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  • The Best Open Earbuds You Can Buy Based on Our Testing

    Based on decades of testing headphones, I selected the most promising open earbuds to hit the market. These are my top picks for sound, comfort, and features.

  • Living with the Google Pixel 8 Pro vs 7 Pro: Real World Impressions

    Explore an in-depth, real-world comparison of Google Pixel 8 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro. Uncover key differences and insights from a tech expert's experience.

  • TCL 40 XE 5G: A Surprisingly Good Phone on Sale for $99

    The TCL 40 XE 5G easily handles everyday tasks, with only a few tradeoffs in gaming and low-light photography. On sale at $99.99, it's an amazing value.

  • Review: Technics EAH-AZ80 Earbuds are Perfect for Music Lovers

    With terrific sound quality, a high degree of comfort, and plenty of features, the Technics EAH-AZ80 are easy to recommend, even if ANC is a little lacking.

  • 8 Tech Gift Ideas Under $50

    You don't have to spend a lot on high-quality tech gifts. Through our research and testing, we found eight products we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  • Jabra Enhance Plus OTC Hearing Aids: Less Than Expected and Hoped For

    The Enhance Plus did an admirable job of boosting ambient sounds but were disappointing when it came to other features, including music audio quality.

  • 15 Protective Cases for iPhone 14 that Show off Your Style

    We went hands of with high-quality iPhone 14 cases and share our 15 favorites that show off your style while protecting your phone from drops 8 feet or more.

  • Pebblebee Card: The Best Wallet Tracker for iPhone Owners

    The Pebblebee Card stands out with its unique combination of a rechargeable battery, slim design and access to the Find My device-tracking network.

  • 4 Incredibly Useful MagSafe Accessories for Your iPhone

     We've been using MagSafe accessories since they were first introduced two years ago, and these are the four products we use just about every day.

  • Bose QuietComfort II Earbuds Raise the Bar for Noise-Canceling Earbuds

    The quality of noise canceling in the QuietComfort Earbuds II is a giant step up from other headphones, though call quality suffers in loud environments.

  • Chipolo CARD Spot Has Best-in-Class Wallet Tracking for iPhone Owners

    The Chipolo CARD Spot provides best-in-class tracking for your wallet, but it’s not as durable as we'd like, and the battery life is limited.

  • The 1More ComfoBuds Mini Deliver Decent Sound in a Tiny Package

    After two months of testing, I found that the ComfoBuds Mini were comfortable to wear and delivered decent sound, considering their very tiny size.

  • Review of the Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds

    The Lenovo earbuds deliver a host of convenience features you can’t find on most under $100 true wireless buds, but the audio lacks depth and crispness.

  • The Best Weather Sites

    After spending weeks visiting weather sites, I found three that deliver a great experience based on forecast accuracy, design, and depth of information.

  • The Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $100

    I spent weeks testing more than two dozen true wireless earbuds and found 6 that I highly recommend for their sound quality, comfort, and easy-to-use controls.

  • 8 Stocking Stuffers Under $50

    Our research uncovered plenty of high-quality, affordable products we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Here are our favorite products under $50.

  • The 12 Cases We Recommend for iPhone 13

    Based on more than a decade of experience testing iPhone cases, we picked the best cases to protect your new iPhone 13 for a variety of needs and styles.

  • 10 Incredibly Useful iPhone Accessories

    These 10 products will keep your iPhone powered up and in optimal working shape, as well as help you get the most out of your iPhone. 

  • 7 Best Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

    These are our picks for the best open-ear Bluetooth headphones, in a variety of styles, that provide surprisingly good sound and solid features

  • Review of the Fossil Gen 5 LTE Smartwatch

    The Fossil Gen 5 LTE is an attractive, feature-rich Wear OS smartwatch. But poor call quality and Verizon-only service keep me from fully recommending it.

  • Review of the Nuheara IQbuds2 Max

    Nuheara's IQbuds2 Max true wireless buds with active noise cancellation are arguably the best-sounding true wireless buds for both music and conversation.

  • Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

    The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are in the upper tier of great-sounding true-wireless buds with effective noise canceling and the best ambient sound mode we've heard.

  • 12 Useful Gifts Under $50

    A tight budget doesn't mean you need to fill stockings with a funny coffee mug, socks, or gift card. Here are 12 cool gadgets for less than 50 bucks each.

  • Our 21 Favorite Cases for iPhone 12

    Whether you're looking for leather, a fashion-forward design, a folio/wallet, extreme drop protection, or a MagSafe case, we've got your iPhone 12 covered.

  • The Best Ultra-Compact Portable Phone Chargers

    When you're running out of battery but don't have space to carry a regular portable charger, these tiny chargers come to the rescue.

  • The Best News Aggregators

    Our top picks for news aggregators make it easier to stay on top of our favorite newspapers, blogs, magazines, and other news sources.

  • The Best Games to Play Online With Friends

    Our top picks include online games you can play over video chat, collaborative games kids (and adults) can play together, and casual games for the whole family.

  • Review of the Eargo Neo HiFi

    The Eargo Neo HiFi over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid is discreet, easy to use and wear, and the best sounding and highest-value OTC device available. Here's why.  

  • The Best Wireless Headphones for Watching TV

    Here are the wireless headphones that offer the best balance of sound quality, comfort, and wireless range for general viewers, as well as gamers and audiophiles.

  • Our Favorite 7 Cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones

    Here are our top Samsung Galaxy S20 protection choices for everyone who wants to ensure their Samsung Galaxy S20 investment remains intact.

  • 7 Essential Phone Accessories Under $50

    These essential smartphone accessories will make your life easier and help you get more out of your smartphone. Plus, they all cost less than $50.

  • Review of the Bose Frames

    Combining classic flat-black frame fashion sunglasses with discrete onboard speakers, the Bose Frames are my favorite new "headphones" of 2019.

  • The Best Password Managers

    Apps that encrypt, store and create strong passwords are the only way to secure dozens of online accounts. Here are the best.

  • Best True Wireless Earbuds for Everyone on Your Gift List

    Which true wireless earbud model is the best for each of the folks on your holiday gift list? Here are our best personality-to-bud matches.

  • 14 Awesome Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

    The most-wanted tech gifts are all about screens: laptops, smartphones, televisions, tablets, and wearables. We have great options in these categories and more.

  • 7 Products That Show How VR and AR Are the Future of Tech

    Virtual reality and augmented reality are already changing how we travel, learn, shop and more. Here's how.

  • 11 Attractive Cases to Protect Your iPhone 11

    Keep your phone safe from falls and protect its resale value with these 11 attractive and protective cases. 

  • Emergency Tech Essentials for Your Home

    Be prepared to ride out the next storm with these gadgets, even if you have no power.

  • Long-term Review of the Motorola Moto Z4

    I’ve had two months of hands-on time with the Moto Z4 and I’m not a fan. There are just too many compromises to justify it’s purchase for most people. 

  • Call Control App for Android Prevents Robocalls from Going to Voicemail

    The Call Control app for Android is the first I’ve tested that silently blocks spam calls/robocalls and prevents them from going into your voicemail.

  • 14 Incredibly Useful Double-Duty iPhone Cases

    These iPhone cases do more than just protect. They charge your phone, have embedded kickstands and pull double duty as a wallet.

  • Android versus iPhone: Which is Better?

    Thinking of switching from iPhone to Android phone or Android phone to iPhone? We take you through the key features and tell you which platform is better.

  • Video Game Subscriptions are the Next Big Thing in Gaming

    You may never need to buy another video game as new services from Apple, Google and Microsoft let you play as much as you want for one subscription price.

  • 8 Functional & Fashionable iPhone Wallet Cases

    These multitasking iPhone wallet cases double as a wallet, with space for your IDs, credit cards, and some cash. We found a variety to appeal to every iPhone user.

  • 7 Smartwatches That Are Fashionable and Functional

    You don't have to sacrifice style to enjoy the high-tech conveniences of a smartwatch, and these 7 fashionable watches prove it.

  • The Best True-Wireless Earbuds

    Our top picks in true-wireless earbuds offer more features, a better fit and a lower price than the iconic Apple AirPods.

  • 4 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Back to School

    The right tech tools can make back to school easier for both you and your kids.

  • 9 Awesomely Nerdy Gadgets

    Nine nerdy gadgets, accessories and peripherals that are as functional as they are a fun.

  • The Best Workout Headphones

    Motivating music — and a great set of headphones — can make all the difference in keeping up your exercise habit

  • The 5 Best Smartphones Under $250

    Why spend big bucks on a flagship phone when you can nab a perfectly good smartphone for as little as $100?

  • 5 Tech Products Under $50 Everyone Should Own

    Products don't need to be expensive to enhance your quality of life.

  • Essential Tech Tools for Bloggers

    To produce the amazing photos and videos, you need the right tools. Here are the products and accessories we use to get the best results.

  • 10 Essential Accessories for Your iPhone

    We've put together a list of 10 essential iPhone accessories that make the difference between a successful, highly productive day and a disastrous one.

  • 14 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

    You don’t have to spend a bundle to find a fun gift, even at the last minute.

  • The Best Wire-Free Headphones

    Our top pick for the best wire-free earbuds is the complete package: they sound good, are convenient and comfortable, able to block outside noise and priced right.

  • Holiday Gift Ideas to Delight Your Significant Other

    There are plenty of options for your significant other that combine style and functionality and are sure to be appreciated. Check out our picks.

  • 8 Fashionable Smartwatches

    Not only have tech companies like Apple and LG created stylish watches — even fashion brands like Armani and Kate Spade are getting in on the game.

  • Brain Training Apps that Really Work

    Sharpening your mental prowess—or just never forgetting where you left your keys—has a lot of appeal, but can brain training live up to its lofty claims?

  • Which Carrier Has the Best Family Smartphone Plan?

    Confused by all the smartphone family plans available? Techlicious breaks down the best and least expensive options for your unique needs.

  • Essential Accessories for your iPhone 7

    Investing in these accessories will help you get more out of your iPhone 7 and protect its resale value.

  • 5 Tech Accessories That Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers

    We found plenty of awesome tech accessories under $50 that make great holiday gifts.

  • The Best Weight-Loss Apps

    Keep your diet on track with these convenient weight-loss apps.

  • Which New Smartwatch is Right for You?

    Today's smartwatches double as fitness trackers and smartphones to give you convenient access to whatever you need, right from your wrist.

  • Which Carrier Has the Best Smartphone Plan?

    Techlicious has compared the best prepaid and postpaid individual plans of all major U.S. carriers to find out which offers you the best deal.

  • Our 11 Favorite Travel Gadgets

    Before you head out on your next trip, consider these top travel gadgets including the best camera, luggage tracker, selfie stick and more.

  • The Best Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

    The Kicker EB300's unique combination of audio quality, fit, battery life, water resistance and price make them the best Bluetooth in-ear headphones.

  • Getting Started with Google Cardboard

     With a Google Cardboard headset and your smartphone, you can get your first virtual reality experience for a few dollars. Here's what you need to know.

  • 6 Cool New Apple Watch Accessories

    You’ve already invested a lot in an Apple Watch — now you can truly make it yours with these accessories.

  • 8 Essential Accessories for your iPhone 6 or 6s

    Investing in these accessories will help you get more out of your iPhone 6 or 6s and protect its resale value.

  • The Best High-Capacity Portable Battery Charger

    The Monoprice Select Series 10,000mAh may be slightly bigger and heavier than the competition, but the packs' incredibly low price makes it the clear winner.

  • Tech for Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

    Be prepared for the next hurricane with these gadgets and apps that will track the storm and help you when it hits, even if you have no power.

  • Best Weather Apps for iPhone & Android

    Get accurate, up to the minute weather forecasts, pollen counts and more with these weather apps.

  • The Best iPhone 6 Battery Case

    Plenty of portable power in a slim, stylish two-piece design makes the Boostcase Power Case today’s best iPhone 6 battery case.

  • Review of the Philips Fidelio NC1 Noise-Canceling Headphones

    The Philips Fidelio NC1 noise-canceling headphones are surprisingly comfortable, excel at noise canceling and produce rich sound.

  • Rugged Tech for Your Beach or Camping Trip

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Philips Shoqbox and June UV Ray Monitor top the Techlicious list of waterproof, active tech gear.

  • Review of the Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch is a typical first generation product -- long on promise but not quite ready for prime time, even with the upcoming WatchOS 2. Find out why.

  • Review of the LG G4 - A Truly Outstanding Smartphone

    With its outstanding camera, the new LG G4 may be the best smartphone on the market.

  • The 8 Most Bizarre iPhone Cases

    Not all iPhone cases are there to protect. Some are designed to be unique. Very unique. We found 8 of the craziest iPhone cases out there.

  • 4 Products to Protect Your New Apple Watch

    Protect your expensive Apple Watch with one of these colorful designer cases or a well-designed screen protector.

  • The Best Beauty Apps

    From perfect hair and make-up to last minute beauty services and non-toxic beauty products, there's an app for that! And we've found the best ones.

  • 4 Cheaper Alternatives to the Apple Watch

    No need to pay $349 or more for the untested Apple Watch — there are plenty of smart watch alternatives for iOS and Android fans alike.

  • Review of the HTC One M9

    The HTC One M9 improves on the M8, but does little to advance HTC's cause amongst its competition.

  • Hands-On With the Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6

    A high-capacity sliding case combined with protection and versatility make this one of the best cases for the iPhone 6.

  • Hands-On With the OtterBox Resurgence Series Case for iPhone 6

    The Otterbox Resurgence iPhone 6 battery case excels at protection while being very lightweight.

  • Hands-on with the Färbe Technik iPhone 6 External Battery Case

    The Färbe Technik iPhone 6 External Battery Case is affordable and light, but doesn't pack as much juice as other case chargers.

  • The Best Apps for Helping You Lose Weight

    Need a little help sticking with your weight-loss plan? These apps will provide the motivation and information you need stay on track.

  • The Best Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

    Long battery life, impressive sound quality, a multitude of controls and a reasonable price make the LG Tone+ HBS730 the best Bluetooth in-ear headphones.

  • The Best Cordless Phone

    The Panasonic KX-TGE272S has clear call quality, great battery life and offers more options for the price than any other cordless phone.

  • Review of the iPhone 6 Plus

    Apple wasted its opportunity to dominate the phablet category with the iPhone 6 Plus, offering little that takes advantage of the generous 5.5-inch screen.

  • Review of the Apple iPhone 6

    The iPhone 6 delivers a big upgrade with its display, processing power, battery life and mobile payment technology, but it won't turn Android users' heads.

  • Apple's iOS 8: Your Need-to-Know Guide

    Apple's new iOS 8 mobile operating system brings new family sharing features, new photo options, health tracking and more.

  • The Best Second Screen Apps for Watching TV

    Second screen apps allow you to control your TV, chat with fans, look up actors and participate in interactive content using a smartphone or tablet.

  • 4 Naggiest Products Ever…and Why You Want Them

    From eating to quitting smoking to practicing good posture, there’s a device to remind you of your good intentions.

  • Review of the LG G3

    The LG G3 Android smartphone is a great choice if you want a big screen, sleek design and ease of use. But there are drawbacks.

  • 6 Android Phones with Great Battery Life

    If you're tired of running out of juice in the middle of the day, these Android phones have the battery power you're looking for.

  • Review: HTC One M8

    The new Android phone from HTC is superior not only to the last generation in the line, but to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in many key aspects.

  • The Best Portable Battery Charger Under $50

    The Macally MBP30's combination of portability, power, connectivity and price makes it the best portable battery charger under $50.

  • The Best Bluetooth Headset

    The most natural voice reproduction and the most effective noise cancellation make the Plantronics Voyager Legend the best Bluetooth headset.

  • The Best Portable Battery Charger

    With its built-in cables, flexible recharging options and compact style, the myCharge Hub 9000 has everything you need in a portable charger.

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Apple iOS over Android

    While the Apple vs. Android battle typically comes down to personal preference, iOS still has 4 distinct advantages over the competition.

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