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Cameras and Photography - Tips & How-Tos

  • Take Advantage of Your TV's Big Screen to View Your Photos

    Viewing your photos on the big screen is easy and you likely already have everything you need to view photos on your TV. Here are five ways to do it.

  • How to Craft Stickers from Live Photos and Share Them in Messages

    Effortlessly turn your Live Photos into personalized stickers in iMessage, and spice them up with special effects to make them pop. Here's how it’s done.

  • How to Hide Photos on Your Android Phone

    If you have photos and videos on your phone that you don't want friends and family to stumble upon, you can secure them in a locked folder. Here's how.

  • How to Hide Photos on iPhone

    Here's how to easily move pictures and videos in a passcode-protected hidden album within the iPhone Photos app and how to hide the hidden album. 

  • How to Turn Any Picture into a 3D Cinematic Photo

    Google's Cinematic Photos tool identifies the subject of photos you save to Google Photos and brings the scenes to life with realistic 3D animations. 

  • How to Get Great Fireworks Photos with Your Phone

    Capturing fireworks can be hard if you stick with the auto settings on your smartphone. So, try these simple tricks for photos you'll want to share.

  • Instagram 101: Understanding the Basics

    Master the basics of the photo and video sharing social network Instagram with our guide that covers everything you need to know to get started.

  • The Fastest Way to Take Videos on Your iPhone

    Apple has built shortcuts into iOS that make launching video recording from your iPhone's lock screen or while using your iPhone nearly instantaneous.

  • How to Cast Photos to Your TV

    Want to see your gorgeous photos on the biggest screen in your house? No prob. It’s easy to share photos wirelessly from your iPhone or Android phone to your TV.

  • How to Delete Your Instagram Account

    Tired of Instagram? Here are the simple steps to permanently delete your Instagram account and all of your data or temporarily deactivate your account.

  • How to Download Android Phone Photos to Your Computer

    You can easily download all of your photos or choose a select few to transfer from your Android phone to your computer. Here's how.

  • How to Download iPhone Photos to a Computer

    Here’s how to create a full back-up of all your iPhone photos or download just a select few to a PC or Mac. We take you through your cabled and wireless options.

  • Tips for Taking Great Halloween Photos

    Follow these photo-taking tips with your phone or camera to make the most of those after-dark shots, write with light, and even scare up a few ghosts.

  • How to Spot a Deepfake Video

    Digitally manipulated video can depict celebrities, politicians and other people saying and doing things they never did. Here’s how to spot the signs of a deepfake.

  • The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

    Concerned about being spied on with hidden cameras? These hidden camera detectors, smartphone apps and safety tips will help you find them.

  • How to Scan Your Old Photos

    Turn your old photos into digital images that can be safely preserved and easily shared with family and friends.

  • The Best Sites For Creating Beautiful Photo Books

    There are many great services for creating photo books from your Facebook, Instagram, smartphone and camera's photos. We found the best of the best.

  • The Best Sites for Backing Up Your Photos

    Our top picks for online photo storing services will free up your smartphone storage, keep your mobile photos safe and much more.  

  • The Best Apps for Organizing Photos

    Automate the process of organizing, removing duplicates and curating your photos so your best shots are easily accessible.

  • 7 Photo Editing Apps Photographers Love

    These photo editing apps provide all of the functions you need for quick editing on the go.

  • How to Take Better Holiday Photos

    Holiday lights, glowing jack-o-lanterns, Thanksgiving gatherings: there are a lot of upcoming photo opps. Here's how to make the most of them. 

  • How to Take Better Photos with Your iPhone

    The iPhone's camera has limitations. We share techniques, settings and apps that will help you take the best photos possible. 

  • Fixes for 5 Common Smartphone Photo Mistakes

    Try these simple fixes to five of the most common photo mistakes and start taking better pictures with your smartphone.

  • Tips to Keep Your Digital Photos Organized

    With just a little input from you, keeping your digital photos organized will become a breeze to manage.

  • Where to Trade in Your Phone & Other Gadgets for the Most Money

    When it's time to upgrade your tech or just when you need some extra cash, know your options with this guide to selling your old electronics.

  • How to Get a Front Flash on Your Phone for Better Selfies

    Don't let your selfies suffer from poor lighting. The right apps and hardware accessories can help your phone take light, bright selfies.

  • 15 Tips for Taking Better Smartphone Photos

    Whether you've got a brand new phone or you're holding on to an older model, these helpful tips will make your photos look polished and professional. 

  • How to Take Better Holiday Photos with Your Smartphone

    There are plenty of great low-light shots waiting to be made. So follow these surefire tips to taking better photos in low light with your phone.

  • 5 Tech Tips for Wedding Etiquette

    A few simple tips can keep you from embarrassing the happy couple with your tech faux pas.

  • How to Choose the Right Photo Sharing Service

    From user-friendliness to premium services, we tackle the questions you should be asking before choosing a photo sharing service.

  • Composition Tips For Taking Better Photos

    A few simple tips about framing your shot will have you taking photos like a pro.

  • How to Avoid 5 Common Photography Mistakes

    Here are five common problems people have when shooting photos - and how to fix them.

  • Rent Lenses for Your DSLR

    Want to test a $3,300 lens? BorrowLenses is doing their part to put professional-level photography within reach.

  • How to Publish Your Child's Book

    Creating and publishing your child's story is a fun, easy and inexpensive.

  • Get Your Electronics Beach Ready

    Water and sand don’t mix well with most electronic devices. Here’s how to protect them and select beach-proof alternatives.

  • Photo Tips for July 4th Fireworks

    Fireworks are difficult to photograph well, unless you know a few tricks. To get great shots with no camera shake and proper exposure, use these simple tips this Fourth of July.

  • Is it Safe to Back-up Your Kids' Photos Online?

    Family photos are priceless and irreplaceable. That's why it's important to back them up.

  • How to Get Great Group Shots

    Fortunately you don’t have to take the perfect shot to end up with one. You can easily merge two or more photos together using your smartphone or computer.

  • How to Share Videos Quickly and Easily

    Don't leave videos trapped on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, use these apps to easily edit and share them.

  • Create Instant Thank You Video Cards with Your Smartphone

    Rather than nagging the kids to write thank you notes for their holiday gifts, use your smartphone to send a video thank you this holiday season! 

  • Four Fun Halloween Photo Effects

    We give you ideas for special effects and shooting tips that will make an already spooky holiday even spookier.

  • Eight Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Pet

    Eight simple tips to help any pet owner take better photos of his or her treasured companion.

  • Can you use technology without risking your privacy?

    Technology makes life easier and more gratifying in many ways but the benefits don’t come without a trade-off.

  • Photo Tips Every New Parent Should Know

    The first year of your baby’s life is filled with so many don’t-miss moments. Make sure you get great photos.

  • Your Nude Photos are on the Internet: Now What?

    So what can you do if you find yourself in a Weiner-like position? I got some insights from Michael Fertik, Founder of

  • Cameras that Automatically Improve How You Look

    New cameras have beauty-enhancing picture taking modes and editing features that automatically improve how you look.

  • Tips for Looking Great in Your Swimsuit Photos

    With a flattering pose and a little photo retouching, you can feel confident about those swimsuit photos.

  • Don't Reveal Too Much in Your Photos

    Location data in your photos could lead people to your home. Here's how to remove it.

  • How to Get a Great Party Video–From Your Guests

    With high-definition pocketcam camcorder prices falling below $150, it’s now an option to pick up a few for your next event to hand out to guests.

  • Take Better Pictures with Your Phone's Camera

    Aimee Baldridge, author of The Camera Phone Book and Organize Your Digital Life, provides helpful tips on taking better photos with your phone's camera.

  • Tips for Taking Great Low Light Photos

    Whether it’s a lit Christmas tree or friends enjoying a New Year's Eve party there are plenty of great low-light shots waiting to be made. So follow these surefire tips to taking better photos in low light.

  • How to Create a Great Thank You Video

    Rather than nagging the kids to write thank you notes for their holiday gifts, send a special heartfelt video thank you this holiday season! Here are our tips for making a video that your relatives will thank YOU for!

  • 4 Easy Ways to View Photos on Your TV

    There’s no need to crowd around the tiny 3-inch displays found on today’s cameras and camcorders or even your computer when it’s so easy to show off your photos and videos on your big-screen TV.

  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Home Movies

    There's no reason home movies need to be boring affairs filled with shaky footage and blurry scenery. Follow these ten tips to make your home movies shine.

  • 6 Ways to Speed up a Slow Camera

    Point-and-shoot digital cameras can deliver amazingly good image quality, but there are times when even the latest and greatest point-and-shoot camera will drive you crazy with sluggish performance.

  • How to Recover Your Deleted Photos

    Accidentally delete a photo? Camera's memory card no longer working? These great software programs help you recover those lost photos.

  • 10 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Babies and Toddlers

    Sabra Krock, a Manhattan-based child photographer, shares some easy tips you can follow to consistently get amazing “keeper” shots of your infant, toddler or young child.

  • 10 Tips for Taking Better Birthday Party Pictures

    Getting great birthday party photos takes some planning and direction on your part. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

  • How to Watermark your Photos

    There's nothing like a watermark on your photos to let others know they're not public domain. Here's how to easily apply a watermark to any photo.

  • How to Maximize the Life of Rechargable Batteries

    From camcorders to screwdrivers to cellphones, numerous devices run on rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Getting the most power and the longest life out of your batteries is straightforward if you follow some basic guidelines.
  • World's First Consumer 3D Digital Camera Shoots Stills and Movies

    Fujifilm breaks the 2D barrier with the world’s-first consumer digital camera to shoot pictures and video in 3D–along with a tabletop “3D viewer” LCD screen, and a 3D photo print service offered online.

  • Why Your New SD Memory Card May Not Work

    Have you recently bought a new SD (Secure Digital) card, only to find that your device doesn’t recognize it? Here’s why, and what to do about it.

  • Wireless Memory Cards for Your Camera

    Send the pictures from your camera to your computer with a Wi-Fi memory card.

  • Moving Your Photos from Camera to Computer

    Don't let your photos languish on your camera—if it gets lost or stolen, you'll lose all of your memories. Follow these simple instructions for downloading your pictures to your computer and you'll be sharing them in no time.

  • Make Your Photos Email Friendly

    Are your photo files too large to send through email? Here's a quick and easy way to create a smaller version.

  • Take Better Baby Photos

    New parents have a lot to worry about when they bring baby home--not the least is getting a good shot to email out to family and friends. Professional shutterbug Nick Kelsh suggests following these tips to increase your odds for success.

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