried when you do?

  • Prevent Headphones from Damaging Your Child's Hearing

    Young children are highly succeptable to hearing damage when using headphones at too high a volume. Find out what you need to keep them safe.

  • How to Maximize the Life of Rechargable Batteries

    From camcorders to screwdrivers to cellphones, numerous devices run on rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Getting the most power and the longest life out of your batteries is straightforward if you follow some basic guidelines.
  • Five Tech Products that Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

    Give yourself the best chance of successfully reaching your fitness goals this year with these five tech products: a heart-rate monitor, an activity monitor, a fitness game, a portable fitness coach, and diet-tracking software.

  • Use Microsoft OneNote to Store and Organize Your Recipes

    Want an easy, digital way to keep track of projects or create a virtual recipes notebook? Microsoft OneNote is a great solution. Use it for planning that upcoming New Year's eve party, too!

  • Reading an EnergyGuide Label

    That bright yellow EnergyGuide label can be a powerful tool to help you figure out which appliance will save you money on your electric bill when you get it home.
  • How to Cut the Cord Clutter

    Simple use of labels and zip ties can keep that unruly mess of cords under control.

  • Washers That Sanitize

    The sanitization wash cycle on washing machines targets germs as well as stains.

  • Save Energy and Money with Dimmers

    You can save energy and prolong the life of your light bulbs by using dimmers.

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